Technicolor Daze

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A/N: This chapter contains a lot of dialogue in different languages. In the end, you will find a glossary with the translations.

Friday, May 30th, 2014

“Are you on your way?” Theo heard Noah’s voice through the receiver as he walked back home after a long day at work. After taking two days off at the start of the week, he was still catching up on the work he missed.

“Yeah, what time are we going over to your parents’?” Theo asked.

Noah was waiting for him at his place. After the events that had taken place the previous weekend, he decided to take the whole week off from work. He’d called his friend from the dance school to tell her that some personal issues had come up and he needed some time to work on his mental health. He also got his colleague at D2 to take his shifts for the week. His boss at the bookstore was less understanding, but Noah had had too much on his mind the entire week to even worry about the possibility of losing that job.

He’d spent the week over at Theo’s after Theo had asked if he wanted to. Although Noah didn’t admit it out loud, he felt better when he was around Theo, so he accepted the offer. Theo talked to Alice and asked if she didn’t mind spending a few days at Jamie’s. He didn’t reveal any details of what had happened, but he said that Noah needed him at that moment and he wanted Noah to be as comfortable as he could be. Alice was a bit concerned about Noah but was fine about spending the week at Jamie’s. She’d been planning on doing it anyway.

After their hike on Tuesday, Noah called his mom to let her know that he would go to their place for dinner on Friday and mentioned that he would bring someone along. Theo was nervous about meeting Noah’s family, but he wanted to be there for Noah when he shared what had happened with his parents.

“Mom said that dinner would be ready at 8,” Noah answered.

“I should get home in, like, fifteen minutes. I’m at the Carmo Garden now,” Theo said, “I just need to shower and get dressed and we can go.”

“Okay,” Noah’s voice seemed nervous.

“How are you feeling?” Theo felt bad having to leave Noah alone at home, but he couldn’t take more than two days off all of a sudden. Noah had been understanding and spent more of the day sleeping as he’d had trouble sleeping the last few nights, feeling anxious about the dinner at his parents’.

“Nervous as fuck,” Noah breathed out.

“Take a deep breath,” Theo heard Noah inhaling deeply and then doing a long exhale before adding, “They’re your parents and they only want what’s best for you, so everything will be okay. And I’ll be there for you.”

“I know... I just... How do I even begin to explain it to them?” Noah seemed to be pacing around the house.

“Just tell them the truth. And if you can’t tell them everything, you don’t have to. Just tell them what you feel comfortable with sharing. Take breaks if you need to, grab my hand if you need to. You can even squeeze it tightly,” Theo playfully added. Noah chuckled at the last suggestion.

“You know exactly what to say to calm me down, Theo. Thank you,” Noah uttered and Theo just wanted to dash home to see Noah in person and hug him.

“Anytime,” Theo smiled as he said that.

“By the way can you buy some cigarettes and six bottles of beer on the way? I’ll pay you once you get here,” Noah asked.

“Sure, I’ll stop in at 7-eleven. I should be home in ten,” Theo fished a cigarette from his pocket to smoke on the way.

“Okay, I’ll just take a shower. See you in a bit,” Noah said.

“See ya,” Theo hung up and lit up his cigarette.

As he smoked he thought about the last few days. Even though the circumstances were unfortunate, Theo was enjoying having Noah stay at his place. Although they hadn’t kissed or touched each other since the events that had taken place on Sunday, after their hike, Theo knew how Noah felt and was willing to be there for him and wait for him to get better. He also felt much closer to the brunette man, who had taken off his mask and bared all of his wounds and scars for Theo to see. And though he was basking on Noah’s company, he wanted nothing more than to take his pain away and see him happy.

He bought the cigarettes and beers Noah had requested as well as a pack of cigarettes for himself and headed home. When he arrived home, Noah had already showered and was sitting on his bed fully dressed tapping his feet and fiddling with his hands, a nervous tick of his. He glanced up when he heard Theo arrive, “Hey.”

“Hey,” Theo presented the bag with the cigarettes and beers, “Here’s your stuff.”

