Gravity Is A Bitch

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5. Irresistible

Alex POS:

“I’m sorry Alex, my name is Rachel, Elianna’s best friend. Best friend who didn’t know that such a fine girl like yourself lived with her” She finished, casting a dark glance at the blonde by her side.

“You’re one proactive girl, and I love the name”

“Hmm. Thank you” She smiles.

“Now, you come with us, we’re playing some teenager games” She clings to my arm and directs us to the living room. I turn to Elianna with frowns completely disoriented. She raises her eyebrows and takes the carton of juice and a glass before following us into the living room.

“Ok. Everyone, let me introduce you to Alex. She’s hot isn’t she? The Asian over there is Mark, this is Jason and Esther...” There were Almost a dozen scattered on the couch and on the floor. I smile at them strangely, not knowing what else to do.

One of the boys gets up and rushes towards me, almost falling over while climbing on the asian’s hand.

“Aww. Matt can’t you be more careful?”

“Shut up” He approaches me and holds out his hand to me. “My name is Matthew but you can call me Matt, that’s what everyone calls me”

“Hi Matt and I’m Alex” I take his hand for a short moment but he had no intention of releasing mine. Elianna intervened by forcing him to withdraw his hand. She sits on the couch and taps the corner for me to join her, I did so by hiding a little behind her before all the eyes on me.

“How did you get in I didn’t saw you entering ...”

“She lives here Mark, she was in her room”

“Oh. So do you have a boyfriend?”

“She’s 17 years old Matt, too innocent for you and your dirty thoughts” The boy frowns looking really surprised as much as the others.

“Shit, She don’t look like a teenager”

“Sorry man” the Asian patted him on the back. A boy comes out of the corner dressed in one of Elianna’s dresses and his makeup was really not well done.

“Oh. My God. You’re almost sexy Jason” Ryan puts down his glass and takes out his phone to record it.

“I strictly forbid any of you to take pictures of me. I’m serious” Elianna laughed so much that she end up helding her stomach.

I was also laughing but my whole body froze when she put her hand on my thigh. She continued to laugh while chatting with her friends, her hand still on my thigh. That’s when I really notice what she was wearing. A light pink cocktail dress that stops just above her knees, she was not wearing shoes displaying her perfectly manicured toes and paints in a color which name was completely unkown to me, it was almost white but still transparent.

I go up slowly with my eyes contemplating each part of her finest body. Her long blond hair down, she also didn’t wear a lot of makeup, just a little kohl pencil under her eyes and a bit of gloss. But God she is gorgeous.

She turns to me smiling big, even the structure of her teeth is perfect. Shit, how is it possible that this woman, so magnificent it becomes incredible, was born from a hazardous Big Bang.

Each part of her body is perfectly cut for the intended use. From small cute noze to her sinous lips, her grey eyes, the shape of her face. Her smile, I love her smile, the way her eyes lit up and narrow make their corners draw little lines trying to reach her perfectly drawn eyebrows. I could feel myself struggling to breath.

“Stop” she whispers, looking down, her hand on my thigh gone. I sigh and blink a few times. Damn what’s wrong with me?

“I’m sorry. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me these days” I finished with a nervous laugh. I take her glass and finish it in one go.

“It’s my turn now. And as you’re sitting on my left, Alex truthor dare ?” The one I think is Esther asked.


“Ok. Hmmmm. If you were to kiss someone in this room who would it be?”

“Hehhee ...” * Laughing nervous * It would certainly be Elianna but I doubt Ryan will let me spend the rest of the evening in his humble house if I ever dared to say these thoughts out loud.

“Rachel ?”

“Awww” Exclaimed the mentioned one with an adorable look. She gets up and comes to kiss me all over my face which makes me laugh.

“What? But why ?” Matt wonders, looking offended. “Girl, I am the hottest in here”

“Nann man. Sorry dick is not at all my thing, bro”

Ouuuhhh. The others shouted in the living room, making fun of him and patting him on the back.

“And then if you think you are sexier than Rachel you should have an appointment with an ophthalmologist”

“You’re just saying that ’cause you’re gay”

“It’s your turn now Alex” Elianna turns to me with a challenging smile.

“Truth or Dare ?”


“Why is no one choosing dare”

“When was the last time you mastrubed?” She had her eyes popping out of their sockets not at all expecting that kind of question from me. I laugh softly when I see her blush.

“Too innocent for me, my ass yeah” Matt whipered. “So Elianna you answering the question of your little sweetheart too innocent for my dirty thoughts? And you know the rule, I swear to tell the truth nothing but the truth”

“More or less two months” she surprised us by answering. I really didn’t believe she was going to respond.

“What?” Ryan shout seeming surprised. “And you haven’t even sent me a video when I send you one every time I mmsbdjdjgjdjfjs” Elianna got up to put her hand on her husband’s mouth.

“If you dare finish this sentence you gonna sleep on the couch tonight” Ryan nods vigorously making everyone laugh.

So continues the evening. It was almost 1am when the last couple of their friends left.

“Too tired ?” Elianna asked seeing me yawning. I nod my head. “Thank you for staying even if you didn’t have to”

“No peoblem, I like Rachel and Matt, they are cool. But Matt remains my favorite”

“And I believe he like you too. A little too much if you ask me. Will you really kiss Rachel ?”

“It was you...The answer to the question was you, it was you I would have kissed among everyone who was in the room” Shit. I think it’s the alcohol that speaks, because sober I would never had enough courage to admit to her such thing, it’s Elianna we’re talking about. Damn I have to catch up and right away. “I mean ... it’s normal isn’t it?” She frowns confused.

