Gravity Is A Bitch

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8. Let's talk about it

External POV:

Shivering because of the cold and fluttering, the young brunette opened her eyes gently.

“Arrgrrh” Alex groaned before finally sitting on the bed.

Remembering where she was ans the realization of last night, she turning her head on both sides of the bed looking for the blonde haired woman but she was not there, nor any of her clothes as if she hadn’t set foot in said room. The brunette sighed before lying down with pursed lips and an arm over her eyes.

“Fuck” she shouted.

She retrieves her things and dresses in new clothes on the table with an instruction from Elianna telling her that the driver will pick her up as soon as she is ready. She calls John and realizes the very large number of missed calls from her friends, in particular those of Emilie whom she calls back after having sent a message to John.


″Alex? Are you OK ?″

″Yes, I’m fine why ?″

″It’s just that I was worried since you weren’t answer any of my calls or my texts. And I went to your house, there was no one″

″Oh yes. That’s ’cause I went to my old neighborhood and on the way back my motorcycle broke down. So I had to spend the rest of the night in a motel. But I am already on my away back if you need something″ She finished, leaving her backpack on the shoulder. She stops in front of the receptionist who had helped them the night before. She greeted him with a smile before handing him her credit card.

“No, it’s just that ...”

“Just a second Emilie”

″Hello !″

″Hello ! The bill has already been paid by your friend, Miss″

“Oh Ok. Thank you again, I don’t know what we would have done last night without your help”

″You’re welcome″

″Have a good day″

″You too″

“Hello?” Alex resumed her phone conversation.

″Yeah. I said I will have really really really really ″

“Emilie !”

“Really really liked it if you come with me to go shopping, you know I’m going to my father’s after tomorrow and I would have loved to do my Christmas shopping”

″No. You know very well I hate it especially with you″

″Why ?″

″Because it takes you at least two hours to choose a dress and I’m really not in the mood today. Sorry″ Alex gets up and joins her driver recognizing the white Rolls-Royce.

″Please Alex. I promise to be less me today. Please″

“No Emilie. I really can not″

″Yes, you can. It will be my Christmas present. I need your help″ finished the other girl on the phone with a pleading voice.

″Argh. Ok, Ok. But I swear to kill you if you make me regret it″

″Yes. Thank you very much, you are an angel″

“Hmm” Alex hung up her phone, rolling her eyes.

“Hello John. You made it fast″

″Hello. Yes, I had been there for almost two hours but Mrs. Brighton said to let you sleep″

″Oh. I am really sorry″

″No, it’s nothing and then I could take care of your motorcycle. You can pick it up today in a garage not far from the penthouse″

“And Elianna how did she got home?”

“With the car came here last night”

“Thank you very much John”


Alex rang the doorbell and waited only a few seconds before it opened on Emilie.

“Hey Alex” she throws herself on the latter who had to take a few steps back to stabilize on her legs.

“Oook? Hi there too”

“Come on, I’m going to change then we can go”

“I think I’m going to take a hot shower first after brushing my teeth. Then lie down for just a few hours”

“Okay, so we could have lunch outside. And I can cuddle you ?”

“Cuddling naked?” The brunette asked a smug smile on her face after removing her top. The other looked at her with confusion at first but when Alex made her eyebrows dance she understood what the latter was talking about. Which earned her a blow in the stomach.

“First of all...Errrck, then I remind you I have a boyfriend who hates you”

“Your boyfriend is an asshole”

“How can I forget it if you remember me every day?”

“And I’m ready to take the risk of being stabbed if it’s for a girl like ...” Alex looked up and down at her friend just to make her inconfortable. The small girl tried to hide her blush.

“... you ...”

“Shut up” She blushes even more. “Get out of here before I stab you myself” She pushes her into the bathroom, making the Alex laugh out loud.

