Gravity Is A Bitch

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7. First mistake

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It was December 17 around 6 p.m., a few hours since Alex was sitting in front of her father’s grave at the other end of town. After the last topics of the semester, Alex took her new bike and drove without knowing where to go until she ended up there.

“Asha should be out in 4 months and I think that changing the air would do us the greatest good. But don’t worry, I will continue to visit you dad” she sighs letting out white smoke .

“I’m going to be 18 in two days you know, I’m so excited but I’m just as scared. I remember you always said that ignorance of childhood is one of the one of thé greatest gifts ..... I miss you so much dad ” She finished with a few tears running down her cheek. After ten minutes in silence she continues her rambling.

“I have to go, I don’t want to be late for dinner and give Elianna another reason to kill me” she laughs alone at her joke. “It’s been over a week and she’s still angry at me ’cause she hates to see me on the bike” The two had their first big fight, Elianna wanted Alex to return the bike to buy a car instead let him buy it as a birthday present, but the stubborn brunette refused without even leaving room for reasonable discussion.

And since Elianna only spoke to her when necessary or when she helped her to revise for her exam. Since she could not force her to return the motorcycle she could still show her dissatisfaction.

“I love you dad” Alex took her helmet, pulled up the zipper of her jacket and adjusted herself on the bike. It was snowing so much that day that it was not easy to drive a motorcycle, the wheel kept sliding.

And when Alex hit the road this time it was even worse and almost impossible to drive two hours on a motorcycle. But it was out of the question to admit she was wrong about the motorcycle.

“Fuuuck” Alex cried when she saw she could do nothing more to maintain the bike. With a loud bang she found herself on the ground with her motorcycle sliding a few more meters before finally stopping.

“Damn, shit .... why today why?” She gets up covered in snow that she doesn’t even bother to remove. “I hate this fucking month” she shouted out loud.


Hours passed and Alex was still seated on her motorcycle, which was now dead. More than two hours sitting alone between her old city and ther new house. The only car she saw did not even bother to stop. She rolls her eyes when she sees an incoming call from Elianna.


“Alex, where are you? I’ve been home for over an hour and Jenna told me you still haven’t come home from school” Alex smiles knowing that even angry the blonde still worries about her. And it was truly dark now.

“I am an hour from home and my motorbike won’t start” She ends up expecting to be scolded. She heard Elianna breathe for a few seconds before responding as if trying to calm down.

“Why didn’t you call a tow truck?”

“None of them want to come this far in this storm”

“Ok. Send me your position” Alex swallows the little pride she has left and sends the blonde her position. After another hour of freezing in the snow, a Range Rover as white as snow parked in front of her.

“Fi-finally” She ran to the car door and tried to open it but it was locked. She glanced at Elianna as if to say, ‘Are you serious?’

“Elianna open this damn door, I can’t feel my fringers anymore” she tried to explain between her chattering teeth. The blonde girl waited a few more seconds pretending to be thinking if Alex really deserved it.

As soon as she decided to unlock the door, the brunette hastened to occupy the passenger seat. She sighed in relief when she felt the heat of the car heating.

“Oh .... T-thank you very much Eli-aanna” The blonde started the car without even paying a glance to the trembling girl. Alex sighed, giving her a sad look understanding that Elianna was still angry.

“I’m sorry you had to drive such a distance and especially today” Still nothing. The brunette sinked into her seat listening to the radio.

It was dark and the snow did not improve the view either. Alex wondered how Elianna managed to see but jump when the car suddenly braked making her Almost hit her head against the dashboard.

“Damn ... damn” Elianna shouted parking the car aside when it banged against something then she got out. Alex followed in her footsteps.

“What was it ?” Asked the brunette, stopping before Elianna.

“A squirrel? I don’t know. This is all your fault” she shouted again. She opened the door to take her bag and remove the key from the car.

“What are you doing? Where are you going?” Alex followed her completely confused. Elianna continued walking, staring at her phone.

