Technicolor Daze

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Friday, March 21st, 2014

"Up for some late night fun?" Theo typed on his phone, trying to stumble upon some serendipitous after party invitation on Grindr. It was probably not the best idea, he thought as he took a sip from his third beer. It was 3 am on a Friday night, or rather early Saturday morning, and the D2 Club, a sinful haven for the wicked souls of the night, was filled to the brim with sweat glistening bodies, dancing amidst the cigarette smoke haze. Theo was one of those fallen angels, lascivious thoughts swimming in his mind as he engaged in drunk dirty talking on the gay dating app. At the rate he was drinking, unsolicited full-frontal nudity may become solicited.

The two-story venue was Theo’s nightclub of choice to indulge in sinful acts. Its flashy decoration and bright light beams were only a façade for the shady activities harbored within its walls. At the VIP Area, you could find rich Chinese patrons treating their friends and expats alike to an expensive list of drinks to show off their status, to give face. Close to the bar counter you would find an army of provocatively dressed golddiggers preying on young white men, hoping that they could be their ticket to a better life. On the stage you could see a line of girls displaying numbers on their bodies - one could only guess the questionable purpose for their performance onstage. It was definitely not a place Theo’s grandparents would approve of, but, for some reason, its unapologetic darkness appealed to him. He would occasionally visit it during Ladies Night when a lot of attractive young men would also grace the club with their presence. He was a young and single man after all.

Theo finished his fourth beer and set it on the bar table along with his phone before fishing out a cigarette and lighting up his contribution to the discotheque’s smoke-filled atmosphere. Staring at his phone, impatiently awaiting a reply, the broad-shouldered young man ran his fingers through his ash brown locks. He desperately needed a haircut. His hair was getting too long for his taste. His eyes glanced around the venue, lingering a bit on the stage, where a performance was about to take place. He was standing close to the bar counter, far away from his friends who were dancing close to the stage. Alice, his housemate, appeared to be missing from the group, which left Theo wondering about her whereabouts.

Thinking of the devil, Alice had suddenly appeared at his side. Her caramel skin was glistening with tiny sweat pearls, her curly ebony locks were bouncing on her shoulders and her smile shone as bright as the stage lights in the club. A dancing spell had been cast on her body, binding her with the ever-shifting melodies being dropped by the DJ. Theo sometimes wondered how his short friend managed to find the energy to dance all night at a club after a long day at work. She was the embodiment of the motto ‘work hard, play hard’. English teacher by day, party animal by night. She had just moved to Macau from the US to teach English when the two of them met at the Lion’s Bar at the MGM Hotel one night. That fateful encounter happened a couple of days after Theo graduated from university. Over the following five years, the two friends became inseparable and even decided to share an apartment.

“Come dance with us!” She yelled at Theo over the loud music as she drunkenly tried to grab onto his arms and pull him closer to the stage where she and some of her friends were dancing. Theo rolled his eyes but gave in to her request, as he extinguished the remainder of his cigarette in the ashtray and pocketed his phone.

Alice’s equally inebriated friends, Ivy, Yoyo, and Eric, were all moving to the rhythm of the electronic melody. Alice had met Ivy and Yoyo, two Macanese locals, on her nightly drunken adventures. They were the only people Theo knew that could keep up with Alice’s energy levels. Eric joined the group later, when he attempted to flirt with Theo one night, but ended up befriending Alice after being rejected multiple times by Theo. There was also another woman dancing next to Alice who Theo couldn’t recognize. A pixie-haired vixen with a face shaped like a heart wrapped her tan arm around Alice and blissfully beamed at her. The quirky retro outfit she was sporting caught Theo’s eye.

“Jamie, this is Theo, my housemate! Theo, Jamie!” Alice excitedly introduced the two unacquainted people, thereby answering Theo’s unspoken question. Jamie shyly waved at Theo who nodded in acknowledgment and was quickly swallowed into the energy of the group.

Moving his feet to the beat, he looked at the stage as a dancer stepped on it, about to commence his performance. Theo fished his phone from his pocket, along with another cigarette, to check if he had gotten a response. Sadly, the guy still hadn’t replied. Disappointed, Theo placed his phone back into his pocket and decided to give up on his search. He lit his cigarette up, as the performance on stage began. He could hear the beginning of the song playing and recognized it from the movie Magic Mike. As soon as his eyes flickered back to the stage, they were met by the dancer’s hypnotic and endearing hazelnut eyes. And just like that, any previous thoughts he had in his mind had vanished - he was completely entranced by the sight dancing before him.

I’m just a bachelor

I’m looking for a partner

Someone who knows how to ride

Without even falling off

The performer, bathed in the scarlet and violet hues of the light beams, had claimed the stage as his own, strutting his leather jacket and baggy denim pants onstage in a sultry yet manly fashion and grinding his hips into the air, while his hands roamed up his body. Theo’s eyes became a captive of the dancer’s effortlessly sensual movements, whose stare was alluring with a hint of mischief concealed behind the made-up face. Theo’s forgotten cigarette soon extinguished and dropped from his hand onto the dance floor.