Alex spent the day trailing behind her friend, she would not admit it but that allowed her not to think too much about everything that had happened the day before. Around 5.30 p.m. they returned to Elianna’s apartment, which was empty before going out again.

″Emilie, can you tell me where’s taking me?″ Alex asked for the tenth time since they left their building. Her friend could see that she was really not as usual, much quieter than usual with a lazy and thoughtful look.

“Can you tell me what’s really wrong with you?”

“I already told you, there is nothing”

″I’m serious Alex″ Emilie insisted with a soft and serious voice. “Is it because of your sister?”

″We’re here″ Launches the taximan before Alex could answer her friend. She takes a deep breath before getting out of the car. Accompanied by the other brunette who closes and paid the man before dragging her friend to a dark alley ending in an metal door that they cross together.

“Seriously where did you take me?” Looking around and seeing no one, she turns to her friend with doubtful eyes. ″If your plan is to scare the hell out of me, mission accomplished”

’As sooner as She finished her sentence, the light turned on with more than twenty voices shouting ‘Surprise’.

“Oh my God” She jumped. “Wh - How?” She turns to Emilie who had burst out laughing at her reaction. “Is this why you dragged me after you all day, to have an eye on me?”

“Yes” She moved to take her friend in her arms.

“Thank you for doing all of this for me”

“You’re welcome. Well, I mean, I was just lending a hand to Elianna, she is the one who had the idea and she helped me book the Club for the whole evening since the owner is one of her friend”

“Elianna!” The brunette asked, her heart pounding.

“Yes, she was the one who organized everything”

“Oh ... And ... where is she?” Alex looked from left to right, her heart full of anticipation and hope.

“I don’t know, she said she would be a little late. I think she went to get your gift”

“Alex Babe”

“Matt Hey, what are you doing here?” Alex asks the tall, slightly confused brunette.

“You’re kidding I hope, I never miss a good opportunity to party. Especially the one organized by Elianna Rothschild herself” Matt hugged her.

“Rothschild ?”

“Elianna Rose Rothschild was her name in high school. And don’t worry, I didn’t come empty-handed. Just a minute, I’m coming back with your gift”

“Oh my God Alex. How do you know Matthew Stone ?”

“Hmm, I can’t say I really know him. We just spent an evening together with Elianna’s other friends. Why? Do you know him?”

“He’s the owner of Délirium of course I know him. Can you tell him to take a picture with me. My uncle is going to be so jealous, he have been trying to get a VIP seat here for weeks but impossible”

“Ok. But have you seen Elianna?”

“Elianna is here too? Oh my God are you introducing us?” The young boy jumps up while shouting like a 13 year old girl who sees his idol for the first time.

“Why ?”

“Because I’m in love with her!” Alex rolls her eyes and takes a picture of him and Matt before returning him his phone and leaving in search of the one and only person who really matters to her.

More than an hour later, Alex was in a dark corner of the club, hiding from her friends and the two strippters Matt had generously paid to follow her all night and unfortunately for her, the two young girl found her attractive, a plus one, according to them.

Drinking beer and deep in thought, she doesn’t even see the blonde approaching her. She may have been surrounded by a hundred people, but she had never felt so alone.


“Elianna!” She withdrew from the wall from which she was leaning and stares at the blonde not even knowing what to say.

“The party is inside”

“I know but I didn’t really want to party”

“You don’t like my surprise” Asks the blonde looking a little hurt.

“No. I mean yes” she hastens to catch up seeing the sad look of Elianna.
“Thank you very much for all. It’s a great party and everything ... But ...”

“But?” Alex took a few steps towards the blonde, who was looking nervously at her.

“You weren’t there and you didn’t pick up the phone. I kept calling you all day, why didn’t you answer,” she whispers.

Trying to get even closer. But Elianna took great steps backwards making the brunette stop and buried her hands in her pockets and breathed heavily.

“I see” she continues with a trembling voice and hardenning her jaw. “You want to pretend that nothing had happened ...”

