Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: She WILL Be Mine

“What do you think you’re doing?” Psyanne asked her brother as he headed for the front door of their suite.

“I’m going to go, to meet my future wife.” He said as he opened the door.

“She has her prince.” She said as she watched her brother.

“Yeah, me.” He said with a grin, then closed the door behind him.

Psyanne sighed as she moved to the door to follow her brother. She stayed close enough to him that she could see everything he did, but far enough away he wouldn’t detect her. She had heard many stories about the High Princess, before and after landing on this station.

She is half Earthling, and more powerful than any Sobriehton in history. She also has a Snoggle, no one has ever owned their own Snoggle. Sure, they have trainers, but they never really owned the creatures.

She is also in love with Prince Leih, who happens to be her Shanook. If you believe in that. She has always believed in the possibility of it. But until the High King had found his, in the Earthling Gwyneth, no one had thought it truly existed.

It seemed to run in this family. Their oldest daughter found hers, as well as their son.

She watched her brother knock on the Royal Suite, where the High Princess lived with her husband. Prince Leih answered the door with a sour look on his face.

“What do you want?” The prince grumbled.

“I think it’s time I meet my bride,” Justaine said without any fear.

Psyanne shook her head. Her brother never believed the stories about the prince from this station. How could someone like Neesah, produce such a child? Psyanne, on the other hand, believes the stories. There were enough of them, to make her believe them to be true.

“She’s not home,” Leih informed her brother, anger still on his face.

“I will wait for her, then,” Justaine said as he pushed past the other man.

Psyanne rolled her eyes as she snuck into the suite before Leih could shut the door. She pressed herself against a far wall and watched the two men stand toe to toe. Her brother could be, so pig-headed at times. Even when they were kids, he always had to have his way.

“You’re not going to win her over,” Leih said as he stared down the smaller man.

“We shall see,” Justaine said with a grin. “When she sees what I can do, she will see me in a whole new light.”

‘Oh, Lord.’ Psyanne thought as she sighed heavily for her brother.

Yes, her brother has an impressive gift, but if the rumors of what the young prince can do, are true, there is no winning against him. Which she could tell by looking at the bulk of the man, it’s all true. His skin looked to be chiseled from stone. Her brother has no chance against Prince Leih if it comes to a duel of powers.


Psyanne turned to the soft voice and sucked in a shocked breath. The High Princess isn’t just as beautiful as they were told, she is also, very pregnant. Her brother has no chance with this woman.

“Gresha,” Leih whispered as he moved over to his wife.

“Princess.” Justaine breathed as he bowed to her, his eyes never leaving her beautiful face.

“What is going on?” Gresha asked as she looked from her husband to the other man in their suite.

“So sorry, your highness,” Justaine said as he moved closer to her. “Prince Justaine, at your service.” He said as he took her hand into his and kissing her knuckles.

“Oh,” Gresha whispered as she pulled her hand free from his. “Nice to meet you.” She said as she took a step back from him.

Psyanne almost laughed out loud, which would have given her position against the wall away. The High Princess seemed to not be interested in her brother’s advances.

“It is more than nice to finally meet you, Princess Gresha,” Justaine said with a grin.

“I’m sure,” Gresha said as she looked from him to Leih. “I’m taking Matrios to the park.”

“Okay, Tiey Vail,” Leih said as he kissed her forehead.

“We will be back before dinner.” She promised.

“Do you want me to come with?” Leih asked as he watched her.

“No.” She said as she shook her head.

“Would you like some protection, princess?” Justaine offered as he watched her waddle to the door.

“No, I have all the protection I need.” She said, then let out a loud whistle and opened the door.

Psyanne sucked in a shocked breath as a large animal came barreling through the suite. The rumors were true, she has a Snoggle as a pet. Psyanne watched the large beast as it stopped beside Gresha.

The princess walked out the door and into the hall with the beast. Psyanne watched as the animal laid on his stomach and allowed the princess to climb onto his back. She shook her head as the door closed and blocked the view of the princess and her Snoggle.

She is much too good for her brother.

“You said she wasn’t home.” Justaine accused as he stared Leih down.

“She wasn’t,” Leih said as he shrugged his shoulders. “She was at her parent’s suite.”

