Gravity Is A Bitch

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21. Brutal wake up

Elianna’s POV:

“What?” I ask Alex who kept staring at me. Lying between her long legs on the couch, I was checking my mailbox and she was watching a movie. But I could, without looking up from my iPad, feel her eyes scan me. She gently slips a hand under my shirt and begins to trace the outline of my navel with her thin, delicate fingers. I tilt my head a little to the side to kiss her on the cheek. I return to my work. But Alex picked up the iPad and placed it on the coffee table. “What are you doing? I have to finish reading this contract”

She sits up, turns me around to face her and I find myself sitting on her lap, my legs on either side of her. Without saying anything Alex put her arms around me and rests her head against my chest. One minute, two minutes passed, I even thought she had fallen asleep but when I go to step back she pulls me even closer.

“Lex ...” I whisper in amused. “You okay?”

“Hmmm” She sighs before looking at me. “You know sometimes I wanna strangle you and kill you so much you annoy me”

“Ok” I laugh and continue to stroke her cheek.

“But other now, I..just want to feel every part of your body against mine. Feel you closer even though there’s no more space between us. Kissing or making love to you seems insufficient. Every time I think I can’t want you more, the next day I fall a little more in love with you. And, it terrifies me because .. I mean you’re married. You say that you love me but I wonder if you really know what that implies” She end up lowering her head, looking really sad, something I really hate to see. I grab her chin and force her to look at me.

“Alex I love you. I don’t know how it happened but I’m in love with you and you might be right but for now I want to live this moment of happiness” I would love to reassure her so much, tell her that tomorrow, in a month or in a year we would still be together but I have no right to promise her such a thing. I am married and the likelihood of experiencing something lasting with her is not very favorable. But it doesn’t matter how long our relationship lasts. I love this 18 year old girl, I love everything about her, inside and out. Her body turns me on more than anyone, I love her optimistic and naive side it give me faith and hope, her heart of gold and her ability to make friends wherever she goes make me jealous sometime, I love the way she sees the world. “I love you so much”

“Carpe Diem ?” She smiles and gives me a kiss on the nose.

“Yeah, I don’t want to think about Ryan, my parents, my job or even the rest of the world. I just wanna kiss you, walk to the beach with you, holding hands, lay down on the dirty ground and admire the blue sky, arguing with you over your movie choices, worrying when you get on your stupid motorbike ... I just wanna love you today”

“Walk on the beach barefoot and holding hand?”

“Well maybe that’s a little cheesy.” I laughed, resting my head on her shoulder.

“No, it’s not. I want to go to the beach so let’s go”

“Like now?”

“Yes, now baby. So get up”

“No I have to finish reading this contract. Tomorrow my parents have lunch with Ryan’s family, I have to finish this before” I show her the contract that I wanted to present to Arthur tomorrow, I had to have 25 more pages left to check.

“Thought you just wanted to love me today” She pushes her lower lip forward pouting and makes her lost doggy eyes look.

“No you can’t make that face.. I forbid you..No ..” And to finish me off she starts to beat her long eyelashes in the way she knew me to be irresistible. “Argh, I hate you, I hate you”

“Wait, is this house where you grew up?” Alex had her mouth wide open looking at Grandma’s house in the Hampton’s, our little visit to the beach brought us here to spend the rest of the evening. I loved this house.

“No, it’s my Nana’s vacation home, she has it leave it to me like all her business when she died 4 years ago”

“There is nobody ?”

“No, I lent it to a business partner and his wife but they returned to their country a few weeks ago” I close the garage door and guide her into the really cozy living room style.

“Wow, this house is beautiful” I let her explore while I place in the fridge the pack of beer and the ingredients that we had bought for breakfast and the Thai to take out on the floor of the very spacious living room in front TV. After I finish, I find Alex, her pants rolled up to her knees, her feet dangling in the clear blue water of the gigantic swimming pool in front of the bungalow. I join her and put my head on her shoulder.

“You have sand in your hair” She strokes my head to remove the seeds of sand.

