Technicolor Daze

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Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Noah’s apartment was on the third floor of an apartment without an elevator. As soon as the two men arrived at the entrance of the building, after getting out of the taxi, Noah grabbed Theo’s hand and pulled him along up the stairs of the building, both men desperate to satiate their physical longing for each other. He fumbled with the keys at the door of his apartment, as Theo kept distracting him by kissing his neck and the spot behind Noah’s ear.

“Let me open the door, you’re distracting me,” Noah almost moaned out when Theo nibbles Noah’s earlobe, “The quicker I open the door, the faster we can go to my room and continue this.”

Theo kissed Noah’s neck one more time, before controlling himself and pulling back a bit, “Go ahead.”

It took Noah one more try before he managed to successfully open the door and both men stepped into the apartment, almost slamming the door shut as soon as they were inside, desperate to continue their long-awaited make-out session. The two men had teased each other the whole way back to Noah’s home, so Theo didn’t even waste any time taking in the apartment, his eyes solely focused on the man he desired.

Theo grasped the back of Noah’s neck, kissing him roughly, being too turned on to contain his intense urges. Noah brought his hands to the back of Theo’s neck, deepening the kiss, taking control of the situation once again. Noah’s hands trailed down Theo’s back, the curve of his buttocks, before going back up to his hips and breaking the kiss.

“Let’s go to my room,” Noah opened his door and pulled Theo into the room with him, before shutting the door. Theo started unbuttoning his shirt as Noah took his t-shirt off in one swift move, revealing his toned and smooth tan torso. Theo almost tore off the last two buttons as he impatiently finished taking his shirt off, giving Noah a chance to check him out before crashing his lips back on the other man. Noah moaned into Theo’s mouth as Theo ground his crotch against Noah’s, his hands going down to the dancer’s jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them before letting Noah step out of them and taking his own off.

As soon as Theo’s pants were off his legs, Noah pushed Theo onto his bed before climbing on top of him and bringing his lips down to Theo, kissing the man underneath him from his lips, down his neck and chest, all the way down to his happy trail, before looking up into Theo’s eyes. Noah’s dominant side in bed was leaving Theo more aroused than he’d ever felt before and Noah hadn’t even reached his crotch.

Noah palmed Theo’s crotch, earning a moan from the latter man, before he smirked and lowered his head again to press his lips and tongue against Theo’s hardened member, still covered by his briefs, thoroughly enjoying teasing Theo, who breathlessly uttered, “take them off.”

“Should I?” Noah smirked before rubbing his hand up and down against Theo’s engorged member, moistened by Noah’s saliva as well as some of Theo’s precum.

“Please,” Theo was already feeling close, but he didn’t want to climax so soon.

Noah grabbed the hem of Theo’s briefs, as Theo lifted his hips so that Noah could pull them off more easily. Noah also took his own briefs off. Both men gazed at each other for a second to take each other’s fully nude bodies in. Noah then climbed back on top of Theo before grinding his hips against the latter man’s, rubbing their hardened members against one another. Theo’s hands went down to Noah’s toned buttocks and squeezed him, enjoying the feel of Noah’s smooth body against his hands.

Theo brought his right hand down to the place where both of their crotches were rubbing up against each other, grasped both of their members in one hand, and began pumping it up and down. Noah buried his head into the crevice between Theo’s neck and shoulder, moaning and grasping tightly onto the man lying underneath him. Theo was enjoying seeing Noah’s reactions, his moans urging him on. He dragged his finger along Noah’s slit, feeling him grind harder against Theo’s body, desperate to feel that sweet release. He wanted to see Noah come undone, so he put his hand around Noah’s member, focusing solely on the pleasure of the man writhing above him at that moment.

“Oh, fuck-,” he heard Noah mutter between pants, his body tensing up as he neared his climax. Theo brought his lips to Noah’s before feeling the man above him groan into the kiss and Theo felt a warm and gooey liquid on his chest. Theo patiently kissed Noah, who was coming back down from the high he had experienced upon his release.

Theo looked into Noah’s eyes and saw that they still held a mischievous glimmer. He felt Noah’s hand around his member, which was still hard, drops of precum rolling down the sides acting as a lubricant. Noah’s hand slowly glided up and down Theo’s member, his eyes never leaving Theo’s as he watched the breath of the man lying underneath him quicken.