“I don’t want to talk about it. I never want to talk about it. Never” Elianna cut in a cold, emotionless voice.

Alex nodded a little disappointed even though she had spent the whole day preparing for such a reaction. Elianna is married to a rich, handsome and mature man, a man of the same class as her. A man every woman would only dream of having. But that didn’t make it easier to see the blonde walk away from her as if she was afraid of being contaminated.

“I just came to see how it was going here and wish you a happy birthday in person but I can’t stay. I’m leaving for Texas tonight. I told Matt to take care of you and your friends. If you need something just ask Ok?” Alex only nods while waiting for the blonde to leave.


Four days had passed without any news from Elianna. With most of her friends gone for Christmas, the brunette would have sworn to lose her mind.

But if these last days had served her anything it was that she had really thought about everything that happened with the blonde on the other side of the country.

And she was more than determining to end this unsustainable distance between them.

To just come back to moment when they were friends before this stupid kiss came to destroy everything. To just be friends.

The next day when she came home from work and heard a voice on the phone in the blonde’s office, her heart started racing. She hangs her coat on the coat rack just outside the front door. Before heading to the office.

Slowly she knocks on the door of the large office where she had spent so much time learning her lessons with the help of the blonde. The door opened on a surprised Elianna but Alex relaxed seeing a small smile appear on the lips of the one who occupies all her thoughts, smile that she tried her best to hide.


“Alex” They say at the same time.

“You first” The blonde Saïd after a few seconds of silence. The brunette took a deep breath, not even knowing where to start.

“It’s ... it’s about ... about ... you know ...”

“Alex ...”

“I know. You don’t want to talk about it, I got it but I just want you to listen to me and after I promise to never talk about it again, never ever ok?” Elianna nods and lets the brunette in and take a seat on the large couch in the middle of her office, a couch that reminds her of their time spent in the same office where Elianna helped her with her homework.

While Elianna sits on the other end of the couch as far as possible from Alex who sighs again. Alex supported very badly her little gestures of distance which were all contrary to their habits.

“I’m sorry, it was a mistake, a big mistake and I should never have kissed you. I don’t know what took over me. In fact, I was just emotionally loose and I was dying of cold and you were there. I’m really sorry and I promise it will never happen again. But please ... don’t treat me like a stranger ... ” The blonde seemed really surprised by the quantity of sincerity that she could see in the young girl’s pretty eyes.

“Hey” She approaches her “I’m sorry if I seemed to treat you as such lately. It was not at all my intention”

“Really? Because last time you seemed very angry with me and I ...”

“No. I was not .... Ok, I was angry but more with myself than you”

“Why ?” “Because ... arghh” Even if she didn’t want to talk about it, the blonde knew she had to. They had to talk about it once and for all to forget it and never talk about it again.

“I am 25 years old Alex, I am married to a man whom I consider as a big brother and unsual as it seems I didn’t care ’cause it’s been so long since I stopped believing in love”

“But that’s sad!”


“Not believing in love is sad” Elianna laughs as if the other had encountered the funniest of all jokes.

“You are young and naive darling and it is good to enjoy it but when you leave a live like mine you will know that everything we do is somehow related to our own interest, it’s always all about business. I have physical desire, need and everything but not love. In short, what I mean is I hate change and the unexpected because it can make us lose control. not to insult or hurt you but it was by far the stupidest thing I have ever done″ But of course the brunette felt insulted and hurt.

“Wow. It’s bad I want to shoot you now” She tried to joke to lighten the mood.

“Babe, orange is absolutely not your color” Alex shook her head with a smile on her lips.

Elianna’s phone rang and ended their conversation. Alex goes back to her room and notices a box wrapped in a gift package placed on her bed.

Opening it she finds a word written by Elianna, apologizing for not having been there on her birthday. Her dream wacth at the bottom of the box, surprised at how Elianna would have known she wanted one.

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