Technicolor Daze

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Monday was tiring and the whole day just felt like a set of blurry snapshots in Theo’s mind. After a very eventful weekend and a severe lack of sleep, Theo looked like the walking dead and ended up crashing in his bed shortly after dinner. He texted Noah a bit throughout the day and he found out Noah had gone over to his parents’ place on Sunday and had to teach a dance class in the evening. He also found out Noah was 420-friendly after Noah subtly mentioned he’d also celebrated the beloved stoner holiday with his housemate. Theo thought about asking Alice to give him some to smoke with Noah at some point in the future.

On Tuesday, Theo woke up and noticed he had a couple of text messages from Noah. They were basically a couple of messages talking about his dance class and his workday. The last one was received at around 10 pm and it read, ”Sweet dreams, sleeping beauty. ;)" Theo smiled at the message as he recalled how he had texted Noah, constantly making spelling mistakes as a result of his drowsiness, almost surrendering to the impending slumber, all the while insisting he would stay up to talk after Noah’s dance class, even after Noah had urged him to get some sleep.

It was still fairly early, Theo’s alarm clock hadn’t rung yet. It was only half-past six. Theo had slept for more than nine hours, so he felt well-rested. Sunlight was beginning to peek through his curtains, trying to envelop his room in a rosy violet glow. Theo got up and opened his curtains to watch the city wake up against the backdrop of a plethora of shades of blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow. In the distance, he could see the sun leaving its hiding place behind the high rise buildings, blessing Theo’s sight with its presence. Theo’s phone was in his hand as he took a photo of the view and sent it to Noah on Facebook messenger.

TUE AT 6:34 AM

Good morning, sorry I fell asleep :/

To apologize for falling asleep on you, here’s my view this morning

Theo sent a photo.

Looking forward to seeing you again tonight :)

He was sure Noah was still asleep, so he wasn’t expecting a reply anytime soon. He decided to do a quick morning workout, as it was still fairly early. He quickly grabbed a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt, put them on, and left his room. Alice was eating breakfast when Theo stepped out of the room.

“What are you doing up so early?” Alice asked before shoving a big spoonful of her breakfast oatmeal into her mouth.

“I fell asleep early last night. I got up a couple of minutes ago and I thought I might as well go for a run,” Theo hadn’t gone for a run in a while, and running always put him in a good and relaxed mood throughout the rest of the day.

“Have fun! I’m heading out soon. I’m staying over at Jamie’s tonight, by the way,” Alice was looking at her phone, probably messaging her girlfriend, as Theo was slipping on his running shoes.

“I have a date tonight. With Noah,” Theo forgot to drink some water, before heading out, so he took his shoes off again and went into the kitchen to pour himself a glass.

“Ooh, you have to tell me how it goes,” Alice looked up at Theo, her eyes suddenly alive with curiosity.

“Will do,” Theo said as he gulped in the glass of water in one go, “Anyway, gotta go if I still want to run and make it to work on time,” He quickly put on his shoes and grabbed his keys, “See you tomorrow! Have fun at work and with Jamie!”

“See you and good luck on your date!” Theo stepped out of their apartment and called the elevator. As he waited for it to arrive, he did some warm-up exercises, so that he could start running as soon as he left the building. Luckily, no one stepped into the same elevator until he reached the ground floor, so Theo could warm up without worrying about weirding someone out.

After running around the neighborhood for around thirty minutes, Theo walked back home to have a shower and get ready for work. He was feeling great, refreshed, and fully alert because of the endorphins coursing through his veins. It didn’t take him long to shower, get dressed, and have a green smoothie before he headed out of his apartment and went to the Venetian. As he was walking to work, he felt his phone buzz in his pocket.

TUE AT 8:40 AM


The sky looks amazing

Reminds me of last sunday morning at st. paul ruins :)

Have a lovely day at work

Looking forward to seeing you too!

Theo smiled at Noah’s messages and carried on talking to the man who had invaded his mind ever since their first encounter, slowly coaxing the dancer out of bed as he made his way to work, a smile permanently glued to his face. Even his work colleagues noticed he was in a much better mood than usual, especially after the way he had acted the previous day at the office.

