Technicolor Daze

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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

On Wednesday morning, even though Theo felt sleepy, he was in a good mood, replying to emails and answering calls with a smile on his face. His colleagues commented on it, asking him if something good had happened. Theo was never one to divulge details of his personal life, so his answers were vague yet pleasant.

After finishing Theo’s beer the previous night, the two men had walked all the way back to New Yaohan, near the Nam Van Lake, where Theo hailed a taxi and headed home after giving Noah one last kiss. In the taxi while on his way home, Theo tried to type what Noah had told him in German on Google Translate. He typed the words he could recall into the text input box, something along the lines of “Varoom kreek ish nisht ausaimen kov”, but when he translated it to English, it seemed like gibberish: “Varoom kreek is not from ka”. He took a screenshot and sent it to Noah on Facebook messenger.

WED AT 12:06 AM

Google didn’t help

Noah had told Theo that he would walk home so he didn’t see the dancer’s reply until the following morning when he got up. He had received a couple of messages shortly after falling asleep.

WED AT 1:12 AM

lmao that’s definitely not German!

I guess it’ll remain a mystery ;)

But I’ll leave you with something else in German

Gestern hatte ich viel Spaß mit dir :)

Theo quickly copied the message and pasted it onto Google translate. The translation read, “Yesterday I had a lot of fun with you,” making Theo smile like an idiot and that smile stayed glued to his face the rest of the day. He kept on exchanging messages with Noah after the dancer had gotten up, sharing little tidbits of their day with each other.

Theo had found out that Noah had a similar sense of humor to him, so he at times found himself chuckling at his desk at a message Noah had sent him, earning some strange glances from his work colleagues. Luckily for Theo, it wasn’t a very busy day and his boss was on leave, so he didn’t have to worry much about being called out for his behavior. Noah replied a bit less frequently while he was working at the book shop, but he would message Theo whenever there weren’t any customers at the shop. Theo couldn’t wait to see the other man again. After their date the previous night, there was no doubt in Theo’s mind that he was falling for the spellbinding dancer. Whenever they were together, Theo felt like he had found exactly what he had been seeking for years. It felt right.

After work, Theo headed home, enjoying the fresh breeze at the end of another day at the office. As he approached the Taipa Municipal Garden, he had a sudden craving for Curry Monster. As he headed towards the dining establishment, he texted Alice, asking her if she wanted some for dinner as well and she replied with, ”Sure, get me the chicken fillet one." Theo replied with a thumbs-up emoji. The Curry Monster wasn’t too packed, so Theo didn’t have to wait too long for his order. Once the two take out containers were handed to him in a plastic bag, he thanked the waiter and headed out of the restaurant. He lit up a cigarette to smoke on the way home.

Alice was already sitting on the balcony smoking when Theo arrived. “A joint this early in the evening?” Theo asked with an amused grin on his face.

“It was a long day at work. Wanna join me?”

“Sure,” Theo placed the take out containers on the coffee table and stepped out onto the balcony, sitting next to Alice, “Where’s Jamie?”

“She’s busy tonight. Work dinner,” Alice handed Theo the joint after taking a puff.

“Oh, no wonder you’re in a bad mood. It’s the first night you’ve been apart in ages,” Theo teased, earning a glare from his friend as he smoked a bit of the joint.

“No, one of my students was being really difficult today and I’m pretty sure my period is about to arrive, so I’m feeling a bit cranky,” Theo handed the joint back to Alice, “Anyway, how was your date last night?”

Theo smiled as he recalled his date with Noah, “It was great. I’m seeing him again tomorrow.”

“Ooo, what did you guys do?”

“We had dinner at this really good noodle place near Rua do Campo,” Theo started before Alice interrupted him.

“Is it the one behind Sun Star City? If it is, I’ve gone there with Jamie and it’s so good.”

“Yeah, that’s the place. I hadn’t been there before... But, anyway, we went there for dinner and then walked all the way to the Penha Hill and had some beers there. Oh! He also brought along a joint!”

“Oh? So, you guys smoked up together?” Alice passed the joint over to Theo, who held his hand up.

“I’m good for now. Don’t really want to get too stoned... But yeah, we smoked and looked at the view of Macau from the top of the hill. It’s a really pretty spot.”

