Technicolor Daze

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warning: mature content ahead.

Monday, April 14th, 2014

There weren’t many people at the roundabout by the time Theo arrived. He walked to the center of the roundabout before fishing out his phone to send Liam a message, letting him know that he was already at their meeting spot. He got a reply just a minute later.

Liam [8:58 pm]: ”Almost there."

He looked towards the roundabout exit closest to the residential buildings, trying to see if he could spot Liam. True to his word, Liam arrived shortly after he’d sent the message. Theo noticed that Liam was looking for him and couldn’t help but think that the man was even more attractive in person, even though he’d already looked very handsome in the photos. Unlike in the pictures though, Liam appeared to be growing his beard out and Theo though it suited him. Liam finally caught sight of Theo and waved at him, urging the latter man to walk over to him. Once Theo was standing face to face with the other man, he noticed that Liam was about his height, which Theo wasn’t used to, as he usually was much taller than his partners. Theo was also particularly fond of the way Liam was dressed - his toned physique was highlighted by the straight cut of the black denim jeans as well as the mandarin collar white shirt, which draped nicely off his broad shoulders.

“Hey... Liam, is it?” Theo asked, just to be certain.

“Yeah, and you’re Theo, right?” Liam’s voice was deeper than Theo was expecting, as he gave his date a sheepish grin. Theo couldn’t help but find Liam’s shyness endearing. He also noticed that Liam’s had a faint British accent and wondered what was the story behind it.

“Yeah,” Theo smiled back at Liam.

“Sorry, if I’m being awkward. I’ve never actually done this before,” Theo found it hard to believe that someone as good looking as Liam was even single, much less new to the dating scene, but he guessed he would have to take the lead.

“I think you’re doing fine. Shall we head to 7-eleven to get some drinks?”

“Yes, drinks. Good idea.”

Liam and Theo walked side by side all the way to the closest 7-eleven, where they grabbed a couple of beers and ciders, all while exchanging some light-hearted banter, slowly feeling more at ease around one another. They paid for their drinks and after stepping out of the convenience store, Theo turned to Liam and said, “Lead the way.”

“Oh, right, this way.”

Liam’s building wasn’t very far from the 7-eleven. After taking only a couple of steps, they were standing in front of Liam’s building and Liam entered the access code so that they could get inside. Once the code had been accepted, Liam opened the door and said, “After you.”

“Such a gentleman,” Theo teased and Liam chuckled at his remark.

They went into the elevator and Liam pressed on the button for the 12th floor. Theo wasn’t quite sure if they would have sex as soon as they got to Liam’s apartment like he usually did with a lot of his casual partners, or if they would talk a bit before having fun. Even though he’d been on many spontaneous Grindr dates in the past, this one felt different and Theo wasn’t sure why it felt that way.

Once they were inside Liam’s apartment, both men took their shoes off and Theo took in Liam’s apartment. To the left of the entrance hall was a small kitchen and in front of him was a spacious living room with a big window overlooking the Macau stadium. The apartment had a minimalistic vibe to it and he assumed the intention was to convey a sense of peace within those walls, but Theo could sense that there had been some recent turmoil by the moving boxes that were set aside next to the dining table.

“Do you want to have a drink first or...,” Liam awkwardly asked, giving Theo control of how the date was going to play out.

“We can have a drink first if you prefer,” Liam looked relieved at Theo’s words.

“Yeah, I’d like that. Have a seat, make yourself at home. I’ll just get us a bottle opener,” Liam went into the kitchen as Theo walked deeper into the living room and sat on the large beige couch. The flat looked big enough for two people to live there, but it only appeared to have one room. Theo was curious about the bachelor who resided within the apartment, but he wasn’t sure if Liam would feel comfortable in sharing details of his life or if he just wanted to keep things impersonal and without strings attached.

“Here you go,” Liam had suddenly appeared at his side and handed him an opened bottle of cider.

“Thanks,” Theo said as Liam sat down next to him, holding a bottle of beer in his hand, “Nice apartment you’ve got here.”

“Thanks. My... flatmate recently moved out,” Theo knew there was more to the story, but he wouldn’t press Liam to give more details, “So, still in the process of rearranging and getting used to living on my own.”

“I think you’re doing a good job. With rearranging, I mean,” Theo smiled at Liam.

“Thanks, I guess. Erm.. so... what are you looking for on Grindr?” Liam asked before adding, “Sorry if that question was straightforward.”

“Chill. I don’t mind you being straightforward,” Theo reassured the other man with a small smile, “And to answer your question, mostly for some no-strings-attached fun, but if I meet someone worthwhile, I might consider settling down,” Theo took a sip from his cider.

“So, I’m guessing you aren’t as new to Grindr as I am,” Liam seemed to be feeling more at ease around Theo after having had a couple of sips from his own drink.

