Gravity Is A Bitch

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20. The L-word

Alex’s POV :

A few days had passed since the day Elianna dumped me and now I have no more colds, thank goodness.

Daciana dropped me off in front of the restaurant today and since a never-ending and mostly irrelevant argument had taken place between Roan and Mike when I told them that Daciana and I weren’t dating anymore and that she was Bi. They’d played paper sciscor just to see who’s was going to date her first, then Roan accused Mike of cheating. I was playing Dream Team on my phone quietly and having a bite of this delicious sandwich every now and then.

“Alex, you agree with me, don’t you?” Asks the tall brunette looking really serious.

“Of course Mike” I smiled at him without even knowing what he was referring to.

“I thought you loved her” Darcy, sitting next to me asks, looking up from her exercise book. This girl is at risk of brain cancer before she turns 30 I swear to you, we just graduated but she enrolled in a summer study program. Who wants to study voluntarily during the summer?

“I love her” I said, shrugging not understanding where she was going.

“So why did you break up?” Emilie asks while tapping on my phone and makes me miss a penalty.

“I..I love her but it’s not like it used to be so I thought it would be dishonest of me to keep feeding her with false hope.”

“Maybe but she’s still in love with you” Darcy continues, her nose still in her notebook.

“No, she agreed and she thought things would be as they were before she left and so I thought too. But except that the two of us have changed quite a bit and it’s not the same anymore.”

“If you say so” Emilie rolls her eyes not believing me.

“Someone is really popular today,” Mike comments as he watches the eye-catching car pull up across the road. The white Rolls Royce that I know only too well. “Could you please speak to Elianna on my behalf, I would like to do an internship at their company this summer”

“I thought your mother owns a large chain of restaurants”

“Yes but I don’t want anything to do with their business” I see John come out of the car and buttons up his black jacket before placing his black glasses on his nose, making him look like a soldat. I start to say goodbye to my friends, hugging them.

“I will miss you guys”

“Alex, Elianna is asking for you in the car” I walk out of the small café with John behind me.

“Hi” Elianna smiled at me as soon as I sat down next to her.

“Hi” I answer much less enthusiastically. “What do you want ?”

“I have something very important to tell you”

“Ok go ahead”

“Can we go and chat in a more suitable place ... like this little restaurant you love so much?” I look at her completely indifferent.

“I was in a restaurant with my friends, I’m not hungry”

“Please” I just nod as I pull out my phone and start chatting with my friends on our group.

“Do you want to order something to eat maybe?” She asks with her eyes half closed, she looked a little too tired, even exhausted, I’d be concerned if we were ... whatever we were but we’re not what we used to be so I don’t care.


“Not even a drink?”

“I’m not hungry and I’m not thirsty. So I’m listening to you, tell me why am I sitting across from you?”

“Ok” Sighing, she pulls out a blue file from her messanger bag and puts it on the table.

“What’s this ?” She pushes the folder near my hands, she scrutinizes me with a serious and worried look.

“Open it” I look at the file for a few moments before deciding to open it, the faster I look at the contents of this beautiful file the faster I could go home and be away from her.

I take the file from the table shaking my head and when my eyes fall on its contents all I wanted to do was scream but I held back anyway.

“What is this shit?” I ask with venom in my voice. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Look, I didn’t mean a single word of everything I said to you in my office. It’s because of her that I wanted to break up. Look” Elianna pulls out her phone and shows me a picture. little fuzzy but recognizable, of us kissing on the bench in front of De Chez Bertha, surely taken the day we went out. “Rachel traced the number that sent it and gave Blake the address. That’s what he found out.” She points to the folder where Daciana’s contacts were and some pictures of her while going out of her appartement or her class.

“You mean you asked your friend to follow Daciana?”

“What? No, I told you, he didn’t even know who she was until today”

“So if I understand correctly you want me to believe that you broke up with me because Daciana threatened to make our relationship public?”


“You’re unbelievable” I laugh without humor. “I have to go”

“Alex you don’t understand if I have ...”

“Elianna, you broke up with me because you were fed up with sleeping with me, that’s what you told me just a few days and since I’ve learned anything going out of your mouth is complete lie so ...”

“I’m telling you...” I remove my hand she was trying to take and straighting my back to sit up so I’m out of her reach.