The work hours felt long as Theo counted down the minutes until he could see Noah again. It didn’t help that he didn’t have much work to do that Tuesday, so Theo kept sending messages to Noah throughout the day. Conversing with the other man through text messages seemed to flow naturally, just like when they talked in person.

As soon as the clock struck 6 pm, Theo turned off his computer and got up from his desk, saying goodbye to his work colleagues. He had about two hours to get home, have a shower, and get the bus to Macau. Walking at a swift pace, Theo quickly arrived home, where he grabbed a towel before heading to the bathroom and taking a shower.

As the steam from the hot water enveloped his body and the water washed away all the sweat, memories of Noah floated through Theo’s mind - of how he laughed, how he danced, how he kissed... With that last thought, Theo’s heart started beating a little bit faster, a warm and tingly feeling building up within him. Get a grip, you’ve only met him once, Theo thought as a constant battle raged within him between his mind and his heart - his rational side and his impulsive, emotional side.

After stepping out of the shower, he styled his hair and dried his body off before going back into his bedroom to get dressed. He still had about an hour to get to Rua do Campo, where he would meet Noah. As he still had some time to spare, Theo decided to head to the balcony to smoke a cigarette before getting dressed. He checked his phone as he smoked and noticed he had a message from Liam.

"Hey, have fun on your date tonight :) Let me know how it goes,” it read. Theo had told Liam about his date. Ever since they had talked at the café on Sunday, Theo and Liam had been exchanging messages talking about Liam’s talk with his parents, how he was talking to his landlord about his apartment and trying to get rid of some things he no longer needed, and also about Theo’s feelings for the chestnut eyed dancer.

"Thanks [smile emoji] Will do. Have you managed to sell the couch?" Theo typed. Liam had told him he was talking to a woman in a Facebook group, who seemed to be interested in his ad to sell his couch. Liam’s apartment had been unfurnished when he signed his lease, so he was getting rid of most of his furniture and storing some of his things at his parents’ place. He had posted ads on a Facebook group the previous day and one lady had sent him a message, asking if she could check Liam’s couch in person.

"Yes, the lady just left. She will pick it up next week,” Liam quickly replied.

"That’s great! How about the bed and the table + chairs?" Theo asked, before stubbing out his cigarette.

"A guy PM’d me today about the table and the chairs. He’ll drop by tomorrow to check them out,” Liam replied.

"Oh cool! Anyway, gonna finish getting ready. I have to head out soon. Ttyl!" Theo clicked on send as he stepped back into the living room. He got dressed in some dark grey chinos and a white linen mandarin collar shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror and was pleased with the way he looked before he sprayed on some cologne and brushed his teeth.

By the time he left the house, it was already 7:22 pm. Luckily the bus stop wasn’t very far from his house. He arrived at the bus stop just as bus number 11 arrived, which would take him to the city center in Macau, just a five-minute walk away from the place where he would meet Noah. The bus ride wasn’t very long as there wasn’t much traffic at that time on a Tuesday evening. He arrived at his bus stop near Avenida do Infante D. Henrique at exactly 7:54 pm, giving him just enough time to get to McDonald’s.

As he approached the McDonalds, his heart started beating faster, knowing he was about to see Noah again. He soon spotted the handsome dancer standing in front of the fast-food dining establishment, looking at his phone and looking to his left, probably trying to see if he could spot Theo. Once his eyes gazed upon the tall, broad-shouldered tan man, who made his heart discard all rational thinking with one smile, he froze in place for a moment. This is surreal. Is this really happening? Theo thought before the young performer looked to his right and spotted Theo, his smile shining brightly as his eyes met Theo’s, bringing Theo back to reality.

Both men walked towards one another, as Noah greeted Theo, “Hey, you’re looking great tonight!” Noah said, glancing at Theo’s outfit.

“Thanks, you too,” Theo smiled shyly at Noah, who looked like he’d walked out of a thrift store, wearing clothes that definitely belonged to a different decade, and yet that laidback vintage look suited him.

Theo wasn’t used to going out on normal dates. He hadn’t gone on one without the sole intention of having sex in years and, before that, he had been in a serious long term relationship. “So,where do you want to go?”