Gotta be compatible

Takes me to my limits

Girl when I break you off

I promise that you won’t want to get off

Theo couldn’t take his eyes off the insanely attractive dancer on stage. The nameless performer ran his long fingers through his peaked deep brown hair, melting the hearts of the patrons with a piercing gaze and by occasionally biting his thick and luscious lips. Sharp angles contrasted with some rounder more delicate features - an interesting blend. He took off his jacket, revealing smooth tan skin and an athletic physique. As soon as that clothing article lay discarded on the floor, he winked at some ladies dancing in front of the stage, who whooped even louder with lust-filled eyes. Theo could relate to those women, as he was also eating the dancer up with his eyes. He stared at the young man’s striking facial features and prominent Adonis belt, as the performer moved his hips to the rhythm of the music, picturing how those same movements would feel up against his body.

If you’re horny let’s do it, ride it, my pony

My saddle’s waiting, come and jump on it

If you’re horny let’s do it, ride it, my pony

My saddle’s waiting, come and jump on it

When the first line of the chorus played, the dancer’s eyes met Theo’s for the first time and Theo knew he was doomed. Hook, line, and sinker. When the last line of the chorus played, the dancer placed his hand on top of his crotch, making Theo feel like the temperature in the club had increased and his pants felt constricting. The dancer smirked at him and kept his gaze fixed on Theo until the end of his performance, never once interrupting his seductive choreography. His movements were deliberate and smooth, oozing with sex appeal and confidence, which Theo sorely envied.

Unfortunately for him, the performance ended all too soon.

“Give it up for Noah!” Theo heard the DJ announce as the crowd went wild.

The dancer bowed in front of his patrons and stepped off the stage, before disappearing into the crowd. Theo was slightly perplexed by what had just happened and kept staring at the spot where the dancer had been swallowed by the crowd. He had never felt such an intense attraction to a perfect stranger. Was it really a spark that he felt or was he just feeling lustful? It had indeed been a while since he had gotten any action...

While he had been temporarily enchanted by the performance and lost in his concupiscent thoughts, he hadn’t even noticed that his friend, Alice, had gone missing. He looked around trying to find his short, curly-haired friend, but his search was to no avail.

“Hey, have you seen Allie?” Theo asked Ivy, who was dancing next to him.

“I don’t know. Maybe she went to grab another drink,” Ivy yelled back before carrying on with her dancing.

Theo left her side and went to look for his housemate. He walked over to the bar counter but couldn’t find Alice. He grabbed his phone and sent her a text asking her about her whereabouts. Suddenly, he felt an urge to pee, as the last two beers he had drunk were finally catching up to him, so he made his way to the toilet.

As Theo was washing his hands, he noticed someone stepping out of one of the stalls - the dancer, but this time wearing dark blue jeans and a lightweight grey crew neck shirt. The young performer stood in front of the lavatory next to him and used some wet wipes to clear the remaining make-up off his face. Once his face was bare from all of the cosmetics, the dancer noticed Theo looking at him. He smirked and ran his hands through his hair, before throwing the wet wipes into the trash. Theo wanted to say something to the dancer, but the words wouldn’t leave his lips. After admiring his reflection in the mirror, the performer faced Theo, his smirk still permeating his entire face.

“See you on the dancefloor, handsome,” he said in a husky voice, before giving Theo a wink and leaving him dumbstruck alone in the toilet. Theo soon followed after the dancer, but, once again, lost sight of the attractive young man amid the crowd.

“Fuck,” Theo muttered under his breath. He walked out of the bathroom and onto the dancer, keeping his eyes peeled for the tall attractive dancer. Noah, that’s his name, Theo thought. He wandered to the front of the dancefloor, close to the stage where Noah had performed just a couple of minutes before when he spotted Alice’s friends. Alice was still nowhere to be seen, so he checked his phone to see if she had replied. There was a new message notification on his phone.

"Spry I legt w.out telking u goin to Jamie’s. hv fun,” he read his friend’s drunk text. It hadn’t been the first time his friend had ditched him to get some action. He put the phone back in his pocket before looking around the club to see if he could spot the object of his desire. He wasn’t sure if the dancer was being serious, or if he was just a naturally flirty person.

Theo waited another seven or eight minutes, dancing along to the electronic beat with his friends, before deciding to leave the club. He had already given up on waiting for Noah any longer, as he hadn’t seen the dancer after leaving the bathroom and it had already been over ten minutes since then. Theo guessed that Noah must’ve just been a naturally flirty person towards his patrons but had no real intentions on fooling around with them and had already left the club. He quickly told Alice’s friends that she had already left and bid them farewell, before stepping outside of the club.

Once he was out of the AIA building, where the club was located, he embraced the slight breeze and fresh air after spending a couple of hours inside of a hazy and sweat-filled venue. He looked around to see if he could spot a taxi and noticed there was one approaching him, so he lifted his arm to hail it. After stepping into the cab and telling the driver his address, he looked out the window and saw the dancer stepping out of the building. As the taxi was driving off, the young performer glanced up and noticed Theo staring at him from within the taxi. The dancer smiled at him, unleashing a flurry of warm sensations within the chest of the dancer’s admirer, as he slowly became a small dot in the distance.

As Theo watched the bright lights of the city that never sleeps fly past him, his thoughts kept drifting back to the performance he had witnessed on stage that night as well as the interaction that took place in that dark toilet. Who was that man and why was he so attracted to him? Theo knew he would have to return to the nightclub some other time to get some answers, but, for the time being, he would have to content himself with reveries of those mischievous hazelnut eyes.

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