Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Thirteen: Crash - Bang - Woops

“Matrios don’t eat that so fast,” Gresha said with a laugh as she watched the large beast gobble down the bowl of ice cream her father had set in front of him.

’But it’s so good.’

“It is good. But you’re going to get…”


She laughed as he fell over onto his side, whimpering.

“Brain freeze,” she finished saying as she watched him.

’Brain… Hurts.’

He whimpered as he laid on the floor.

“I told you to slow down,” Gresha said with a shake of her head.

“What happened to Matrios?” Nahla asked, looking down at the Snoggle.

“He ate his ice cream too fast, and now he has an ice cream headache,” Gresha said with a shake of her head.

“Awe poor puppy,” Nahla said as she got to her knees and rubbing the beast’s large head.

‘She is the only one who can call me a puppy.’

Gresha laughed as he growled in her head. “Come finish your ice cream,” Gresha told her sister, pointing to her dish on the table.

“Feel better, Matrios,” Nahla said as she kissed the beast on the head.

Matrios sat up and watched the girl as she climbed back into the booth and picked up the spoon to eat her ice cream.

‘Maybe I can handle being around kids if they’re like her.’

“No one is like her,” Gresha said, smiling at her sister, “she’s one of a kind.”

“Who is?” Nahla asked with her mouth full, ice cream running down her chin.

Gresha laughed as she wiped her sister’s chin with a napkin. “You are,” she said with a smile.

“Thank you, Sister,” Nahla said, smiling back, “so are you.”

“Isn’t that the truth,” Leih said, pulling Gresha to his side.

Gresha smiled as she leaned against him. Gio, Masorien, Pilar, and Tenyar sat at the booth behind them, discussing business. Gresha looked around the ice cream shop at all the Sobriehtons who were staring at them.

She knew it wasn’t just the large Snoggle in the shop with them that had them staring. They have been staring since everyone had gotten their memories back.

After ice cream, they decided to go for a walk to the park.

When they got to the park, Matrios took off at a run with Nahla on his back and ran into the water scaring the ducks. They quacked as they ran from the large beast.

Nahla screamed with delight.

“Once away from trainers, they’re like big dogs,” Leih said as he watched the Snoggle run around and splash water all over Nahla, who continued to squeal on his back.

“He told me that Snoggles and Sobriehtons once lived in peace. Until a Sobriehton killed a Snoggle for no reason, and one of the pack leaders killed the Sobriehton. Then they had to go into hiding,” Gresha said as she took her husband’s arm and leaned on him.

“We have all heard that story,” Pilar said as he came to stand on the other side of his sister and watched the Snoggle with his other sister. “But in our story, the Snoggles had done the first killing.”

“No one knows who killed who first,” Gio said, standing next to his son.

“Well, either way, Matrios is a part of our family now,” Gresha said with a smile.

“A Snoggle a High Royal,” Gio said, watching the Snoggle with his daughter, then looked at his other daughter. “We can make that official with a simple ceremony,” he said with a smile.

Gresha looked at her father. “You can do that?”

“He’s not blood royalty, but we can make him officially royalty. No one will ever be able to touch him or face the same for touching one of us,” Gio said with a smile.

“I would like that, Daddy,” Gresha said with a smile as she looked back at her companion. “Very much.”

“Wait until Patches meats him,” Leih said with a laugh.

Gresha laughed at the vision of the small kitten and large dog-like creature. She shook her head. “I better warn him before that happens.”


The ceremony to officially make Matrios a High Royal was small and simple. When her father announced him to now be an official royal, Gresha cheered and hugged her Snoggle.

They had a celebration dinner, of course. Her father still had to have a celebration for everything that happened in their lives. She loved him so much for it.

Her Earth family joined them for dinner. They were still getting used to losing their home on Earth and the loss of Geena.

No one was getting closer to finding where her cousin was. She needs to talk to Matrios about that help she had told him she needed. When they got back to the Royal Corridor, Nahla ran to her room to get her kitten to show Matrios.

Gresha looked at her Snoggle. “She’s going to bring her kitten out here. Please don’t freak when the kitten freaks.”

‘What is a kitten?’

“It’s a baby cat,” she said, watching him. He shook his head. Right he’s from Sobrieh. “It’s a pet from Earth. Where my mother’s family is from.”

Nahla ran out to the Royal Corridor carrying her kitten. Patches jumped from her arms and ran to the large beast standing beside Gresha.

“Patches, no!” Nahla cried out as she ran after her kitten.

Matrios stared down at the small furry creature as she rubbed herself against his legs.

‘You were worried about this small creature?’

Gresha laughed, “cats normally don’t like dog-like creatures.”

Matrios leaned his head down and lifted the small kitten into his mouth, then turned his head to Nahla as she skidded to a stop beside him. He opened his mouth and dropped the kitten into her arms.

