Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Fourteen: The Rescue

Gresha held Geena’s scarf for Matrios to sniff. They had landed in the field before coming here. Her family’s home was still overrun by the stupid men in black suits.

Tenyar had run into the house and grabbed something from Geena’s room that hadn’t been washed, so it would have the freshest scent.

Matrios had told her that so many trainers have made that mistake. Tried to get them to smell clothes that have been through the wash. Yes, they can smell the owner’s scent, but the detergent always overpowered it. Or the clothes haven’t been worn in so long, like her mother’s clothes.

She watched Matrios take another sniff, then watched as his tail stood straight out from behind him.

‘I have her scent.’

“He has her scent,” Gresha called to the others.

They have been waiting days for this.

Her Uncle Garrett and the techs had finally pinpointed where the bullets signal was coming from. Now it was up to her and Matrios.

‘Jump on.’

“Follow us,” Gresha said to her family as she pulled herself onto Matrios’s back.

Matrios took off at a speed none of them knew a Snoggle could run. Gresha held onto him as he dodged trees and branches and made his way through the woods. The only one of her family who was able to keep up with them was Tenyar.

Matrios came to a stop and looked over a small cliff.

Tenyar skidded to a stop just short of sliding over the edge, and rocks rolled down the cliff from his sudden stop. He stood there with them as they looked down at the hidden military base against the side of the Mountain.

“Well, I’ll be,” Gio said when landed beside them.

“Look at that,” Leih said with a grin, placing his hand on his wife’s back.

“Now what?” Pilar asked, looking over the edge of the cliff.

“I could get us down by moving something while you stand on it,” Masorien said, looking around for something flat enough to stand on.

‘You do that.’

Gresha sucked in a shocked breath as she leaned forward and held onto Matrios as he jumped off the cliff and landed on his feet at the bottom. Gresha looked up the cliff at her family, who was staring down at them in shock. She smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You could have at least waited for me to tell them what you planned to do,” she said with a chuckle against his neck. His laughter in her head made her laugh even harder.

Leih landed beside them as he skidded to a stop.

Gresha looked behind them at the cliff, then at her husband, and chuckled. He must have skidded his way down the cliff, knowing that if he fell, it wouldn’t hurt him. She smiled at him, then leaned towards him to kiss him. He leaned against Matrios as he kissed her back.

Gio landed on the other side of his daughter and the Snoggle, having flown down from the cliff. One at a time, the other three floated down on flat rocks and landed safely on the ground beside the other.

The group made their way quietly to the fence.

“Now we just need to be sure she’s here and have the station find her and beam her up,” Gio whispered as he looked through the chain-linked fence at the soldier guards.

‘She is here.’

“Matrios says that she’s here,” Gresha whispered to her family.

“We need to make sure they didn’t move her,” Gio said, looking at his daughter.

‘Her scent is strong. She is still here.’

“He says that her scent is strong here. They haven’t moved her,” Gresha whispered.

Gio pulled out his phone and called the Station. He talked into the phone for a few minutes, then waited; he growled, then slapped the phone closed.

“They can’t find her here,” he said, watching the Snoggle. “Are you sure she’s here?”

‘I’m sure.’

“He’s sure,” Gresha said with a nod.

“Maybe they have something that blocks our teleporter. They have seen it a few times, so they know about it,” Pilar whispered as he watched the men on the other side of the fence.

Matrios slunk down and moved along the fence as he sniffed the air. The others followed quietly behind him. Gresha held onto his neck as he followed the fence line. He stopped and looked at the building.

‘She’s in there.’

“She’s in that building,” Gresha said, pointing to the building in front of them.

“That should help,” Gio said with a nod as he pulled out his phone and told the tech where he can locate her.

“Sorry, my king, without a direct link to the area, I can’t pick anything up. Especially because there are so many Earthlings in that building.” They all heard the tech before the king hung up the phone.

‘We’ll go.’

Matrios stood, then crouched the slightest bit and pushed himself off the ground. He leaped up into the air and landed on the other side of the fence, avoiding the barbed wire. Leih stood up and stared at the Snoggle and his wife on the other side of the fence.

“You didn’t wait again,” Gresha whispered.

‘Sorry, I thought that time was short.’

Gresha turned and looked at her family. “Stay here. We will go look for her when we find her, I will call the Station,” she said as she patted her pocket.

“Be safe,” Leih said, watching her. “Matrios, protect her.”

‘That’s the plan.’

Gresha opened her mouth to tell Leih what Matrios had said, but Matrios took off at a run and pressed himself against the side of the building.

“You did it again,” she whispered.

‘Someone was coming.’

Gresha watched as a guard walked over to where they had just been standing moments ago. She sucked in a breath when the man shined his light where her family had been on the other side of the fence. She sighed with relief when no one was there.

“You are full of surprises,” she said with a smile, holding onto his neck.

“Rule of the Pack never show a Sobriehton what you are truly capable of.”

She chuckled as he moved around the corner and into the shadows at the doors while the guards weren’t paying attention. She climbed down from Matrios and looked at the pad, then pulled her phone from her pocket and scanned it, then sent the scan up to the Space Station for the tech to find the code.

In less than a minute, the code was sent to her phone. She held the phone against the red light and held her breath as she waited. The light turned green, and the doors opened. She and Matrios moved quietly into the building and down the stairs, then down a hall until they came to three different doors.