“Do you like noodles?” Noah asked.

“Yes,” Theo didn’t even have to think about it. There were fewer things in the world that Theo loved more than noodles. “The real question is... who doesn’t?”

Noah chuckled at Theo’s remark, “That’s true. Well, there’s this little hole in the wall just around the corner that has some good noodles. Wanna go there?”

“Sounds good,” Theo smiled at the other man, “Lead the way.”

Noah guided Theo through the busy streets of Macau, turning right at the corner, where the Café Eskimo was located, and then up the narrower shopping street for a short distance before they arrived at the Chu Kei restaurant. Next to the small dining establishment, there was a big green and red neon sign with the Chinese name of the restaurant, inviting you to stop and feasting your eyes on the variety of delicacies plastered on the windows. The smell of noodles and steam coming from within enticing you to step through the door.

“This is it,” Noah turned to Theo, nudging his head at the door of the eatery, “Shall we go in?”

“Yeah, sure,” Theo had definitely built up an appetite. For some reason unbeknownst to Theo, he’d also never eaten at that restaurant before and if the aroma was any indication of the food he would encounter inside the establishment, he knew he was in for a treat. He followed after Noah, stepping into the small seating area of the restaurant. There weren’t many tables, maybe six or seven tables in total, but luckily for Noah and Theo, there was one small vacant table. Noah headed towards the table and Theo followed after him, sitting on the chair beside him. There was a yellow and green menu on the table listing the establishment’s offerings in Chinese.

“So, what do you recommend?” Theo asked Noah.

“I really like their wonton noodles. That’s what I’m getting,” Noah smiled at Theo, who briefly forgot he was supposed to think about what food to order as he glanced at the man sitting beside him, getting lost in the dancer’s inviting chestnut orbs, before looking back at the menu. “Do you already know what you’re getting?” He heard Noah ask as he pretended to look through the menu, still feeling perplexed by the butterflies in his stomach.

“I’ll have what you’re having,” Theo said, placing the menu back on the table and raising his arm to call the waitress over.

Noah ordered both of their dishes in Cantonese. He had a strong accent, but he nailed the tones. “Your Cantonese isn’t too bad,” Theo said.

“Yeah, I did learn some while I was here and one of my housemates in Berlin was from Hong Kong, so I practiced a bit with him. And knowing Thai helps a bit with learning the tones,” Noah shrugged at that remark as the waitress returned with their drinks, “Still can’t really hold a conversation for longer than a couple of minutes and I mostly use it to order food.”

“My Cantonese isn’t that great either. Just enough to get by,” Theo said before taking a sip from his drink, “What language do you speak at home? I mean, your dad is German and your mom is Thai...” Theo’s parents were both from the same country, so he had always spoken to his parents and his sister in English.

“Well, a mix, I guess... My mom can speak some German and my dad can speak some Thai. I speak more German with my dad and more Thai with my mom though,” Noah said as the waitress placed two bowls of noodles with wontons on their table, before thanking her in Cantonese.

“Oh, how does your mom know how to speak German?” Theo asked Noah before biting into one of the wontons, instantly delighted by the burst of flavor in his mouth, “Oh man, this is so good!”

“I know right? And well, my mom actually met my dad in Germany. She was living in Europe after graduating from university. Like, she studied photography and decided to take a risk and travel to Europe to meet other artists and work on some projects. When she was working on a project in Heidelberg, she met him. She’d spent a couple of months in Germany and picked up a bit of the language by then,” Noah explained after eating some noodles.

“Oh wow! Did your mom have a plan when she went to Europe or did she just wing it?”

“Her idea was to travel to Paris and meet some artists to build her portfolio, so I guess she didn’t really have a plan,” Noah chuckled.

“Your mom’s definitely brave,” Theo was in awe. Never in his wildest dreams would he be able to take a risk like the one Noah’s mom had taken.

“Yeah, her parents weren’t really too keen on the idea, but she worked hard and saved up enough to buy a one-way ticket to Paris. Eventually, she moved to Germany, met some like-minded artists along the way, and managed to build a nice portfolio. That’s why she and my dad sometimes talk in German. Dad learned Thai once they moved to Thailand before I was born.”