“Thanks,” Noah got up and walked up to Theo to grab his bag, “Wanna join me on the balcony for a smoke and a beer?”

“A beer now?” Theo asked, slightly concerned.

“I’m way too nervous. I need something to relax a bit but just one,” Noah said, grabbing two of the beer bottles before placing the remaining bottles in the fridge.

“Sure, I’ll join you, but let me just take a quick shower. I just need five minutes,” Theo said as he headed into his bedroom to grab a fresh towel.

“Okay, I’ll be on the balcony.”

Theo checked the time and they still had about an hour and a half until they had to be at Noah’s parents’ place, which wasn’t too far from Theo’s building. He took a quick shower and styled his hair before putting his briefs on and joined Noah on the balcony. Noah glanced at him when he saw Theo fishing a cigarette out of his pack. He opened Theo’s beer bottle and handed it to Theo along with his lighter

“Thanks,” Theo said as he accepted the beer and lit up his cigarette before taking a puff. He noticed Noah’s eyes roaming his body. Theo couldn’t help but tease Noah to lighten the mood, “Enjoying the view?”

Noah rolled his eyes but a tiny smirk appeared on his lips, “I mean what do you expect me to look at when you’re only wearing briefs. You know I find you attractive as fuck.”

“Don’t worry. Because it’s you, I’ll let you enjoy the view,” Theo winked at Noah, who chuckled, before drinking some of the beer and leaning against the rail of the balcony.

The two men smoked and drank quietly on the balcony, watching the sun setting on the horizon. Theo noticed that Noah kept fiddling with his fingers and nails, still feeling nervous about the dinner.

“What’s on your mind?” Theo asked.

“Well, aside from not really looking forward to telling my parents that I was blackmailed into having sex with a guy for months?” Noah bit back sarcastically, clearly stressed out about the situation, “Sorry, I shouldn’t really be lashing out at you. It’s just that...aside from all of that, I’ve never introduced my parents to someone I’m seeing. I don’t even know what to call us at this point, but this is not how I pictured I would be introducing someone I’m interested in to my parents...”

“If it makes you feel better, you can introduce me as your friend,” Theo offered.

“My mom will see right through me. It isn’t exactly a secret that I really like you. I’ve mentioned you to my mom,” Noah shyly admitted.

“Have you?” Theo smiled.

“Yeah... My mom sees right through me, so I had to work extra hard to conceal... what happened from her. But I didn’t exactly keep you a secret. She noticed that I suddenly seemed cheerier and asked if I was seeing someone,” Noah revealed.

“Oh,” Theo didn’t really know what to say to that. They stood silently next to each other for a while as Theo let that sink in. He then recalled how he’d mentioned Noah to his parents, “I also told my mom and dad about you.”

“Really?” Noah asked, curious all of a sudden. Theo nodded. “What did you tell them?”

“I told them I was seeing someone I really liked but that we hadn’t really made anything official. My sister actually told me to talk to you and tell you how I feel ’cause I was too much of a wuss,” Theo admitted with a shy smile.

Noah gazed at Theo with a pensive look, before drinking some beer and looking down at the view, “I knew how you felt. I’ve known for a while even before you told me last week. I felt so guilty about hiding... that from you when all I wanted was to tell you how I felt too... but it just didn’t seem fair to you... And I tried to keep my distance. I really did. I tried to be busy, I tried to avoid talking to you, but I just couldn’t,” Noah glanced up to look at Theo in the eyes, “Ever since I met you, I’ve been longing to spend every minute I can with you. I just can’t stay away.”

Theo’s heart started beating so fast as soon as he heard Noah’s words. He wanted to kiss Noah so badly, but he knew it would be best to let him take the initiative. Instead, he just whispered, “I couldn’t even stay away if I tried.”

They stood silently finishing their beers on the balcony, both men lost in their own thoughts after the words they’d exchanged. Noah broke the silence when he fished two cigarettes out of this pack, placed one between his lips, and offered the other one to Theo, who accepted it. After lighting his cigarette, he handed Theo the lighter and said, “I hope I can meet your family one day. They seem great from what you’ve told me.”

