Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Thirty-Three: The Missing Princess

“Your highness!”

Leih looked up at the tech as he burst into his office. “What is it?”

“Princess Gresha is in trouble!” The tech hollered.

Leih knocked his desk over as he jumped to his feet. The tech jumped back to avoid being sprayed with the contents of the desk as Leih kicked it across the room.

“What happened?” He demanded as he moved closer to the tech.

“She and her Snoggle went down to Earth, to that place you and the other prince went to the other day. When she tried to come home, there was something blocking us from beaming them back to the Station.”

“Damn her, what was she thinking? That place is a hot zone now.” Leih said with a grunt as he pushed past the tech. “Have you told King Gio?”

“No, Sire. I came to you first.” The tech said as he tried to keep up with him.

“Go back to your station and try locating my wife,” Leih demanded as he marched down the hall towards the Royal Corridor.

“Yes, my prince.” The tech said, then turned and headed back to his station.

Leih barged into his in-law’s suite without knocking or stopping to say hi to Gwyneth, who was sitting on the couch, watching TV with her bodyguard.

“Leih!” Gwyneth hollered as she watched him move down the hall towards her husband’s office.

Leih burst into his uncle’s office and startled the man.

“Slow down, boy,” Gio said as he looked up at him.

“Gresha is missing.”

“What?!” Gio hollered as he got to his feet.

Leih told his uncle what the tech had told him and Gio’s face turned pale, then he pushed past his nephew and marched from his suite, towards the transport room. Gwyneth got to her feet and followed Leih and her husband, Claireisa close behind her.

“Tell me what you have found!” Gio bellowed as he entered the room.

The tech looked up at the High King, startled, then started rattling off numbers and positions.

“I’m sorry, I can’t find her or her Snoggle’s presence on Earth, anymore.” The tech said, fear in his voice.

“Why did you allow her to go down there?!” Gio bellowed as he rushed at the tech.

“I I I I…”

“Calm down, Gio,” Gwyneth said as she took hold of her husband’s arm. “You know that no one can tell our daughter she can’t do something. She will find a way to do it anyways.”

Gio looked down at his wife then back at the tech. “Find her.” He said with an angry growl.

“Yes, my king.” The tech said as he started pressing buttons and looking at every screen in the room.

“Nothing more we can do here,” Claireisa said as she took hold of Leih’s arm. Both women pulled the men from the room.

Gio looked down at his wife. “How can you be so calm? Someone has taken our daughter. Again!”

“I am not calm,” Gwyneth said as she looked into her husband’s face. “I am a wreck inside. But exploding, won’t get our daughter back, any faster.”

Gio took a deep breath. “Why was she on Earth?” He asked as he looked at his nephew.

“I didn’t know she was going down there,” Leih said as he shook his head. “She knew it was a hot spot now, why would she do it?”

“She has been depressed more than usual, ever since her vision the other day,” Claireisa said as she watched them.

“Why didn’t I see that?” Leih asked as he stared at Claireisa.

“Because she is good at hiding it, especially around you,” Claireisa said as she nodded to the young prince. “It’s my job to watch for it.”

“Still, I should have seen it,” Leih said as he shook his head.

“We all should have,” Gwyneth said with a frown.

“Enough,” Gio said as he watched his wife and nephew. “Our priority now is to find her and bring her home.”

“Right,” Leih said as he stood up straight.

“Where do we start?” Gwyneth asked as she looked up at her husband.

“We start where she was taken from,” Gio said as he looked back at the room they had just come from.

“But how? You will get captured too.” Gwyneth asked as she looked at her husband.

“Psyanne.” Gio and Leih said at the same time.

“Can she track or investigate?” Gwyneth asked as she looked between her husband and Leih.

“No, but I know someone who can,” Claireisa said with a grin.

“Will you do it?” Leih asked as he watched the emotions on Psyanne’s face.

“Of course.” She said with a nod.

Can you do it?” Gio asked as he watched her.

“I can.” She said as she looked at the High King. “How do you think I got my brother out of trouble?”

“Good,” Leih said with a nod. “We do it now.”

“Okay,” Psyanne said as she followed them out of her small suite and down the halls to the transport room.

“Are we ready?” Gio asked as they entered the room.

“Just about,” Stalson said with a nod as he continued to look at the screens and tried to find a way to find where the princess had disappeared from.

“What’s going on here?” Justaine asked as he opened the door.

“None of your damn business,” Leih said with a growl as he looked at the man.

“Easy, Leih.” Gwyneth soothed as she took hold of his arm.

“This is all because of him and his stupid idea that my wife is his property,” Leih said angrily.

“She’s not your…”

“You finish that sentence and I will shoot you into the sun,” Gio said as he glared at the boy.

“How dare…”

“Don’t talk to the High King like that,” Tamhas said as he slapped the boy in the back of the head.

“Ouch, Tamhas,” Justaine grumbled as he turned and gave his bodyguard a dirty look.

“The High King can have you locked up just for talking back to him, now shut it,” Tamhas grumbled.

Justaine grumbled but didn’t say anything more.

“What’s going on?” Tamhas asked as he looked at the High King.

“Gresha went down to Earth, we don’t know why…”

“We know why,” Leih said as he interrupted his uncle.

“We don’t know for sure, why.” Gio corrected himself. “She went to the location where they had had their duel and disappeared.”

“Maybe she’s reminiscing about how great I am and wants to be left alone,” Justaine said as he shrugged his shoulders.

