Gravity Is A Bitch

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3. Drunken Alex

Elianna’s POV :

I was sitting in the living room when Alex came out of her room dressed in a pair of white ripped jeans matched with white v-neck shirt, red sneakers and a red jacket that she was holding in her hand, her long hair in a ponytail swinging from side to side. I wonder each time how she does, she can dress in the simplest of ways but always remains ... pleasant to look at. I’m sure if I dress like this I would be unrecognizable.

“Hi” She sits on the arm of the couch.

“Hi, slept well ?”

“Yeah. I thought I would be completely exhausted this morning but I’m in great shape” she finished with a smile.

“I can see that clearly, dressed and all smily before breakfast. Are you going somewhere ?”

“Yes, Daniel comes to visit me and we plan to have lunch outside and spend the day together”

“A date with your boyfriend, huh ?” I asked, making my eyebrows dance, a suggestive smile on my lips.

“No” She laughed softly. “There is absolutely nothing between Dan and I”

“You mean not yet”

’“No. They could never have something between us believe me”

“Why ?”

“I am not his type and he certainly is not my type, maybe that’s why we are such good friends”

“I don’t know about him but you’re evry teenager boy’s dream girl”

“Ah yes !?” She asks looking interested, turning to me completely.

“Yes, well I mean it’s true that they could find you intimidating with your stoic look and your badass air”

“I don’t have a stoic look !“She wonders, laughing.

“Yes you do”

“No, it’s not true and you’re the intimidating one. I mean have You met you ?” I can’t help but laugh out loud.

’“Okay. I admit that sometimes I can be intimidating but it’s only when I’m at work to remind the asshole like Baxter that a woman can also run a multimillionaire company. But never here at home”

“The first time I saw you I almost pee m’y pants. Before I came here I researched you on Google and there was this interview of you on YouTube with this guy who came from a competing company and I swear he forgot the rest of his sentence every time he looked at you. It was like” She clears her throat to better interpret. I had tears in êtes ’cause I was laughing si hard.

“Stop. I don’t talk like that”

“Yes You do, and your look oh my God” She shake her head pretending to shiver. We heard the doorbell ring and Alex got up to get it, leaving me still laughing.

“Elianna there is a beautiful woman and she is as intimidating as you at the door, she says her name is Grace. I told her to come in, but she just says to hurry up”

“Oh. It’s Ryan’s mother, we’re going to the Country-Club”

“Ok” I take my keys and my phone to put them in my purse.

“Have a good day Alex”

“You too”

“And you can tell your boyfriend Daniel that he can stay for the night if you plan to go together to this party you told me about. But he will be sleeping in the other room, your type or not”

“Okay” she laughed softly. I leave the apartment and go to join Grace.


After more than three hours at the club, with Grace and Franck Ryan’s father we hit the road for the King’s mansion where Ryan was to join us directly from the airport for the family lunch.

Arrived at Arthur’s, I saw Ryan outside on the phone, he hangs up before taking me in his arms.

“I missed you so much, I’m really sorry to be gone for so long but I promise to make it up to”

“It’s ok Ryan. I own the same business remember. And Iknow what it takes”

“Thank you for understanding me” He kissed me briefly on the mouth before leaving to greet his parents. Arthur leaves the house dressed in a sleeveless polo shirt and shorts that stop at his knees

“Elianna !” Arthur surprised me, taking me in his arms and swinging me gently from left to right.

“It’s been so long since we last saw each other. How are you ?”

“Fine and you ? I hope you were able to rest a little in Beijing?” Arthur and I are very close.

“Not at all, you know I have to retire soon and I would like to put everything in order before so” Despite his rather advanced age, he had refused to go out of business because he would be bored to death but now je want to reconsider his decision.

“How is Alexis doing ?”

“Good. She goes to school and does her homework. Oh and she has a job in a supermarket”

“Why? I asked her to tell me if she needed anything and I even gave her a card up to 15,000”

“Alex is someone who really doesn’t like to use what she didn’t earn on her own. I doubt she will ever use this card”

“Okay, I’ll have to to talk to her anyway, we need to discuss a few things. Oh, and I have some suggestions for you and your family, but we’ll talk about business later”


“Grace sweetheart come in my arms” After Grace, he patted Ryan on the shoulder asking how it was going at work. Then he shakes Franck’s hand, I always had the impression that he didn’t like his stepson very much, I mean the father-in-law / step-son relationships are not always the friendliest but Arthur is a very warm man.

“Come on, let’s go to the living room” When Arthur invites us it is generally the first Sunday of the month and they are dinners instead of lunches but Ryan’s parents have to fly for the wedding of one of his cousins. Evrything was going well in the living room, we discuss everything and nothing when Grace asked the question that burned our lips.

“Dad, can I know the story of this girl you brought to live with Ryan and Elianna ?”

“Well darling, the poor girl went through hell and if I took her in it is because she had nowhere else to go. Her sister, who is also her legal guardian, was incarcerated. It was either that or she returned to the system since she is not yet of age to live n’y herself and then Ryan and Elianna are not always at home, I don’t see any harm to for someone living, there’s at least two unsued room in their condominium. But Elianna if it bother you by any means. She can still come live with me even if it’s a little further away from her school”

“No Arthur, I am already used to her presence”

“Yeah, at first I didn’t like the idea but she is one cool girl” Finished Ryan.


Alexis’ POV :

“Are you sure those new friends of yours aren’t snobs ?” Daniel asks for the thousandth time parking his motorcycle in front of the Mike’s house, there were at least thirty luxury cars, motorcycles.

I think it’s his house, I told Darcy not to come and get me and that I will come with a friend and as I have never been to Mike’s place I cannot know. But I’m sure it’s here, you could hear the music from fifty yards away.