“Which one?” she whispered, looking at Matrios.

He sniffed under the doors, then bumped his head against the door to the right.

‘This one.’

She held her phone against the pad and sent the scan up to the Station.

“It looks like it’s the same code throughout the building, my princess,” the tech said as he read the scan.

“Thank you,” she whispered before she hung up.

She pressed the code to the door and watched as it turned green, then pulled the door open and waited for Matrios to squeeze his large frame through as they entered into yet another hall.

‘This will be fun.’

She looked up and down the hall. Matrios sniffed the air and turned to their right, then headed down the hall.

‘Her scent gets stronger here.’

Gresha used the phone to open yet another door. They moved into the hall and found three more halls. Matrios sniffed the air, then headed down the hall directly in front of them. When they came to a dead-end, Gresha sighed with annoyance.


Gresha followed where he was looking and found the wall wasn’t a wall but a glass window that looked into a room. She looked inside and found her cousin lying naked on the table. She ran to the white door that was almost invisible as it blended into the wall and used the code on the pad, then pushed the door open when it turned green and rushed into the room. She skidded to a stop when she saw her cousin and turned from the scene to throw up on the floor.

‘Not what I had hoped for.’

“Geena,” Gresha cried.

She couldn’t look at her cousin’s body again. They had dissected her and pulled all of her organs out as they looked for what she guessed was two hearts that they never found.

Lights flashed in the room as an alarm went off.

‘Time to go.’

“No!” Gresha screamed as loud as she could.

Everything around her froze. Gresha looked at the scene, still not able to look at Geena.


“Gretta!” Gresha cried as she flew into her sister’s arms.

“You know we can’t do this every time someone dies,” Gretta said, holding onto her sister.

“Please, Gretta, just this once. This is all my fault. If I hadn’t taken out the cameras…”

“They would have seen you and the other Sobriehtons and still shown up at the house,” Gretta said as she held onto her sister.

“Please, Gretta,” Gresha begged.

“Every time we do it, it takes time off your life,” Gretta said with a shake of her head.

“I don’t care,” Gresha cried, “I was told that I have your life as well.”

“What?” Gretta asked, staring at her sister.

“When I absorbed you, I took your markings, your power, your gift, and your life span. Which means I have double the life span of a Sobriehton. Don’t you think that maybe that means we’re meant to use our gift? I have the extra life to do just that.” Gresha said as she pulled away from her sister.

“That does make sense,” Gretta said with a nod. “I wonder why I was never informed of it.”

“Maybe they don’t tell you everything.”

“Well, I never saw that coming,” Gretta said with a laugh as she pointed at Matrios.

“I know right,” Gresha said excitedly.

“So, I would guess he’s who we bring back with us,” Gretta said, nodding toward the Snoggle.

“Makes sense,” Gresha said with a nod. “Thank you, Sister,” she said as she hugged her sister again, then moved over to Matrios.

“Time to join me,” Gresha said with a smile as she touched the Snoggle.

Matrios popped out of his body and stared at them.

‘What is this?’

“This is one of my gifts,” Gresha said with a smile. “I can freeze time.”

‘I have seen many gifts have never seen one like this.’

Gresha watched him look around the frozen room, then smiled when he looked at her and Gretta. His eyes opened in shock as he stared at them.

“This is my twin who had died when we were born. I can only see her when I freeze time,” Gresha said, smiling at her sister.

‘You are full of surprises yourself.’

“I am,” Gresha said with a laugh.

“What in the world are you talking about?” Gretta asked, staring at her sister.

“Oh, I forgot you can’t hear him,” Gresha said with a smile.

Gretta shook her head. “No, I can’t. We need to hurry this along before time resets.”

“Right,” Gresha said, looking at Matrios. “Matrios, we’re turning back time. From what I can see here, the five minutes we can go back will give us barely enough time to get back here and save Geena.”

‘Turn back time?’

“Yes, that is our gift together,” Gresha said with a nod.

“Let’s get this over with. I don’t like this,” Gretta said as she moved into position.

‘Tell her that I don’t either.’

“Matrios says that he doesn’t either,” Gresha said, then moved over to her position with her sister.

“Smart dog,” Gretta said with a smile.

Matrios growled, and Gresha laughed as she opened the rip in time with her sister.

“He’s not a dog,” Gresha informed her sister.

“He looks like one. A big mean one,” Gretta said, smiling at the beast. “Come on,” she said as she motioned to the large dog to follow them.

“We go through it now,” Gresha said, pointing to the rip.

Matrios walked over to the rip and stepped through it. Gretta and Gresha pulled themselves into the rip and stood on either side of the Snoggle as they watched time reverse.

They had been almost at the beginning of the building five minutes before. They were going to have to hurry. When time reset itself, Matrios’s head bumped Gresha.

‘Quickly get on my back.’

Gresha pulled herself onto his back, and he ran through the halls so fast she had to hold onto him tighter than normal. She quickly flashed her phone across the pads as they passed them and turned the knobs, barely getting the doors open before Matrios ran through the doorway and down the next hall.

They got to the window just as the doctor was about to cut her cousin with the scalpel.

“No!” Gresha screamed as she pointed at her cousin.

Her blue mist surrounded her cousin, which made the doctor pause and turn to the window, then smile at her.

“You!” he hollered, pointing the scalpel at Gresha.

You’re the one I want.”

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