Gravity Is A Bitch

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4. Almost a kiss

Elianna’s POV:

“I promise you after the merger of our companies you will no longer have to go to work” I look at him confused.

“You could stay at home or go out and do some girl stuff with friends” I put down the towel I used to dry my hair.

“Are you doing this macho thing again ? I already told you, it’s not attractive”

“What thing, I’m not saying now but when we have children, someone has to take care of them, right ?”

“And why would it be me and not you ?” I turn with fire in my eyes.

“Well, it’s the woman’s job to stay at home, take care of the children and household chores” he laughs.

“Do you think you are in Africa or what ? It is out of the question to let someone else manage my family heritage. Certainly not you Ryan”

“And what is that supposed to mean ?” He asks angrily.

“No offense but I am ten times more talented to manage than you or your father the proof is I was nominated the businesswoman of the year and I doubled our turnover only 4 years at the head of the company” Now he was pissed off which was the goal. I hate it when he thinks he’s a macho, nobody tells me what to do, certainly not him on the pretext that he is my husband. He gets out of bed and closes the door with a bang which makes me jump a little.

I head toward Alex’s room to wake her up.

She had her pillow on her head. I smile and crouch down to remove it and pat her cheek gently. She slowly opens her big violet eyes and smiles at me with her dumples. Aww, she’s so cute that I could eat her.

“Hi you”


“Jenna made chocolate chip pancakes. Are you coming ?”

“Hell yeah” She rushed up from the bed, a big smile on her lips which turns into a grimace, she puts her hand on her forehead and her eyes groaning.

“Hey you ok ?”

“Yes, I just forgot I would have a hangover”

“You should take a shower, I gonna get you some pill before You finished ?”


Ryan had still not left, but Alex’s friend was chatting with Jenna in the kitchen. I haven’t meet him yet. Yesterday, I went out with Ryan for dinner outside and it was late when they came home from the party.

“Hello everyone”

“Hello” replied Jenna.

“Hello Mrs”

“Uh. No no Mrs for me please I like to think I’m not that old” I say laughing. “Elianna will suffice”

“Oh, you’re Elianna ?” He looks at me from head to toes, shaking his head.

“Yes, it’s me, why do you look so surprised ?”

“Actually I thought you were older” I raise my eyebrows.

“Hmm. Okay, Daniel right ?” I walk around the table to help Jenna set up the table.

“Yes” I continue to chat with Daniel. I finished setting the table when Ryan went out at the same time as Alex, already dressed and his backpack on one shoulder.

“Hello Ryan”

“Hi. Sorry but I have to go to work” Yes he is still angry and so am I.

“Are you watching tonight’s game ?”

“Of course”

“Perfect, you take care of the popcorn and I take care of the beer”

“OK have a good day”

“You too” I smiled seeing them interact, it was now their routine since Ryan passed on the fact that a complete stranger lives with us.


“Hello Alex. How are you ?”

“Good but I would certainly feel much better with these Amazing pancakes Jenna” She looked at the dishes on the tables the stars in the eyes, adorable.


“Alex. Why do you look so fine when little elves are partying in my head”

“Here, both of you need it. Just one pill” Dan took a pill and gave one to Alex, who swallowed it with her pineapple juice.

“Come on let’s start otherwise you risk being late”

“Alex I have to ask you in case I wasn’t dreaming and it really happened. Did you happen to dance last night with this girl ?” Alex rolls her eyes.

“Oh my God, it wasn’t a dream then you really danced with this girl and you really seemed to have fun. Damn I did not take a picture, why I did not film”

“Shut up” Alex yells at him, hitting him under the table.

“What was her name again ? Kathia ?”

“Cassie, her name is Cassie” I watch them interact like a brother and a sister with a smile on their lips.

“So she’s the one replacing Kimberley ?” So maybe Alex is gay ? Interesting.

“Are you going to shut it up ?”

“Ok ok. I’ll take my backpack and drop you off at school” Dan goes into the guest room leaving me alone with Alex.

“Are you feeling better ?”

