Gravity Is A Bitch

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9. The start of our fall

Elianna’s POV:

I knock twice on Alex’s door before sliding my head in.

“Alex ... are you in there?”

“Yes come in” She was lying on her bed, still dressed in her pajamas.

“Hmmm ... what are you doing?”

“Nothing. Come on” I followed the movements of her hand urging me to join her. Since our little conversation in my office, everything is back to normal. We even spent Christmas together at Arthur’s, at first Alex was reluctant since the only one she knew a little better were Ryan and I. But he insisted a lot, leaving the brunette no other choice. He also did everything to make the young girl feel comfortable, He kept telling her she was family over and over again, my mother and some of the guests was even starting to ask questions, like who Alex was to the big boss. But I didn’t know what to say as I don’t really know what binds them both.

He even gave her a very expensive gift, which the brunette categorically refused.

“Can I ask you something? If it’s not too intrusive?”

“Yes of course”

“So are you going to accept Arthur’s gift?”

“I can’t”

“Why” She sighs which makes me turn my head towards her.

“Because ... I don’t even know what I would do with it”

“How’s that? You could party there with your friends, moved out when you get to college”

“Except I’m not going to stay here at all. I feel like he’s doing it all for exactly that. So that I don’t leave the state”

“Why. I don’t even understand why he insists so much on having you in his business? No offense but I’m afraid you will be of any use to him in this department” I finished with a laugh.

“I’m highly offended. You just said I’m useless” She turns to me falsely offended.

“No seriously what’s the deal between you two?”

“I don’t know. A friend of my father’s I guess, I had never heard of him before Anya went to jail”

“Weird, maybe he was your father’s Sugar Daddy” She looks at me, her jaw hitting the floor.

“What? You are gay after all”

“Are you saying that sexuality is hereditary?” I shrug my shoulders.
“I never thought someone as smart as you would say that, even to jok”


″Is that’s Emilie” She sits up, staring surprised at the TV “It is her ″

“Oh her mom told me she wanted to be an actress but I didn’t know she was already one” Alex bursts out laughing at a line which makes me smile.

″Oh, I have to send her this line, it fits her so much, She was exactly like that when I met her my first day of school″

“You seem very close now?”

″ Yes, I like the girl″


“What oh? No ... No there is nothing between us″

″I didn’t even say that″

″Not verbally but I know you all too well″

″But why not ? I mean she’s very pretty, and she’s the same age as you″

″Seriously, age? Who tells you that I love girls my age? On the contrary I like them a lot more mature with experience in the bedroom and anyway they are much more understandable than girls my age″ I raise my eyebrows with a smile on my lips.

″That’s your type, older girl″

″Yes, a woman who has Lauren Jauregui’s hair, beautiful green eyes like Lilie Reinhart, the lips and smile of Macarena Achaga, the eyebrows of Lili Collins, the teeth of Elianna Brighton, the last and not least Camila Cabello buttlocks″ I bursts out laughing and she follows me.

″Wait, my teeth? Is that all you find attractive about me?″

″No but I love the structure of your teeth, if you stare at them you will notice your canines slightly inclined it makes you all cute whenever you smill ... And other than that I love independent, intelligent girls who know how to cook, that’s why I prefer them brunette″

″Ok Ms I-want-Camila-Cabello’s-buttocks. I would have imagined you more for a blonde type like in almost all lesbi couples and ... did you just call me stupid and dependante? No you didn’t dare″ I get up and attack her with my pillow.

″No ... stop ... please ... I ... ahh ″

″Say you’re sorry ″

“But I didn’t say anything serious. I even said you’re cute” I get out of bed and hold out my hand to her.

“Come on, we’re going to have lunch outside”

“No ...”

“Alex!” I call her for the tenth time, but this time in a harsh and warned tone.

“Why can’t I just stay in bed for the day. I’m going back to school tomorrow, would it be too much to ask to spend the day in my pajamas and watching Netflix?”

“No but I just wanted us to do something, just the two of us. Like you said, tomorrow you’re back to school and I would have a lot less time in front of me with the start of the project. We won’t see each other until next weekend”


“Because of the K11 project”

“What is that ?”

