Technicolor Daze

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Saturday, May 17th, 2014

For the next two hours, they drank the bottle of wine, listened to music, danced, laughed, and shared a couple of kisses before it was time to head to D2. Although they’d been tempted to take things further than kissing multiple times, they held back as they would head to the nightclub a bit earlier, so that Noah could spend some time with Theo and his friends before the club got busy and he had to go backstage to get ready for his performance. Had they not restrained themselves, they would’ve bailed on those plans completely.

They arrived at the discotheque fairly early. It wasn’t even midnight, so the club was essentially almost empty. The music wasn’t as loud as it was when the club got busy, so they could hear each other without shouting. Noah had to use the toilet and drop his costume backstage, so Theo decided to head to the bar counter and order beers while he waited for Noah to return. He didn’t recognize the bartender on duty that night and Joshua was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps it was his day off... Theo wondered.

As soon as the bartender set the two bottles of beer on the counter, Theo paid for the drinks and thanked the bartender before sending Alice a message, letting her know they’d arrived at the club. It didn’t take long until he got a reply.

“Almost there. Be there in 5.”

He replied with a quick, “Ok,” before feeling a hand on his waist.

“Oh, is this beer for me?” Noah asked, surprising Theo with his sudden appearance.

“Uh, yeah. I didn’t know what you wanted to drink, so I thought beer would be a safe bet,” Theo smiled as he handed Noah one of the bottles.

“Can’t go wrong with beer! Prost!” They clinked their beers together before drinking.

“So, what time are you performing tonight?” Theo asked.

“At 2:30 am. I’m one of the first performances tonight once the club is starting to get busy,” Noah fished a cigarette out of his pack and offered Theo, who accepted it, before taking one out for himself.

“Do you always perform the same song and dance?” Theo couldn’t contain his curiosity.

“I like to change things up every so often. The song I’ll perform tonight is fairly new. I came up with it just this week at the dance studio, so you’ll get to watch a different performance,” he winked at Theo.

“Ooo so I’m getting a special show tonight? What song are you dancing to?”

“Now that would just spoil the surprise, don’t you think.”

“I don’t mind spoilers.”

“Good things come to those who wait,” Theo playfully glared at him, making Noah laugh. Before Theo could retort, Noah leaned close to Theo’s ear and whispered in a deep raspy voice, “And something extra special for those who wait until the end.”

Shivers of pleasure went up Theo’s spine as Noah gave him a mischievous smirk before taking a puff from his cigarette. What a fucking tease, Theo thought.

“Hey!” Theo turned around and saw Alice and Jamie.

“Hey,” Theo looked at Noah, “Noah, this is my flatmate Alice and her girlfriend Jamie,” then he looked at Alice, “and girls, this is Noah.”

“I’ve heard so much about you from Theo so it’s nice to finally meet you, Noah,” Alice stood on her tippy toes to kiss Noah in the cheek, “You can just call me Allie.”

“Nice to meet you too, Allie. And Jamie,” Noah gave both girls a shy but friendly grin.

Jamie, who was more reserved than her paramour, just waved her hand and gave Noah a small smile, “Nice to meet you.”

“Hold on a second, I’ll just get us some drinks. What do you wanna drink?” Alice asked Jamie.

“I’ll have a tequila sunrise, babe,” Jamie ran her fingers through Alice’s hair as she gave her partner a loving gaze.

“Ooo I like that. I might go for that too,” she called the bartender over and ordered two tequila sunrises and four shots of vodka.

“Four shots?” Theo asked his friend.

“Yeah, this first round is on me!”

“Do you seriously wanna get wrecked this early on?”

“Theo dearest, this is just the warm-up. The night is still young,” the bartender placed the drinks in front of her and she paid for her drinks, “Thank you. And here you go guys.”

She handed everyone a shot before toasting, “To Noah and to a fun night!”