Noah lifted his body enough to back up a bit, his hand briefly leaving Theo’s engorged member, until his face was directly above Theo’s crotch. Noah gazed at Theo’s eyes and licked his lips before bringing his head down and wrapping his lips around Theo. His left hand massaged Theo’s inner thigh, alternating the amount of pressure he applied, bringing it closer to his crotch. Noah kept dragging his hand slowly towards Theo’s balls, before gently caressing them, while simultaneously bobbing his head up and down Theo’s member, his other hand wrapped around it to help guide his mouth.

Theo knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He felt a sudden pressure against his taint and he knew he was a goner. He didn’t even have time to warn Noah before he felt himself release his load down Noah’s mouth. As Theo came down from his high, Noah crawled back up to lie next to him with a smile on his face.

“Your mouth was... wow...” Theo uttered, his pulse and breath steadily recovering. Noah just looked at Theo and chuckled at the compliment.

“We really needed that after all that teasing,” Noah turned his face back up to look at the ceiling, “And I gotta say, what they say about everything American being bigger is true.”

Theo’s cheeks flushed slightly at Noah’s bluntness, which he found incredibly enticing. He had been with blunt men before Noah, but unlike Noah, most men had used more vulgar and crude language when giving compliments, “You’re pretty well endowed yourself.”

Noah smiled cheekily at Theo’s compliment, before sitting up and looking down at Theo, “Do you wanna head to the balcony for a cigarette and a beer? We kind of got sidetracked on our way to 7-eleven, but I have some beers in the fridge...”

Theo sat up as Noah stood up and grabbed his briefs off the floor, “Sounds good, but first, I should go get cleaned up.”

“Hold on a second. I’ll just get a towel,” Noah left the room. Theo heard Noah opening the tap and the sounds of water splashing before Noah returned with a dampened towel, handing it to the other man who was still sitting on the bed.

“Can you throw me my briefs?” Theo asked as he used the towel to clean the mess on his chest off. He noticed Noah had also cleaned himself up and was taking his cigarette pack out of one of the pockets of his pants. Theo took Noah’s room in. It was a fairly small and cramped room, with very little decor. It only had a queen-sized bed, a small wardrobe, and a bedside table. Next to the bed, there was only enough space for three people to comfortably sit on the floor, so not a lot of space to move around.

Noah picked Theo’s briefs off the floor, which were closer to where he was standing in the bedroom and threw them over to Theo, who easily caught them before getting up and slipping them on. After locating his pants and grabbing his cigarettes and his lighter, Theo followed after Noah, who headed into the living room, before going to his small balcony. He had been too distracted by the other man that he hadn’t noticed how small and old Noah’s apartment was compared to his. The living room wasn’t very big and it only had a two-seater couch and a coffee table, which were opposite a small TV that looked a couple of years old sitting on top of a wooden cabinet next to the front door. There was another door to the left of the front door leading to the kitchen. Next to the couch there were three doors and Theo and Noah had left the one that was furthest from the sofa, so Theo assumed that one of the other rooms belonged to Noah’s roommate and the other one was a bathroom.

Noah opened the door to the balcony, which was surrounded by a wire mesh, common in a lot of older houses in Macau, “You can sit on that stool. There’s an ashtray on the floor over there,” he pointed at an ashtray that was somewhat hidden in the shadows and handed his pack of cigarettes to Theo, “Hold on to this for a second. I’ll just get us some beers.”

Theo sat down and placed both packs on his lap. There wasn’t much of a view from Noah’s house, just a couple of buildings and Theo hadn’t brought his phone along with him, so he watched as Noah headed to the kitchen. Noah grabbed two bottles of beer and a bottle opener, before picking up a stool that was folded up next to the TV and bringing it to the balcony to join Theo. Theo handed Noah his pack of cigarettes as soon as the other man had taken a seat beside him and thanked Noah for the beer.

“Super Bock?” Theo asked as he read the label of the beer, recalling how his friend Joel would always buy that brand of beer after doing an exchange year in Coimbra, “One of my friends loves Super Bock.”

