Gravity Is A Bitch

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23. Story time

External POV:

Alex opened the door of the small café at the end of the street where she live. A little further, next to her motorcycle she saw Elianna, her arms crossed waiting for patiently her.

“Elianna, what are you doing here?” She in a confused tone.

“Hello to you too” The blonde smiles at her and approaches her. “I wanted to know if we could go out tonight”

“Get out? Where to?” Alex swings her weight on her left foot and takes a sip of her coffee.

“I don’t know, we could go to dinner for example” The blonde tried to get closer by taking Alex’s hand, who looked right to left to check that no one was watching them, but ended up taking a step back an action that seemed to annoy Elianna.

“Like... A date?” She asks, avoiding her interlocutor eyes.


“Elianna” The brunette sighs and shakes her head “We can’t”


“Don’t play stupid, you know very well why” Alex looked at her phone and sighed loudly. “Listen, I have to go”

“If I were you, I’ll avoid showing too much of that pretty face everywhere today. My little finger tells me there would be paparazzi all over the city”

“Why would the paparazzi care about me?”

“You’ll see” Alex lowered the viewfinder of her helmet before taking the road.


Sitting on a public bench, Alex was biting her nails so much she was anxious. In her left hand is a white envelope with the logo of a laboratory she was staring at and was unable to open it. She sighs again and continues to stare at the object. With one hand she held an envelope that could change everything in her life.

Finally deciding to open it, she looked carefully through the contents, the brunette did not know where to stand, and she seemed perhaps disappointed by its content.

“Great” Wanting to get answers, she did the only thing that seemed reasonable to her at the time. After some ours she arrived.

“Miss. You are not allowed to park here, please turn around, right now” A man in his forties whom she deduces to be a security guard because of her attire, walked towards her as soon as she rests her motorcycle on her foot pose.

“I’d like to see Senator Grace Brighton-King” Alex removed her helmet and put it on her motorcycle.

“Yeah, and I would like to spend the evening with Jessica Alba but we don’t always have what we want in life sweety, so I repeat for the last time and if you do not want to spend the night in a cell of de-stressing I advise you to leave” He points to the exit and placing his right hand on the electric Taser at his belt. The young brunette growled and pulled out her phone.

“Alex?” asked the voice at the end of the phone.

“Can we talk?”

“Alex, I am actually at Albany for an urgent situation that requires my presence. I won’t be able to be in Manhattan for the next two days.”

“I’m already in front of New York State Capitol”

“What? Why?”

“Can you ask the guard to let me in?” Alex turned to the guard still glaring at her.

“Okay” Grace hung up and just moments later, a voice from the talkie ordered the guard to accompany her to the senator’s office.

They stopped in front of the last office at the end of the long corridor, on the door was written in black bold letters ‘Senator Grace Brighton-King’ the guard left and Alex knocked twice before entering.

“Alex, don’t tell me you ride your motorcycle to here” Grace got up to meet the girl in the middle of the big office.

“How is this possible?” Asked the mentioned one without delay.

“What?” Alex pulled the envelope out of her back pocket and handed it to the graying-haired woman.

“I need to know why my father would ever have lied to me about my mother’s death”

“The result of the DNA test. Positive at 99.99%, thus eliminating in your heart any room for doubt. I didn’t need a test to believe it, as you must have noticed there’s a large scar at the base of your head in an almost spiral form” Grace invited her daughter to sit on the couch and offered her a glass of water.

“How would that explain anything?”

“You were almost 2 when your brother accidently hurt you with one of your toys and we passed the rest of the day at the hospital because your head wouldn’t stop bleeding” Grace looked at her watch, sat down behind her desk and pressed a button on the intercom. “Dana, call the governor and tell him our meeting was postponed at 3pm” She takes her purse and opens the door. “I have an hour. Let’s go to get lunch” Alex waited until they were in the car to bombard her mother with questions that were jostling in her head.