After that first shot, the group ordered a couple of drinks before dancing along to the beat, relishing in the fact that the club was mostly empty, giving them enough space to move freely to the electronic melodies. Alice and Jamie asked Noah a couple of questions about his job at D2 and his interest in dancing and Alice and Noah bonded over some famous dancers Theo and Jamie weren’t aware of. Theo could tell the two had hit it off and Noah looked noticeably more at ease.

Soon the club was filling up and the group of friends decided to drink another round of shots, before Noah stated, “I’m taking a break from drinks until I perform. Can’t really get too wasted before I go onstage.”

“Good call,” Theo ordered a beer for himself before walking back onto the dance floor with his friends and Noah.

It was almost time for Noah’s performance. Theo was curious to hear what song Noah would dance along to. He was also excited to watch another performance of the dancer who had bewitched him.

Half an hour before his performance, Noah leaned his head towards Theo’s ear to utter over the sound of the heavy bass, “I gotta go get changed for my performance.”

Theo nodded his head before leaning his head towards Noah’s ear, “Can’t wait to see you up on stage.” Noah smirked at Theo’s comment and gave the other man a brief but passionate kiss before heading backstage to get changed.

Alice approached Noah and said, “I really like Noah! He seems like a keeper!”

“I really like him too. Fuck, I’m whipped,” Theo could feel the alcohol affecting him.

“Yeah, you are, but I can see why,” Alice gave Theo a knowing smile, earning a blissfully tipsy grin from her friend.

Theo danced along with Alice and Jamie to the tunes of DJ Camila, as they waited for Noah’s performance. By the time Noah was about to perform, the club was packed. Theo was distracted, moving to the beat, so time flew by and soon he heard the music quiet down and saw the lights focusing on the stage.

His eyes looked up to the stage and he saw Noah shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of white flowy pants. He was looking down at the floor, so his face was hidden in the shadow of the stage light as an unfamiliar tune began to play. As he looked up and faced the patrons of the club, Theo noticed how Noah had makeup on, highlighting his features even more, and his gaze exuded a different emotion from the first performance Theo had witnessed. Instead of the sultry confidence and the Magic Mike song, Noah had opted for a slow pulsing electronic melody and an almost vulnerable and longing look.

Pedaling through

The dark currents

I find

An accurate copy

A blueprint

Of the pleasure

In me

A secret code carved, a secret code carved

The slow and elegant contemporary moves seemed effortless, but Theo could tell that Noah had practiced a lot to get the whole routine just right. The steps were carefully thought out and timed perfectly with the melody, conveying a sense of peaceful bliss before the storm.

He offers

A handshake


Five fingers

They form a pattern

Yet to be matched

Just like with the first performance Theo witnessed, Noah’s movements were still smooth and sensual, but they told a different story. The first dance was almost like a mating call, just a peacock flaunting his feathers, trying to attract a willing partner. But the dance Theo was observing onstage was very different.

On the surface simplicity

But the darkest pit in me

It’s pagan poetry

Pagan poetry

Noah was showing Theo his inner demons, the internal battle raging within him - two contrasting emotions battling for dominance. Ardent longing emanated from his velvety chocolate eyes, but his carefully rehearsed steps told a story of a person repressing his deepest desires. His heart and his head were at a permanent stalemate.

Morse coding signals

They pulsate and wake me up

From my hibernating

Noah’s body flowed like water on the stage, its currents shifting with the emotions he was portraying. Serene and blissful when he seemed to almost surrender to the love he so desperately wanted to grasp. Agitated and fast when hit with the waves of fear and shame.

On the surface simplicity

But the darkest pit in me

It’s pagan poetry

Pagan poetry

Theo was witnessing something that transcended the typical nightclub dance - almost as if observing a work of art. Noah was baring his soul to Theo and to the other patrons of the club, equally as enchanted by the dancer’s performance as Theo was. But when Noah connected his gaze with Theo after the second chorus, Theo knew that Noah was performing it for him.

I love him, I love him

I love him, I love him...

To Noah, it was as if Theo was the only person in that club at that very moment. His gaze was drawing Theo in, inviting him to see all of him, as he breathlessly finished his dance. It was him. All of him.

