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Takumi Seifude has been considered Vermillia's biggest upcoming art prodigy all of his youth. That is, until his first romantic tragedy leads to a downward spiral of lackluster work. Now entering his second semester at the lively Golden Coast University, Takumi has lost almost all of his social relevancy. This doesn't cut it at GCU, where your social status determines almost everything. At the start of the new semester, Takumi butts heads with fellow artist Michi Nagisa, a second-year who is starting to doubt her enrollment at GCU. Michi believes something is missing from her work and only furthers her belief after witnessing the rise of Takumi's first successful painting. The two begin to pick each other apart and seek to fill a void within themselves. (Our Canvas is written on the basis of being an anime)

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 0 - Meet the Characters

Takumi Seifude: The black-haired artist who became renowned at a young age for his artwork. Takumi had hopes of attending GCU with former high school girlfriend Hanako Utada until she left him before the start of the first semester. Prior to his breakup, Takumi was a proactive member in his friend group. Since his breakup he’s now shrunk away from his social activities and has been struggling with his work. Takumi has trouble thinking too much and over complicating the littlest things and finds it too hard to move on and go on in life with effort due to the lack of mental support he received from Hanako. Takumi came into GCU with a lead on tiers above others due to his abilities and past work, but has steadily fallen off. Takumi has a hard time accepting how he feels most of the time, yet ironically pulls his inspiration from his emotions. Since the breakup, he believes he’s “missing a piece”.

Michi Nagisa: Fair skin, long hazel hair, and striking blue eyes. A current GCU Artist molded completely by the will to live up to and pass her father’s legacy. She considers herself one of a kind at her craft with untapped potential, making her somewhat less wholesome than artists like Takumi, who get their inspiration from life experiences and original thought. After a year of attending GCU, Michi begins to question whether or not GCU was the right choice. Everything she’s done thus far, despite being a top artist on Tiers, (an app used by the school to rank its students) has felt like it’s amounted to nothing. She doesn’t realize that what she lacks is substance. When she’s at her lowest, she witnesses Takumi’s first big art piece of the semester. She is immediately interested in the mystery artist, wanting to pick his brain to find out what inspired such a piece. With this info, she could possibly find the motivation to continue at this school and especially with her artwork. She is intuitive and curious but can be dense at times. Michi takes everything as it is, and doesn’t look too far into words, as that can only lead to more trouble. However, when she wants to figure something out, she’ll find a way. The fair skin beauty boasts blue eyes, with hazel shaded hair.

Danny Marshall: Having light brown hair with a low fade, the talented guitarist joined a band that scouted him out of high school at GCU. Every part of Danny’s past has made him be the person he is today. This has led to him being a very punctual person with a rather cold personality to the common person unless one gets to really know him. To most, he is a good looking guitarist. To his friends and family, Danny is a very hardworking kid with no room for peskiness and time waste. Danny believes himself to boast the higher intelligence within his friend group. On the other hand, Danny still knows how to have a great time and always is around to help Takumi and Joey with their perils.

Ella Hamilton: An established model with long blonde hair and green eyes. A GCU Business Major. She is the complete package, smart, funny, and a loving person. Parties hard and lives with no worries. tries to get her friends to enjoy the brighter sides to life and to live in the moment. She’s high off life, a gossip queen, and has a decent following. If anyone knows something, it’s her. She and Michi grew up together as childhood friends, and are like two peas in a pod. Despite being everything Kirumi despises, they get along just fine. One is living in the sky while the other is down to earth. Her name is well-known because of her father’s business status, but due to recent business dealings, her family is in decline. Ella, trying to live her best life, is constantly hounded by trying to carry the family name.

Joey Knight: Tall, brown skin, Taper fade. Joey is exceptionally athletic and sometimes lets it get to his head, giving him a little bit of a funny ego. Joey was given admission to GCU to be the sole star receiver on the struggling football team known as the GCU Albatross’. He is the uplifting spirit of the trio, and also more on the comical side, always jabbing in on every one of Takumi’s issues. Despite his childish behaviors, Joey is always supporting them with advice and tries to relate with him through more realistic views. Both Joey and Danny have been childhood friends of Takumi’s and are well aware of his artistic capabilities. What Joey lacks in straight forward intelligence, he makes up for in raw emotion that leads his actions. When it comes down to the wire, he knows exactly what decision to make.

Kirumi Chikara: Long black hair with bangs and a purple streak in it, complemented by purple eyes. She became friends with Michi and Ella during their first semester together. It was an unexpected friendship, considering their contrasting personalities. Kirumi and Michi make quite the duo because they can each get input from a mind that thinks differently than the other. Kirumi had a very different childhood from others and was a bit of a loner, resulting in a different, or rather, lack of social etiquette. To make up for this, she has done plenty of social studying! This includes watching a lot of movies and reading stuff on the internet. Jokes aside, she’s learned how to study people and read them and their feelings in just a glance. This and the lack of social experiences makes her wording a bit blunt, rapid, and almost autonomous with her replies, making her somewhat intimidating to most. To counter this she stays the quiet one in the group, she always willingly tags along with Michi and the gang without having to give much input. Weirdly enough, she seems to find herself giving out mostly relationship advice. (Despite never being in a relationship, and thinking boys are overrated) Kirumi also attended high school with Takumi and Danny and also has some history with Joey.

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