“Why did they move to Thailand?” Theo asked, a curious expression on his face.

“My mom got a job offer to be a photography lecturer at a university and my dad managed to get a job in Bangkok at the same company he worked for in Germany, so they decided to move to Bangkok. And then my mom got pregnant, so yeah,” Noah was almost done with his bowl of noodles.

“Oh cool! And why did you move to Macau?”

“This feels almost like an interrogation,” Noah teased Theo.

“Oh, sorry, it’s just... You can also ask me-”

“I’m kidding,” Noah interrupted Theo, smirking at his flustered date, “Well, shortly after my mom stopped teaching at the university, because she missed having time to work on her photography projects, one of the photographers my mom had met back in Europe was thinking of moving to Macau to open a studio and she invited my mom along. My dad wasn’t too happy about the idea of having to move again, but he ended up finding a job that paid better in Macau, so in the end, they decided to move.”

“Oh, that’s cool! What kind of photos does your mom take?”

“She mostly takes portraits and wedding photos now. She used to do editorial photography when she was younger though. I can show you some of her work later on, I have some photos she sent me the other day on my phone,” Noah smiled at Theo before finishing his bowl.

“I’d love to see them! So your mom can cook well and she’s also a photographer?” Theo voiced his thoughts out loud.

“Yeah, she would always find some time to cook for us, even if only during the weekend. It was how we bonded when I was growing up. My grandma cooked most of the meals when my mom was busy at university and I also learned a lot from her,” Noah smiled at Theo as he talked about that part of his life, making Theo’s heart skip a beat. He decided to finish his food to distract him from the tingly sensation he was feeling within him.

“How about you? What do your parents do?” Noah asked as Theo finished his bowl.

“My parents had traveled around Thailand when they were younger and really enjoyed it there and wanted to explore more of Asia, but that’s kind of hard to do when you live in the States,” Theo chuckled and Noah smiled at him, “They applied for some teaching jobs in different countries and were both offered some teaching positions in Macau when I was two.”

“So, you must’ve traveled a lot around Asia,” Noah was finishing his drink.

“Yeah, we traveled to a different country every other year, and sometimes we would go to the same country, but to a different city.”

“That’s so cool. I’ve only really traveled around in Europe. My friends and I did an interrail journey one summer break.”

“Oh! I’d love to do something like that! Where did you go?”

“We went around Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkey,” Noah paused and briefly smiled as he appeared to recall some memories from that journey, “Remember that friend from Hong Kong that I mentioned? He, my Turkish friend, Yusuf, and I decided to visit Yusuf’s hometown in Turkey, but instead of going straight there, we decided to fly to Croatia and travel from Zagreb to Izmir by train.”

“Oh wow! How was it?” Theo had done a lot of traveling with his family, but he hadn’t had any adventures with friends like the one Noah was describing.

“It was definitely a lot of fun. They didn’t speak a lot of English in some of the countries, but we met a lot of cool people, got completely and utterly wasted, went to some of the best raves and had some delicious food,” Theo chuckled at Noah’s description of his trip, “It was kind of like a last hurrah, ’cause Will, my friend from Hong Kong, had to go back home after graduating.”

“Oh, so he’s quite close now. Hong Kong is pretty near!”

“Yeah, I’ve actually met up with him a couple of times after coming back to Macau. He’s shown me some cool spots around the city,” Noah watched as Theo finished his drink, “Shall we pay and head out?”

“Yeah, sure,” Theo called the waitress, who brought along their bill, before taking out a 100 MOP note from his wallet, “It’s my turn. You paid for my drinks last time,” he said to Noah when the dancer glared at him as he handed the waitress the money.

“But next time, it will be on me,” Noah said as the waitress left to get their change.

“So, there will be a next time?” Theo playfully smirked at Noah, as he stood up, getting ready to head out.

“I’m definitely not opposed to the idea,” Noah grinned at the man beside him as he got up from his chair, making Theo blush ever so slightly, as the waitress handed him his change.

“So... where do you want to go now?” Theo asked Noah once they had stepped out of the restaurant.