It was at that precise moment Theo knew he wanted to give all of himself to Noah.

And then the performance was over and Noah bowed to the crowd before DJ Kamila turned her sound back up and Noah walked off the stage.

“Wow, he dances so well!” Alice suddenly commented, reminding Theo that he had company. He had been so entranced by Noah’s performance that he’d almost forgotten his surroundings and his friends’ presence.

“He does,” Theo’s eyes followed Noah as he walked down steps that lead to the dance floor before turning to his friend, “Wait a sec.”

Theo couldn’t wait any longer, he slipped through the crowd, heading towards Noah. Noah’s feet had just touched the dance floor when his eyes found Theo’s. “Hey! What did you-?”

Before Noah could finish his question, Theo grasped the back of Noah’s neck and ravenously kissed his lover. Noah’s performance had him possessed, desperately seeking the other man’s touch, his warmth, the angles and curves of his body, the musky citrusy scent that intoxicated him, those addictively delicious lips, the way he moaned profanities in German into Theo’s ear - he wanted all of it.

He wanted all of Noah.

Theo pulled away to look at Noah, wanting to take in the sight of the man his heart craved with every fiber of its being. His pulse increased. Noah chuckled lightly, still feeling breathless after the kiss. His eyes glimmered as he looked at Theo with a playful grin, “Someone is feisty tonight.”

“Do you have to stay much longer?” Theo asked, his voice raspy and equally out of breath.

“Just gotta get changed and tell my boss I’m leaving,” Noah said, before pecking Theo’s lips again, “Why?”

“Wanna leave once you’ve done that? We could go to my place,” Theo wanted to relinquish control for once. He wanted to give himself to this man who had displayed his heart on the stage for him to see.

“Sure, let me just get changed. I won’t be long,” Noah went in for another kiss, being a bit more assertive and leaving Theo wanting more when he suddenly broke away with a mischievous grin and made his way towards the backstage area.

Theo walked back to the area where Alice and Jamie were dancing. They were standing by the bar counter with drinks in their hands, swaying to the electronic beats.

“Hey, guys. Just waiting for Noah and then we’re heading off.”

“So soon? The night’s just started!” Alice whined. She then noticed Theo’s ruffled appearance, “Oh, I see. You’re ditching us to get laid.”

“So what if I am? You guys ditch me all the time to get laid,” Jamie chuckled at the comment, but Alice simply ignored it as she called the bartender over and yelled out her order of three shots of tequila.

“Well, we’re going to stay and party, so the apartment is all yours for a couple of hours, but before you go, we’re going to have a shot together.”

“Fine, but this is my last drink,” Theo was actually glad his friend had ordered a shot. He was feeling a bit nervous about wanting to bottom for Noah and he knew the shot would help ease the anxiety.

Once they had downed their shots, Alice grabbed Theo and Jamie’s arms and dragged them to the dance floor to move to the beat as Theo waited for Noah. It didn’t take him long to show up behind Theo and raspily whisper in his ear, “I’m ready now. Wanna head out?”

Theo turned around and nodded at Noah, who had removed the makeup and switched to his normal attire, before bidding Alice and Jamie good night. Noah does the same before he slips his hand into Noah’s and drags him out of the hazy nightclub. They rushed down the escalators, desperate to get out of the building and get to Theo’s place.

The next fifteen minutes were a bit of a blur. A cab had luckily appeared shortly after they left the building, they gave the driver the address, they struggled to keep their hands to each other as they made out on the backseat of the taxi, earning the occasional glare from the driver.

It was all quite thrilling for Theo. He felt like a reckless teenager again, doing something naughty and not caring about what society thinks.

Once they got to Theo’s building, Noah pressed the button to call the elevator. Theo looked at the man standing beside him, recalling his performance earlier at the club. Noah had seemed like a completely different person. Like a wounded angel who had been hiding his scars in bandages for so long and was finally willing to bare them all for Theo to see.