“ELIANNA” When Alex understands that she won’t answer her, she sighs and follows the blonde. A few minutes -too much in the snow for the brunette- They were in front of a gas station.

Elianna enters the store before Alex even reaches her level.

“There’s a motel not far from here. We’re going to have to spend the night here because it’s out of the question for me to get back in the car for the rest of the night” she finished bitterly.


“Good evening ladies. What can I do for you?” Asked a tall man sitting behind the counter.

“Two bedrooms please” He tapped a few keys on his computer before looking up at the two young women with a tense smile.

“I’m sorry but because of the storm all our rooms are occupied”

“Is there any other motel in the area ? It’s snowing too much to drive and we have nowhere else to stay for the night” Alex stepped forward with a pleading look.

“The next motel is miles from here” Seeing Elianna grimaced the tall man sighs before adding.

“But there is a room occupied by the manager’s sister and she is out of town tonight. I could ask my boss if it is possible for you to stay there overnight. That’s really all I can do if he does not agree you will have to find something else”

“Yes. Thank you” The brunette answered gratifully . The man left a few minutes before returning with a smile.

“He agrees. Come on, I will show you to the room”

“Thank God” As soon as she got in, Alex took off all her clothes so wet she could felt water drops in her underwear. With a trembling hand she takes the towel that the blonde handed her and wrapped it around her. The latter goes in the bathroom to get rid of her clothes too.

“The guy I called said he would pick up my bike tomorrow”

“I don’t care about your fucking bike” Elianna came out of the bathroom.

“Why are you still mad at me even if you know I won’t change my ....” Alex stopped short as soon as she saw what the blonde was wearing now. A single transparent white blouse. So light she could tell what colors her underwear was.

“Mind” She finished when Elianna felt her gaze on her, with the slightly red cheeks of embarrassment the blonde leaves to hide behind the blanket in bed.

“Stop looking at me like that” Alex shook her head and came out of her stupor. And she too, dressed only in a black tank top and her boxer shorts, heads for the bed where she tries to slip into it. Until the blonde interrupted her.

“What are you doing ?”

“Going to sleep ?” She replied confused.

“No, I don’t think so”

“What !?”

“You can sleep wherever you want, on the floor if you want but not in this bed” Alex laughed, thinky the other one was joking. She tried to slip under the duvet again, but Elianna didn’t hear it from that ear. The latter pushed her out of bed and she found herself on the floor.

“What the fuck is your fucking problem?” She shouts furiously.

“It’s because of you that I find myself sleeping in a shitty motel on a Friday evening when I was supposed to go out to party with my friends just because the girl prefers the motorcycle to the car. And you dare ask me my problem?” Elianna had nie in sitting position to show how serious she was, her hands going in all directions as she screamed, letting out all the anger she had kept inside for days.

“Ok I am sorry but I still don’t see why I have to sleep on the floor when I’m dying of cold?”

“It’s your fault then assume” The brunette groaned before getting up and trying to sit on the bed again but again Elianna did not let her do so by hitting her violently with the pillow, multiple times.

“Ow .... Fuck are you going to stop ?” The brunette gets on her knees to gain height before grabbing both of Elianna arms and forcing her to fall on her back. Then she gets into a sitting position on her, her legs folded on both sides of the blonde.

“Stop” Hands clasped above her head by stronger than her, Elianna struggled to free herself, in vain. Alex left one of her hand to give her a little slap not even enough to hurt a fly. And Elianna took advantage of having her left hand free to reverse their position. Finding herself now sitting on Alex’s stomach, She attacking her much violently this time.

“Ouch .... Ouch. Damn. Stop woman” Cried the poor girl with both hands protecting her face.

“Why .... must .... you be so.... stubborn eh Alex?” The blonde continued until she had her back flat again on the mattress and Alex still straddled her. She groaned upon impact.

“Have you been bitten by a fucking bee ?” Elianna opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Alex. “No. I don’t even want to hear a word from you” She puts a finger on the blonde’s lips and being careful to clasp her two hands in her other one this time. Elianna was silent and glared at her.