“That’s it,” Leih growled as he moved towards the other prince.

“Come on, give me your best shot,” Justaine said with a grin. “Gresha isn’t here to amp you up.”

“Gresha doesn’t need to amp the prince up. He just likes the extra power.” Claireisa said with a laugh.

“Let’s see,” Justaine said as he egged Leih on.

Leih reached out to snag the man by the throat. Tamhas grabbed Leih’s arm and in one swift movement, he was standing on Leih’s shoulders, with his arm pinned behind his back.

“Nice,” Claireisa said as she watched them.

“I will ask you nicely,” Tamhas said as he looked down at the larger man. “Please do not touch my prince.”

Leih looked up at the man on his shoulders and grunted. Of course, none of this hurt, but out of respect for the older man, he refrained from throwing him across the room.

Justaine laughed as he pointed at Leih. “I knew it! Your skin may be impenetrable, but the other rumors are false.”

“You think so, do you,” Leih said as he glared at the other man.

“Enough!” Gio hollered from across the room.

Tamhas flipped off Leih’s shoulders and moved to stand beside his prince again, and Leih let his arm fall to his side. If it had been anyone else the man had done that to, they would be flexing their shoulder right now.

But as always, Leih felt nothing.

“We’re ready,” Psyanne said as she and Stalson moved to the pads.

“What is my sister doing here?” Justaine asked as he stared at her.

“I’m here to help.” She said as she looked at her brother. “Unlike you, who can’t get his head out of his own ass for one minute, to realize that the High Princess was kidnapped, and her life is in danger.”

“What?” Justaine asked as his face paled.

“Yeah, you didn’t shut your mouth long enough to ask about that,” Psyanne said as she glared at her brother. “How can anyone take you seriously, when all you can do is play around and think everything and everyone is yours.”


“I’m not finished,” Psyanne said as she interrupted him. “They have been super nice to you, with all that you have done to them. Gresha is a High Princess, Brother. She can say no to you, even if our fathers had made a deal. She has control of her own life, unlike me.”

“She can’t…”

“Actually, she can,” Tenyar said from the corner of the room. “She is also the Kryer. She can choose to not be married at all.”

“What?” Justaine asked shocked. He has never been told that something could never be his. He didn’t like the feeling.

“See, you don’t even know her,” Psyanne said as Stalson placed the vest over her head.

“What are you doing?” Justaine asked as he stared at his sister.

Stalson pulled Psyanne against his back and connected their links, making them inseparable. She tapped his arm to let him know she was ready.

“Helping.” She said as she turned invisible.

“We will be back as soon as we can,” Stalson said with a nod.

Everyone watched in awe as Stalson disappeared. The tech nodded, then beamed them down to Earth.

“She was here,” Stalson whispered as he looked down at the large paw prints from her Snoggle.

“If the princess couldn’t get back up, how are we going to?” Psyanne asked as they started walking.

“We will have to find our way out of the range of the signal they’re using to interfere with our beam.” He whispered as they slowly moved down a small slope.

“Why did she come back down here?” She asked as she easily kept her hands on his back to keep him invisible. This connecting vest was a genius idea.

“Did she not tell you?” He asked as they stopped at the bottom of the slope, so he could find their trail again.

“No.” She whispered as she shook her head.

“It’s up to her to tell you everything. But I can tell you that she had a vision.” He said as they started moving again.

“Of what?” She asked as she easily followed him.

“Of that duel going a whole different way.” He said as he stopped and looked down at the ground. “Crouch.” He said as he started to bend. She bent with him as they crouched closer to the ground. “They were captured here.” He said as he touched the soil.

“How do you know?” She asked as she tried to look over his shoulder.

“I can see where the cage was, and where Gresha and Matrios had laid before they pulled a van over here to take them away. Gresha had somehow gotten pinned under Matrios.” He said as he slowly stood and pulled her with him.

“How do you know all of this?” She asked, impressed.

“I can see where her legs were dug into the soil from the weight of her Snoggle.” He said as he looked around them.

“So, she really was taken.” She said with a frown.

“Yes, and from what I can see, it’s not for a surprise party.”

“This is all my fault.” She said as she laid her forehead on his back.

“You’re brother’s maybe, but not yours.” He said as he shook his head, then started to move down the hill again.

He made sure she could keep up with him as he hurried away from the hill, he didn’t want to drag her as they made their way to an area, they may be able to have the Station beam them up, from.

“I should have stopped him.” She said as she shook her head.

“From what I have seen of your brother, not much can stop him.”

“I should have tried harder.” She said as she looked down at their feet.

“Don’t beat yourself up over it. Gresha and Leih don’t blame you, don’t blame yourself.” Stalson said as they made it out of the field and into the woods.

“They don’t?” She asked as she looked up at the back of his head.

He shook his head. “Never have. If they had, do you think they would have let you join their family?”

“I’m not a part of their family.” She said as she shook her head.

Stalson laughed as he moved through the woods. “If you say so.” He stopped and pulled out his phone. “See if you can get us here.”

Two beams surrounded them and pulled them up to the station. When they landed, everyone was still in the room waiting for them, including her brother and his bodyguard. Stalson unhitched their vest and stepped away from her touch. He became visible the instant she removed her hands from his back.

“Stalson.” Claireisa breathed as she rushed into her husband’s arms.

“Psyanne?” Leih asked as he looked around the room for the princess.

Psyanne appeared not far from Stalson, a sad look on her face.

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