“I bought it at Sunsco to try. It’s not bad, but I still prefer German beer. Prost,” Noah clinked his bottle against Theo’s, before drinking some of the liquid contained within the bottle. Theo took a sip of his own before taking a cigarette out of his pack and placing it between his lips to light it up.

“Can I?” Noah asked, pointing at the lighter, as soon as Theo had lit his cigarette. Theo handed it to him and watched as Noah did the same with one of his own cigarettes before handing the lighter back to Theo, “Thanks. We still haven’t decided on a wager for our cigarette bet.”

“No, we haven’t. You distracted me,” Theo teased.

“It takes two to tango,” Noah glanced at Theo, “I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw you at the club that first night.”

“I’d be a liar if I said that thought hasn’t crossed my mind a couple of times either,” Theo smiled, feeling completely at ease discussing those things with Noah after the things they had done to each other in the bedroom.

“Do you often do this with your Grindr dates?” Noah asked, a playful glimmer in his eyes.

“Well, I usually do more, but this was a lot better... Even if we didn’t go that far,” Theo took a puff from his cigarette, before letting the smoke out slowly, savoring the effects of the nicotine in his body.

“You riled me up too much. I wouldn’t have lasted that long anyway,” Noah gave Theo a small yet mischievous smile, “You definitely have a way with your hand, so I can only imagine how gifted you are at other things.”

Theo chuckled at Noah’s remark, “You’ll have to wait and see next time.”

“Looking forward to it,” Noah smirked at Theo, before looking taking a sip of his beer, “Are you more of a top or a bottom?”

“I haven’t really bottomed in a while,” Theo rubbed the back of his neck, “And you?”

“I honestly don’t mind either way, but I tend to prefer topping. Why haven’t you bottomed?” Noah seemed intrigued.

“I mean, it’s not that I don’t enjoy it. At first, it was because it reminded me too much of my ex, but recently... I don’t know. I guess, if the right person came along, I wouldn’t mind bottoming again,” Theo recalled his conversation with Liam and how he had become more open to the idea of bottoming, and as he looked at Noah, he couldn’t help but wonder how Noah would feel inside of him.

“That’s fair. I mean, I can also bottom, if you prefer to top,” Noah offered, making Theo smile. Theo watched as Noah exhaled a big smoke cloud and watched the smoke disperse and disappear, leaving behind a smokey haze. His eyes then lingered on Noah’s lips as he recalled the spark he had felt every time their lips had connected and when their hands had explored each other’s bodies just moments before. He’d had many casual lovers, but he had never felt the same kind of intense attraction to someone nor had he ever had that much chemistry in bed with anyone else, not even with Jason or with Liam. He wondered if Noah felt the same way.

“What?” Noah asked after noticing Theo’s gaze on his face.

“It’s nothing,” Theo looked away, not wanting to voice his real thoughts. Instead, he chose to change the topic, “Were you the one choosing the song and the choreography for your D2 performance?”

“Yeah, I thought it would be a hit with the ladies,” Noah smirked at Theo.

“Not just the ladies. I was definitely a fan,” Theo admitted with a flirtatious smile.

“I could tell. You definitely stood out to me in the crowd. I wasn’t lying about wanting to see you on the dance floor,” Noah seemed serious as he said those words, before taking one final puff from his cigarette and extinguishing it in the ashtray.

“It’s good that you ran into me on Saturday then,” Theo finished his cigarette as well, before taking a sip from his beer. He noticed Noah gazing at him, an amused look in his eyes.

“What is it?” Theo asked.

“I remember your face when I saw you in the bathroom at D2. You seemed shy,” Noah unashamedly stated.

“Seemed shy? Really?”

“Well, at least that time. I don’t really think you’re shy after tonight,” Noah playfully nudged Theo, who chuckled at the remark.

“I’m not usually that shy. I just didn’t expect you to talk to me,” Theo admitted.

“How come?” Noah appeared to be intrigued by Theo’s comment.

“I don’t know... I mean, you’re, like, really hot,” Noah smiled as he lightly shook his head at Theo’s compliment, “and your dance really turned me on, so I wasn’t sure how to react when you hit on me. I thought you were just naturally flirty and you did that to everyone.”