“Then explain to me why my own father would have kidnapped me? Is he even my father? Oh no, don’t tell me I also share the same father as Ryan?” horrified, she puts her hand over her mouth.

“Calm down please”

“Calm down? How can you say that?”

“We’re here ma’am” The driver parks the car in front of a restaurant not far from the senator’s office.

“Thank you Riley. Come on, I’ll explain everything once inside” The two women walked through the door of the restaurant where Alex felt out of place because of her street clothes compared to all people dress up as if to impress each other. They were accompanied by a waiter who seemed to know the older of the two, at the bottom in a quieter corner of the restaurant. “The same as usual for me. Alex?”

“hmmm... the same thing”

“Immediately my ladies” The man retires after scoring the command on his notebook.

“So?” Ask Alex, crossing her hands under her chin.

“You’re a very impatient person just like your father” Grace smiles and puts her phone on the table

“My dad, Jack?”

“Your father’s name was Stephen Rangers”

“Wait” Alex pulls out her phone and shows her mother a picture of her father and she smiles.

“Yes it’s him... The love of my life” Grace gets lost a few seconds in her thoughts, a distant look and a nostalgic smile. “Because of the age difference between you and Ryan, you must know that I was already married to Mike when I met your father. It was during a mission, he worked for the Medical Research Institute for the Army and I was the one supervising the mission with few soldiers under my command. A mission that lasted only 11 weeks. It only took him eleven weeks to make me feel what love was. When we returned, I was willing to do anything to be with him, to stand up to my parents to get a divorce but without success because of the bureaucracies and two sentences on my marriage contract that forced me to remain Mike’s wife. But we continued to see each other in secret for three years.”

“Wait, you were cheating on your husband with him?”

“Not really, between Ryan and I there was nothing romantically, just a marriage contract, he knew what was going on between your father and I and your father also knew that I could never have married him”

“And he accepted that” Alex asked astonished.

“Yes, and that’s what caused his loss. So when I see what’s going on today between you, Elianna and Ryan. It’s like.”

“Story was repeating itself.” Alex finishes nodding.

“And I don’t want the same thing to happen to you as it did to your father. Or for Ryan to become a bitter and hateful man like his father. You are brother and sister”

“Why did my father take me away from you?”

“Excuse me” a waiter drop a plate of salad in front of each of them and serve them wine, but Grace asked her to replace Alex’s glass with a pineapple juice that earned her a not-so-fun look.

“You can order something else if you want” Grace smiles as she saw how the girl was scolding her plate knowing how much her daughter loved to eat as at every family reunion where Albert demanded her presence, she wondered how long her father knew that her daughter was still alive. She ordered a well-cooked steak in addition to her plate. “So you were asking why Stephen kidnapped you, made me think you were dead and depriving me of 15 years of your life?” Alex nodded when she saw hatred in her mother’s voice towards her father for the first time.

“A few months after you were born we discovered that you had some type of hemophilia. Some kind of blood disease you inherited from your father. But a little after your first birthday, you got very sick and since then you’re constantly sick. He worked day and night to find out what was wrong current treatment wasn’t working for you in vain, making the situation impossible and hopeless. And I had you hospitalized for months. At the end it was too hard for both of us to watch you die without doing anything. After all he was the scientist and he felt like it was his fault if you were sick so he wanted you moved to a secure Lab of the NSA and I didn’t want you to spend the little time you have in a lab with him trying to desperately find solutions. He must have conspired with my assistant and injected you something to make me believe you were died since he was no longer allowed around you if you were alone” The two continued with their story until Grace had to leave. When they left, a few paparazzi were waiting at the door.

“I wonder what celebrity is in the restaurant” Alex scans the restaurant with her eyes in search of a celebrity and that’s why she didn’t see the paparazzi rushing towards her person.

“Alex is it true that you have an affair with Elianna Rothschield”

“Are you lovers? How long have you been together?”