“Yes much better, thank you” I nod and wipe my mouth before turning to her. She had finished her plate and was looking at mine with pursed lips as if to stop saying something.

“Here ”

“Hmmm ?”

“You can finish my dish” It was enough for her to throw herself on it. “So when you said Daniel was not your type at all what did you mean by that ?”

“I meant he was not my type” she replied looking confused.

“I know but I meant ... not your type type or not your type Type ?” She laughs and pushes the empty plate before turning to me too.

“Why do you repeat the word type 4 times, I see no difference it’s always T-Y-P-E Elianna. You will have to express yourself better” I sigh a smile on my lips.

“You want to know if I’m gay ?” She asks and I nod my head.

“You, tell me ?” She asks seriously, I may have imagined it but for a millisecond her eyes drift towards my lips which I unconsciously pass m’y tongue over it.

I don’t know what has changed but for the first time I really looked in her violet eyes, it was not only their color or their beauty but there was something else which attracted me and which prevented me from turning my gaze. In my life, I have seen many beautiful eyes, I have had enough intimate look, but yet the simple gesture of having green orbs in mine is more intimate than making love with someone. I was so focused on wanting to discover the kingdom behind her eyes that I couldn’t see her approaching me.

I jump when her hand came to rest against my cheek. She now had a small frown between her eyebrows. “You tell me” she whispers, I look at her lost and no longer remembering what she was talking about.

And suddenly she gets up and pulls her backpack away on her left shoulder.

“Wait, what are you doing ? Where are you going ?” I ask completely confused and try to turn her towards me to continue exploring her pretty eyes. I haven’t finished exploring them.

“At school” So she leaves the apartment, leaving me speechless.

“What the hell just happened ?”


Alexis’ POV :

I do not know at all what took me but it sure was intense, I had never looked at Elianna like that, certainly she is beautiful and I sometimes find myself admiring her beauty but in a completely innocent way. I almost kissed her, oh my God I don’t even dare imagine what would have happened if I had ever done such a thing.

“Ouff” I sighed.

“Is everything as you want Alex ?” Dan asks me, joining me in the parking lot where I was waiting for him.

“Yes it’s ok” He takes his motorcycle out of the parking lot. My whole day is spent in a fuzzy, all I remember about my day is Darcy arguing with her boyfriend and Quint jostling me on purpose to knock me down during training and now I’m my knees hurt, I didn’t even bother to take a shower in the locker room and take my skateboard at the end of training and send a message to John telling him not to come and get me and that I was coming back with a friend.

I was skating quietly on the sidewalk when a car stops in front of me. I recognized the car, a white Ferrari.

It was Emilie’s car, I roll my eyes and continue on my way without even giving her a look. I thought we had made progress yesterday, Guess I was wrong.

“Hey !” I heard her say before slowly following me with her car. “It’s with you I talking to Alex !”

“What do you want Emilie ?” I asked her, stopping and gave her a bored look. She lowers her head for a second, a little pout on her lips.

“Nothing” she sighs before continuing. “I just wanted to know if you wanted me to drop you off since we live in the same building”

“Ok ?” I watch her for a few seconds just to be sure she is serious and that she has no other idea in mind.

“Thank you but I just wanted to walk”

“But it’s cold and you″re only wearing your sports shorts. I smiled and opened the door to sit next to her. She stopped in front of a red light and put on music to break the peaceful silence that surrounded us.

“So ?”

“Hmmm ?”

“Is your hand okay ?”

“Yes it was nothing serious” The silence settled again until we arrived. I thanked her and got out of the car.


External POV :

Elianna’s thoughts had been on Alex since this morning because she was more than confused, wanting in vain to understand what had happened between them a few hours earlier. Sitting in the meeting room, one hand under her chin looking at the projector without understanding what the old man who was presenting their new project.

“Mrs. Brighton ?” Repeated his assistant / friend taking notes.

“Elianna ?”

“Hmm ?”

“Mr. Dawson was asking if you agreed with him to move the date forward ?”