“That sounds like a fun date. Do you see this going somewhere?”

“Maybe?” Theo rubbed the back of his head. Even though he knew he wanted to pursue something with the dancer, he also sensed that there was something holding the other man back - a secret, lingering deep underneath Noah’s warm and friendly demeanor.

“Maybe? What do you mean?” Alice played with her hair, pulling and twisting her dark brown curls.

“I know he likes me in some way. I mean, he’s always texting me, he was constantly flirting with me and when we kissed... it was just... magnetic, you know?” He looked at his friend, trying to put his thoughts into words, “He also said something in German and was pretty cryptic about it, not wanting to tell me what it meant. I tried to search for it on Google translate, but the translation was gibberish.”

Alice laughed at Theo’s failed attempts at deciphering Noah’s message, “What did he say in German? I had German in High School so I might be able to help you out. I can’t promise anything though. It wasn’t my best subject.”

“Something like ‘Varoom kreek ish nisht auseimen kov’... I’m probably butchering it.”

“Do you mean ‘Warum something ich nicht something?’ That’s all I can understand from what you said,” Alice asked. Theo nodded before Alice continued, “In that case, it’s something like ‘Why something I not something?’ But I guess that isn’t very helpful...”

“It’s okay. He did send me another message in German telling me he enjoyed the date last night. His voice sounds really sexy when he speaks in German,” Theo wanted to hear Noah’s voice again. Noah had a beautiful deep voice with a hint of a German accent.

Alice snorted a bit at her friend gushing over another man before asking, “He’s German?”

“He is half-German half-Thai. That boy’s lived everywhere. Thailand, Germany, here...” Theo listed.

“Oh wow, quite an international fella. It sounds like you had a great time, but why do I feel there is a but?” Alice raised an inquisitive brow.

“It’s not really a but. Like I said, I know he feels something towards me. If it were just for sex, we could’ve gone to one of our places and fucked, but I can tell that he isn’t just after sex,” Theo thought quietly for a bit, thinking of the best way to convey his impression of the dancer to his friend, ” I just feel like there is something holding him back. There’s something he doesn’t want to tell me.”

“Well, you’ve only met each other what, like, three times? And that is if you include the time you bumped into him at D2... Don’t expect him to tell you all of his secrets. It will take time.”

“I know... I know I’m being unreasonable, but I have never felt this way before. Even with Jason. I feel like a high school girl, crushing hard on a guy. Why do I feel this way? I barely know the guy!” Theo groaned and fished a cigarette from his pack. Alice handed him her lighter, “Thanks.”

“Well, if you feel there is some potential there, I say go for it. You never know,” Alice advised as she stubbed out her joint which had reached its end.

“It’s what I’m doing,” Theo’s phone suddenly buzzed in his pocket. He had received a message from Noah.

It read, ”Just left work. Gonna rest a bit before I go to D2. What are you up to?"

Theo smiled as he read the message. Alice noticed Theo’s mood shift as her friend responded to the text, “Did you just receive a message from him?”

“Yeah,” Theo was only half-listening to his friend as he replied to Noah’s message, telling Noah that he was chilling on the balcony with Alice.

He then followed that message with a flirtier one saying, ”I want to see you dance again."

“Someone is whipped,” Alice said with a smug grin on her face. Her phone suddenly rang, “Oh, I gotta answer that. It’s Jamie.”

“Now who’s whipped?” Theo quirked his brow at his friend who rolled her eyes at her friend’s remark.

“I’ll talk to you later,” Alice said as she got up and swiped her phone to answer the call, “Hey babe, are you still at home?”

“Your takeout is on the table. It’s the container on top!” Alice gave Theo a thumbs up, letting him know that she had heard him, as Theo finished his cigarette on the balcony. His phone vibrated once again. Noah had replied with, ”Come to D2 then ;)“, making Theo smile.

"I’d love to but I have work tomorrow :( But I’ll definitely try to go there one night when you’re performing,” Theo replied.

"I’ll hold you to that. Anyway gonna eat and get ready for work. Ttyl,” was Noah’s response.

