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Chapter Twenty-Three: Sobrieh Forest

Pilar laughed as he watched them leave the room, then turned to his sister who had moved over to their mother’s bed. “Come on Sister, you too.”

“I want to stay with Mom,” Gresha said as she shook her head.

“Do as your brother says,” Gwyneth said as she smiled at her daughter. “You will see me later. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Okay,” Gresha said with a smile, then kissed her mom on the cheek. “Don’t disappear.” She whispered before she turned and left the room.

Gwyneth stared after her daughter then looked up at her son. “Is she okay?”

“She still blames herself for your near death.” He said as he moved over to the bed and took her vitals.

“That’s ridiculous. It was Neesah’s fault, not hers.” Gwyneth said as she watched him take her pulse. Which was harder to find now that she has two hearts.

“That’s what we keep telling her. But with her being the new Kryer and the pregnancy…”

“New Kryer?” Gwyneth asked as she watched his face.

“Damn,” Pilar grumbled. “I hadn’t wanted you to go through this until you were better.”

“I’m fine.” She promised as she watched him lay her wrist on her stomach and pick up one of his devices. “Where’s Hah-Nah?” It was more of an order than a request.

“She died. Killed by Leih’s cousin. She passed her gift on, to Gresha, and that’s what woke her Sobriehton side, and all of our memories.” He said as he avoided eye contact.

“No.” Gwyneth cried for the loss of her friend. “How is Tenyar taking it? He seemed so calm today. No wonder he did as Gresha asked, he’s her bodyguard now.”

“He’s taking it a lot better than I would,” Pilar said as he shook his head. “He has been prepared for it, for a long time. Hah-Nah had had a vision of her death, so they had both been expecting it. At least he has his little girl to remember her by.”

“Little girl?” Gwyneth asked, confused.

“Yeah. They finally got back together last year and had a little girl.” Pilar said as he smiled at her. “She’s the sweetest thing. And adores Gresha.”

“I can’t believe she’s gone,” Gwyneth said with a sigh as she wiped her eyes.

“Yeah, it’s been hard on all of us. But having our memories back has helped a lot. And Gresha has her Snoggle to help her.” Pilar said as he laughed softly.

“About that. How in the world did your sister tame a beast like that?” She asked as she watched him.

“You know, we have all been asking that same question.” He said with a smile.

“Well, we always knew your sister was special,” Gwyneth said as her eyes started to droop.

“Get some sleep, Mom,” Pilar said as he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. “We will all be here when you wake.” He whispered.

He stepped back and moved over to the door. It was so unbelievable to have her back. Though with the loss of their memories it was as though they had just seen her die. But at the same time, they have their memories of the past twenty-one years, even though they never had the time to miss or mourn her death.

Except for his father, who had spent the last twenty-one years, the only one to remember what had happened, and how happy they had been. He looked at his stepmother before he closed the door. With Gwyneth and his sisters back, life should get back to normal. Or so he thought.


Gresha stared at the house that had saved her life twice. The first time when she was three and had hidden out with her mother and sister, from the Sobriehtons of the station. And the second time, not so long ago with Leih, once again hiding out from the other Sobriehtons.

She sighed as she started up the path to the front door. The woman who owned the house opened the door before Gresha even got to the porch.

“Princess.” She said as she bowed to her.

“Hi,” Gresha said with a smile. “Maisey, right?”

“Yes.” The woman said with a smile.

“I have a favor to ask of you. But if you can’t, or don’t want to…”

“Please, I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need,” Maisey assured her princess, with a smile.

“Great,” Gresha said with as she moved up the porch stairs and into the house, as Maisey held the door open for her.

She has a big project for the woman, she hopes she can pull it off.

Leih looked at the door in the back of the suite that hadn’t been there just moments ago. What was going on? He slowly opened the door and froze. Out his now back door was a huge forest. He stepped off the back porch that hadn’t been there this morning and moved closer to the trees.

They were beautiful. They looked just like the pictures he has seen of Sobrieh trees. He found a path and followed it to a beautiful brook. He looked across the water to find his wife standing on the other side talking to a woman who stood in front of her. He recognized her as the woman who had hidden them, not so long ago. He remembers now that she had also hidden the High Queen and the High Princesses, over twenty years ago.

He smiled as he shook his head. Now he knows how everything had appeared like magic. The woman’s gift of imagination allows her to create anything her mind can imagine.