Theo looked up at Noah and saw that he was smiling shyly at him. His heart warmed at the idea of introducing Noah to his family, “Definitely. They’d love to meet you.”

After they finished their beers and cigarettes, Theo got dressed and they both finished getting ready before leaving the apartment and heading to Noah’s parents’ place. It was only a short eight-minute walk, so it didn’t take them long to reach the entrance of the building.

As Theo was about to step closer to the entrance, he noticed Noah hadn’t moved and was still looking at the entrance with fear and anxiety lingering in his stare. Theo walked back to Noah’s side and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I just... I don’t know if I can do this. Like, how the fuck can I even tell them about it? What if they...” Noah’s breathing had sped up and he was panicking a bit.

“What if they what?” Theo asked, trying to understand Noah’s fear.

“What if they find me disgusting? What if they don’t look at me the same way?” Noah looked at Theo, his eyes pleading for some reassurance.

Theo stretched his hand out, offering it to Noah, “Can I hold your hand?”

Noah nodded and Theo held his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze, “They are your parents. They’ll want to see you happy and protect you. They won’t stop loving you because of that, okay? You were a victim and I’m sure they’ll be there to support you during this hard time. And I’m here for you too, so take a deep breath and say ‘I can do this’.”

Noah took a deep breath, gripping Theo’s hand tightly, and whispered to himself, “I can do this,” before relaxing a bit, looking straight ahead at the intercom of the building.

“Ready?” Theo asked and Noah nodded, wordlessly taking a step forward, not letting go of Theo’s hand.

Noah hesitantly raised his hand to press the button of 7D on the intercom. His hand was shaking slightly, but he managed to press it and let it ring for a bit.

“Hello?” A soft female voice through the speaker.

"Mae, bpen pom krap," Noah spoke softly into the intercom system.

“Noah! Khao maa si pra tuu poet yuu," Noah’s mom answered just as they heard the building door unlocking.

"Kob khun krap, mae," Noah replied before opening the door for Theo.

They stepped in and Noah clicked on the button to call the elevator. Both of the elevators were on the 20th and 15th floors, so they would take a while. As they waited for the elevator, Theo said, “Have I told you that I love hearing you speak in Thai?”

Noah laughed and said, “Multiple times.”

“Well, I really do. Not sure if I prefer to hear you speak in Thai or in German. You sound really sexy when you speak in either one of those languages,” Theo winked at Noah, trying to distract him from. anxious thoughts. Noah chuckled, so it appeared to be working.

The elevator arrived and they stepped in. As it was going up, Theo suddenly realized he didn’t know how to address Noah’s parents.

“Noh,” Noah looked at Theo, “What should I call your mom and dad?”

Noah thought a bit before answering, “You can call my mom mae and my dad Mr. Eichwald.”

"Mae? Isn’t that mom?” Theo was confused about why he should address Noah’s mom in that manner.

“It’s pretty common in Thai to call your friend’s or partner’s moms mae. It’s more respectful and less distant than our formal address. My dad will then tell you if he prefers the formal or informal address,” Noah explained.

“What are your parents’ names?” Theo asked.

“My mom’s given name is Pensri, but everyone calls her Woon, and my dad is Stefan,” Noah said.

“Woon? Why does everyone call her Woon? Sounds very different from Pensri...” Theo wondered out loud.

“Thai people generally get given a nickname at birth and people use the nickname more than the actual given name. Woon actually means cloud in English,” Noah explained before asking, “What about your parents?”

“Woon, that’s a pretty cool name! My mom’s called Lily and my dad is Nathan,” Theo said just as they reached the ninth floor. He’d successfully kept Noah’s mind off the imminent anxiety-inducing conversation.

“Your parents’ names are also nice. And we’re here,” Noah stepped out of the elevator and turned left. Theo followed after him.

Once they were standing in front of the door with 7D at the top, Noah rang the doorbell. It didn’t take long before a tall blonde man opened the door. Noah definitely took after his dad, particularly in terms of height and his facial features. The biggest differences were the color of his hair and eyes, as his dad had blue eyes and blonde hair.