Theo typed out a quick, ”See you,” before getting up and stepping into the apartment. He took the takeout container and the plastic cutlery out of the plastic bag. He kept the plastic cutlery in a drawer, where they kept all of their plastic cutlery for parties at home or barbecues in Hac Sa, and grabbed himself a plate and regular cutlery. Theo didn’t really like eating straight from the takeout container, so he deposited the contents onto a plate before carrying it over to the coffee table. Before he started eating, he turned the TV on and switched it to a movie channel. He wasn’t really going to pay attention to it, but he enjoyed having something to watch in the background.

Halfway through his meal, his phone buzzed once again, indicating that Theo had received a message. Theo grabbed his phone and saw that the message was from Liam.

"How’d the date go last night?" Liam asked.

As he was typing out his reply, he received a second message from the other man, ”Also, I need some Grindr date advice, because this guy I started talking to yesterday is coming over tonight [grinning face with sweat emoji].”

Theo shook his head at Liam’s message in amusement. ”It was great! I’ll meet him again tomorrow. And well, sounds like you’ll have some fun tonight [winking emoji],"he typed back, before finishing his meal. Once he had finished, he received a message from Liam.

"How do Grindr dates usually go? Do we make small talk or just fuck right away?" Theo found Liam’s questions amusing, as he recalled himself being in a similar predicament when he first started using Grindr to hook up with guys. Theo and Liam exchanged some messages and Theo gave Liam a small pep talk, telling him to just go with the flow and have fun.

As he was texting Liam, he got a message from Joel, asking him how his date on Friday had gone. Theo hadn’t given Joel any updates. He always preferred catching up with Joel in person, as they’d never been friends who texted each other much. Theo told Joel that a lot had happened since they last saw each other and that they should meet up sometime so that he could fill his friend in on everything. Joel replied, telling Theo that he would be busy that week, because work was pretty intense, but he would call Theo when he had some time. Theo switched back and forth between both conversations before Joel had to go back to work after his dinner break and Liam bid him a good evening to go on his date.

After doing his dishes and taking a shower, Theo spent the rest of the evening watching a couple of videos on his bed. Once he was ready to sleep, his phone suddenly vibrated. Theo checked it and saw he had received a message from Noah on Facebook. Noah had sent him a photo.

He clicked on the notification and jumped into the Facebook messenger app. As soon as he saw the photo, he felt a stirring in his groin and he felt his pulse accelerate. Noah had taken a mirror selfie in his dance outfit, looking insanely attractive with a seductive smile on his face.

WED AT 11:30 PM

Noah sent a photo.

Just a little teaser of tonight’s show ;)

"Have I told you that you are fine af?" Theo typed at first, but then deleted and instead settled for something different.

WED AT 11:31 PM

That teaser may just make me call in sick tomorrow just to see the whole show

You’re a bad influence

Theo saved Noah’s photo onto his phone. Just looking at the photo turned him on and reminded him of how good of a kisser Noah was. How amazing his body felt as they made out at the top of Penha Hill. Theo hadn’t experienced such an intense attraction towards anyone and they hadn’t even had sex.

WED AT 11:32 PM

Maybe next time I can dance for you

Going to perform twice tonight as one of the dancers bailed last minute

So I gotta go in a sec

Just wanted to tell you good night

And I’m looking forward to tomorrow :)

Theo quickly replied, while Noah was still online.

WED AT 11:33 PM

Yes please

Have fun

Wish I could be there

Can’t wait either :)

Good night

Noah received the messages but didn’t see them before going offline. He was probably about to go onstage when he texted Theo, so Theo knew he would reply once he was done with his performance.

After replying to Noah, he went back to his photo gallery app and clicked on the photo Noah had sent him. The clothes enhanced Noah’s toned body and Noah’s mischievous and seductive smile made Theo wonder what kind of expressions the talented performer made when he experienced pleasure or in the throes of ecstasy. As those lecherous thoughts invaded Theo’s mind, his hand slowly drifted down towards the hem of his boxer briefs, pulling them down. His hand wrapped around his member, as he closed his eyes and allowed himself to be consumed by his lascivious fantasies.



Slow at first.

Stroke some more.

Slowly increasing the pace.

Trying to suppress his moans.

One more peek at the photo and he was a goner.

It didn’t take him long to come undone.

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