“Is she bisexual or you’re just some kind of distraction for the successful business woman” They all shouted at the same time while their cameras were pointed at the two women.

“What?” The surprised and frightened girl shouted.

“This morning an anonymous source linked a video of you two acting all lovey-dovey. Is that why you approached the King family?” Alex turned to her mother who pushed her inside the car before answering.

“You’re making no sense. If Alex has approached the family it is because she is part of it. Alex here is actually Infinity, my daughters. So I very politely ask you to let us enjoy our day” With these last words Grace went inside to find a completely confused Alex.

“Why did you tell them that? Now everyone’s going to know. Elianna’s going to know.”

“Ah well that’s all you’re worried about? Whether Elianna knows, are you hoping to get back with her after everything that’s happened?” Grace turned to her, her eyes hard and her fingers waving in all directions to explain herself.

“It’s none of your business ...”

“Yes it’s, everything you do is my business. Whether you like it or not, I’m your mother, Infinity. So I strongly advise you to put an end to this craziness unless you want Elianna to get kicked out of her own company by your grandfather just to keep you from dragging the company’s name into the mud.”

“Albert will never do that”

“You have no ideas about your family. But you’ll soon learn who your grandfather is when it comes to his legacy.”


Unable to stay still, Alex was about to take the advice of her mother and sister.

“I will once again break her heart and she’ll think I don’t know what I want. No, I know what I want but it’s just impossible. Agrr” Feeling dizzy, Alex leaned against the wall.

“Alex?” Elianna’s assistant approached her. “You okay?”

“Yes, just a little tired”

“Elianna’s just got out from her meeting and is now in her office, you can get in”

“Okay” The brunette took a deep breath and nod to encourage herself.

“Hey, Alex” Elianna meet halfway and kissed her on the cheek.

“Hi” The blonde smiled in front of a shy Alex, not knowing why the sudden change.

“I can take the rest of my day we could...”

“No Elianna” The blonde stopped to see what was wrong and seeing the girl’s voiding her gaze she guessed what was up with her lover.


“We need to talk” Elianna rolled her eyes and sit on her desk.

“Let me guess. You want us to break up?” Alex opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. “You’re not tired of this little game. We have a secret relationship then you end it, we get back together and you want to break up again and again ... this song is really getting old Alex”

“Wasn’t it You who broke up with just a few weeks ago?” Alex pointed an accusing finger at the blonde.

“Just to get on my knees for you to forgive me only two days later. In the last three months we’ve broken up at least what 4, 5 times? And it’s always you who ...”

“I’m not here to argue. This time it’s not like I want, I just have to”


“Ryan is my brother”

“Yes and I am a Martian”

“Haven’t you seen the news?” Then Alex told the whole story to the blonde who almost had a heart attack. “Now you understand why we can’t be together” Alex sighed and rubbed her head.

“I understand but I don’t accept it”

“Did you even listen to me?” Alex turned to the large glass window that give her the best view of the city, her back to the blonde who joined her and embraced her from behind in a protective manner.

“I made a promise, I’m going to fight for us. I’m asking you nothing more than to just accept my love for you and let me do the rest. The media, my parents and Ryan, I’m take care of everything. I know you’re afraid and maybe it’s selfish but we also deserve to be happy together”

“Do you want me to be happy?”

“You know I love you, that not even a question since you know the answer”

“So promise me something”

“Anything you want Alex”

“I want you to get back together with Ryan” Elianna pulled away from her lover and turned the brunette to face her.


“He’s my brother and I could never be happy knowing what I did to him. If you really want me to be happy then forget about me, erase the past few months and start your life over with Ryan like nothing happened”

“Don’t do that. Not again please Alex, It will destroy me.”

“That’s all I want from you Elianna”

After a few tearful minutes, Alex managed to convince the blonde, she gave in and promised Alex to do everything possible to make her husband happy just to please her lover.

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