"Hallo, Papa,” Noah greeted his father.

"Noah, komm mal rein. Deine Mama kocht gerade,” Noah’s father answered warmly before hugging Noah. He then let go of his son and turned to Theo, asking Noah, ”Ist das dein Freund?”

“Papa, this is Theo. He doesn’t speak German or Thai though, so we’ll have to speak in English,” Noah explained.

“Oh, that’s fine! Hello, Theo. Nice to meet you,” Noah’s father stretched his hand out to shake Theo’s. He had a thicker accent than Noah, but his English was still impeccable.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Eichwald,” Theo shook Stefan’s hand.

“Oh please, call me Stefan,” he said with a kind smile.

“Noah, luuk,” a petite lady with long black locks and big brown eyes stepped out of the kitchen.

"Wadee krap, mae," Noah pressed his palms together in a prayer-like fashion and did a slight bow as he greeted his mom, “This is my friend, Theo. He doesn’t speak Thai or German, so we’ll have to speak in English.”

"Sawadee krap, mae,” Theo copied Noah’s greeting, doing the traditional Thai greeting. He’d been to Thailand so he knew that greeting and word for ‘hello’.

“Oh, so polite! Sawadee kha, Theo. Nice to meet you,” Woon also had a thick accent, but unlike Stefan, her accent was definitely a Thai accent.

“Pleased to meet you too, mae,” Theo felt a bit awkward calling Noah’s mom ‘mae’ as he’d just met her.

“Come in, come in. The food is ready! Just take your shoes off first,” Woon said as she gestured for Noah and Theo to step into the living room.

They took their shoes off and walked down the short hallway into the living room, going past the kitchen, from where the delicious scent of spicy Thai food was emanating. The apartment wasn’t very big, but the Eichwalds had a huge balcony with a lot of pots and plants. Theo spotted some fresh chilies and herbs. The living room was a reflection of the cultural background of the family, featuring decorative items from both Thailand as well as Germany. The decor was subdued and flowed elegantly together - which was clearly Woon’s doing, as the living room looked picture perfect. The walls were covered in photographs, which Theo assumed were taken by Woon.

As Noah and Stefan set the table, Theo had a closer look at the photos. Two of the photos were portraits of Noah when he was younger as well as one of the family all together when Noah was still a kid. Theo loved seeing the photos of when Noah was younger. There were also a few dramatic photos of landscapes as well as a few interesting photos of curious situations.

“Wasn’t he just the cutest thing?” Woon appeared behind Theo. She’d noticed Theo looking at one of Noah’s smiling portraits when he was a child.

“Very adorable indeed,” he then moved his gaze towards one of Noah as a teenager. Noah looked attractive even in his teen years. Theo wondered how he’d never seen Noah at school. Would he have had a crush on Noah, if he’d met him back in school? As he looked closely at the photo, he was sure he would’ve. Noah was just his type, even back then.

Lastly, his eyes landed on one photo in particular which presented an interesting contrast between two very different people - a poor girl carrying a raggedy barbie doll, her eyes brimming with innocence and naivety, and a lady of the night watching the little girl with an amused expression on her face, despite her cynical and nihilistic gaze.

“Do you like this photo?” Woon asked Theo, who simply nodded, being mesmerized by the composition and timing of the photo, “This one was taken by Noah. I really liked it and had it framed.”

“Noah took this one?” Theo was shocked.

“Yeah. He asked me if he could use my camera one day when we were in Thailand on vacation and I let him use one of my 35mm cameras. He has a good eye just like his mama,” Woon smiled at Theo.

"Mae, Theo, Food’s on the table,” Noah called them over.

They all sat at the table - Noah and Theo on one side and Stefan and Woon on the other. A feast was laid out on the table. There were some vegetable stir-fries dishes on the table along with what looked like some fish curry and a serving bowl filled with rice.

“Wow! This all looks really delicious!” Theo couldn’t help but compliment the food prepared by Woon.