“Thank you, Matrios,” Nahla said as she lifted her kitten into the air and looked into her face. “Bad kitty,” she scolded.

‘Tell her to be careful no one steps on her.’

Gresha laughed, “Matrios says to be careful that no one steps on her.”

“I already have,” Nahla said, smiling at the large beast. “She gets under my feet and trips me. But I love her,” she said as she held the kitten against her cheek and rocked back and forth.

“Take Patches back to your room,” Gio said as he walked up to them.

“What’s going on?” Gresha asked, looking at her father.

“We’ve had a breakthrough with finding Geena. All hands, on deck,” he said, watching his daughter.

“Finally,” Gresha cried.

‘Who’s Geena?’

“She’s my cousin. When we escaped from Earth with my family, she was taken. We have been trying to find her for the past three days,” Gresha said.

‘Is that the help you had needed from me?’

“Yes,” Gresha said with a nod.

‘I will help you, Princess. Whatever you need me to do.’

“Thank you,” Gresha said, hugging him.

“Is Matrios willing to help with the search?” Gio asked as he watched his daughter and her Snoggle.

“He is,” Gresha said with a nod.

“Good,” Gio said as he smiled at the beast, then turned as his youngest came running back into the corridor. “I’m taking Nahla to Kimberly and Scott while we’re planning our next moves,” Gio said, then took his daughter’s hand.

“I want to help Daddy,” Nahla said with a frown.

“You’re too little,” Gio said to his youngest as they walked down the hall.

“But I have big powers,” she said as she pleaded with him.

Gio bent down and picked his daughter up into his arms.

Gresha couldn’t hear if he said anything else as they moved out of earshot. She looked at Matrios and smiled. “I hope we find her soon. My family is going nuts.”


“Crazy,” she said with a chuckle.

‘Are they related?’

Gresha burst into laughter. “No, Matrios. Crazy for us is just an expression. But we do have some really crazy people on our planet. Sometimes I wonder if Earthlings are more like Sobriehtons than we think.”


Leih looked at his wife as she got ready for bed. “How are you holding up?”

“Well, another false alarm, so I’m peachy,” she said with a grin.

“We’ll find her Gresha,” he promised though he was getting to where he wasn’t so sure of it himself.

“I know,” she said with a nod, “I’m going to use Matrios.”

“You’re using the Snoggle? But you don’t know how you’re not a trainer.”

“I have one thing no trainer has,” she said, looking at him.

“And what is that?” he asked as he kicked off his shoes.

“A Snoggle’s name communication and his love.”

“That’s three things,” he said with a laugh.

“So, sue me,” she said with a grin.

“Kind of hard to sue my wife. I already own everything. What is mine is yours remember,” he said as he moved over to her.

“Ah, bite me,” she said as she looked down at her pants.

She wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing, so he took the advantage and jumped on her. They fell onto the bench seat at the foot of the bed together, and she screamed when he bit her shoulder, then worked his way down her body.

A loud noise had them both looking at the door. Gresha held her head back over the bench and watched the door fly into the room, Matrios on top of it growling. She looked at her Snoggle upside down and sucked in a shocked breath.

“It’s okay, Matrios. We’re just playing around,” she said, watching him take in the scene before him.

‘You Sobriehtons really are crazy. Screaming like you’re being attacked and all it is, is a game.’

She listened to him grumble as he turned and left the room. She lifted her head and looked at Leih.

“Don’t think he likes our way of playing,” she said, then giggled when he started gnawing on her again.

“He’s too big for this suite,” he said, looking up at her.

“I know,” she said as she caught her breath. “You can make him his own area, can’t you?” she asked, looking up at him.

“We can, yes,” he said with a nod and a smile.

“Make him his own forest,” she said with a smile.

“As you wish, my princess,” he said, then leaned down and took her mouth in a long kiss.

She moved her hands up his shirt and touched his markings, which made him growl. He yanked his shirt over his head, then pulled her up and removed hers. He looked down at her markings with a brilliant smile on his face.

“So nice to be able to get my revenge now,” he said with a growl, then licked a marking on her breast.

She sucked in a breath as she bucked against him. She remembered the first time she had felt the sensation of a marking when she was still Gretta. That moment in the shower was nothing compared to how she felt when Leih touched them.

The first time he had touched them on that first time with him after becoming Gresha again had been so intoxicating. She wasn’t sure she would ever get enough of it.

He kissed the cloth of her bra over her nipple and ran his hands up both her arms along her markings, which made her cry out for him to stop tormenting her. She bucked when he kissed her markings on her breasts.

Gresha leaned her head towards his markings and flicked her tongue across the deep groove of his deepest marking. He growled as he yanked her pants down her legs and entered her kissing her markings as he moved inside her.

She moaned as he brought her to a new high of ecstasy.

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