Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Three: Banished

Tenyar chuckled, “she passed her gift on to the next Kryer,”

“What?” Leih asked, shocked.

“She’s the one,” Pilar said as he repeated Hah-Nah’s words. “That’s what she meant.”

Tenyar nodded, “she didn’t understand until she was dying. The visions were telling her she was the next one to carry on the Kryer visions. And since she’s a High Princess, she will live a normal life. She will be the longest living Kryer.”

“She is the one to save the Sobriehton race,” Pilar said with a nod.

“Gretta was meant to die,” Gresha said as she continued to hold Tenyar’s hand against her cheek. “So, I would have her strength and powers.”

“And life,” Tenyar said with a nod.

“So, with an everlasting Kryer, we don’t have to worry about losing our Kryer,” Leih said, starting to understand everything.

“And with her powers, she can protect herself,” Pilar said with a nod.

“I’m still her bodyguard,” Tenyar said with a smile, “I promised Hah-Nah.”

“Great. That leaves me to be her husband,” Leih said with a grin.

Gresha looked up at Leih and smiled. Now that she has her memories back, she felt even more love for him than she had before. If that was even possible. She looked back at Tenyar.

“What about the twins?” she asked, placing her other hand over her stomach.

“Just a stupid vision that Queen Neesah took to mean they would destroy her. There was never a threat. But your twins will be very powerful just like their mother,” he said, then looked up at Leih. “And their father.”

“I think you’re okay to move to the Hospital Wing, now,” Pilar said as he helped Tenyar to his feet.

Leih pulled Gresha to her feet and took her into his arms. She leaned into him as she watched Pilar walk Tenyar from the room.

“You’re pregnant?!”

They turned to the scream and found Neesah standing not far from the platform, glaring up at them.

“I am,” Gresha said, placing her hand over her stomach, then looked up at Leih.

He smiled, then kissed her. “I already know.”

“Pilar?” she asked.

“Pilar,” he said with a laugh.

She shook her head as she leaned her back against him with a smile.

“With twins!?” Neesah squealed.

So, into each other and their babies, they had forgotten Neesah was standing there staring at them.

“With twins,” Gresha said with a nod.

Neesah screamed with agitation, then bent down and retrieved a gun from one of the men on the floor. When she stood, she pointed it at Gresha’s stomach and pulled the trigger, holding it down. Several laser bullets headed straight for Gresha’s stomach. The blue mist appeared around Gresha’s body and bounced the bullets off her. Leih felt the shock of electricity when he flung his arm in front of his wife’s stomach.

“How dare you!” a bellow came from the opened doors.

They turned to find King Vicsorio standing in the doorway, glaring at his wife, his guards surrounding him.

“Dear, what are you doing here?” Neesah asked, smiling at her husband.

“I got a call from the High King telling me what you’re up to. I couldn’t believe it until I got my memories back and realized I have let you get away with too much!” he thundered as he entered the room.

“Having the daughter of the High King as your daughter-in-law wasn’t good enough for you. You had to have the one who seemed more Sobriehton. Not looking to see that the child was more Sobriehton than you will ever be!” the king bellowed as he walked further into the room, pushing the unconscious men out of his way with his foot.

“Then you try to have the girl who appeared to be our son’s One killed because she’s an Earthling. How often do we Sobriehtons find our One? I certainly did not!” the king stopped just a few feet from his wife, still glaring at her.

“My Dear. We shouldn’t have this conversation in front of the boy,” she whispered as she touched her husband’s arm.

The king brushed her hand away. “The boy is a grown man who is married and expecting children of his own.” He said as he looked at his son and gave him a quick smile before turning his attention back to his wife, his face going back to pure anger.

“I have put up with too much from you, Neesah,” he snarled. “You ran off the High King and his family twenty years ago. Before I could get all the details and return to the station, he wiped everyone’s memories. And now the child you tried so hard to get rid of returns, and our son falls in love with her, not knowing who she really is. And you run her off because she’s not good enough for your son. Well, you weren’t good enough for me, and I had to accept you,” Vicsorio said, glaring at his wife.

Neesah stared at him, a shocked look on her face. “Husband,” she said as she tried to reach out to him again.

“I looked past too much of your crap. I kept telling myself it’s not her fault her parents were related. She’s just a little crazy. She will calm down and accept her son’s choice once they start having children,” he said, looking over at the young couple again, then back to his wife.

“But I draw the line at you trying to kill my grandchildren because of something a Kryer said thousands of years ago,” he said as he snapped his fingers, and two guards stepped forward. He pointed to his wife, and they moved behind her and took her by the arms.

“You can’t do this to me!” she screamed.

“I can, and I am,” he said with a deep growl. “Lady Neesah of Crondell. You are charged with the murder of the High Queen Gwyneth, the murder of the High Princess Gretta, plotting to kill the High Princess Gresha, the murder of the Kryer Hah-Nah, and the attempted murder of my grandchildren.” The King’s growl was deeper this time as he pointed to the ceiling.

The ceiling opened, and a gush of wind blew through as a shuttle was lowered towards them. Leih leaned his body over Gresha as he protected her from the gust of wind.

“And anything else we may come up with to add to your sentence.” The king yelled over the noise of the engine. “I sentence you to a thousand years on Krio.”

“No!” Neesah screamed as the guards took firm grips of her arms.

“The vision the Kryer saw said twins would be your undoing,” Vicsorio said as he approached his wife and pulled the crown from her head. “She said nothing about overthrowing you from your throne. You did that yourself,” he said as he backed away and motioned for the men to lift her into the Krio shuttle.

