Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Twenty-Five: Markings

“No markings?” Gio asked his son as they stood over Gwyneth’s hospital bed.

“Not yet,” Pilar said as he looked over his stepmother’s skin, just below the collar of her hospital gown.

“What does that mean?” Gwyneth asked as she looked from her son to her husband.

“It means you’re still human, Tiey Vail,” Gio said as he smiled at his wife. “With the life span of a Sobriehton.”

“Oh,” Gwyneth said as she pulled her hospital gown away from her body to look down at her chest.

“It also means you won’t get powers,” Pilar said as he held one of his devices over her.

“That’s okay,” Gwyneth said as she smiled up at him. “I’m just glad I’ll get to spend my life with my family.”

Pilar nodded. “The Sobriehton part, anyways.”

“Oh. Right.” Gwyneth said with a frown as she remembered that her Earth family is going to age and die off. She looked at her son, he had a frown on his pretty face. That included Geena.

“At least we get to keep you, Tiey Vail,” Gio said with a smile.

Gwyneth looked at her husband. “You’re talking about me like I’m a pet.”

“You’re no pet, Tiey Vail, trust me,” Gio assured her with a grin.

“Okay you two, enough of the memories,” Pilar said as he stared at his parents.

“Sorry, Pilar,” Gwyneth said with a laugh.

“Yeah, yeah,” Pilar said as he shook his head.

“Just tune us out, Son,” Gio said, still grinning at his wife. “I can’t stop the memories.”

“Good Golly Miss Molly,” Pilar said as he moved away from his parents. “I’ll be in my office.” He grumbled as he walked out of the room.

“Poor, Pilar,” Gwyneth whispered without taking her eyes off her husband.

It may only feel like days to her since she and Gio had made love, but it has been years for him. She remembers their last time in the bathroom of that hideaway room as if it had happened just yesterday.

She could tell by the look on his face that he remembered it too. Having a photographic memory wasn’t always a good thing. But right now, she can see that it’s a very good thing.

Her head started to pound as thoughts began to flood in. She placed her hand over her head and moaned.

“What’s wrong?” Gio asked, concerned.

“I don’t know. My head just started hurting.” She cried out as a pain shot through her mind.

“Pilar!” Gio hollered as he ran to the door.

Pilar was at the door before Gio could open it and ran to the bed, he paused as Gwyneth started to scream.

“Do something!” Gio hollered as he rushed back to his wife’s side.

“There’s nothing I can do, Father,” Pilar said as he watched his mother writhe in pain.

“What’s happening?!” Gio demanded.

“She’s remembering,” Pilar said as he kept his eyes and mind on his stepmother.

“Remembering what? She didn’t get the serum.” Gio asked as he took his wife’s hand into his and held it to his lips.

“Everything she has ever learned or done, in her life,” Pilar said as he watched the images in her head.

“Do what now?” Gio asked as he looked at his son.

“She’s getting the Sobriehton photographic memory. Every memory ever stored in her brain is coming forward.” He said as he briefly looking at his father.

“By the Gods,” Gio whispered as he held his wife’s hand tight while she screamed out in pain as the memories continued to flood through her mind.

“Not something I would wish upon anyone,” Pilar said with a frown.

He winced when every detail of the memory of her parent’s death flooded her mind. She started to cry as she screamed. When she finally got to the most recent of her memories, she passed out and fell limp in the bed.

“Is she okay?” Gio asked in a panic.

“She passed out. She’ll be fine.” Pilar said as he moved around the bed to pick up one of his devices.

“That was a lot of memories to absorb,” Gio said as he watched his wife breathe in and out.

“More than four years’ worth,” Pilar said with a nod.

“Why has it come now?” Gio asked as he looked up at his son. “And not when she was in the suspended animation?”

“Because her brain wasn’t awake in there. And her body needed time to finish the transaction. She’s becoming more and more Sobriehton. I honestly don’t know where it will stop.” Pilar said as he held the device over his stepmother.

“Will she receive markings or powers?”

“We will have to wait and see on that, Father,” Pilar said as he looked at the device. “She’s fine now. Let’s let her sleep.”

Pilar moved around the bed and pulled his father to his feet. Which with him wanting to stay with his wife, was a hard task. They moved out into the hall and Pilar closed the door, then looked at his father.

“She will be okay, Father. Her body is going through a lot with the transformation. That is all.”

“I know, Son,” Gio said with a nod. “Doesn’t mean I have to like what it’s doing to her.”

“I don’t either,” Pilar said as he shook his head. “We will have to endure it until the transformation is complete.”

“How will we know when that is?” Gio asked as he watched his son.

“I don’t know, this is the first time we have changed an Earthling into a Sobriehton.” Pilar reminded his father.

“Right,” Gio said with a nod. “I’m going to go find your sisters and spend the day with them.”

“Good idea,” Pilar said with a nod. “I will come get you; if there’s another change.”

“Thank you, Son,” Gio said, then left the Hospital Wing.

Pilar moved over to his desk and pulled out his note pad to write down the new development of the transformation.

‘Patient has gained photographic memory.’

Yet another Sobriehton trait.

“Tiey Vail, don’t over, do it,” Gio said as he watched his wife walk from the couch towards the kitchen. “That is what we have staff for.”

“Good Golly, Gio. I have been home from the hospital for a week, not allowed to move the smallest amount. I am tired of being waited on, hand and foot.” She complained as she slowly made her way to the kitchen.

Gio followed close behind her. She may have been home for a week now, but she was still very weak. After just over a week in the hospital, Pilar had finally released her. But insisted on bed rest for the first week.