“Actually that night, I drank a little bit before I performed, so I was feeling extra daring. I usually don’t flirt with guys until I’ve had at least three or four beers,” Noah shrugged before drinking a bit of his beer.

“You’re kidding me, right? You seem like a naturally flirty person!” Theo’s eyebrows raised, as soon as he heard Noah’s confession.

“When I drink, definitely. I may be blunt, but I don’t really approach strangers and flirt with them until after a couple of drinks. Back in Germany, things were easy. Most guys I dated were friends of friends and I also met a lot of guys at parties, but here I haven’t partied as much. I used to when I first arrived, but then with work, things got busy...”

“You definitely seemed confident when I first saw you... So, now I know your secret,” Theo mischievously smirked at Noah, who chuckled at his remark. There was a brief lull in the conversation as both men drank their beers. Theo was wondering where he stood with Noah. The more he talked to the other man, the more he was falling for him and that frightened him. He wasn’t sure how to feel about the feelings Noah was generating within him. He decided to ask Noah a question that had been weighing on his mind ever since he had gone on the first date with the other man, “What are you looking for?”

“What do you mean?” Noah inquired, glancing at Theo.

“Like, are you looking for something casual, something serious?”

Noah’s expression instantly changed from his calm and peaceful post-coital demeanor to one of tension with an undertone of anxiety. He finished his beer in one final gulp before answering Theo’s question, “I don’t really know. I guess I just want to take one step at a time...”

Theo wasn’t quite sure what Noah had meant with his answer. From the somewhat vague answer, Theo had a feeling the other man was concealing some aspects of his life, which were holding him back from wanting something serious. If Noah had only been looking for something more casual, he wouldn’t feel the need to hide it. They were both consenting adults with needs, so there would be no problem in saying he was only after sex, but Noah’s answer left Theo wondering about the reasons why the other man had replied in that manner.

Before he could ask Noah any follow-up questions, Noah interrupted Theo’s line of thought by asking, “Anyway, I’m gonna get another beer. Do you want one?”

“Nah, I’m good. I have to be up early tomorrow for work,” Theo retorted as Noah stood up to retrieve another bottle of beer from the fridge. When Noah returned, he told Theo that he could crash there for the night if he wanted. And just like that, the previous conversation topic was dropped.

The two men carried on smoking and talking about some TV shows both of them enjoyed, some stories from Noah’s upbringing in Thailand and about Theo’s trips to the US, some funny situations that had happened at work and university as well as some oddly embarrassing hook-ups that had both men in stitches. After recovering from their burst of laughter as a result of a particularly funny sexual escapade described by Theo, Noah looked at Theo with an unreadable expression on his face.

“What’s up?” Theo asked. Noah glanced away before taking a puff from his cigarette, looking straight at the buildings in front of them, most of its residents already in bed and entering the land of dreams at that time of the night. The two men had been sitting on the balcony for almost two hours and Theo was beginning to feel sleepy.

“What’s your biggest regret?” Noah casually uttered before breathing out a dense cloud of smoke, twirling in an almost hypnotizing fashion, forming a thin veil that masked the dancer’s deepest secrets. Theo wondered if Noah’s biggest regret was the thing that was holding him back, but he decided he wouldn’t coax Noah into talking about it, choosing instead to wait for the other man to willingly share it with him, whenever he was ready to do so. He thought about what his biggest regret was and there was only really one thing that came to mind.

“I guess for me it was not having left my ex sooner. I wasn’t happy with him anymore and yet I stayed with him for years. I wish I had seen the red flags sooner and had left before becoming too bitter and cynical about relationships and love,” Theo responded after putting some thoughts into his words.

“Are you still cynical and bitter about love and relationships?” A myriad of emotions was swimming in Noah’s almond-shaped eyes, as he gazed back at the grey eyes of the man sitting beside him. Noah’s warm and enticing chocolate eyes would voice the emotions the dancer tried so hard to conceal in his words - a faint hint of yearning, a touch of fear of acting upon his desire, and a mysterious sense of pain that Theo couldn’t quite decipher.

And yet, the faint hint of yearning and desire he spotted offered Theo a little glimmer of hope that Noah felt something towards him.

“Not really,” Theo admitted before giving Noah a small smile and adding, “Recently, I’ve found some hope.”

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