“I know Daciana very well, I’ve known her since I was a child. I don’t know why you keep playing with my feelings but you’ll have to find something else to be able to manipulate me again. Please leave me alone” I got up from the chair so angry and couldn’t help but snap attracting attention to us.


Sitting in my bed with Daciana we were playing FIFA. She does a little dance when I finally let her win.

“Take that in your face. Now who’s the soccer star huh?” She keeps moving her hip from side to side almost in my face. I push her aside and lie down laughing. She sits on my lap and begins to tickle me.

“Ok. Ok you’re the star” She stops tickling me but doesn’t get up from my knees.

“I’m hungry”

“Me too, what I could give for a bowl De Chez Bertha. It was our favorite little place remember?” I look at her with a small smile on my lips, reminding of all those times we spent in front of this booth.

“Yeah, and that’s why you brought Elianna there?” She said lowering her head.

“What? And how do you know I went with her?” I lift my back off the mattress so I can look her in the face.

“You told me about it last night”

“No, I never told you about it. I told no one unless Elianna was right other ways how would you know?”

“What are you talking about?” I see panic settling on her face, she laughs nervously and avoids looking me in the eye.

“No, stop. You know exactly what I’m talking about. H-how could you do this to me, you. She showed me proof and I left cause I thought I knew you but I don’t recognize you anymore l. In fact your mother did a good job, she managed to make you her perfect image. Congratulations” I push her off me and take my keys, my phone and my coat.

“Alex listen please...” She runs to catch up with me at the door.

“No, I don’t want to. I just want you to leave me alone please”


“All the women in my life are professional liars.” Matt stood to my right in the VIP area with a stripper on his lap.

“You see nothing eh?” He asks with a frown and ends up laughing when I ask him what he wanted me to see.

“Elianna Rothschild, the only daughter and multi-millionaire heir to an engineer and surgeon. I met her grandmother on our group vacation in Europe and you could tell she had raised her to be a strong, responsible and independent woman. A leader in a world leads by men” I stare at him still not understanding where he was going. “I have known this girl since I was 13, since I was 13 and never a single man or even a woman can pretend of having crossed the first steps of this fortress where she keeps her heart in a golden cage . No one”

“Not even her husband?”

“Ryan knows that Elianna isn’t the type of girl who only cares about finding the perfect pair of shoes to match the dress. It’s true that she’s very into fashion, but she’s not just that. A girl who only wants the perfect husband and the perfect family. No, he’s not stupid enough to expect so much from blondie. Elianna is the sample of feminists. She is The Woman” I nod and pour myself another drink. “All that to say that I thought it was her who would have broken your heart because hers is so well guarded and because Elianna is not a barbie who only lives to make Ken happy. She is GI Jane. ”

“What are you talking about, are you blind? She broke my heart man” I look at him slightly angry.

“She was here last night and I saw her drunk for the first time in over 4 years. The day her grandmother died”


“She was here last night, crying and she tell me everything. She is really in love with you Alexis Lane, a 18 year old girl who has almost nothing in common with her world. It would even be so funny if it wasn’t pathetic”

“Do you think she has real feelings for me?”

“See, pathetic”

I slowly open my eyes feeling a heavy gaze on me. Elianna was staring at me with a smirk.

“Hi you”

“How- What am I doing here?” I jump and get into a sitting position.

“You don’t remember ?” I shake my head. “You called me last night and begged me to come and get you cause this girl kept wouldn’t stop flirting with you” She laughs softly.

“No, I didn’t call you let alone beg you”

“You even said I was right about Daciana” She smiles wide and puts her hand on my chest to lay me down on the bed again.

“Just because you were right doesn’t mean that I forgive you for lying to me.” I remove her hand and take my phone before turning my back to her.

“But I did it for us.” She insists, trying again to get me to face her.

“No you mostly did it for yourself. You broke my heart Elianna and now I can’t see if you’re playing with me for sex or ... I don’t know any more and I ... it makes me angry. I’m angry”

“Hey, you ..”

“No, you have to get of here before explosing” I get up from the bed but she rushed to stand between the door and I.

“No, I won’t let you go like that. We have to explain and sort out what is preventing us from moving forward” I could have pushed her out of my way but she too stubborn, she won’t let me go.

“Arrgh ..” I loudly shut the bathroom door and lock it. I need to calm down. I have to calm down, I have to calm down. I lean on the sink and take a deep breath.

