Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Fifteen: The Escape

Gresha jumped off Matrios and unlocked the door, then moved into the room with an angry look on her face. The doctor backed away from her and held the scalpel out toward her.

“I have been waiting for you.” The crazy doctor who had tried to dissect her all those weeks ago said with a grin.

“Well, here I am,” Gresha said angrily.

She heard Matrios growl behind her and turned to watch him attack one of the doctor’s men who had been sneaking up behind her. The man screamed as Matrios tore him to shreds.

Gresha turned back to the doctor just as he lunged for her. Her blue mist wrapped around her body and electrocuted him the moment he touched her. He bellowed and fell to the floor, convulsing.

Gresha moved to the table where her cousin laid and shook her. “Come on, Geena, wake up.” She felt for her pulse and sighed with relief when she felt it.

‘We need to go.’

She looked at Matrios, who stood beside her, blood all over his face and chest, again.

She rolled her eyes and let out a breath. “Need to wash you off again,” she said with a shake of her head.

He snorted and sprayed blood everywhere. Gresha backed away, avoiding the spray of blood.

“That’s disgusting, Matrios.” She heard him laugh in her mind and shook her head.

She turned to her cousin and lowered her mist, then pulled her phone from her pocket. “Three for transportation.”

“I’m sorry, my princess, I can’t teleport the Snoggle. His DNA isn’t in the system yet,” the tech said.

Gresha felt her hearts sink to her stomach.

‘Go, I’ll make my way back to the others.’

“I’m not leaving you,” Gresha grumbled and lifted the phone to her ear. “One for transport. Find me and you will find my cousin. Look for the same blood trace.”

“Got it.”

Gresha stood back and watched her cousin beam up to the Space Station. She screamed when a pain shot through her arm as a scalpel sliced down her arm and through her markings. She turned and watched the doctor stand back with the bloody scalpel in his hand. The pain was so much she could barely breathe.


“Matrios,” Gresha said with a groan, then slid to her knees.

The doctor raised the scalpel above his head and came after her again. Gresha was too weak to even put up her mist.

Matrios jumped on the doctor and bit into the arm that held the scalpel. The doctor screamed as Matrios jerked his head to the side and tore the man’s arm off, then spat it across the room.

Matrios turned his head back to the doctor and was about to bite the man’s neck when he heard the princess.

“Matrios,” Gresha moaned.

Matrios turned and looked at Gresha, then moved away from the doctor to her side.

‘Can you stand?’

“I don’t know,” she said, then screamed in pain when she tried to use her arm to help her to her feet.

The doctor got to his feet still screaming and looked at the bloody nub where his arm used to be. He used his other arm and picked up a larger scalpel, then threw it at the beast.

Gresha saw the doctor and used the rest of her strength to throw up her mist as a shield around Matrios. It wasn’t very powerful, but it blocked the scalpel.

Matrios turned to go after the doctor and stopped when he heard Gresha hit the floor. He moved over to Gresha and nudged her with his nose.

‘Come on, Princess, you need to get up.’

Gresha opened her eyes and looked into the big brown eyes of her Snoggle and noticed that her weak blue mist still surrounded him.

She grunted, then used her uninjured arm to push herself to a sitting position, then reached out and took hold of his elbow joint and pulled herself to her knees. She took a deep breath, then pulled herself to her feet, using his body to pull herself up.

He laid down, and she fell over him. She used her good arm and pulled herself to straddle him, then fell forward against his head and closed her eyes, too weak to open them again.

Matrios got to his feet and rushed to the door as lights flickered and alarms went off. He growled at the door, then head-butted it. The door flew across the hall and slammed into the wall where it stuck into the plaster.

“I will get you, little girl!” the doctor screamed and collapsed to the floor. “And your big dog too!”

Gresha chuckled at the man’s words.

‘Bid dog, indeed.’

“You are to them,” Gresha whispered, too weak to talk any louder.

They came to another door and Matrios slammed his head into it and sent it across the hall. Men came out of doors with rifles in their hands.

‘Here we go.’

They ran down the hall with bullets spraying them and bouncing off her mist. She knew her mist wasn’t strong enough to electrocute anyone right now, but it kept bullets off them at least.

They came to another door that led to their escape and Matrios slammed his head into it and sent it flying across the hall. It bounced off the cement wall and slammed onto the floor. He bounded over the door, then ran down the hall towards the last door. He head-butted the last door and felt a sharp pain. He glared at the door when it didn’t even move a little.

“It’s a heavy-duty door,” Gresha said as she opened her eyes.

‘I can’t break it down.’

“I’ll get my phone,” she said as she reached for her pocket and screamed in pain.

Matrios growled, then ran to the other end of the hall. He scratched his large paws at the floor, then took off at a hard run and picked up speed as he ran down the hall. He slammed into the doors and sent them both flying outside, knocking two guards to the ground and pinning them under the door’s weight.


“What is taking so long?!” Leih demanded as he paced back and forth.

“Stay calm, Cousin,” Pilar said as he laid his hand on Leih’s shoulder.

“What the hell is going on in there?” Gio growled when the alarms started going off.

“Did they get to Geena and teleport up?” Pilar asked, moving closer to the fence.

“Gresha would have called us,” Leih said, joining his cousin.

Gio pulled his phone from his pocket. “Did they make it to the station?”

“No, Sire. We got Geena, but the princess wouldn’t leave her Snoggle. I can’t beam a Snoggle yet,” the tech informed them.

“Damn it,” Gio growled and hung up.

“At least she got Geena,” Pilar said, watching the building.

Two men ran around the building, trying to find what was going on.

“Something isn’t right,” Leih said as he watched the building. “Gresha would have called us by now and told us what happened.”