“No!” Neesah screamed. “You can’t do this to me!”

“It’s already done!” Vicsorio bellowed. “I will have the Bashean drawn up before you are on Krio.”

“Leih,” she pleaded, looking at her son. “Please!” she cried out to him as they loaded her into the capsule.

“Sorry, Neesah. My hands are tied my father outranks me,” Leih said as he watched them.

“You bastard!” she screamed as they loaded her into the pod. “I wish you were never born. Do you hear me? You mean nothing to me!” she screamed as she pushed against the men and looked down at her son. She glared at Gresha as she fought the men. “You will never find her without me! Do you hear me? Never!”

“Have a safe trip!” Leih called out, waving to her.

She screamed as the men pushed her head into the pod, then closed the lid. They could hear her screaming and pounding on the capsule as the shuttle lifted off and disappeared out the ceiling. The ceiling closed, and as the wind stopped blowing, everything calmed around them. Vicsorio looked at his son and daughter-in-law with a smile.

“I should have done that hundreds of years ago,” the king said with a shake of his head.

“But then Leih wouldn’t have been born,” Gresha said, holding onto his side.

The king looked at her, then at his son, and smiled. “Right, you are, young lady.” He looked down at the men still unconscious around the room. “Now what to do with them?”

“Father, may I make a suggestion?” Leih asked, looking at his father.

“What is it, Son?” Vicsorio asked, looking up at him.

“Check them, see if they were hypnotized. If they were, we could dehypnotize them,” Leih said, looking around the room at the men.

“We will try that. If they were not, they would have the same sentence as the ones who had attacked the High Royals twenty years ago.”

“Yes, Father,” Leih said with a nod.

“Now take your bride and my grandchildren home,” the king said with a smile. “Welcome to the family High Princess.” He bowed to Gresha, still smiling.

“Thank you, my king,” Gresha said as she returned the bow.

“Please call me, Vic.”

“Then you must call me Gresha.”

“As you wish,” he said, then turned to his guards and pointed around the room. “Take all of these men to a cell. We will check them for hypnotism.”

Leih lifted his wife into his arms and jumped off the platform, then left the room. He carried her to his suite and closed the door behind him.

“What are you doing?” she asked, watching him closely as he carried her through the suite.

“I haven’t seen my wife in over a month. I plan to make love to her before we reunite with the rest of the family,” he said, then kicked open the bedroom door.

She laughed and held onto him as he carried her to the bed.


Pilar and Tenyar left the Hospital Wing once Tenyar was fully healed.

Tenyar excused himself and left Pilar’s side in a flash of colors.

Pilar headed for to the Kryer’s Suite, where he knew the others would be. He entered the suite and paused just inside. The Earthlings were standing off to the side with confused and scared looks on their faces. Kimberly still held Angeleiya in her arms, and Masorien stood off to the side from them, a crying Nahla in his arms.

“Nahla,” Pilar said, looking at his youngest sister.

Nahla looked up at him and pushed herself out of Masorien’s arms, then ran across the room and jumped into his waiting arms.

“Brother,” she cried against him as he stood.

“What’s going on here?” Scott asked as he looked around the room at everyone. “Mason hasn’t said a word since he stopped screaming.”

Masorien stared at his nephew. Pilar smiled and walked over to the man.

“Uncle Masorien,” he said as he watched his uncle.

Masorien grinned as he pulled his nephew into a hug. “Pilar,” he whispered.

Pilar hugged his uncle, not wanting to be left out, Nahla wrapped her arm around Masorien’s neck and hugged him. The kitten meowed and made them laugh.

“It’s good to be back,” Masorien said as he watched his nephew and niece. “Where’s Gresha?”

“With Leih,” Pilar said with a grin.

“Imagine those two finding each other even with no memories,” Masorien said with a shake of his head.

“Mason?” Kimberly asked, watching the man she thought she knew.

“Mason was the human me,” Masorien said with a smile. “I am High Prince Masorien of Sobrieh,” he said with a slight bow towards his friends.

“Prince… What?” Kimberly squeaked.

They all turned as Tenyar entered the suite. He walked straight to Kimberly and took his daughter from her arms. “Thank you,” he said with a nod.

“Where’s Hah-Nah?” Kimberly asked as she watched Tenyar hold onto his daughter.

“In the icebox,” he said as he walked away from them and sat on the throne.

“The what?” Kimberly asked as she looked around the room.

“It’s where we put our dead,” Masorien said with a frown.

“Dead?” Kimberly choked.

“Where’s Gretta?” Scott asked as he watched them.

“She’s dead,” Nahla said, holding onto her brother.

“Dead?” Kimberly asked, shocked.

“Oh no, the one you know isn’t dead,” Masorien said with a smile. “The one you know is actually Gresha. Her twin sister Gretta died when they were born.”

Kimberly looked from them to her husband, then back to them again. “I’m so confused.”

Masorien laughed, “that’s normal.”

“Uncle Mason,” Nahla said, looking at him.

“Yes?” Masorien asked, smiling at his niece.

“Where’s Sister?”

“Your brother already said that she’s with Leih remember,” Masorien said.

She looked up at Pilar. “Brother?”

“That was where I had left her was with Leih,” he said with a nod.

“Brother? I thought you two were cousins,” Scott said as he watched Pilar with the girl.

“That’s a long story,” Pilar said, smiling down at his youngest sister.

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