“You too, let’s take a shower before dinner”

“Let’s go eat first”

“No, I know you, you’re so lazy that afterwards you won’t want to wash yourself”

“I showered this morning!”

“It was over 12 hours ago and you have sand all over you. If you don’t don’t shower, you sleep on the couch” She rushed to get up and helped me do the same before putting me on her shoulder, surprised I scream a little and finally burst out laughing when she spanks me.

“Ok, I was joking. I love water as much as the fish” Still on her shoulders, head upside down, I guided the madwoman into the showers.


“Hey, that’s mine.” She chose a menu she had never heard of but she tried to eat it so as not to agree with me because it was too spicy. From time to time she would steal from my plate.

“Do you want to taste mine?” Alex asks for the second time.

“No thanks”

“Too bad for you”

“Hey what is this?” Alex sets her plate on the floor for the pile of old devices neatly placed in the display case.

“My grandmother was in love with photography” I have a hundred albums made by her, from the night I was born to the last time we went out together before her illness. “And it became an obsession when we discovered her Alzheimer’s”

“She really loved you, you can see it in these pictures” She takes a picture of me taken when I was 15.

“She was the one who practically raised me because my parents were too busy”

“Can I use this one?” She’s pointing at a Polaroid camera that’s probably older than her.

“If you promise not to break it”



“It’s wasn’t like that, I’m telling you”

“Yes it was like that. I know what I’m doing Elianna, relax”

“I’m telling you no, I’ve been photographed enough with this thing to know that this piece doesn’t stick with this one. So let me do it.”

“Ayii” Alex shouts, taking her head, in her hand, which had just accidentally bumped against the device in question when I grabbed it by force.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry. Let me see”

“No you don’t touch me” She takes my hand away from her forehead and lies down on the floor where the half-filled plates were still.

“Stop whining and let me see please.” I sit on the side of her head to take a look. “Stop whining it wasn’t even that hard. There isn’t a bruise.” She pouted and I roll my eyes with a smile I had hard time hiding wherever I am with this crazy girl.

“It hurts, it hurts a lot”

“Ok. I’m sorry.” I say it in a tone not really sorry. “Now we have to go to bed and rest”

“But I’m not sleepy and I want to watch a movie”

“It’s past midnight and I have to rest, I’m very tired”

“I want to spend some time with you because after lunch tomorrow I might not see you until next week or even longer” Alex mumbling the rest because she was yawning. I smile at her knowing that she is very clearly sleepy.

“Ok, let’s talk in bed, the floor is very uncomfortable”


After brushing her teeth, Alex settles next to me under the blanket, yawning again. I don’t even give her ten minutes before nodding off.

Eyelids fluttering, trying to fight off sleep, the brunette still refused to close her eyes completely.

“Alex, close your eyes, tomorrow we’ll talk about whatever you want”

“What if this is all a dream and as soon as I close my eyes it’s over. Like the last time we had a good time together, the week after it all went into a spin. I don’t want this to end Elianna. I want to stay up as long as possible” She said with her eyes now wide open and looking scared.

“I don’t know about next week but tomorrow morning when you wake up I’ll be right here admiring your pretty little face waiting for you to deign open your eyes babygirl”

“You promise ?”

“I promise”

“Good” She closed her eyes for a few moments and opened them again with a broad smile on her lips. “You called me babygirl” I told her that I hated affectionate little nicknames and since then she keeps teasing me about it.

“Shut up and close your eyes. Right away”

“Good night baby”

“Good night sweetheart” I kiss her forehead and turn off the light with the remote.


“You should have seen his face” I burst out laughing at yet another joke from Alex. Entering the living room where were already back to the door, Ryan’s parents, Arthur and my father.

“You’re lying. From the first glance we know you are evil”

“No, I swear he thought I was a none”

“Elianna honey, where have you been? You should have been here for hours” My mother came back to the living room and choked me in her arms.

After saying properly greeting everyone, Alex and I join the others on the couch and she tried to take minimal interest in the conversation that revolved around business and politics.