“The first project that Infinity and Griffin Industry will do together. Arthur told you about the Thursday ceremony. For the merger of our two companies?”

“Yes. And I probably have to be there”

“Yep. Now get up”

“Just give me five minutes to get dressed ok?” A few minutes later she comes out of her bedroom dressed in a pair of white skinny jeans, a white muscular shirt and a light blue denim sweater, of course not forgetting her signature: a pair of black Nike Air Max. While I was wearing a red cocktail dress that stopped at my knees and long boots.

“Ready?” She approaches me with a radiant smile on her lips. I just can’t help but admire her. Everything she does, she does effortlessly and yet with each of her gestures I can’t help but find her a little more beautiful. And I know it’s wrong. I mean she’s only 18 and even though I’m not the most loyal woman in the world, well I know Ryan loves me, a lot even but with all the traveling around, our marriage more like a deal. Kind of an open relationship. I know he sleeps with other people than me on his travels and he knows I know that. As for me it happened to me once or twice also while we were engaged and when I went more than a month without seeing him. But that was before we got really married, since I haven’t slept with anyone else although I once found Ryan almost naked in his office with his secretary hidden in the office bathroom. I admit that, that day I was a little hurt but not so much ’cause I understand that he has needs.

“Hey ..?”


“Are you okay in there?” Alex laughed a bit as she pointed my head.

“Let’s go” I had given John his day so I found myself behind the wheel while Alex sang a song that was totally unknown to me. But I have to admit she has a very beautiful voice, the kind that makes you shiver when she starts to sing a sad song.

“Who is the singer”

“Jamal Lion”

“Never heard of it”

“It’s not his real name” I park in front of the small French restaurant not far from my office.

“Ermmm ... I thought we were going to have ... I don’t know ... tacos ... or Hamburgers. Not eating in a 5 star restaurant”

“It’s rated 3 not 5” I turn to find a warning look in her eyes “But if you wanna eat burgers in your favorite fast food, that’s totaly ok too?”

“Cool, ’cause I know a very nice place not far from here. And it will be the perfect opportunity to have the answer to a question I have often asked myself”

“What question ?” I asked, following her in the mass of people.

“It’s funny but I always wondered how you would eat a Hamburger. Do you use utensils or eat them with your hands taking big bites like me” What she says make us to bursts out laughing.

“I don’t know what kind of image you have but I have feeling it’s not far from a stuck snobbish old man”

“No, that’s not the image I have of you. In fact, I take you more like a little princess to her frozen-hearted parents for whom life only boils down to what these parents want”

“I see you don’t know me at all”

“Truth, but I know I wasn’t that far. That’s why I’m planning to pursue a career as a psychologist” I shake my head and follow her. She turns into a small alley at the end of which was a fast food restaurant. Alex opens the door and lets me go in first. She leaves to order while I look for a table to sit down, the place was quite crowded but that doesn’t bother me because of her warm and welcoming air. She sits across from me with a big smile on her lips.

“So just for to laugh tell me something you’ve done before without your parents’ permission” I pretend to think.

“Ok ... Er ... when I was 17 I made our pilot take me to Egypt with my father’s 9mm glue to his head” Her eyes were sticking out of their sockets.

“You lie !” She looks at me as if to know if I’m telling the truth. I burst out laughing despite all the effort to remain impassive and credible.

“Ok you are right I am mommy’s girl and daddy’s too, but being an only child and only heir to a family empire and a surgeon mother who only asks to share her profession with her only daughter and also her shareholder of the hospital that her grandparents built. You can say that I always knew what I would do for a living and without any escape, so instead of trying to go through four ways to end up coming back to the same point I just followed my parents’ path. Graduated from Harvard Business School at just 22, marry a boy from good family to have a heir” She looked at me with tight jaws and frowning brows.

“On the other hand when I was 19 years old I accidentally blew up the yacht that my father had just bought for 2 million dollars a month earlier” I finish to lighten the atmosphere.

“Oh my God. Were there people inside?”