“Hope you like it,” Woon smiled, “Don’t be shy. There’s more in the kitchen.”

Noah gestured for Theo to serve himself first and then everyone else grabbed a serving before eating. As soon as the food touched Theo’s tongue, he understood what Noah had meant, when he said his mom’s cooking was better than the food at the restaurant and than his cooking.

"Arroy mak krap, mae," Noah said after having a bite of the curry.

Woon smiled at Noah before looking at Theo, “Is it okay for you? I wasn’t sure if you could handle spicy food...”

“It’s perfect, mae! I love spicy food!” Theo then ate a bit more before adding, “This is the best Thai food I’ve ever had!”

“Oh, you’re too kind!” Woon modestly deflected Theo’s compliment, though she had a smile on her face.

“So, Theo, what do you do? Are you also a dancer like Noah?” Stefan asked Theo.

“Erm, not really. Unlike Noah, I’m terrible at dancing,” Theo chuckled at the idea, “I work in procurement at the Venetian.”

“Oh, and how did you and Noah meet?” Woon asked.

Theo looked at Noah, trying to ask him telepathically what he should answer. Noah got the hint and answered for him, “We met at the Nam Van lakeside one night after my shift at D2. I asked him for a lighter and we ended up chatting all night long. But we’d seen each other once at D2.”

Noah didn’t seem shy talking about that with his parents. His mom didn’t seem fazed by the story of how they met, but Stefan seemed a bit intrigued. It seemed like he was trying to figure out the relationship between Noah and Theo, but didn’t want to ask straight out. He didn’t seem as blunt as Noah.

Woon and Stefan asked Theo some more questions about his background and his job, and Woon was happy when she heard that Theo had been to Thailand a few times, so they talked a bit about his trips to Thailand.

As they ate, Theo noticed Noah wasn’t eating as much as he normally ate and he kept on nervously glancing at both of his parents. Once all of them had finished eating, Theo noticed that Noah still had half of the food on his plate. He wasn’t the only one to notice either - his mom was looking at Noah’s odd demeanor with a confused expression on her face.

“Noah, you’re not eating much. Sabai dee mai?" Woon seemed worried about her son, looking at him with a concerned gaze.

Noah looked down, not answering at first, before glancing at Theo. Theo just took a deep breath, telling him with his eyes to follow his lead. Noah took a deep breath and waited for Theo to exhale before following in his lead. Theo then nodded his head, as if saying, ‘You can do it. I’m here for you.’

Noah nodded before looking at his parents, who were both staring at Theo and Noah with confusion. ”Mae, papa, I brought Theo here today to give me courage because... there is something I need to tell you.”

"Was ist los?" At that moment, when the tone had shifted to a serious one, Stefan had instantly switched to his native language, one hundred percent focused on his son.

Noah looked down again, unsure about how to start and freaking out internally about what he was about to say. Theo noticed him fiddling with his hands under the table on his lap. He stretched his arm out and placed his hand next to Noah’s, offering it to him. Noah glanced at him before grasping onto his hand tightly and finding the courage to go on. He told the story from the beginning, alternating between German and Thai, sparing his parents from hearing about the more intimate details.

Theo couldn’t understand a word that Noah was saying, but his eyes remained focused on Noah, giving him the strength to carry on. As soon as he’d finished talking, his face was covered in tears and his mom immediately stood up and rushed to wrap her arms around her son. She started uttering soothing words in Thai in her son’s ear, trying to ease his pain. Theo let go of Noah’s hand to give him and Woon some space. Noah cried into his mom’s chest, partly out of anguish for the things he’d just experienced again by talking about them as well as the relief he felt by having his parents not shun him. Stefan just sat down with a stern and angry look on his face, not directed at Noah or Theo but rather at the man who had blackmailed his son and left him in the mental state he was in. He buried his head in his hands out of frustration for not having protected his son in a moment like that.

And they stayed like that for a while. Theo felt like he shouldn’t be there, like he was intruding on a moment between Noah and his parents, but he knew he had to be there to be Noah’s pillar of strength, his anchor. Noah had needed him to be there.