“What’s that noise?” Tenyar asked, looking at the front of the building.

The doors flew outward and pinned two guards to the ground.

“There!” Leih called out as Matrios came running out of the building, blue mist surrounding his body.

They watched the Snoggle run to the fence where they stood and leap over the fence, landing close to them. Gresha’s mist evaporated once they landed on the ground, and they watched as Gresha slid off the Snoggle’s back and land on the ground.

“Gresha!” Leih hollered and ran to his wife, rolling her over. He felt something sticky on his hand and lifted his hand to find it covered in blood. He looked at the Snoggle, who was covered in blood as well. “What happened!?” he yelled at the beast.

Matrios whimpered and nudged Gresha with his nose. Leih looked at Gresha’s arm and found the long gash down her arm and through her markings.

“Damn,” Pilar said, then removed his shirt and wrapped it around his sister’s arm. “Need to get her to the Station, now!” he yelled as he lifted her into his arms.

They heard gunfire and ran away from the fence. Leih caught up to Pilar and tried to take his wife from him.

“I’m going with you,” he said angrily.

“Matrios,” Gresha whispered as she opened her eyes and looked at her husband. “Stay with Matrios, he’s scared,” she said as she touched her husband’s arm, then turn from him and passed out again.

“I’ve got her, Cousin,” Pilar said, then walked up the hill away from them.

Gio pulled out his phone. “Two for transport, Pilar and Gresha.”

Two beams came down and took them away. Gio looked at the rest of them. When the Snoggle growled, they turned to find men surrounding them.

“Damn,” Tenyar said with a shake of his head.

Matrios growled and snapped his teeth at the men. Leih walked over to Matrios and laid his hand on the beast’s back.

“How about we take care of them together?”

Matrios growled and leaped across the field in a single bound, landing on a man, and tore him apart.

Leih jumped on top of a man who had turned his weapon on Matrios and knocked him to the ground. Masorien pointed at the other man, who turned his gun on Matrios and flung his gun out of his hands, and sent it into the woods. Tenyar ran around the others and yanked weapons out of their hands, then tossed them into the woods.

Once unarmed, the men ran away.

Leih walked over to Matrios and placed his hand on the Snoggle’s shoulder. Matrios turned and snapped at him.

“Whoa boy, it’s just me,” Leih said, holding his hands up in defense.

Matrios whimpered and lowered his head. Leih scratched behind his ear.

“We need to head back to the shuttles,” Masorien said, looking around to make sure no one else was near them.

“He’s right,” Gio said, watching Leih and the Snoggle.

“Come along, buddy,” Leih said, tapping the large animal on the shoulder.

Matrios turned and followed them up the hill and out of sight.

Tenyar turned and looked at them. “It will take us too long if we walk there.”

“He’s right,” Gio said with a nod.

“I can carry one of you to the shuttle,” Tenyar said, watching them.

“I can fly there,” Gio said with a nod.

Matrios lowered his body beside Leih and Leih pulled himself onto the Snoggles back. “I guess I can ride Matrios.”

“Odd that we never knew all of this about the Snoggles,” Gio said with a shake of his head as he lifted off into the air.

They heard a noise behind them and turned.

“Let’s get going,” Tenyar said as he leaned down for Masorien to get on his back.

“See you all at the shuttles,” Gio said, then took off into the sky.

“Let’s go, Matrios,” Leih said when he spotted the men coming out of the trees.


Leih sprayed the Snoggle down with the water hose in the Royal Corridor. The large animal shook the water off his body when he finished.

“We’ll go see Gresha when Pilar comes and tells us it’s okay to see her,” Leih said as he rubbed the beast’s wet head.

Matrios head-butted Leih in the chest. Leih laughed as he patted him on the back.


Leih and Matrios turned their heads to find Nahla watching them.

“Hello, little sister,” Leih said with a smile.

Nahla ran into his arms and cried. Leih held her close and sat on the ledge around the Numblee Tree’s Garden. Matrios leaned his wet head in and nudged Nahla. Nahla giggled as she wrapped her arms around his head.

“Gresha will be okay,” Leih said, rubbing the beast’s head. “Pilar will see to that.”

“She looked so sick when Pilar brought her up,” Nahla said with a sniffle.

“She had lost a lot of blood,” Leih said with a nod, holding her. “And they cut her markings. I’m not sure how dangerous that is.”

Matrios whimpered as he closed his eyes. Leih sighed and did the same. They sat there like that for a few minutes, then Leih jumped to his feet and startled them both.

“Let’s not think about this,” Leih said with a grin. “Gresha wouldn’t want us to dwell in sadness. She would want us to have fun.” He placed Nahla on Matrios’ back and looked at both of them. “Right?”

“Right!” Nahla said with a nod.

“So we will do something fun.” Leih held onto the Snoggle’s large head and looked into his large brown eyes. “Right?” he asked the beast.

Matrios blew out a breath and sprayed water all over Leih’s face. Nahla giggled as she wrapped her arms around the animal’s head. Leih chuckled as he wiped his face, then headed down the hall.

“So, where do we go?” he asked, turning to look at them.

“The park!” Nahla said with excitement.

“The park, it is,” Leih said as he forced a smile.

Matrios took off at a run down the hall, leaving Leih in his dust. Nahla squealed with laughter as Matrios jumped against one wall, then flung himself to the next wall. Leih caught up to them, but he knew Matrios had let him.

When they got to the park, Matrios ran into the pond and splashed the ducks. Nahla squealed as she raised her hands in the air and got soaked. Leih ran into the pond and splashed water on them. Matrios lifted his front paws up and slapped them down into the water, soaking Leih.

Leih laughed and pulled Nahla from Matrios’ back, holding her in his arms as he kissed her cheek.

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