“How ?”

“Well, it is out of the question that I let a stranger touch those sexy lips of mine and you’re the only one I know a little better than the others. And then Rachel would be too addicted and would become too clingy if I let that happen” She hit me in my stomach laughing. “Aouchh”

“Too cocky .... And what tells you I won’t be addicted?”

“Just ’cause you’re happily married” Everything seemed normal now, and I hope she will not continue to avoid me as soon as we are sober.

Ryan opened the door and closed it after him.

“Good night Elianna this dream body needs its beauty sleep to be even more perfect”

“If you say so. Good night”


Elianna’s POV :

“Can you please stop playing this stupid game and put on Netflix ?”

“It’s Fortnite” They answer in sync as if it makes sense. I roll my eyes before leaving for the kitchen.

They’ve been playing this game for over an hour. They don’t want to teach me how to play and they don’t want to put on Netflix either. I came back to the living room and sit next to Ryan who hadn’t even noticed I had gone to the kitchen.

His phone was vibrating on the table but he wasn’t even looking at it.

“Can you pick up your phone?”

“You, pick up” I take the phone with a sigh.

“It’s your father”

“Oh. Ok, I am taking it” He finally gets up to answer his phone. As for Alex, she still continued to play, more concentrated than ever. “Elianna, I have to go, I don’t know when I’m coming back” He kisses me on the head and wishes Alex a good day before taking the key to her car.

“Finally .... Alex ... Alex” I shake her a little since she didn’t answer me.

“What again, man” She answers in an exasperated tone.

“Turn off this thing”

“Just two minutes”

“No. I want you to turn it off now” She continue to ignore me.

“W-what are you doing?” I had my arms around her stomach which I could feel solid, my head resting on her shoulder staring at her without blinking. “E-Elianna ?” She whispers, stuttering.

“I want to watch a movie. Now” I also whisper using a tone that I knew was seductive. Her eyes drift towards my lips and her throat makes a little noise when she swallows her saliva.

“O-ok” As soon as she agrees, I move away from her, leaving enough room between us.

“Now Alex” I throw a sly smile at her. She hurries to obey the order.

“Hmm ...” She clears her throat. “What do you want to watch?”

“Whatever, just a show”



The tension caused by my act of early dissipated in the air as soon as we started watching the film. Alex sighs at the end of the first episode, she lies down, putting her legs on my lap.

“And what the hell you think you’re doing lying so comfortabl”

“Stop whinning, you should be honnored ’cause m’y feet smell as good as a strawberry. Here, smell” She pushes a foot under my chin and scrapes it. “And that’s playback for your little act”

“No. Stop” I took her foot and placed it on my lap before putting my arms on them to keep them in place. “And you wouldn’t have left this console otherwise”

I lower the volume of the TV at the end of the third episode. To go to the kitchen and prepare something for lunch. Alex had fallen asleep with her feet still on my lap in the middle of the second episode.

“What are you preparing?”

“Oh, you’re awake”

“What are you cooking. Can I taste it?” She stops behind me and tries to steal a cucumber slice with her left hand while the other lands on the counter blocking me between it and her body.

I gently hit her hand the first time but she doesn’t give up. So I took her hand and brought it down.

“Stop I haven’t finished yet” I turn my head a little to look her in the eyes, that’s when I realized our proximity. And seeing that I wore shorts, automatically her palm rested against my thigh bare clothes, my hand above hers.

I could feel every part of her body against mine. Her breasts were glued to my upper shoulders du to our height difference, her pelvis against the hollow in the lower part of my back, her thighs against the curvature of my butt and her long legs were glued to mine. I could feel her warm breath on my ear. Scared I was trying to get away but I realized that I really had nowhere to go.

As if our position does not satisfy her enough, she approaches even more eliminating any notion of space between us.

“Alex ...” I almost did not recognize my own voice which had increased by a few octaves becoming hoarse and sensual.

“Shhhh” she sighs. “Please Elianna don’t move. Just let me savor this little moment, you don’t have to do anything, you don’t even have to talk. Just stay stil, please” she begs me with a whisper, her voice as hoarse as mine, if not more.

I sigh with contentment and allow my body and soul to benefit from this little exchange of body heat. I felt her lips rest gently on my cheek then in the hollow of my neck where she noisily Inhales my scent. One of her hands was placed on my waist while the other was drawing small invisible circles on my thigh.

“What have you done to me Elianna? Why do I find you so irresistible?”

“Stop talking shit, I should be the one asking you this question” I turn to her, now angry with myself, against letting a 17 year old girl hold me in her arms and touch me in a way only my husband should be allowed to.

All the anger disappears when I look into her pretty eyes, which are a little darker shade than usual.

Yes, it’s because of her eyes and her lips and her straigh little nose and her eyebrows and her jaw, her smile, the way she moves her jaw as if there were chewing some thing every time she’s nervous or angry, just like she’s doing it now.

Oh my god what’s wrong with me? Do I need a psy ?

The ringing of my phone takes us out of our little bubble.

After eating the cucumber and tomato salad in deadly silence, each of us spends the rest of the day in our respective room. I could hear the noise from the TV in her room when I went out to get a glass of water.

Back to the starting point I guess, why does everything have to be so complicated? Why can’t I just take Alex in my arms or kiss her without everything being weird between us?

Oh yes, ’cause I am married to a man who considers her as his little sister and because she is a girl and that she is like 17 years old, no big deal right?

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