Once everyone had calmed down a bit, and everyone was sitting once again at the table, Woon asked Noah, “Why didn’t you come to us sooner? We could’ve helped you?”

Noah looked down, not wanting to face his parents’ eyes as he admitted his fears, “I was ashamed of myself. I was afraid you’d look at me differently...”

“Noah, mae rak luuk. No matter what you do or what happens, don’t forget, mae rak luuk,” Woon said after raising Noah’s chin and looking him in the eyes.

“Noah, deine Mama und ich lieben dich. Du kannst immer auf uns verlassen, wenn du Hilfe brauchst. Du bist unser Sohn,” Stefan added, looking at Noah with concern in his eyes.

“I know. I just... I didn’t know how to talk about it...” Noah admitted before glancing at Theo with a grateful look, “Only after I told Theo and he helped me did I feel like I could tell you... Theo helped me a lot.”

Stefan and Woon directed their gazes at Theo, before Woon said, “Thank you so much, Theo.”

“I didn’t help much. Noah is the strong one. I just reminded him of that,” Theo said, looking at Noah with a caring gaze.

“What are you going to do about the man?” Stefan asked in English to not let Theo feel left out.

“Theo has a friend who is a lawyer who will help me with this case. He came to the police station when I filed the report and we met up on Wednesday to discuss the case. He told me there’s no guarantee that he will be sentenced to jail time, as he doesn’t reside in Macau,” Noah looked down dejectedly, “but I gave him all of the information I have on the man and showed him all the messages and evidence I have, I filed a police report and did a forensic medical examination, so now all I have to do is wait.”

Noah had told Theo about the talk he’d had with Joel and it had left Theo angry, knowing there weren’t any guarantees that the man would be punished for his actions. Joel had said that there were never any certainties in law, even if you had a solid case.

“If you need any help with the legal fees, tell us. We can help you,” Stefan said.

"Danke, Papa,” Noah said.

“And if you want to talk to someone, I can ask one of my friends for the contact of a therapist. She used to go to a therapist after her divorce and she spoke highly of her, so I can ask about her for you,” Woon added.

“I’ll think about it. Kob khun krap, mae,” Noah smiled gratefully at his mom.

After he’d come clean to his parents, he looked like a weight had just been lifted off his shoulders. He still would need some time to heal from the wounds and he still had a long legal case ahead of him, but he already felt lighter knowing that his parents were there to support him.

They spent another hour at Noah’s parents’ home, talking to them as Noah finished eating, feeling a bit hungrier after his anxiety had subsided. Woon had subtly asked Noah about his relationship with Theo, but Noah had simply stated that, “We care about each other a lot,” not wanting to give more details beyond that. Woon seemed satisfied, almost as if she knew how to read the answer between the lines, but Stefan didn’t seem to get it. Noah was sure his mom would fill his dad in after they left.

Once Noah had finished eating, Woon offered them some homemade curry paste and some fresh chilies to take home. Before they left Noah’s parents’ house, Woon called Theo into the kitchen to speak with him privately. She said, “Take care of him, Theo. I know how he feels about you and I can see you feel the same way. I can’t thank you enough for your help and know that you’re always welcome here.”

Theo was very touched by what Woon had said. ”Kob khun krap, mae," he replied, trying his best to speak in Thai. Woon just smiled in response just as Noah appeared at the door.

“What were you talking about?” Noah asked with a curious glance.

“I was telling Theo to come over more often to try some more authentic Thai food,” Woon winked at Theo, who chuckled.

“I definitely will take you up on that offer!” Theo then turned to Noah and added, “You weren’t kidding when you said your mom’s cooking was amazing.”

"Mae’s food is the best. We’re heading back now, mae, but I’ll drop by again this weekend,” Noah said.

“Okay, luuk. Bring Theo with you,” Woon added looking at Theo.

They bid farewell to Noah’s parents before heading out. As they rode the elevator down, both men stood in silence. Noah seemed to be lost in thoughts and Theo was giving Noah the space he needed to process what had happened that night.

