Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Finally, that pesky book three. Are you as excited about it as I was when I started writing it? I hope so. What is in store for our heroes? Spoiler alert: If you have not read books one and two, please go back and read them before you read any further... Our heroes have been through a lot in the past twenty years or so. But where are we going now? How about we take up where book one left off? Yep, that’s right, we now get to find out if Leih is really dead. Through the years, they have faced, death, mutiny, betrayal, love, hate… So, where do our heroes stand now? At the end of book one, we discovered that Gretta wasn’t Gretta at all. In book two, we discover who exactly our heroin is, and learn about her connection with Leih & Pilar. Now, in book three, we will watch our heroes as they pull themselves up and out of their hell and into the life they were meant to live. Join me once again, for the story of the Sobriehtons and the Earthlings, as they find new friends, discover secrets long forgotten, and pull their family back together. Who will win this time? Fate? Destiny? Or will they discover that they don’t need either, as long as they have each other? PS: If you’re anything like my husband, you have been yelling, “Off with her head!” Any time the angry queen is brought up. And now, I bet you’re wondering what happens to Queen Neesah. Well, you’ll have to

Romance / Scifi
Koko Aranck
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Chapter One: Double the Power



-Sobriehton Space Station: Present Day-

Queen Neesah stared at her son’s body on the platform, then looked at her nephew. “I never said to kill my son!” she screamed at him.

“A bonus,” Fontaih said with a grin as he flipped the black knife in his hand.

“Bastard!” Pilar hollered as he looked from his cousin’s body up to the man who had killed him.

“And you and the Earthling are next!” Fontaih said, holding the knife ready to throw at Pilar.

As Pilar leaned over his sister to protect her, the room and everyone in it froze.

Gresha stood above her husband and stared down at him.

“No, Leih, don’t leave me! I remember everything now,” she cried out as she fell to his side.

She looked around the room to find everyone was frozen in place. She turned her head to look at her brother and sucked in a shocked breath when she saw her own body under him as he leaned over to protect her.

How can this be? She wondered as she got to her feet.

She looked down at herself and found that she was in a long white dress. Not naked like she was on the platform.

She looked at her bare arms and found that they were normal, no markings on them. She pulled her dress away from her breasts and looked down to find her markings still across them. She felt between her breasts and found no heartbeat, then moved both her hands under her breasts and over her ribs where she found both her hearts beating strongly.

She looked at her arms again, then at the arms of herself under Pilar. She has the markings there. So odd. She looked at the man who killed her husband, and best friend then moved over to him and kicked him between the legs. Her foot went through him, and she fell backward, landing on her butt inside herself and Pilar.

She quickly stood. Well, that felt weird.

She heard a giggle and looked towards the chairs. A small face peeked out from behind a chair. She recognized her own face in the child and jumped off the stage, then slowly walked towards the girl.

“Hello,” she said as she moved closer to where the girl still peeked at her from behind the chair. “Gretta?” Gresha asked, staring at the girl.

“You found me now you’re it,” Gretta said with a giggle.

Hide and seek. Just as she had asked the Numblee Tree when she was a child. Gresha watched her sister. She looked around the age she had been when she had lost her mother…

When she had become human.

“How is this possible?” Gresha asked, staring at the girl.

“You looked funny,” Gretta said with a giggle, pointing towards the stage.

Gresha looked at the stage and chuckled when she realized her sister was talking about when she had fallen backward after she had tried to kick the man between the legs. She looked back at her sister with a smile.

The Numblee Tree had been right. Her sister is with her.

“Gretta,” she whispered as she got to her knees and held her arms out for her sister.

Gretta smiled as she ran into her sister’s arms. Gresha felt a shock when she touched her sister but ignored it as they held onto each other so tight neither of them could breathe but who cared…

Gretta took a step back, and her body trembled.

“Gretta? Are you okay?” Gresha asked in a panic.

Gretta smiled as her body twitched, and she shivered. Gresha watched as the three-year-old turned into a full-grown woman.

Gresha stood and stared at her twin. It was like looking into a mirror.

“How in the world is any of this possible?” Gresha asked, staring at her grown-up sister.

“Just what you had thought a moment ago,” Gretta said with a smile. “The Numblee Tree had been right. I am a part of you.”

“How did you know what I had thought?” Gresha asked as she watched her sister’s face.

Gretta smiled, “because I’m a part of you. Weren’t you listening?” Gretta said with a laugh. “I know everything you think, hear and feel,” she said, pulling her sister into another hug. “It has been so hard on me being so quiet while you grew up with no memories of who you truly are,” Gretta said as she squeezed her sister tight.

Gresha pulled out of her sister’s embrace and looked at the frozen people around them, then back at her sister.

“How is any of this possible?” she asked, still not fully understanding what was going on.

“When I died, you absorbed my essence,” Gretta said.

“So, you haunt me?” Gresha asked, confused.

Gretta laughed, “I’m not a ghost, Gresha. I’m a part of you. Whatever was me or mine is now you and yours.”

“I am, so lost,” Gresha groaned as she placed her hand to her forehead.

“You have your gift, my gift, and our gift,” Gretta said as she watched her sister.

“But how are you here if you’re not a ghost?” Gresha asked, looking at her sister. “And how is everyone frozen, including me,” she asked, looking around the room.

“That’s my gift,” Gretta said with a smile.

“Your gift?” Gresha asked as she looked back at her sister.

“Yes,” Gretta said with a nod. “Your gift is the blue mist, which by the way, Sister, it is very powerful. You had only tapped into a portion of it when you were three.”

“I remember,” Gresha said with a nod.