“Yeah, this is actually nice. Usually, most of my dates just want to skip the conversation,” Theo admitted.

“Doesn’t it feel a bit impersonal though?”

“It does at times, but I guess for a while it was all I really wanted,” Theo felt at ease answering Liam’s somewhat intimate questions and sharing his thoughts with Liam. He took a sip of his cider before looking back at Liam. As he looked into Liam’s eyes, Theo thought that Liam almost reminded him of himself when he had just started using Grindr.

“I’ll be honest. I haven’t been single in so long that going on dates feels very new to me,” Liam confided in Theo as he drank some of his beer.

“Oh, this must be unknown territory for you then,” Liam nodded shyly, “I do relate to that feeling though. When I first started using Grindr, it was pretty intense.”

“You’re making the experience much better though,” Liam had a genuine smile on his face, “When I messaged you, I was almost deleting the app. Most guys didn’t even know how to hold a conversation.”

“Well, not going to lie, you are very attractive,” Theo could see a light blush on Liam’s cheeks, “So, I’m sure you get a lot of attention on Grindr. Well... you definitely caught my attention,” Theo winked at the man sitting next to him, who shyly looked away as he quietly sipped at his beer.

“You’re also very handsome,” he said, briefly looking at Theo before looking away again. Theo smiled at Liam’s compliment, before gulping down half of his cider and placing the bottle on the coffee table in front of them. He then glanced at Liam’s lips as the other man took another sip from his beer. He felt a sudden urge to kiss him.

Liam looked at Theo who was gazing longingly at his lips, placed his beer on the coffee table, and was about to ask Theo if he had something on his lips when Theo leaned in and kissed him. Liam was caught slightly off guard, but soon was kissing Theo back with as much fervor as the latter man. Theo grasped the back of Liam’s neck, deepening the kiss and feeling his primal urges taking control of his body.

“Want to take this to my bedroom?” Liam breathed out in between kisses.

“Lead the way.”

Liam got up, grabbing onto Theo’s hand and leading him into the only bedroom in the apartment. Once the two men had stepped into the room, Liam cupped Theo’s face as he crashed his lips into Theo’s once again, almost with a sense of urgency. Theo moaned into Liam’s mouth, as Liam brushed his finger against Theo’s left ear. Liam smiled into the kiss, being pleased with Theo’s reaction before he started unbuttoning Theo’s shirt. Theo did the same thing, kissing Liam hungrily as he tried his best to not rip Liam’s shirt off.

Once both of their shirts were off, Theo pulled away from the kiss to admire Liam’s exposed torso. His eyes ran down from Liam’s chest, relishing the way his toned pecs looked, his gaze devouring Liam’s abs all the way down to his happy trail, which disappeared into the hem of his briefs underneath the denim pants. Liam had finally overcome his shyness and also took his time feasting his eyes on the other man’s body, his dark orbs drowning in lecherous thoughts as he bit his lip in anticipation, which Theo found incredibly sexy and irresistible.

As Theo impatiently pushed Liam onto the bed, the latter man grabbed onto Theo, bringing Theo down along with him before both men continued making out. Theo could already feel Liam’s engorged member rubbing against his own, enticing further moans from both of the men. Liam cupped Theo’s face, bringing him closer and deepening the kiss even further, as Theo ran his one hand up Liam’s chest and used the other hand to unbutton and unzip Liam’s pants, desperate to get them off. Liam also brought his hands down, expertly unbuttoning Theo’s pants and pushing them down.

Soon no more layers of clothing separated the two men, who took a few seconds to take in each other’s nude bodies. Theo didn’t give Liam much time to act, before kissing his way down Liam’s chest and going down on the other man. Theo didn’t perform fellatio on his partners very often, but upon hearing Liam’s encouraging moans, he could feel himself getting even more aroused.

“Wait, I don’t want to finish yet,” Liam touched Theo’s head, feeling himself getting too close to the brink of orgasm.

“What do you want?” Theo asked as he kissed his way back to Liam’s lips.

“I want you to fuck me,” Liam huskily said in between kisses.

“Do you have condoms and lube?” Theo broke away from the kiss to look at Liam.

“Check my drawer there on the left,” he used his head to nod towards his bedside table. Theo reached out and opened the drawer, spotting the unopened condom box as well as a bottle of lube.

“Did you buy these for tonight?” Theo teased as he opened the box and ripped the wrapper to get the condom out.

“I may have, yes,” Liam’s eyes were glazed with arousal and there was a slight blush permeating his face as he stared at Theo’s eyes. Theo rolled the condom down his member and coated it with some lube, before coating his fingers with lube as well.