“Your performance tonight was a work of art,” Theo uttered his thoughts, glancing breathlessly at Noah before the elevator doors opened. Noah blushed slightly and bit his bottom lip as he watched Theo step into the elevator, following shortly after him.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Noah pushed Theo against one of the walls and roughly kissed the other man. Dominant. Craving Theo. Wanting to get lost in his body. Grinding his hips against Theo’s, their hardened members brushing against one another, wanting to break free from the confines of the pants.

Doors opened. Theo fumbled with his keys, trying to open his door as Noah peppered his neck with kisses and brushed his crotch with his hand. You fucking tease, Theo thought just as he finally managed to open the door. Once inside, Noah backed Theo up into his room, his kisses dominant in a way Theo had never experienced before. Almost as if Noah could sense Theo’s desire to relinquish control and feel all of Noah - a craving that had slowly been building within him and that culminated at the moment when he felt like he’d finally seen all of Noah on the stage that night.

Noah pushed Theo onto his bed before taking his shirt off. Theo followed Noah’s lead and pulled his shirt off before throwing it off the bed. Noah kneeled on the bed and undid his lover’s pants’ button and fly, before pulling them down along with Theo’s boxer briefs, shoes and socks.

“You’re really fucking sexy. I couldn’t take my eyes off you when I was on stage.”

Noah’s eyes were ravenously roaming across Theo’s body, as he slipped his own shoes, pants, and underwear off. Theo’s cheeks were blushing at Noah’s compliment as he gazed at the bewitching man stripping in front of him. Biting his already swollen lips.

Theo took in the body that he had been exploring those last couple of weeks. Always discovering new ways to elicit a reaction from Noah, hear new stories about his scars and his youthful misadventures, new ways of connecting and experiencing each other’s bodies. He’d seen Noah’s flaws and imperfections. He’d seen his lover at his most vulnerable.

But to Theo, Noah was still the most beautiful soul he’d ever met.

“Nor could I. Ever since the first time I saw you on stage.”

Noah brought his body down, leaning above Theo. “I guess that makes two of us,” he whispered raspily before pressing his lips against Theo’s.

Theo could feel Noah’s arousal pressing against him, his own lustful desires taking over his mind, but before he let it go too far, he pulled away and told Noah, “I want... I want you to fuck me.”

Noah’s pupils were dilated as he gazed down at Theo, “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Theo pressed his lips against Noah’s, reassuring the other man of his decision.

Bodies entwined, their souls were in sync as their lips and hands eagerly explored each other’s bodies. Noah slowly began to kiss his way down Theo’s body before focusing his attention on the engorged member between Theo’s legs. Noah kissed his way up to the head before taking all of Theo in. Theo couldn’t help but lift his hips off the bed, wanting to feel more of Noah, but Noah placed his hand on Theo’s lower abs, gently commanding him to stay still.

The last couple of years Theo hadn’t allowed himself to lose control, always wanting to be more dominant, but with Noah taking the lead at that very moment, he finally wanted to relinquish control. He felt like he could be free with Noah.

Noah stopped before allowing Theo to get too close to his climax, wanting to edge the man a little bit, making Theo groan and ask Noah to not stop. But Noah moved down a bit and Theo felt something he had never felt before. Jason had never rimmed Theo in the years they dated - he’d always been grossed out by the idea -, so when Theo felt Noah’s tongue licking up and down his perineum before circling around his puckered hole, he was pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoyed it. His moans urged Noah to carry on, relaxing Theo further, preparing him for what was to come.

Noah then stopped and reached for the bottle of lube and a condom. He slipped the condom on, before slathering it with some lube and looking at Theo.

“We’ll go at your rhythm. I’ll take it slow at first,” Noah said, gazing caringly at Theo as he positioned himself between Theo’s legs. Noah was slightly anxious, as Noah was fairly well endowed, but he decided to focus on Noah’s reassuring warm eyes instead.

Noah kept his gaze fixed on Theo’s, guiding the breath of the man lying beneath him by setting a steady breathing pace for Theo to follow, grounding him. It helped keep Theo’s body relaxed and push through the initial discomfort.