“We could buy some drinks at 7-eleven and drink somewhere?” Noah suggested.

“Sure, I could go for a beer. Where do you want to drink?” Theo started walking towards Rua do Campo to go to the closest 7-eleven. Noah furrowed his brows as he thought of a place before eyes lit up with an idea.

“Do you enjoy walking? And do you mind hills?” Noah asked Theo.

“Why? Do I have to climb up a hill?” Theo wasn’t very excited about the idea of climbing up a hill and getting sweaty.

“Yeah, but it’s worth it. Trust me,” Noah looked at Theo with a serious expression.

“Fine, lead the way,” Theo couldn’t say no to those warm, inviting eyes.

After buying a couple of beers and a bottle of water at the convenience store, Theo followed after Noah as they headed towards Nam Van lake. They exchanged some stories from their trips along the way, occasionally laughing at a funny story. Once they were close to the lake, instead of crossing the road to go to the lakeside walking area, they carried on walking, heading towards the southwestern extremity of the Macau peninsula. Less than a kilometer later, Noah turned at the corner of a street and walked up a street with Theo following slightly behind him.

“Are we almost there?” Theo asked before drinking some water, already feeling his body burning the calories from his dinner.

“Just a little bit more, I promise,” Noah was also slightly out of breath.

After what felt like a neverending climb up a hill, in which the two men barely interacted, focusing instead on reaching their destination, Noah turned to Theo and said, “We’re here.”

They went around a building and Theo noticed they were at Penha Hill. He’d been there once before, but never at night. Noah walked along a dark path and Theo followed behind him, wondering where the other man was taking him. “I have to show you this place,” he said, turning to face Theo before giving him a small smile. After walking between some trees, the two men found themselves at a viewpoint overlooking Macau’s skyline in the distance.

“Oh wow,” Theo said, “The view from up here is amazing!”

“I know, right? I was drunk one night after partying at D2 and decided to go for a walk before heading home.”

“Don’t you live near Jardim de Camões?” Theo raised his eyebrow at Noah.

“I was drunk,” Noah repeated eliciting a chuckle from Theo, “And I was still living with my parents back then, so I ended up getting a cab home. This was over a year ago. I didn’t find my own place until a month after that. So, anyway, as I was saying, After a night of partying at D2 with an old high school friend, I kind of decided to go on an adventure to see if I could discover a new spot. My friend came along with me and she wanted to take me to the A-Ma Temple, but she got lost and we ended up here,” Noah chuckled as he recalled that inebriated exploit.

“You definitely fit the stereotype I have of Germans,” Theo teased.

“What stereotype?” Noah had a hint of amusement on his face.

“That Germans drink a lot of beer,” Noah burst out into laughter, but didn’t deny the statement, “And you’re not even going to deny.”

“Well, I do love beer,” Noah raised a small plastic bag with his beers, “Speaking of which, do you want to sit and have a drink?” Noah pointed out a bench next to Theo.

“Oh, sure, yeah,” Theo sat down, leaving enough space for Noah to sit next to him before opening his bottle of beer with his bottle opener keychain. He was about to hand it to Noah, but he noticed Noah also had a similar keychain.

Noah noticed Theo’s gaze and explained, “I found this yesterday. It used to be my keychain in Berlin and seeing yours reminded me of it, so I looked through my stuff to see if I could find it. Prost!”

"Prost?” Theo wondered out loud, feeling his heart skipping a beat when he heard the foreign-sounding word exiting the attractive dancer’s lips.

“It’s cheers in German,” Noah clarified before drinking some of his beer and sighing, “I miss German beer. This just isn’t the same.”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever had German beer... Do you know if there are any places where I can find some here in Macau?”

“Yeah, I know a beer shop that might have some. We can try some one day,” Noah smiled at Theo.

With every smile, Theo felt himself falling deeper and deeper for Noah, finding himself on a path to love with no return. Theo wondered if it was mutual - if the attraction the dancer felt was as potent and magnetic as his was. Lost in his thoughts, he almost didn’t notice when Noah asked him a question, bringing him back to the present moment.

“So... You told me last time we met that you saw me on Grindr,” Theo nodded his head, “Did you use Grindr much? I’ve never really used it much.”

