Technicolor Daze

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Theo has been single for a long time. Cynical about romance and afraid of seeking something real after an abusive relationship, he spends his days looking for meaningless casual affairs on Grindr. Noah is a young mischievous and ambitious nightclub dancer, who keeps his secrets hidden behind his charming grin. This is the story of how these two souls serendipitously find each other one night in the urban jungle that is Macau. Started on: September 15th, 2020 Completed on: ongoing. Updates once a week.

Romance / Erotica
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prologue: yelle - safari disco club

i.: spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen we’re floating in space

ii.: gold panda - you

iii.: nin - closer

iv.: feist - lover’s spit

v.: gold panda - same dream china

vi.: marvin gaye - sexual healing

vii.: lim giong - a pure person

viii.: beach boys - kokomo

ix.: outasight - downtown in my mind

x.: avicii - addicted to you

xi.: faye wong - 夢中人

xii.: daft punk - get lucky

xiii.: tegan and sara - closer

xiv.: lykke li - a little bit

xv.: the beatles - something

xvi.: britney spears - breathe on me

xvii.: björk - cocoon

xviii.: marina and the diamonds - i’m not a robot

xix.: charli xcx - take my hand

xx.: björk - pagan poetry

xxi.: lale andersen - lili marleen

xxii.: max herre - fühlt sich wie fliegen an

xxiii.: avicii - hey brother

xxiv.: a yue - 再見

xxv.: tatu - malchik gay

xxvi.: gold panda - my father in hong kong 1961

xxvii.: sia - breathe me

xxviii.: cyndi lauper - time after time

xxix.: the beatles - blackbird

xxx.: peter gabriel - solsbury hill

xxxi.: charli xcx - you’re the one

xxxii.: clams casino - one last thing

epilogue: john talabot - lover’s tradition

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