“Then how did she get here without coming through the front door?” Justaine demanded.

“She used the back door,” Leih said nonchalantly.

“You have a back door?” Justaine asked confused. “I didn’t know the Royal Suites come with back doors.”

“They don’t,” Leih said with a laugh. “Gresha had one installed to lead out to the forest.”

“What forest?” Justaine asked as he pushed past Leih to the back of the suite, where indeed, he found the back door. He opened it and sucked in a shocked breath.

“She spoils her Snoggle,” Leih said with a grin.

Curious, Psyanne moved so she could see out the back door. She stared out the door in awe and shock. There was a beautiful forest outback. The trees looked like the trees she had seen in an old book about Sobrieh.

“This is all for that beast?” Justaine asked shocked.

“That “beast” has saved Gresha more times than I can count. He is as much royalty as either of us, and she treats him as such.” Leih said, still grinning.

Psyanne smiled, she likes this young prince. He is, if anything, dedicated to the High Princess. Her brother may not believe in the Electro Shock, but he couldn’t deny the love these two share.

Well, he can, and she knows he will. Until the day these two are remarried, with her legal name, her brother will not give up on gaining the High Princess’s hand. Even if it means going up against the prince himself.

Gresha sat on the ground against Matrios’ side. She hadn’t planned on going to the park until she had seen the other prince get into her husband’s face. Why can’t people just leave her and Leih alone? They had been separated for twenty years, and even after being reunited, they were torn apart again and again.


“Yeah?” Gresha asked as she turned her head to look at her Snoggle.

‘Someone is coming.’

Gresha turned her head the other way with a smile, hoping it was Leih, coming to tell her that the drama was over, and she could come home now. But it wasn’t Leih at all. It was the other prince. What had he said his name was again?

Oh yes, Prince Justaine.

“Princess.” He said with a grin as he approached her.

“Hello,” Gresha said as she forced a smile for him.

He paused fifteen feet from where she sat against the large beast and looked at the Snoggle, then at her again, his smile wavering.

“It’s okay,” Gresha assured him. “He won’t hurt you unless you intend me harm.” She said as she watched him tentatively move closer to them. “Or I tell him to.” She said, then watched his face turn a pale white and almost laughed out loud.


Gresha did laugh as she turned her head to look at Matrios. “Hush, you.”

“Excuse me?” Justaine asked as he stopped six feet from them.

“I was talking to Matrios.” She said as she turned her head back to him.

“I see,” Justaine said as he watched her face for any signs of joking. When he saw none, his face changed to one of curiosity. “How do you know what he is thinking?”

“We have a connection.” She said with a smile as she reached her hand up and scratched Matrios behind the ear, as he turned his head to stare at the man intently.

“So, you can hear everything in his mind?” Justaine asked, genuinely curious. If she’s going to be his wife, he needs to know everything about her, and if that includes accepting this beast, then he must learn about him as well.

“Not everything,” Gresha said as she shook her head. “I only hear what he wants me to hear.”

“That actually makes sense,” Justaine said with a smile as he got more comfortable and moved closer to his bride to be and her Snoggle.

‘Princess, don’t trust his intentions.’

Gresha watched Matrios as he kept his eyes on the young prince, who approached them. She knows what his intentions are. He thinks he has a claim to her. But no one has a claim to her. Except for Leih, who owns her heart.

“I hear you have an unusual gift,” Justaine said as he sat on the grass a couple of feet from her.

“I guess so,” Gresha said with a shrug.

“Can I see it?” He asked as he watched her.

She watched his face. It seemed he was trying to get to know her better. Well, she didn’t want to be rude to a fellow royal. She sighed, then snapped her fingers and watched as her blue mist appeared around her fingers. She has been practicing that move for weeks now, she had finally accomplished it without her mist flying across the room, just the other day.

“What is that?” He asked as he leaned closer to look at it.

“We call it my blue mist,” Gresha said with a smile.

“What does it do?” He asked intrigued. It wasn’t as powerful as he was led to believe, but it was pretty. Maybe it was just a parlor trick.

“It does many things.” She said with a smile as she watched the electricity flow through her mist.

“It’s pretty.” He said as he moved closer to her.

“It is.” She said with a smile.

