The Book of Love

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The Book of Love is an inspirational reading book that discusses different topics, issues, tips and insights that deal with Love and Passion. Everything that is italicized is a verse and everything that is italicized in red are longer verses to spice things up. This book will hold the soulful energy you need to target the truth within the pages of life. Let the truth be told because Love will unfold as a sight to behold. A path is near to overcome fears, wipe away tears and find out what’s clear. Listen, relax and allow yourself to finally understand the true meaning of emotion. You will begin to understand that there are stages to the process of Love. These stages are stairways that lead to the heavenly feeling itself, “Love”. In the end, nobody wants to be alone. Being able to share your life experiences with someone is what most of us want. We were created with purpose, with meaning and a reason for believing.

Romance / Poetry
Rob V
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Chapter 1

Introduction of Love

This is “The Book of Love”. A book of Love? What does that mean? What does it include? How can a book contain Love? All the answers are here. It is time to take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a journey to the depths of Love (as corny as it sounds you will discover a new meaning; a new truth; a new way of thought and logic to indulge into your brain with success that will impact your very heart to its limits.)
The word “Love” is such a strong word with such powerful meaning only understood by the heart projected by the brain enhancing the soul. To define “Love” is limitless but in reality, it is known to mankind as an emotion. An emotion can only be described through experience. Feel it, breathe it, live it, speak it, Love will set you free! Freedom of expression flows around this world but tends to flow on the inside rather than the outside at times. What you feel inside must be let out into the open so that you can clear the air of all the bottled-up pressure from bursting away. Control emotion and extract expression.
The power of Love will be shown in the pages of life. We live to discover what is in those pages and strive for the answers to questions that only experience can bring forth as time passes by. This book will hold the soulful energy you need to target the truth within the pages of life. Let the truth be told because Love will unfold as a sight to behold. A path is near to overcome fears, wipe away tears and find out what’s clear. Listen, relax and allow yourself to finally understand the true meaning of emotion, the ultimate emotion as designed by the one almighty, it is known to be “Love”.
Now to stop beating around the bush, let’s get into detail. Love started at the very beginning of time. How is that? How can that be proven? Well as many people can see, just look straight for one second............ There you go, this is known to mankind as “Life”. Life was created by the one almighty himself known to most as “God”, and some as “Buddha”, “Allah”, “HaShem”, “The Source”, and many names in various religions, but in this book let’s refer to him as God.
Introducing Love to God is what’s wanted from us. It is time to show Him that we have that power. To Love or not to Love, that is the question. A really stupid one. Love controls all that is good in this world. It will bring the good out of everyone and expose the real intentions of a person. From bad to good, we all have a reason. An example is “I killed him because he killed the Love of my life!” Good intention, very bad performance.
God always recommends non-violent acts but unfortunately instead humans Love to fight. It really should lean more towards “humans fight to Love” but not physically, mentally fighting through the struggle. All the obstacles laid out ahead of us are meant to be broken. Let’s find a way!
Comprehending right from wrong is logically learned throughout the time which becomes later self-taught. As we grow up, we learn and understand moral values and what is precious to us. It is those beginning stages as a kid that impact our decision making towards the future. Our very own comprehension triggers Love to start playing a role in our lives.
As we grow older, we learn to Love, we understand Love and then we start to embrace Love. It is such a blessing alone to contain it in our lives and since we all do in some shape or form then we all should appreciate it as a gift. It really is our own job to introduce Love and our time to feel it, earn it, achieve it and believe it!
We as human beings are blessed to contain such emotion, especially the feeling of Love (being Loved, giving Love, falling in Love, experiencing True Love).
To live with such a blessing is incredible. We are lucky and don’t even know it. More of us (even myself) need to appreciate life more. The air that we breathe, the sights that we see, the food that we taste and the sensation to feel. All these senses we have which we are allowed to use are all a blessing from God so that we can experience life at its fullest extent and become more successful for the future.
Future, let’s talk future. The future is the key to the entire world because it represents us as human beings for the good or bad job we have done. We are living in God’s playground so He can watch over us and guide us in the right direction so that we can overcome the hurt. We all go through pain. We all go insane. We need to advance ahead and play the game. Let’s see if we can all overcome what’s thrown at us and move forward. Don’t forget we always are tested. Just like in school, if you pass the test you pass the class. You get a good grade and get rewarded. This was all a part of His logic and we subconsciously contain the basic elements we need passed down by Him so that We (humans) can pass His very own tests.
As a result of all this, it is Love that has the biggest role of it all. Passion is a form of Love and a very popular one too. We all are passionate whether we realize it or not. Even the people that do bad in this world still have passion, obviously passionate for wrongly doings such as being passionate to “kill” which is insane! Well it is up to the Good to influence the Evil to use the passion we are all blessed with. Use it wisely, stay true, the sky will always be blue if life is surrounded by the Love of you!

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