Leih stepped on a stone that looked to be a stepping stone and made his way across the brook to where his wife stood, talking to the woman. Both women stopped talking and turned to him. He smiled as he joined them.

“Hi,” Gresha said as she smiled at him.

He kissed her cheek as he reached her side. “I see you’ve been busy.”

“We have.” She said as she grinned up at him. “Isn’t it the most beautiful place you have ever seen?”

“It is.” He assured her with a grin.

“Is there anything else you would like, princess?” Maisey asked as she smiled at the royal couple.

“No Maisey. Everything is so amazing. Even more beautiful than I could have imagined it, myself.” Gresha said as she smiled at the woman.

Maisey smiled as she bowed to her princess. “Oh, I almost forgot.” She said as she reached into her bag and pulled a pink floppy-eared rabbit out and handed it to Gresha. “Better late than never.” She said with a smile.

“Floppy,” Gresha whispered as she looked down at the stuffed pink rabbit.

“Well, I better be off. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.” She said as she bowed to them again, then stepped across the brook and headed for the back door to the suite.

Gresha was still staring down at the rabbit. Leih moved behind her and pulled her against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her and laid his hands over her swollen stomach with a bright smile. To think, all nestled in there are his children, waiting to come out and greet them.

“I had known there was something special about this rabbit when I had seen it in the hidden room,” Gresha said, still looking down at the rabbit.

“It was nice of Maisey to bring it to you,” Leih whispered as he looked over her shoulder at the stuffed rabbit.

“It was, wasn’t it,” Gresha said as she looked up at him with a smile.

“Where’s Matrios?” He asked as he looked into her beautiful gray eyes.

“I told him to go to the park.” She said with a grin. “I wanted to surprise him.”

“He’s going to love it,” Leih assured her as he held her close.

“I hope so.”

“Let’s go get him.” He said as he turned her to face him.

“In a minute.” She said with a grin. “I want to see how real this grass feels.”

“Hmm, I do like the way your mind thinks.”

Leih led Matrios out the back door as Gresha sat on his back with her hands covering his eyes. He could hear the large animal growl now and then and could swear the beast was grumbling. He laughed softly, knowing Gresha was getting a mind full of him at this moment.

“Okay, this is good,” Gresha said as she smiled at Leih. Gresha took a deep breath then removed her hands from her Snoggles eyes. “Surprise.”


“Do you like it?” Gresha asked as she held onto his neck.

‘It’s perfect!’

“I’m glad,” Gresha said as she nodded to Leih who was watching her for an answer.

‘It’s like home!’

Gresha laughed as Matrios took off into the forest with her on his back. Leih stared after them as he was left behind. Matrios ran through the forest and leaped easily over the brook.

‘You are too good to me.’

“Nonsense. You are my companion. You deserve the best.” She said as she laid her head on his.

“I guess he likes it!” Leih called out from the other side of the brook.

“He does,” Gresha called out without lifting her head.

Leih joined them and placed his hand on Gresha’s back. They spent the rest of the day exploring the forest together.

When the day was over, Gresha was so tired, Leih carried her back to their suite. She instantly fell asleep, the moment he laid her on their bed. He smiled down at her as he pulled her shoes off her feet, then laid down beside her and laid his hand over her stomach.

“Sleep well, my family.” He said as he laid his head on the pillow beside his wife. “I will protect you with my life.” He whispered as he kissed her lips. She sighed as she smiled in her sleep when his lips touched hers.

He closed his eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Leih woke to a pounding. He looked at his wife who was still sound asleep. The woman could sleep through any disaster. He laughed softly as he crawled out of bed.

The pounding became louder and he yanked the door open ready to chew out whoever was pounding on his door at two in the morning, he stopped when he saw Geena standing there, panic on her face.

“Geena, what is it?”

“Where’s my sister?” Geena asked as she looked past him into the suite.

“Isn’t she with her husband?” Leih asked as he watched her.

“Not that one.” She said as she pushed past him.

“Geena?” Gresha asked sleepily as she moved into the living room.

“Gresha,” Geena said as she rushed to her.

“What is it?” Gresha asked as she watched Geena’s face.

“Gabby went into labor.”

“That’s wonderful,” Gresha said with a smile.

“Yes, but she’s having difficulties. She’s two weeks early, and the baby is under duress. She could use both her sisters right now.” Geena said as she watched the woman who she grew up knowing as her baby sister.

“Of course,” Gresha said with a nod.

“Let’s get you, ladies, to the hospital,” Leih said, holding the door open for them.

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