Theo kissed his way down Liam’s chest, before he pushed one finger into Liam, stretching him out thoroughly first. After Theo had managed to push in a second finger, Liam moaned before breathing out, “Just fuck me. Now.”

Theo pulled his fingers out as he gave the other man a lust-filled grin, before entering Liam slowly, allowing him to adjust to his size. Once he was fully inside of Liam, he lowered his body and kissed Liam on the lips, kissing his way down Liam’s chin, jaw and neck. Growing impatient, Liam started moving his hips, silently pleading with Theo for him to start moving. Theo mischievously bit his lips, before he started thrusting slowly at first and then picking up the pace, listening to Liam’s moans echoing in the room.

“Fuck, that feels good,” Liam breathlessly uttered when Theo managed to find his prostate, “Just keep... doing that... right there...”

As both of their bodies moved in a synchronized rhythm and Liam stroked himself, Theo couldn’t help but feel undeniable chemistry between their bodies. He had no idea what would happen after, but in the heat of the moment, all he could think about was the intense attraction he felt towards the man underneath him, arching his back as they both tried to reach a common goal, that sought-out orgasm.

Intense grip.

So close.


And then Theo collapsed on top of Liam, both men panting from their erotic tango in the sheets, but relaxed after a much-needed climax.

“Wow, this...that was...” Liam breathed out, not quite able to form coherent sentences.

“Yeah, you... this was... wow,” Theo was also still trying to catch his breath. Both men giggled at their failed attempts to express their thoughts on what had just happened.

“I haven’t... had sex... that good... in a long time,” Liam admitted, as his breath slowly returned to a more steady pace.

“Neither have I. That was really fucking good,” Theo said, making Liam chuckle.

“Really fucking good indeed,” Theo laughed along with Liam.

Once their breathing was back to normal and their hearts were no longer beating fast, Liam turned to Theo, “Let me go and get us a towel to get us cleaned up.” He got up and Theo couldn’t help but admire Liam’s toned derrière.

Liam walked out of the room and Theo heard a couple of doors opening and closing as well as the sound of water before Liam returned holding a damp towel. They wiped the mess they had made off their bodies and Theo disposed of the condom before they put their briefs back on.

“Do you want to finish our drinks?” Liam suggested after both men had already put their pants back on.

“Sure, though they are probably stale by now,” Theo could tell Liam was a lot more relaxed and at ease around him, so he wanted to get to know the other man.

“That’s true. We could just pop open some new ones?” Liam handed Theo his shirt, before putting his on as well, but not really buttoning it up.

“Yeah, I think that’d be a better idea. I’ll probably only have one more though. I still have to go to work tomorrow.”

Both men walked past the living room into the kitchen, where Liam grabbed two bottles from the fridge and opened them before handing a bottle of cider to Theo.

“So... What do you do for work? Oh wow, it feels strange to ask you that only now,” Liam blushed slightly recalling what they had just done.

Theo laughed, before asking, “Have you never engaged in casual sex before?”

They walked back to the living room and sat on the same couch they’d been sitting on before things got heated between them and they headed to Liam’s bedroom. Liam shook his head as he sat down.

“Really? How come?” Theo sat down beside Liam.

“Well, until like three weeks ago I’d been with my ex for, like, ten years,” Liam took a sip of his beer before running his fingers through his already messy hair.

“Ten years? Wow, that is a long time. Why did you break up?” Theo realized that the question could be too personal and added, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it!”

“No, it’s fine,” he paused, gathering his thoughts. Theo could see Liam’s posture getting tense.

“Yeah, ten years is a long time, but the last two years... Well... Things weren’t really that great. It felt like we had grown apart and that we were really only together out of convenience. I only realized that after we broke up though... This will sound kind of cheesy, but I was too blinded by the idea that he was my soul mate to see that we were no longer working. I didn’t even find the number of times he worked overtime and had business trips strange...”

Liam took a sip from his beer, almost as if gathering liquid courage before finishing his story, “I was too blind to see that the reason we’d grown apart was a secret affair he had been having on the side.”

Liam gulped half of his beer after revealing that piece of information. Theo could sense that the wound was still fairly fresh. He had been in a similar position, he understood Liam’s pain.

“How did you find out?”

“I saw his phone one morning after he’d gotten back from a ‘business trip’... It was only an accident. He asked me to pass him his phone when he was in the kitchen and I happened to see the message. I was curious,” he takes another sip, “That was three weeks ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. It’s his loss anyway. I have no idea how he could cheat on someone as fine as you,” Theo tried to lighten up the atmosphere after Liam’s revelation. Liam laughed at Theo’s compliment.

“You’re also pretty fit. How are you still single?” Liam brought his legs up onto the couch, sitting cross-legged, his shoulders no longer tense.