After a long shower that I thought could me calm down, I was again lying on my old bed, my arms folded under my head and staring into space. Elianna walks into the room with a plate and orange juice on the tray.

“I made you something” She puts the tray on the desk seeing that I did not answer.

Elianna sits on my stomach with a small smile on her face. “Are you going to keep ignoring me? You know you want to talk to me so why resist” She kisses my cheek and forces me to look at her by grabbing my chin. “To kiss me” No I won’t be fooled by sex. I am stronger than that. “And do lots of other things like that for example” She tries to kiss me but I push her away from me and she falls on the bed laughing.

Again, standing on her two knees on either side of my stomach, Elianna lifts my t-shirt and rolls up the end of her nightgown just enough so that I can see a little but not too much of her forbidden realm before sitting on me. I moaned at the contact of our skin cause I swear to you that this devilish woman was not wearing panties or bras since I could see through her dress her pointed nipples. Starting to grind over my stomach, she looked me straight in the eye and moaned

With an evil smile, she takes both of my hands and places them on her hips, continuing to move in search of pleasure. I couldn’t take it anymore, my lower abdomen was on fire so I reverse the positions, her against the mattress, me between her two legs.

“You want me to fuck you, that’s it ?” I ask with tight jaws.

“I want you to fuck me Alex” Her smirk made me even crazier, more angry.

With my lips on hers I forced I tongue in her warm mouth that tastes like coffe. She moan in my mouth and try to push our bodies more closer by gripping my butt. But with one hand I sized hers and put them above her head before completely lying on her to prevent her from making any move.

“Bitch” She screams When I suck a little too hard on her weak spot. “No hikey Alex”

“Shut up” I said and continue my way down her clevage. My other hand was caressing her lower abdomen.

I sit up so I could take off her robe and her bra. She had her hands hooked on my neck when I lied her down again so our lips will still locked. Massaging her breast with one hand while the other was supporting my weight, Elianna moan and lift her butt off the matress so centers met. I couldn’t help but groan. leaving wet kisses on my way I took one of her beautiful, neither big neither small, breast in my mouth. My hand on her inner tight and slowly making her way where she wanted it the most. Teasing her clothed bundle of nerve I could feel how much she was wet and ready.

I kiss past her navel and look up at Elianna to find her breathless and her mouth slightly open, impatiently waiting for my next move. She was sexy, the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.

“Stop teasing me Alex”

“Why so impatient, your hubby didn’t fuck this week or it is because I know more about your anatomy than he could never know ?”

“Please don’t kill the mood” I give hee what she wanted so she could shut up. I kissed her pussy a few times before taking off her visible wet panty.

The moment my lips made contact with her wet pussy, her hips raised off the bed and she giggle-moaned.

“Fuuuckk” Elianna cried out, I know she was about to cum ’cause her wall tighned around my fringers. She closed her legs around my head and start twisting, I had to hand on her stomach to hold her down. “Fuck stopp. I am cuming. I couldn’t giggle because just second ago she was shouting not to stop. I didn’t stop and force her to cum in my mouth.

She was caressing my head laid on her navel. My hand accidently brush against her still sensitive clit making her pelvis shot up.

When I laid on her side fully clothed she grip my shirt trying to undress me but I stopped her.


“What, why ?” She asked suttering with a cute furrow between her eyebrows. I didn’t answers but just turn her my back.

“I’m sorry” But I don’t bother to turn around. “Look at me” She continued in a soft voice and traced my spine with her fringers under my shirt “Please” Hearing her broken voice I had no choice but to turn to her without looking in her eyes.

“I love you” Surprise, I immerse my eyes into hers shining with tears. She opens her mouth to speak but no words come out so she closes her eyes for a few seconds and takes a deep breath and when she opens them to stare into mine again, she seemed to have regained all of her confidence.

“I love you Alex” But despite her best efforts a tear insisted on running down her cheek. I move closer to her with a comforting smile on my face because I know how hard it must be for her to admit such a thing. Without saying anything I take her in my arms and her head takes refuge in the crook of my neck with her arms around me.

“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you sooner.” I whisper in her ear and kiss her head.

“Don’t be, I got it”


Please do tell how you find the love-plot of the story. I am not a professional writer and English isn’t even my second language so I would really apprecied it if you could just tell me what you think so far ✌️✌️

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