“Well, I started using it a year after I broke up with my ex and quickly realized that it was more of a hookup app than a ‘find-a-serious-relationship’ app,” Theo chuckled, infecting Noah with his laughter.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Noah teased.

“Well, I didn’t know at the time. I was in a relationship for a long time. I didn’t even know how to flirt,” Theo admitted.

“Really? How long were you in a relationship for?”

“Like, six years,” Theo rubbed the back of his neck. Thinking about his ex was always tough, especially when he thought about the final years of the relationship when it had become toxic and abusive.

“Six years? Six years?!” Theo nodded, “Wow! That’s a long time! Why did you break up?” Before Theo could even answer, Noah added, “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. No pressure.”

“I don’t mind. It’s been a long time,” Theo took a deep breath. Even though he had told Noah he didn’t mind, deep down talking about the experience was still a bit painful, “It started off well. We met in high school and we moved in together in my second year of university. Until then things had been great, but they kind of went downhill as soon as we moved in together. He would party often, but then get really jealous if I went out with friends to a party or even just to have a cup of coffee. I was kind of blind to that at the time, ’cause, you know, I was in love and all that, but it just got worse.

“Soon he only started to come to me for sex and would spend most of his time out of the house. He would also easily get angry if I wasn’t in the mood. He never forced himself on me, but he made me feel like shit and that he would one day leave me if I didn’t sleep with him. I was just too blind to notice the red flags.

“One day, I got home and I caught him fucking another guy. I asked the other guy how long it had been going on and he said two years. Two fucking years,” Theo bitterly chuckled.

“Oh, fuck,” Noah was shocked, “That’s messed up... Please tell me you broke up with him...”

“I packed up my bags, called my parents to pick me up, and moved out that night. I left some of my things there, but I could no longer bear to see his face after what he did. He tried calling me once. I answered and told him to fuck off,” Theo fished a cigarette from his pocket, “Definitely need a cigarette after that.”

Noah chuckled and pulled his pack out of his pocket as well, “How about something stronger?”

“Do you mean...?” Theo noticed the king-size slim spliff between Noah’s fingers and put his cigarette back in his pack, “I like the way you think.”

Noah lit up the joint before taking three puffs and passing it to Theo who had a hit of the spliff, “It’s for a belated 420 celebration. Did you break up with him a long time ago?”

“Yeah... It was like four years ago. I went to a therapist to process some of it because it took me a long time to face the reality of my relationship, but you know what the fucked up part is? Even though most days I feel fine I sometimes still think that I was the one who wasn’t enough and punish myself for that by doing something stupid and reckless,” Theo said before taking one more puff and passing the spliff back to Noah.

“How so?” Noah took a sip from his beer before turning to Theo, his eyes trying to uncover Theo’s secrets.

“I slept around a lot and I was kind of an asshole. Still kind of am... I don’t know,” Theo looked away from Noah’s eyes, “I guess I want something real, but for the longest time, I didn’t allow myself to explore that. Something was always holding me back.”

Theo wasn’t sure what sparked that moment of voicing his pure honest thoughts. It could have been the spliff or simply because he felt comfortable around the dancer sitting next to him.

“And now?”

“I guess a friend of mine helped me realize that I shouldn’t keep punishing myself and that I should be open to new opportunities.”

Theo looked back at Noah, getting lost in the other man’s chestnut orbs, before his lips briefly glanced down at Noah’s luscious and inviting lips, giving Theo a small smile, unleashing a flurry of butterflies in his stomach. Theo looked away shyly, still unsure about how the dancer’s true feelings, and asked, “How about you? I know you don’t really use Grindr, but hopefully, your dating history won’t be as bad as mine,” Theo tried to lighten up the mood with his final remark.

Noah’s looked away as his shoulders appeared to tense up and Theo noticed a fleeting flicker of shame and fear swimming in the other man’s eyes. Noah downed about half of his beer and took one big puff of his joint before his stance returned to normal. Theo found that reaction a bit odd, but before he could think about it any further, Noah answered, “I dated quite a bit while I lived in Germany. It was easier to meet people there, but none of the relationships lasted very long. I was quite young and made some questionable dating choices and had some very drunk one night stands,” Noah chuckled, “The scene in Berlin was amazing and it was really easy to get laid.”