“Well,” Theo pondered about whether or not he should disclose some of his own past and decided that he felt comfortable enough around Liam in a way he hadn’t felt around his other casual lovers. He felt like he could somewhat relate to the other man, so he took a sip from his cider before he started talking about his own past failed relationship.

“I was also in a long term relationship until about four years ago, though not as long as yours. Long story short, it wasn’t a healthy relationship and I caught him cheating on me. Six years wasted on him,” Theo laughed bitterly at his own remark, “So, I decided I wanted to have fun and do everything I couldn’t do when I was in a relationship... Including you,” Theo winked at Liam trying to keep the atmosphere light-hearted. Even though he no longer had feelings for Jason, humor had become his coping mechanism when talking about his feelings after the breakup.

“As much as I’m glad to have met you, I’m sorry to hear about your ex,” Liam’s eyes conveyed empathy towards Theo’s situation.

“Well, it was a long time ago. It’s just really hard to meet serious partner material on Grindr,” both men laughed at that observation.

“That’s true,” Liam paused, almost as if trying to think about how to phrase the next thing he wanted to say, “Theo, I really had a lot of fun with you, but I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page.”

Theo straightened his back, preparing to hear whatever Liam had to say.

After taking a sip off his beer, Liam said, “As you can probably tell, I’m not ready for another relationship. I’m enjoying spending my time with you though and I also had a lot of fun with you in bed,” Theo smiled at that comment, “so I hope you’re down for being my... let’s call it special friend.”

“So, you mean being your friend with benefits?” Theo hadn’t even thought about what they were going to be after that date, but after Liam suggested being friends with benefits, he actually found it fitting. He was definitely physically attracted to Liam, but he hadn’t felt a spark with him, even though Liam was undoubtedly one of the best looking men he had been with. He could definitely see him and Liam becoming good friends and helping each other heal from their past relationship traumas, having gone through similar experiences.

“Yeah, something like that. I do want to be your friend though, I don’t want to just have sex with you. I don’t really have any gay friends with whom I can talk about these things. And I strangely feel comfortable around you.”

“I mean after what we did, it would be strange if you weren’t comfortable around me,” Liam rolled his eyes at Theo’s remark, but not being able to hide the smile that had appeared on his face.

“Yeah, I will be your friend with benefits,” Theo added with a smile, “And, to answer your first question, I work in procurement. Not the most exciting job, but it pays the bills,” Theo nonchalantly stated.

“I’d completely forgotten about that question! I have no idea how I slept with you and talked about deep stuff with you before even knowing what you do!” Liam laughed at the unusual order of conversation topics. Theo laughed along with him.

“How about you? What do you do?”

“I’m a project manager at Galaxy.”

“Oh, impressive!” Liam smiled at the compliment, “We’re technically neighbors at work. I work at the Venetian.”

“Really? Such a small world,” Theo chuckled at Liam’s remark.

“Macau is small, it’s a wonder we’ve never bumped into each other before... Oh, by the way, are you originally from Macau? Just curious, ’cause you have a British accent...”

“Yeah, I was born and raised here, but I studied at an international school and went to the UK for a couple of years to study... Hence the accent. How about you? You don’t look like a local either...”

“I moved here when I was two. Both of my parents are English teachers,” Liam nodded in understanding, “And why did you move back to Macau?” Theo found it curious because most of his high school classmates who had moved abroad for studies decided to stay abroad.

“Well, I met my ex when I was about to graduate from high school. We weren’t dating at the time because I was going to study abroad and we didn’t want to do the whole long-distance relationship thing, but we kept in touch those four years. After I finished my Master’s degree, I noticed the economy in Macau was starting to take off and our feelings were still mutual, so I decided to return... The relationship didn’t work out in the end but hey, at least the economy is booming,” Liam bitterly chuckled as he tried to make light of his recent breakup.

“Oh, wow,” Theo didn’t quite know what else to say to that, so he took a sip from his drink to see if he could find the perfect retort at the bottom of the bottle.

“Yeah, as you can see, I’m still a bit of a mess,” Liam’s smile didn’t reach his eyes as he joined Theo in drinking from his own bottle.

Theo raised his bottle to Liam and said, “Cheers to that!” Liam smiled and clinked his bottle against Theo’s before they both finished their drinks.

“Thank you for coming over this evening,” Liam had a sincere smile on his face as he looked at Theo.

“It was a lot of fun, Mr. Project Manager. When will we be having our next business meeting?” Theo asked in a flirty tone. Liam who couldn’t help but laugh at the way Theo phrased his question.

“Well, this week will be pretty busy, but I should be available on Saturday if you want to come over in the afternoon.”

Theo finished his cider before giving Liam a playful grin, “That is a very enticing offer. I will definitely consider it.”

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