“Of course you do. Sobriehtons have a photographic memory,” Gretta said with a chuckle.

“So, your gift is freezing time?” Gresha asked, looking around the room. “So, you did this?”

“No,” Gretta said with a shake of her head, “you did this.”

“Now I’m really confused,” Gresha said, holding her head.

Gretta laughed and pulled her sister into another hug. “When I died, you got everything that was us,” she said, holding onto her sister.

“So, I have your gift?” Gresha asked as she pulled back from her sister.

“Yes,” Gretta said with a brilliant smile.

“But why am I here, and my body is there?” Gresha asked as she looked over at herself on the platform where their brother leaned over her, protecting her.

“Because you’re a projection of yourself,” Gretta said, looking at their brother.

“So, I froze time?” Gresha asked, shocked.

“You did,” Gretta said with a nod. “Even unconscious you knew something was wrong. You froze time when you felt your life threatened.”

“What about Leih? He’s…” Gresha stopped talking and cried.

“We can save him,” Gretta said as she wrapped her arms around her sister.

“How?” Gresha asked as she cried harder.

“By using our gift,” Gretta said as she held onto her.

Our gift? You mean the gift we have as twins, that we can only use together?” Gresha asked with a shocked look on her face. “How did I know that?”

Gretta laughed. “You must have heard someone say something about it when you were young. Remember, photographic memory,” Gretta said, tapping her sister’s head.

“What’s our gift?” Gresha asked, looking at her sister.

“Turning back time.”

“What?!” Gresha yelled, pulling away from her sister.

“Together, we can turn back time,” Gretta said as she watched her sister try to speak and fail.

“How?” Gresha finally got out.

“We can pass through a time continuum,” Gretta said, then laughed at the odd look on her sister’s face.

“How the hell…”

“Don’t think about it too much, Sister,” Gretta said with a laugh.

“So, we can go back and save our mother?” Gresha asked excitedly.

“No,” Gretta said with a shake of her head. “We can only go back a few minutes in time. And we can’t do it too often. For every minute we go back, you lose that many years on your life.”

“But Sobriehtons live forever,” Gresha said, looking at her sister confused.

“Not quite. They just think they do because no one has lived to the end,” Gretta said as she looked around the room at the Sobriehtons around them.

“So, they do have a limit?” Gresha asked.

“They do, but no one knows how long. The longest a Sobriehton has ever lived is twenty-thousand-three-hundred and forty-two years,” Gretta said with a light chuckle at the look on her sister’s face.

“How do you know all of this information?” Gresha asked, shocked.

“We all learn information when we die that we wouldn’t know while alive,” Gretta informed her. “And the Numblee Tree planted some information in me when you went to see her when you were two,” Gretta told her.

“The Numblee Tree knew who I was when I went to see her as Gretta,” Gresha said, staring at her sister.

“She did,” Gretta said with a nod.

“Okay,” Gresha said with a shake of her head. “So we can turn back time by a few minutes. But how will I save Leih when I’m unconscious?”

“We can choose one person to go back in time with us. They will remember everything and can save him.”

“Who?” Gresha asked, looking up at the platform. “Pilar can’t do it. He’s holding me. Can’t bring Leih back with us, he’s de…” She stopped and took in a deep breath.

“How about Tenyar?” Gretta asked as she watched her sister.

“Brilliant,” Gresha said, turning back to her sister.

“He’s fast enough. He can get to the stage before Leih is stabbed,” Gretta said with a smile.

“I have a question for you, miss know it all,” Gresha said with a chuckle.

Gretta laughed with her sister and nodded. “Shoot.”

“What the hell was that with Hah-Nah? She kissed me, then I exploded,” Gresha said as she looked back at herself on the platform with Pilar.

“Oh,” Gretta said with a frown. “Hah-Nah has known for a while now that her time was coming. She knew you had a big part in it but wasn’t sure how until she was dying. She kissed you to pass the Kryer powers on to you.”

“I’m the Kryer now?” Gresha asked, shocked.

“You are more than that, Sister, but yes,” Gretta said with a nod.

“And the pain and exploding light?” Gresha asked, looking around the room. “And the return of our memories.”

“When Hah-Nah gave you the Kryer powers, it woke the Sobriehton in you. Which then woke the full power of your markings and returned everyone’s memories of who you are and what happened twenty years ago,” Gretta said as she watched her sister digested the information.

“What about my powers and the light? They have saved me more than once in the past few months. I thought it was my babies’ powers,” Gresha whispered as she looked down at her stomach.

“The babies woke your gift from hibernation,” Gretta said, smiling at her sister’s stomach. “And the powers of your markings, which by the way are twice as powerful because you have my markings as well,” Gretta said with a grin.

Gresha looked at her arms and held them up. “I don’t have them.”

“Not here, you don’t. Because I have my markings,” Gretta said as she pulled her top down so her sister could see her markings.

The people around them moved, and Gresha stared at them. “What’s happening?”

“We’ve been talking too long,” Gretta said, looking around. “You can only freeze time for a short amount of time before everything starts to catch up to the rest of the universe.”

“So, only the Space Station is frozen in time?” Gresha asked as she watched small movements around the room.

“Right. Then it will automatically catch up to the universe unless you do that yourself,” Gretta said with a nod.

“So, I just freeze it again?” Gresha asked, not even sure how she had done it the first time.

“We can’t do that. Too much time will have gone by,” Gretta said with a shake of her head. “We can only take it back by five minutes. If time resets, it will be too far into our future here, and we can’t go back to save Leih.”

“What do we do?” Gresha asked in a panic as she watched time start to move again.

“We need to get to Tenyar,” Gretta said as she moved through the men and walked towards the door.

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