Now that the week is up, she insists on moving around on her own. He guessed he would feel the same way after being in bed for so long. But she had been in suspended animation for over twenty years, though her muscles are still strong, she is weak.

She hasn’t seemed to have gotten any other Sobriehton trait since she had received photographic memory. No markings, and no powers. She seemed fine with that, and so was he. Though he had been looking forward to seeing her sexy body with markings across her breasts.

He smiled as he watched her reach into the fridge and retrieve the pitcher of Maloose Berry Juice. He moved over to the cupboards and pulled down a glass, then set it on the counter for her. She smiled up at him as she poured the juice into the glass.

“Rumor has it, our daughter loved the stuff when she was Gretta,” Gio said as he watched his wife take a drink of the juice.

Gwyneth smiled as she lowered the glass from her lips. “Like mother like daughter.”

“In more ways than one.” He said as he watched her face.

“So, I’ve heard.” She said as she lifted the pitcher and replaced it in the fridge.

“How are you feeling?” He asked as he watched her turn back to her glass of juice.

“Better.” She said as she picked up the glass.

“Better than what?” He asked as he watched her take a sip.

“Better than I felt ten minutes ago when you asked.” She said, a touch of annoyance in her voice.

He chuckled as he moved closer to her. She eyed him as he took the glass of juice from her and set it on the counter, then leaned forward and took her lips in a knee-buckling kiss. He caught her as she started to fall.

“Too soon.” He said as he held her in his arms.

“No.” She said as she breathed heavily.

“I can wait.” He said as he placed his chin on her head.

“But I can’t.” She grumbled as she looked up at him and pulled his head down and kissed him with all the pent-up passion, she has been harboring for the past week of mandatory bed rest, not to mention the week and a half in the hospital.

He groaned as he pulled her closer. The kiss lasted longer than either of them had planned, and when they finally came up for air, it was only long enough for Gio to lift her into his arms and carry her to their room. Before they got to the bed, his lips were on hers again.

He slowly lowered her to the bed and crawled in with her. He took his time with her, even though his whole body screamed to just do it already.

He has waited twenty years, what’re twenty minutes?

“Mom!” Gresha called from the living room of her parent’s suite.

Gwyneth moved into the living room from the kitchen and smiled at her daughter. “Hey, baby girl. What’s up?”

“We’re going on a lady’s day out; you want to come?”

“Sounds like fun,” Gwyneth said as she smiled at her daughter. “Who’s all coming?”

“It will be you, me, Aunt Gretchen, Geena, and Claireisa. Gabby isn’t ready to leave her baby alone, yet.” Gresha said with a smile.

“I understand that,” Gwyneth said with a nod. “Give me five minutes to change my clothes.”

“Okay,” Gresha said as she moved over to the couch and turned on the TV. She almost laughed out loud when Nahla’s Universe, came on.

“I’m ready…” Gwyneth stopped talking when she recognized what her daughter was watching, then moved over to the couch and sat down next to her.

Gresha leaned against her mother without taking her eyes off the TV. Gwyneth sighed as she held her daughter close. Their family burst into the suite, asking what was taking so long. When Claireisa saw what they were watching, she hushed Geena and moved over to the couch and sat on the other side of her queen.

Confused, Geena moved to the couch and sat next to Gresha. She watched the program with them, wondering what was so important that it would put a hold on their day out. When she heard the name of the show, she knew exactly what, and sat back and watched the cartoon with her aunt and cousin. When it was over, Gresha turned the TV off and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Okay, time for a lady’s day out,” Claireisa said as she watched her queen and princess.

“Right.” Gresha choked as she pulled herself to her feet.

Geena helped her as she started to fall back on the couch. She was getting so big and it was getting harder for her to do things, she had been able to do so easily, not so long ago.

“What is taking so long?” Gretchen asked as she entered the suite. “I’ve been waiting for half an hour.”

“Sorry, Mom,” Geena said as she smiled at her mother. “A program came on that we couldn’t miss.”

“What program is so important that we just missed thirty minutes of bliss?” Gretchen asked as she looked from her daughter to her sister and niece.

“Nahla’s Universe,” Gresha whispered.

“Oh,” Gretchen said as she looked around at the sad looks on her family’s faces. “Cheer up, people.” She said with a smile. “We’re all together again, and today is our day out!”

“Right!” Geena said as she took hold of Gresha’s arm. “I vote we visit the spa first. I want to know what a Sobriehton spa is like.”

“It’s wonderful,” Claireisa said with a smile.

“Let’s go,” Gwyneth said with a nod.

They left the suite and headed into the city for their first day out and about, just the girls. They had a wonderful time and swore they would do it more often. When they returned to their homes, Gresha was so tired, she fell asleep on her couch as she waited for Leih to come home.

When Leih got home, he found his sleeping wife and carried her to their bed. He kissed her on the cheek, then went to his office and pulled out the large sketch pad he had hidden away and looked at the drawing. He was no architect, but it was looking good if he did say so himself.

The wedding of the Century wasn’t going to take place in the hall, where they normally had it. His wife deserved the best, especially after all that she has been through. Maisey was already on board with creating it, all he has to do is supply a picture.

He sat at his desk and continued to sketch. He lost track of time and found it was after six in the morning when he could no longer see to draw on the paper. He looked over the sketch before he placed it back into its hiding place.

He quietly moved to the bedroom and joined his wife in bed. In just a few short weeks, they will once again be man and wife.

He pulled her into his arms and fell fast asleep.

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