She didn’t see his hand move towards her mist. Even this small of an amount of her mist still contained the full voltage of electricity. She had figured out why Scott had only been slightly shocked when it had surrounded the truck when they had escaped the base. They had been inside the shield, if they had been on the outside, he would have been electrocuted.

Justaine’s scream had her mind flashback to the present. She let her mist evaporate and moved over to his convulsing body. She knelt over him and waited for him to come to. When he woke, he looked up at her with a shocked look on his face.

“What was that?” He asked as he watched her face.

“That is one of the effects of my mist.” She said as she studied his expression. He didn’t seem angry, at least.

“Wow, what a wallop. With how small it was, I thought the rumors of your gift were exaggerated.” He said as he pulled himself to a sitting position.

“That was only a small amount of my mist. There’s really no limit to it.” She said as she smiled at his shocked face.

“Interesting.” He said with a grin. “I think we were meant to be.” He whispered as he moved closer to her.

“Um…” Gresha said as she backed away before he could try to kiss her. “I need to go home.” She said as she tried to get to her feet.

“Let me help.” He offered as he jumped to his feet.

She didn’t deny his help as he helped her stand. As big as she was getting, she could use all the help she could get.

“How far along are you?” He asked as he smiled at her stomach.

“Around four months I think.” She said with a smile.

“Almost due.” He said with a grin. “Large baby.” He said as he reached out to touch her stomach.

She backed away before his hand could touch her stomach. “It’s twins.” She informed him as she took a couple more steps away from him.

“Twins?” He asked shocked. “Sobriehtons don’t have twins. None that survive.” He said as he watched her.

“I know.” She whispered. “I had a twin. Neesah killed her.”

“You’re a twin?” He asked shocked.

Gresha sighed as she pulled up her shirt sleeve to show him her markings.

“Amazing.” He said as he reached his hand out towards them.

She quickly covered her markings and glared at him. “You of all people should know not to touch a Sobriehton’s marking.”

“I’m sorry.” He said as his cheeks turned crimson. “I didn’t think of that, they were so intriguing.”

“I have my sister’s markings.” She said with a frown.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” He whispered as he watched her face.

“It’s okay, I can see her sometimes.” She said with a half-smile.

“See her? You mean in your memories?” He asked confused.

“Sure.” She said as she laughed softly. “It sounds more believable than the truth.” She whispered.

‘Princess, we should head back.’

Gresha looked at Matrios then back at the prince. “I should be heading home.” She said as she moved over to her Snoggle.

Justaine moved over to her and took her hand into his, then turned her to face him.

“Even if I wasn’t promised your hand, I would still ask you for it.” He said as he looked into her eyes. She has the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen.

“I’m married.” She whispered as she looked up into his face.

“Not legally.” He said as he pulled her closer. “You married with a false name.” He said as he breathed heavily.

“I’m carrying his children.” She whispered as she stared up at him.

“I will raise them as my own.” He whispered as he lowered his head closer to her. “I will be their father.”

She pulled out of his grip before his lips could touch hers. “They already have a father.” She said angrily as she moved over to Matrios and tried to pull herself up onto his back. Her stomach was getting more and more in the way of doing the simplest things.

“I did not mean to upset you, princess.” He said as he came up behind her and helped her onto the Snoggle’s back.

“Well, you did.” She said as she looked down at him. “Please don’t try to kiss me again.”

“As you wish.” He said with a bow.

“You seem like a nice enough guy.” She said as she watched him. “Prince Leih is my Shanook.” She said with a stern look on her face.

“How do you know? You haven’t given anyone else a chance.” He said as he watched her.

“Because I have felt the Electro Shock with him.” She whispered.

“I don’t believe in the Electro Shock. Only pure attraction. You can’t deny you feel it.” He said as he placed his hand on her knee.

Matrios turned his head and growled at the prince. Justaine removed his hand from her knee and took a step back.

“Easy, Matrios,” Gresha said as she patted the beast’s neck, then turned back to the prince, with a sigh. “You will believe in it when you feel it for yourself, one day.” She told him, then turned and patted Matrios on the head. “Let’s go home.”

‘About time.’

She giggled as Matrios took off at a run, leaving the prince behind.

Justaine watched as the princess and her Snoggle disappeared down the hall.

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