Noah’s paused for a second, the glimmer in his eyes, which was present when he was talking about his life in Germany, had suddenly disappeared, making way for the same transient faint hint of remorse before he added, “I haven’t really dated much in Macau ever since I arrived last year... I’ve focused more on work,” Noah finished his first beer and took another hit of his joint before handing it over to Theo, who could tell that Noah was hiding something, but decided not to prod much, as he could tell the other man wasn’t ready to share whatever secret was buried in his heart.

“This is some good stuff, by the way,” Theo said as he took a toke from the joint. Noah smiled, his mood shifting completely.

“Thanks. I don’t smoke as often as I did in Germany. Only on special occasions,” Noah gave Theo a mischievous smile, “It’s much harder to get stuff here.” Theo passed the joint back to Noah. There was only enough left for two more puffs, so Noah smoked it until the end before stubbing it on the floor.

“I don’t really smoke much myself. My housemate does and she sometimes shares,” Theo drank some of his beer before it could get stale. He drank at a much slower pace than Noah.

Theo looked at Noah, admiring his profile as the other man looked at the moon with a relaxed smile on his face, and before he knew it, he blurted out his thoughts, “You’re even more attractive up close than you were onstage.”

Noah looked at him, an unreadable expression on his face, before his lips curved into a smirk, “Did I seduce you with my moves?”

“What if you did?” Theo couldn’t help but glance at Noah’s lips and he noticed the burning desire in Noah’s eyes as the other man’s gaze also flickered between his eyes and his mouth, as if asking for permission to allow himself to indulge in his desire to kiss. Their heads slowly leaned closer to one another before Theo’s lips finally touched Noah’s, as the latter man wrapped his hand around the back of Theo’s neck, pulling him closer towards him.

Kissing Noah’s thick and soft lips was addicting, drowning Theo’s body in lustful desire. The way their mouths moved in synchrony, as their hands explored each other’s bodies, left both men lost in a passionate haze.

When their lips finally parted ways, as both men were panting, trying to catch their breath, Theo whispered slightly out of breath, “I’ve been wanting to do that again ever since the last time.”

Noah responded by connecting their lips in another long and intense make-out session, only stopping when both men knew that carrying on could end up in them engaging in some indecent acts in public. Theo chuckled as he looked down at the bulge in his pants that felt tighter than usual, smiling at Noah, who laughed softly, still slightly out of breath.

The two men straightened up and looked up at the moon, trying to ease the tightness they felt in their nether regions. Theo took a sip of his beer before offering some to Noah, who eagerly accepted the drink. Once their heartbeats and breathing had returned to normal, Theo checked the time on his phone. It was already 11:23 pm.

“I have to get going soon. I work tomorrow, but I don’t want to go home yet...” Theo whined as he leaned back against the backrest of the bench.

“I want to see you again,” Noah said to Theo, a longing gaze emanating from his warm chocolate eyes.

“Definitely! When are you free?” Theo couldn’t help but get lost in those chestnut depths.

“I work tomorrow night. You know, ladies night at D2... But I’m free on Thursday after work, if you want?” Noah gave Theo a small smile.

“Perfect,” Theo grinned back at the man sitting beside him.

As both men sat on the bench, gazing at the moon and drinking what was left of Theo’s beer, Theo wondered how Noah’s voice would sound if he said more than one word in German, as he found that Noah had sounded incredibly sexy when he said ′Prost’.

“Hey Noah,” Noah glanced at Theo acknowledging him, “could you tell me something in German? Aside from ′Prost’, I mean.”

Noah looked away, his eyebrows furrowed slightly before returning to their relaxed state as he glanced back at Theo and uttered in a smooth and husky voice, ”Warum kriege ich dich nicht aus meinem Kopf?”

Theo didn’t know what it meant, but his heart skipped a beat at how Noah’s voice sounded and at the look in the other man’s eyes.

“What does that mean?” Theo asked, making Noah chuckle before he sheepishly looked away, blushing ever so slightly.

“Google it, if you want to know.”

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