Wanting You book 2 (The Valentino Brothers Series)

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(Sample) “Do you want to come in for a drink?” I ask. “Sure.” He says, giving me his heart-dropping, panty-wetting smile. I fumble with my keys and unlock my door, opening it up. My black cat Timmy meows as I step into my apartment and curls his tail around my leg. I gently shoo him away and lead Xavier to my kitchen. “I have wine or coffee.” I tell him, turning to look at his handsome face. “What would you like?” “A cup of coffee sounds good.” He says. I turn back around and start up my coffee pot. I grab two mugs out of the cabinet and rest them on the counter. I jump in surprise when I feel Xavier’s large hands wrap around my waist. He turns me in his arms and I tilt my head back, staring up into his dark blue almost black eyes. “Cream and sugar?” I gasp, causing him to chuckle. I can feel the vibrations of his laugh through his chest and it causes goosebumps to rise on my skin. “I do want something sweet with my coffee, but not sugar.” .” He smirks. He leans his head down and brushes his lips lightly across mine. He snakes his arm tightly around my waist and brings his other hand up to the back of my neck, firmly but gently gripping it. He brings my lips to his and I arch up on my tiptoes, curling my hands into his shirt, bringing him closer against me. His lips claim mine in a sweet but dominating kiss. I lose myself in his taste, in his touch. My eyes close and I melt against him

Romance / Drama
Mickey Myjak
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


“Who the fuck sent you?” I angrily ask the petty thug, currently tied up in my basement.

He spits out a mouthful of blood onto the concrete floor and laughs. “I ain’t telling you nothing.”

I pull out my gun and point it between his eyes. “Tell me now and your death will be quick. Hold out on me and I can keep you alive for days, endlessly torturing you until I kill you.”

Fear flicks across the guys face and he frantically looks between me and the gun.

“I don’t know his name.” He says. “All I know is that he has a lot of money and he’s offering it to whoever kills you and your brother.”

His eyes flick over to Caleb who is leaning up against the stairs railing.

“What’s in it for him?” Caleb asks.

“He wants to run your mob.” The guy says. “I swear that’s all I know.”

I shoot him between his eyes and place my gun back into the waistband of my jeans. I look at my watch and sigh.

“Caleb, will you get someone to clean this mess up? I’m late for my appointment.”


I drive to the hospital, pissed off. It’s been three months now since Duke has died and I became head of the Italian mob. Someone’s put a hit out on Caleb and I. Whoever it is wants to take over the mob and I’m not about to let that happen. I need to find out who put a hit out on us and kill the motherfucker myself.

I walk into the hospital and go straight towards the elevators. I get inside and press the number four button. The doors slide closed and I wait for the elevator to go up. The doors ping open and I step out, walking towards the nurses’ station. I can see my physical therapist Noah standing behind the desk, talking to someone. Noah is twenty-four, the same age as I am. He is 6ft, has a muscular frame and tan skin. He has blonde hair and brown eyes. His back is to me and I can’t see who he’s talking to but when I get closer, I hear a girlish laugh and I roll my eyes. He’s most likely flirty with one of the nurses. I clear my throat once I get to the desk and Noah turns around.

“Oh, Mr. Valentino. I’ll be right with you sir.” He says. The girl that was standing with him comes into my line of vision and holy fuck she’s stunning. She’s a tiny woman, no more than 5ft. She has long curly silver hair, a cute button nose with a splatter of freckles across it, pink pouty lips and her eyes. Her eyes are gorgeous. They are a dark forest green color with gold specks in them. She has on black rimmed round glasses, a black t-shirt that stretches across her generous sized breasts and a tight pair of ripped, faded blue skinny jeans that hug her ass. Her waist is slim and a sliver of her creamy white skin peeks out beneath her shirt.

Noah turns back to the woman and looks her directly in the eyes. Her eyes drop to his lips as he speaks.

“I’ve got to get to my client but I’ll see you Friday, right?” He asks her.

“Yes.” She quietly answers him. Her voice soft and almost musical. “I’ll be here.”

“With more cupcakes?” He asks, his voice husky. She giggles and nods.

“Yes, with more cupcakes.”

“I’ll see you Friday then. Goodbye Luna.”

“Goodbye Noah.” She walks away and I catch her looking at me. She blushes, turning her cheeks a pretty shade of pink then averts her eyes from me and scurries off to the elevator.

“I’m ready for you Mr. Valentino.” Noah says, drawing my attention back to him.

“That your girlfriend?” I ask him.

“What?” He asks, confused at first.

“The girl.” I tip my chin over to where she has just entered the elevator and Noah’s cheeks get red.

“Luna?” He blushes, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “No, she’s not my girlfriend.”

“Oh, you looked pretty friendly with her.”

“I’ve just known her for a while. We’re just friends.”

Good to know. I think to myself.

“Well then, let’s get this appointment over with.” I say.

“Of course, sir.” Noah nods. We go into his workspace and I do all the exercises I need to do to strengthen my shoulder. When we are done my shoulder aches and I’m ready to go home to a glass full of scotch.

“I think you’ll only need a couple more appointments with me until your shoulder is one hundred percent better.” Noah says. I nod and he continues to talk. “When do you want to have our next appointment?”

“Friday.” I tell him, trying to think back to the time I got here when the girl was here. “Five O’clock.”

“Okay.” Noah nods. “I’ll see you then Mr. Valentino. Have a good week.”

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