Noah broke the silence by looking at Theo with a grateful gaze and saying, “Thank you for coming with me tonight. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“No need to thank me,” Theo smiled back, “You just needed a little reminder of how strong you are.”

“Yeah,” Noah smiled to himself, looking up at the numbers indicating that they were almost arriving at the ground floor.

“Your parents are pretty cool, by the way,” Theo added just as the doors opened.

“Yeah, they are. I think they liked you too,” Noah smiled shyly at Theo, who couldn’t help but grin at the remark.

They each lit up a cigarette as soon as they stepped out of the building and made their way to Theo’s. Noah seemed to be thinking hard as he left a trail of smoke in his path.

“What are you thinking about?” Theo asked, gazing lovingly at Noah.

“I’ve been thinking about what you asked me a few days ago... about seeking help. I think it’s a good idea...” Noah looked at Theo, almost as if looking for reassurance.

“I think it’s a great idea! And your mom seems to know someone who can help you find a good therapist,” Theo was glad to hear that Noah was considering his suggestion. He knew it would help Noah heal.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it all week and after my mom mentioned that, I realized that I don’t want what happened to keep me from moving forward in life. Tonight finally gave me some hope that things will get better, but I want to... I need to process this with someone,” Noah admitted.

“And I fully support you in that decision,” Theo proudly smiled. He knew how hard it was to admit that you needed help and seeing Noah come to that realization fairly quickly had come as a surprise. A pleasant one, but a surprise nonetheless.

Noah smiled at Theo before adding, “I’ve also been thinking about the future. I’ve had a lot of time to think while you were at work. I know there is a chance that the guy will send my video to the bookshop and the dance school. I’m not too worried about the dance school because the owner is my friend and she’d be Understanding. But I’ve been thinking about what would happen if the bookshop got wind of the video... And it made me realize that I don’t want to work at the bookshop or D2 anymore. I want to audition for the job position at the House of the Dancing Water. I want people to take my dancing more seriously and that won’t happen if I stay at D2.”

“You know? I’ll be honest with you. Even though we met at D2 and I love your dance routine there, you can do a lot better than D2. And you should. This is a great opportunity for you and I think you should seize it,” they stopped just in front of Theo’s building.

Noah looked away for a moment, his expression slightly vulnerable, “Do you think I can get in?”

“Noh?” Noah glanced back at Theo, “You’re an amazing dancer. It would be their loss if they said no. But I’m one hundred percent certain they’ll say yes.”

Noah chuckled before grinning widely at Theo. He kept gazing at Theo, a loving glimmer in his chestnut orbs, which made Theo ask, “What is it?”

To Theo’s surprise, Noah grasped the back of Theo’s neck and crashed his lips onto Theo’s. Theo just melted in Noah’s arms as soon as their lips connected, having missed being that close to Noah, that intimate with him. He just couldn’t get enough of the man with the bewitching chocolate eyes.

He was addicted to Noah.

After pulling back from the kiss, Noah just whispered, “Thank you for being my light when all I could see was darkness.”

A/N: So this chapter was quite multilingual, so below you will find a little glossary:

Mae, bpen pom krap. – Mom, it’s me.

Khao maa si pra tuu poet yuu. - Come in, the door is open.

Mae – mom.

Kob khun krap – Thanks.

Hallo Papa – Hi Dad.

Noah, komm mal rein. Deine Mama kocht gerade. – Come in, Noah. Your mom is cooking.

Ist das dein Freund? – Is this your friend?

Luuk – son.

Wadee krap / Sawadee krap / Sawadee kha – Hello.

Arroy mak krap – Very delicious.

Sabai dee mai? – Are you okay?

Was ist los? – What’s wrong?

mae rak luuk – Mom loves son (I love you)

Deine Mama und ich lieben dich. Du kannst immer auf uns verlassen, wenn du Hilfe brauchst. Du bist unser Sohn. – Your mom and I love you. You can always count on us if you need any help. You’re our son.

Danke, Papa. – Thanks, dad.

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