“Lots, it was the first party I was throwing and everyone wanted to go to The Party hosted by Elianna Rothschild. But luckily everyone was able to be rescued before it blew up, everyone except Ryan came to pick me up and for that he had to spend 24 hours in the hospital. I’m surprised you didn’t know. I thought you had searched me on Google” I laughed gently reminding of that.

“Nah. Just your bio, not the bullshits. So you and Ryan have known each other since teenagers?”

″My father was really a fan of his mother’s ideas when she was campaigning for governor and he offered to fund her entire campaign even though it was obvious that she didn’t need it as she was also the only daughter of Arthur King. I was 15 and he was 20″

“Here are your orders ladies” The waiter poses a large tray on which were two dishes. A burger like I had never seen before with two large bowls of which I do not yet know the contents.

“Wow ... that’s ... a burger”

“I know. And you better finish it all” I can’t even finish half of my dish with the big bowl of milkshake. Finished Alex took out her wallet to pay but I stopped her by snatching it away.

“You’re kidding ?” She asks with her hand suspended.

“I’m the CEO of Rothschild Industry and you’re asking me to let a teenage girl who lives under my responsibilities pay me lunch !?”

“Just as a reminder, I’m 18 and I work”

“That’s what I was saying” I shrug my shoulders.

We were walking to the parking lot where I parked my car when Alex pulled up to an ice cream vendor and this time she wouldn’t let me pay. She had chocolate flavour ice cream while I had strawberry.

“Isn’t this your apartment here?” She looks up at the building and nods.

“I think so. I’ve only been there once with Arthur”

“I wanna see what it looks like ... If you don’t mind of course”

“Not at all, I have the code in my phone. Come on” She takes my hand and directs us towards the entrance of the building which must have been about 10 floors.

“Hello I am The ...”

“Alex Lane, I’m Julia, Mr. King has already sent me to do some shopping for you. If you need anything come see me”

“Oh. Ok, thank you very much”

“No problem. Come on” She call the elevator for us.

“Good evening Miss Lane, Mrs. Brighton”

“How does she know your name” Alex whispers as she walks into the elevator. I give her a look as if to say


“Oh yes I forgot. You’re Elianna.... from ...... Industry” She rolls her eyes with a smile.

“The receptionist kept staring at you. I thought she was going to jump You right there” We burst out laughing once in the elevator, Alex presses a button and turns to me.

“She gave me her number”

“What? But H-how I saw nothing ″ She laughs ″And you going to call her?”

“I don’t know. She’s pretty sexy” I roll my eyes with a big smile on my lips. The elevator opens onto a small corridor which leads to a large modern and chic style lounge.

With Alex we enter the apartment and let me tell you, the view is magnificent. Alex’s mouth was on the floor.


“That you said”

“Wow. Seeing the building I knew it will be chic but this ... this is a whole new level” She follows me towards the large window that I open and let the icy air caress our faces, I see her shivering next to me.

From where we were, the different colors of city light and the skyscrapers formed a magical effect.

We continued to explore the penthouse. There were three bedrooms, the first had a double bed with black and white decor. As for the master bedroom, it’s just wow, the view, the king-size bed, the colors red, white with a little purple here and there gave a warm air to the room.

In the small hallway that led to the kitchen the walls held up pictures of Alex playing soccer or basketball or even with a group of friends, her sister but the one that really caught my eye was the photo in the center. A little taller than all the others and surrounded by a white frame. It was the photo of Alex and a girl I imagine to be her sister. They both wore MMA free-fight training gloves, sports bras, and Alex wore boys’ boxers while her sister wore jogging pants. Alex on the tall blonde’s back, one arm Alex has one leg around her and the other hanging in the air. She was making a peace sign with her left hand. They had broad smiles which were the first thing you saw in the photo, and the happiness in their eyes was so infectious that couldn’t help but giggle softly.

“I didn’t know you were into boxing” I turn to Alex who had wet eyes With tears.

“H-how did he get this picture?”

“Do not ask me” The one towards the door was an almost empty room with a punching bag hanging from the ceiling, other sports instruments installed there. And on the corner was a big black piano.

“Do you play?” I asked.

“Not at all”

“Hmm” I sit on the stool in front of it and start to strum.

“And she had to take music lessons in high school too. Tell me are you a cheerleader too?”

