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This is a story of a Malayali girl from Malaysia who goes to India to study, and meets a North Indian who fascinates her by his personable appearance and dignified character. She is caught off-guard by how she reacts to him, having always been level-headed in determining the priorities in her life. With a touch of humor, the story is bound to keep one engaged from the beginning to the end. QUOTE from the story - Maybe, Mr. Peterson, who knows! I responded a little cheekily, knowing in my heart that it would take a very special Indian to make me want to marry him.

Romance / Drama
Shobana Gomes
4.6 5 reviews
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Falling In Love With A North Indian


There are a couple of things in life that will jar you to a halt, make you re-evaluate your priorities in life, aid you to unleash the hidden dreams and ambitions that have been locked away in that secret compartment in your mind; the dreams that you dare not reveal to a world that mocks and taunts.

Not everyone gets a second chance to do the things they have always wanted to do, or imagined. Not everyone will take a chance on love if it happens at a time they are not free to indulge in it.

‘Everyone has a story to tell, an important one that has taught them some of life’s lessons at some point in their lives. No one story is too small or of in-consequence. The experience often teaches one the basic tenets of life; courage, love, kindness, compassion, understanding, and wishfulness.’

Falling in love with a North Indian is conceived from an imaginary story of a girl who meets the man of her dreams in Trivandrum, India. A Malaysian, she is exuberant as she is high-spirited, and is fascinated by his personable character.

He, on the other hand, is a well-read, successful entity from New Delhi, and the one who broke her rigid rule about getting into a relationship with an Indian nationality.

QUOTE from the story - Maybe Mr. Peterson, who knows! I responded a little cheekily, knowing in my heart that it would take a very special Indian to make me want to marry him.

I could never imagine myself married to an Indian. I have always known them to have a different outlook to life, a different expectation from women or wives, and quite honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would make them a good wife. I am not only independent, I am first and foremost a career minded person above everything else. And, I wasn’t sure if I could handle two incredibly important roles at the same time!

(A humorous, beautiful story - this short story is well worth the read)


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