Silence settled in the room. Seconds passed and Alex still had her finger on the blonde’s lips, she replaced her index finger with her thumb with which she delicately caressed the lower lip of Elianna who half closed her eyes.

“I’m sincerely sorry if I ruined your night, princess” She murmured. The blonde looked her straight in the eyes and for a second her eyes drifted to Alex’s pouty lips. A gesture which did not pass, obviously, unnoticed by the brunette whose body was gradually lowering towards Elianna’s.

Knowing very well what was going to follow, the latter passed her tongue unconsciously over her lips. Alex followed the movement of her tongue in slow-motion.

“Alex it would be stupid to do that” Elianna whispered in a pleading tone. The blonde’s slightly hoarse voice, her warm breath and increasingly irregular breathing made Alex even more distracted and unable to think properly about the consequences that could have had her actions.

“Hmm” was the only thing Alex said before finally filling the little distance between them. The blonde’s lips were held hostage by hers, they both closed their eyes.

And all the doubts and worries left the blonde as soon as she felt the warm and soft lips of the brunette on hers.

Alex had spent so much night fantasizing about this moment. And now her dream was coming true. As if she had been electrocuted and unable to bear the intensity of the electric shock flowing down her spine towards the tips of her feet, she broke away from Elianna just a second.

With her heart racing and lips slightly ajar, she placed her fingers again on Elianna’s lips to reassure themselves that they are real and made of flesh and nothing else.

“Wow” Completely struck, Elianna put a hand on Alex’s neck to pull her towards herself and kissed her fiercely. Alex moaned when she felt Elianna’s cold fingers caress her neck.

The blonde knew very well that what she was doing was unfair and totally immoral but she had dreamed too much of this moment to prevent this dream from coming true.

She moaned with pleasure when Alex put her lips on her jaw and continued to explore along her neck with soft kisses while one of her cold hands rested on her fat lower abdomen under the side of her blouse.

She went up, so slowly that it was almost unbearable for the blonde, to her side almost up to her boobs. Elianna put her hand on hers to prevent her from venturing much higher. Alex got the message and was content to operate her magic on the allowed surface.

So they continued to kiss, and pull on each other lips for more than five minutes and Elianna could swear on her life that her lips were made to be kissed by the brunette.

Perhaps it was because she had been waiting for this moment since that famous night in her kitchen or just because she was cold. But in her entire life, no one had ever made her so much horny just by kissing her for five happy minutes. The blonde’s phone rang next to her, making her jump slightly and come back to earth.

“Stop. Alex Stop” Alex shifted as soon as she felt hesitation in Elianna’s voice.

“What is it? Did I do something wrong hm?”

“We should have never done this. Damn what took me. Oh my God. I’m fucked up”

“Elianna ...” Hearing the brunette’s broken and vulnerable voice, Elianna turned to her. Her gaze was so full of sadness that she had to look away from hers. She got out of bed like a lightning bolt. She picked up her clothes which she didn’t even bother to wear in their bedroom.

“I-I need to get some fresh air. I’m going to - I’m going to go and get us some food” Without waiting for an answer, she went out and closed the door behind her, leaving the brunette all alone.

Elianna returns almost two hours later after leaving their room, claiming to get something to eat. Alex had already fallen asleep, relieved not to face the brunette after their thoughtless act, she in turn lies down her heart filled with regret and doubt and her head exploding with questions.

What’s going to happen now? Is it the end of the friendly relationship she had managed to build with Alex? How will they now act towards each other?

Should she tell her dearest husband about this evening? Will he throw Alex out. How to get out of this mess?

Despite all her questions, the one that scared Elianna the most was whether she ever found herself in the same position as tonight. Would she be able to hold back?

Admittedly, she had had her first kiss in over a decade and since then had gained a lot of experience but Alexis Lane knew what she was doing when she kissed a girl, that’s for sure.


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