“Of course. Being captain of the cheerleading team was one of the few things I really liked about school”

“The perfect girl from high school, the most popular?”

“I don’t know. I had my group of friends that everyone wanted to join even if I was a little social awkard and I always wonder what people see in me. Then having best grades as a must and a part-time job, I never had time for all that bullshit and high school drama”

“So you’ve never been to a high school party?” I shake my head.

“Apart of the one I organized and turn out toi be an explosion”

“I pity you”

“Shut up. Unlike other young people, I never went through the phase of confusion or of experimenting to find out what I really want. I always knew and for that I had to grow up quickly” I start to strum a note that I like and I’m sure Alex will recognize it as a huge Sam Smith Fan. She raises her eyebrows with a smile.

I’ve been here before

But always hit the floor

I’ve spent a lifetime running

And I always get away

Alex marche très lentement vers moi un petit sourire aux lèvres.

But with you I’m feeling something

That makes me want to stay

I’m prepared for this

I never shoot to miss

But I feel like a storm is coming

If I’m gonna make it through the day

Then there’s no more use in running

This is something I gotta face

If I risk it all

Could you break my fall?

How do I live? How do I breathe?

When you’re not here I’m suffocating

I want to feel love, run through my blood

She crouched down in front of me, her smile had given way to an expression that was unknown to me. Her head resting on the piano a big frown between her eyebrows with a serious and a sad look on her face. And I couldn’t explain why but that makes me sad toi.

Tell me is this where I give it all up?

For you I have to risk it all

’Cause the writing’s on the wall

A million shards of glass

That haunt me from my past

As the stars begin to gather

And the light begins to fade

When all hope begins to shatter

Know that I won’t be afraid

If I risk it all

Could you break my fall?

How do I live? How do I breathe?

When you’re not here I’m suffocating

I want to feel love, run through my blood

Tell me is this where I give it all up?

For you I have to risk it all

’Cause the writing’s on the wall

The writing’s on the wall

How do I live ? How do I breathe ?

When you’re not here I’m suffocating

I want to feel love, run through my blood

Tell me is this where I give it all up ?

How do I live ? How do I breathe ?

When you’re not here I’m suffocating

I want to feel love, run through my blood

Tell me is this where I give it all up?

For you I have to risk it all

’Cause the writing’s on the wall

“Wow. I never knew you could sing Alex. Your voice is ... just wow”

“No stop, it wasn’t that good. I think I’m a little drunk” She laughs to herself and I can’t help but laugh at her cuteness.

“You’re kidding, we absolutely have to post this on my page”

“No. No, no way, I know you have millions of followers so there’s no way I amma letting everyone see this”

“Ah yes ?” I asked, manipulating my laptop. Already on my page ready to post the video when the brunette approaches me and suddenly snatches the phone from my hands making me jump a little with surprise.

“Alex! Give me my phone back, right now” She runs to the bedroom and tries to close the door before I enter. We pull the door between us and I know for a fact that she is stronger than me so I let go of the wrist making her fall on her buttocks.

“Argrrhh” she growls I laugh and grab the phone from her.

“Elianna!” She stands behind me to look at the screen. I quickly post the video where we could hear our laughter in the background ’cause or was still recording.

“I told you ...” She looks at the phone and has already seen a hundred likes. “... not to post it”

“Sorry but I couldn’t deprive America of such a beautiful voice. It was my civic duty to do so” I finished a hand over my heart as if to dramatize. Alex looked at me speechless.

“Your civic duty, eh? I’ll show you my civic duty” Her arms go around my waist and lift me up, I let out a little cry of surprise while laughing. She puts me on the bed, on all fours between my legs, she starts to tickle me. Our laughter filled and illuminated the whole room.

“Ale ... stop ... Please ...” I managed to say between laughs.

“Now you want me to stop my civic duty hmmm?”

“I said that ...” I could barely breathe.

“I was sorry. I can’t breathe anymore”

“Ok. Ok” She stops tickling me but the laughter continued for a few more seconds. Once the silence is settled I look at Alex still above me and a smile on my face. She seems to realize our position ’cause we could feel the tension rising.


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