I wanted to go to the bathroom before going home with Ryan and Alex. In her wisdom, Alex thought it was a good idea to cuddle in a bedroom on the first floor because she was going to miss me.

“Stop” I burst out laughing because her lips against my ribs were tickling.

I guide hee head to my lips for a final kiss, because we’ve been here for a while and Ryan must be looking for us. Out of the corner of my eye I see my husband standing still at the door, with a violent movement I push Alex.


“You .. Why?” He had his fists clenched and his eyes full of rage.

“Listen ..” was the only word Alex had time to use before she was attacked by my husband.

“Oh my God, Ryan stop.” He kept hitting her and as a statue, Alex stood there taking it without trying to defend herself as if she wanted to receive those blows. “Stop please” I shout with tears in my eyes and cling to his right arm ready to hit her again.

“Come on, fight, I know you can fight. I saw you in a boxing ring” Ryan kept repeating but Alex remained still.

“What is happening here ?” At the door were all the rest of the family.

I find myself on the ground, when Ryan forcelly pushed me. Which at least had the effect of stopping him from hitting her again.

“Elianna” Alex runs to my side with my parents after her.

“Elianna you ok, did he hurts you ?” My mom was examining my head for possible injury.

“But what’s wrong with you?” My dad screamed looking at Ryan.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean..I ..”

“You, I am gonna kill you..I will kill you”

“No, stop.” With a big thud the glass table shattered under Ryan and Alex weight. The latter had thrown on him, wich led to his fall. Frank, Ryan’s father and mine stepped in and stopped them.

“Can someone explain to me why my grandchildren want to kill each other?” Arthur shouted but I think he’s just in shock that he called Alex his granddaughter.

“Ask her” Ryan points at me with a clenched jaw, a small wounds on his eyebrow and chin. All eyes were on me, making me anxious and unable to speak.

“Elianna?” My father turns to me.

“Why you saying anything, because you know that you are a despicable person? I knew our marriage weren’t the best, at all but I was far from imagining that you could be so disgusting”Ryan said with tears in his eyes.

“I forbid you to be so disrespectful to my daughter” My father points an accusing finger at my husband who was about to explode again.

“Your lesbian daughter deserves no respect from me, not after cheating on me with a 17 year old kid. She deserves no respect” With that he ran out of the bedroom.

“What?” Grace rushed over to me. “Is he telling the truth. Answer me Elianna, are you sleeping with that girl?” The silence that reigned in the room plus the pending question made me want to hang myself so much I was ashamed of myself. “I can’t believe it, you really make me wanna puke”

“It’s not her fault that ..” Alex opened her mouth to defend me but was stopped by a slap that echoed in the bedroom.

“I didn’t give you permission to speak to me. My son welcomed you into his home, he fed you and you thank him by sleeping with his wife, why? For money? You are just a little lesbian whore who sells her body to the highest bidder”

“Grace, I think that’s enough now”

“How can you stay silent?”

“I know the situation is tricky but stop or you might regret bitterly afterward.” I see a trace of blood on the back of Alex’s neck as she bent down to pick up her phone and coat.

“You’re bleeding” I walk over to her and part her hair to get a better look. Seeing the lengh of her wound I was speechless. “Mom, she has a large cut on her neck?“Probably dues to shattered glass, it was at least three inch.
Being the closest to me, Grace pushed my hand to get a better look.

“H-how..No no no...” I don’t know what she saw but Grace pulled back, looking terrified as if she had just seen a ghost, certainly not because of the cut. She stumbles and falls but does not stop moving backwards using the palms of her hands. My mother also came closer to see.

“Mom, what’s the matter, is she okay? Is she sick? Do I have to call an ambulance?” I was terrified by my mother in law behavior.

“No, I’m fine Elianna, I have to go” Alex also seemed unaware of what was going on but didn’t seem terrified.

“Elianna shut up. There’s nothing to worry about about her health, I’ll clean the wound and a compress. But otherwise, you have no idea what you just started. Your life is going to be fukushima after the first bombs. atomic”

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