“Oh. Yes, I will let you manage all of this, gentlemen and ladies. Mr. Dawson, you and your team have carte blanche, see with the finance department the necessary funds” She gets up from her seat and leaves the meeting followed by Esther.

“Elianna ?”

“Yes ?”

“Is everything alright ?” Asked her friend a little worried.

“Don’t worry Esther I’m fine” Elianna gives her a reassuring smile.

“So for next weekend will you be one of us ?”

“Sure. And all the others ?”

“I don’t know yet, I’ll send them all a message”



The week went by fairly quickly but from the small moment between Elianna and Alex things got a little weird between them. They avoided at all costs that their eyes meet or that they are both in the same room at the same time.

It was Elianna who started avoiding the younger one but Alex understood the message and feeling guilty for her disrespectful and completely rash act tried to give her as little space as possible since they live in the same penthouse. It was Saturday night when Elianna opened her door to her friends: Rachel, Odeya, Mark, Jason, Maya, Esther and Matt. Which gradually filled her living room.

The door rang again and Elianna put down her beer and ran to open, laughing at Rachel’s joke. Behind the door was Black with a smile on his face.

“Hi Princess”

“Black, I almost missed you” The latter laughed and took the blonde haired girl in his arms.

“Of course you missed me, how long has it been since we last saw each other ?”

“Almost a year. Come one, they’ve all arrived already” Elianna shifted to let him come in.

Black was greeting the rest of the band when Ryan came out of the kitchen, his hands filled with bottles of alcohol, Mark behind him with glasses.

“Ok, what do we start with ?” Ask Jason.

“Why not a Monopoly ?” Mak proposes. A silence settled during which everyone looked at the young Asian.

“What ?”

“You really are a loser man” replied Matt.

“I suggest that we start some truth or dare but not like teenagers of course. Just to know what is going on in the lives of each other since it has been a long time since we had all found ourselves in same place at the same time ?” Proposes Odeya.


“I’m starting” smiled Ryan, turning to Maya who was on his left.

“So Maya, truth or dare ?”


“With Jason have you ever done it in a public place, if so where ?” He asks without blinking the y them.

“No, man, that’s two questions” Jason quickly answers seeing his girlfriend blush.

“Ok. Let me rephrase that. What public place did you and Jason had sex to ?” He smiles.

“In the toilets of a football stadium” Maya answers blushing even more.

“Oh my God, oh my God. Who would have thought, you innocent Maya” Rachel exclamed making everyone laugh. Jason tosses her a handful of popcorn.

“Okay it’s your turn, Maya” Je shout to draw attention away from her girlfriend.

“Truth or Dare ?”

“Dare” he replied smiling with all his teeth.

“Okay. I want you to let Murphy do your makeup and choose one of Elianna’s dress you will be wearing for the rest of the evening”

“Are you still mad for this morning, huh ?” His smile disappeared and gave way to an horrified look.

“Youhouuu” Ryan does a little dance. Elianna rushed to her room looking for a dress and her makeup bag. Raven, who got up to go to the kitchen, was surprised to see an unknown face. Frightened she took a frying pan and shouted.

“Elianna, there is a thief in your house” Alex, who was pouring herself a glass of juice, turned around also surprised and removed her headphones from her head.

“Who are you ?” She asks Rachel.

“YOU, who are you? A thief. I warn you there are lots of people in the living room so don’t you even come near me” She finished raising the stove ready to hit Alex with.


“What’s going on here Rachel ?”

“I surprised her in your kitchen. She’s a thief. Cute” She looks at Alex from head to toes.

“Hmm Hmm” Elianna clears her throat to remind Rachel of reality.

“And hot too but still a thief” She finished, looking Alex in the eyes.

“Rachel can you put this pan down please”

“What if she attacks us ?” She whispers in Elianna’s ear.

“She’s not a thief, she lives here. Alex meet Rachel m’y wonderful n’est friend, Rachel Alex”

“Oh” She puts the stove down, looking down in embarrassment.

“Why didn’t you start with this ?”

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