“Damn” Daniel whistles while looking at the house. ’“This is a house” It was a beautiful villa in modern style.

“Alex you’re here” It was Jack. ’“Come on, I know where the others are”
Daniel and I follow him inside where the music made the ceiling vibrate.

“Hey you ...” Mike was trying to talk to me but the music was too loud.

“Sorry but I can’t hear anything” I shouted in my turn. He approaches me and yells.

“Oh, I said I thought you were not coming. You did not seem very enthusiastic when I invited you”

“Yes I was but now I’m glad I came. Guys met my friend Daniel” The others introduce themselves by shaking his hand.

Everything was going well, Daniel seemed to have fun. Well, I would be if the pretty girl he had on his arm laughed to all my jokes and offered to dance, maybe but thé dance part.

Oddly enough I haven’t seen Emilie since I arrived and I certainly won’t ask others where she is. Mike left to get us all a drink. Darcy was dancing with her boyfriend and out of the corner of my eye I saw some girl giving me threatening looks as always. I recognize her from the cheerleading team.

I really don’t know what I did to her and Emilie. For Emilie I think it’s just to support her boyfriend who is captain of the school soccer team and who really doesn’t appreciate the fact that I’m part of this team, but for Diana, I don’t see why.

“Alex come dance !” Daniel Shouted still with this blonde haired girl in his arms. I don’t know how to dance and he Always make fun of me. I have two left feet. He said a few things to another girl while nodding his head towards me. I recognize the girl in my history class. And he gives her a $ 10. Oh no. No, not that. He Always dors that toi.

“Hi, Alexis right ?”

“Um yes. How do you know my name ?”

“Almost everyone in our school knows you and then you are two tables away from me in history. I’m Shannon”

“Ok Shannon. But I warn you right away, I’m not going to dance with you” She smiled at me, as if it was a challenge.

“I have already bet $ 10 on you dancing. So you have no choice” She takes me by both hands and I let her. She walked us into the midst of all these teenager who were rubing against each other. She begins to swing in front of me and I stayed like a pole.

“Come on please”

“I’m sorry but I really don’t know how to dance. Sorry”

“You no fun” She rolls her eyes and goes back to Daniel. I was going back to my seat when I jostled someone who tripped, but luckily I was able to catch them before they hit the ground.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going and .... Emilie” I release her right away because I was surprised and scared.

And inevitably she hit the ground. She gets into a sitting position and holds her hand with a cry of pain. I crouch in front of her.

“Damn it. I didn’t do it on purpose I swear” She had tears in her eyes. I didn’t even know what to do. “Let me see”

“Fucking leave me alone” She tries to get up but stumbles and almost falls again. She went to a door that I believe to be the kitchen so I follow her. She puts ice on her hand and sits on a stool.

“You can go, I’m fine” she said dryly. I just nod but don’t move, then sit next to her. “What are you doing ?” She shouts making me jump.

“I ... I think I’ll stay here just a little”


“Geez. Would it kill you to speak less loudly and stop scaring me. I just want to make sure you’re okay and apologize” She raises her eyebrows as if she doesn’t believe me at all. “And also because I can’t dance and my friend is paying girls to humiliate me” I see her smile.

I gently lift the ice pack and take her hand in mine to see her wound. It was nothing serious, I sigh in relief.

“I’m sorry for letting you down, I was just scared when I saw it was you” I raise my head and see her smile.

“So you can’t dance ?”


“Good. And you want to be forgiven for knocking me down ?” It took me two seconds to figure out where she was going.

“No. Out of the question !” Suddenly she starts screaming.

“Aiiee my hand. It hurts” My mouth joined the ground.

“What a manipulative bitch !”


“Okay. Okay”

“Very well. Show me your friend”

It was the longest conversation I have ever had with this girl since we know each other. Emilie ends up taking Daniel $ 20 for three songs. During the first two songs I was more than embarrassing. Jumping around like a headless chicken, at least it seemed to amuse Emilie. I left in the middle of the third. For the rest of the evening, our group of friends, plus a few from Mr. Captain’s group, played some ridiculous games like Never Have I or Truth or Dare.

With Daniel, we had a lot of fun and I felt like I was really drunk. I don’t know how I got on the bike to the apartment.

“Can you hold on to your bed ?” He asks me in the doorsteps of the guest room.

“Yeah. Good night Dan”

“Good night Alex” I was opening my door when I saw a blond head approaching me. Elianna wore a sleeveless white nightgown ending on her thighs, leaving her beautiful legs uncovered. There was lace at the end of the dress. Her feet were bare. Even for bedtime this woman dresses elegantly. I have never seen a person like her in my whole life, she always wants everything to be perfect, not a single displaced hair, always branded dresses and shoes even her jeans are big brands. And I’ve never seen her wear tennis shoes.

“Alex you okay ?” I nod and try to open the door in vain.

“Yes, but this damn the door won’t open” Elianna opened it in a single swift move.

“Oh” Actually I forgot that you had to twist your wrist to open it.

“Are you drunk ?” She asks with a frowns and a disapproving look.

“Just a little bit I admit” I smile at her with all my teeth showing. She sighs and approaches me.

“Let me help you” She opens the door wide and helps me change into some more comfortable clothes. I slip under my duvet and she sits on the edge of the bed caressing my hair.

“Tomorrow morning I will have a horrible headache and bad breath” She giggle softly and caresses my jaw tenderly, which I find very pleasant.

“You should have thought of that first’” she whispers.

“Humm. That feel really good” I close my eyes under her soft caresses.

“Yeah ?”

“Yeah” And the last thing I hear before flying away for DreamLand was her sweet voice wishing me a good night.

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