Once he had grown adjusted to Noah’s size, he said, “Okay, you can move now.”

Noah began to slowly thrust into Theo, gazing down at his lover, enjoying the sight of Theo moaning and writhing underneath him when he finally found his prostate. Theo kept grasping onto Noah’s body, wanting to feel him closer, deeper, their bodies in synchronicity, Theo’s limbs tangled in Noah’s, Noah’s hand working on Theo’s hardened member as his pace increased, their breath fanning into each other’s face, dirty whispers into each other’s ears, their lips silencing each other’s moans and grunts, as they attempted to create a painting of pure surrender to their intense connection on Theo’s sheets.

A beautiful work of art.

Shrouded in lust, Noah’s warm chocolate eyes were dark and emanated dominance, as he relished in Theo’s reactions, having never seen that side of his lover. The way Theo’s cheeks were flushed, his member leaking, his lips parted and swollen, inviting Noah to kiss him and touch him, as he slowly was approaching his climax - Noah wanted to capture that moment and frame it in his mind.

To Noah, he looked beautiful. So beautiful it almost scared him how much he’d grown to care about someone who’d been a mere stranger just two months prior. He tried to fight it at first, but it was a pointless battle and he knew it.

He’d known it from the start, from the moment their eyes had connected at D2 on a cold day in March.

Noah knew Theo wasn’t the only one surrendering himself to him, he knew it was only a matter of time before he fully surrendered himself to Theo. He wanted to, but he feared the shadows of his recent past - one that could potentially ruin the beautiful piece he and Theo were creating together.

But as he saw Theo’s face when he came undone, he knew his fate was sealed.

He needed to face his fear to get what he wanted.

And he wanted Theo.

He really wanted Theo.

Theo held onto Noah’s body, his body shaking as he rode out his orgasm as Noah moaned into his neck, coming just moments after Theo, hugging Theo’s body tightly.

Noah’s body collapsed on top of Theo’s as both men caught their breath and came down from their high. Noah slid off Theo’s body and laid down beside him, still holding on tightly to Theo, clinging onto that moment of bliss, fearful of letting go, as he didn’t want to face the implications of his realization.

Theo was soaring in the skies, having also felt the same intense connection as Noah. They just lied next to each other silently, trying to process what had just happened.

Theo was the first to break the silence, “Wow, I forgot how much I enjoyed bottoming. That was amazing.”

Noah chuckled and gazed at Theo, “Glad you enjoyed it. That was phenomenal!”

Theo glanced back at Noah, “Thank you. Really.”

“For what?” Noah asked before yawning, feeling post-coital sleepiness.

“For being attentive and going at my pace. Bottoming used to trigger some bad memories for me, but with you,” he smiled softly at the man beside him, “I felt completely at ease.”

Noah smiled back, feeling his heart skip a beat, “Well, I wasn’t expecting that you would ask me to fuck you, but I really enjoyed it, especially ’cause I could see how much you were enjoying it.”

Theo’s toes curled a little as he felt flurries in his stomach. He tightened his grip around the man who cuddled up against him, wanting to just stay with Noah in that blissful serene moment, and yet, at the same time, he couldn’t help but be curious at how open Noah was being with him. He looked over at his lover again and noticed that Noah’s eyes were closed.

“Noh?” Noah opened one of his eyes at the nickname Theo had given him.

“Noh?” His voice was raspy, already half asleep.

“Yeah, can I call you that?”

“Mhmm. I like Noh. What’s up?” He closed his eyes again.

“What inspired you to choose that Björk song?”

Noah took his time replying to Theo’s loaded question. By the time he answered, Theo almost thought that Noah had already fallen asleep.

“It reminded me of you.”

Theo’s heart raced after hearing those five words.

Calm down, heart, Theo thought, speechless at how one man’s words had had such an effect on him. As much as Theo wanted to ask Noah what he meant with the song reminding him of Theo, he didn’t get to ask any more questions that night as, shortly after, Noah wandered off to the realm of dreams.

And though he still didn’t know what he and Noah were exactly, Theo’s heart was full.

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