Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Thirty-Seven: Rescuing the Princess

“Come in, can anyone hear me?”

“That’s English,” Gwyneth said, pointing at the receivers.

“Who is this?” Gio demanded as he picked up the receiver.

“You can hear me?” The voice asked in shock.

“Of course, I can, what do you want and who are you?”

“My name is Doctor Eeli Smithers. I work at a base. I heard rumors of someone being brought here but didn’t believe it until I saw your broadcast. I asked around more, and found that there is a girl here, who they believe has the answers to curing cancer, if not in her, then in the strange objects in her body.”

“That’s my grandchildren.”

“Yes, I realize that. I can give you our coordinates, but the people on this base won’t go down easy.”

“We won’t make it easy for them, either,” Leih said with a growl as he took the receiver from Gio.

Gio pulled the receiver back from Leih and spoke to the man on the other end. “Give us the coordinates. We will be there shortly. Can you find my daughter for me?”

“I will look for her. I think I know where they’re keeping her if they haven’t started the dissection already.”

Gio handed the receiver to his tech and looked at his family. “Let’s get ready.”

“At least your announcement got some humans to help,” Leih said as he followed his uncle out the door.

“I’m coming too,” Gwyneth said as she caught up with them.

“No, Tiey Vail,” Gio said as he turned to her. “You’re staying here.”


Gio stopped as they entered the room and kissed her before she could say anything else. “Please. I can’t have you and our daughter both in harm’s way.”

“Okay.” She said with a nod. “But I’m waiting for you in the transport room.”

“Wouldn’t expect you anywhere else.” He said with a grin.

“The techs have the coordinates,” Leih said as he moved over to his family.

“Let’s go,” Gio said with a nod.

They moved over to the pads and stood there as they waited to be beamed down. Justaine grinned as he saluted those staying behind and Psyanne smiled as she waved to her new friends.

This is going to be more fun, than anything she has ever been a part of in her whole life.

When they landed on the ground, Leih looked around them at the buildings that surrounded them. They had landed in the middle of the base. Men with guns came out to greet them.

“We just want my daughter,” Gio said as he looked around at the men. “We don’t want to harm anyone.”

The men raised their rifles at them.

“We sure could use Gresha’s mist about now,” Leih said as he watched the men surround them.

“Who needs mist when we can have a thunderstorm,” Justaine said with a grin as he raised his hands to the sky and parted the clouds. Rain and wind swirled around them and picked up dust and blinded the men around them. Lighting struck the buildings and set them on fire as thunder crackled across the sky.

“Looks like we’re not hiding our powers,” Gio said with a laugh as he flew into the air and over the buildings.

“Go find your princess!” Tamhas hollered as he flipped over Justaine and knocked a man to the ground who had been sneaking up behind him.

Psyanne turned invisible just as a man approached her. She kicked him between the legs, then laughed as the man groaned and fell to his knees dropping his rifle.

Tenyar ran around the group and disarmed the soldier throwing the guns clear across the compound. Masorien tossed a soldier across the yard as he raised his rifle to shoot up at Gio. Gio saluted his brother as he took off into the sky to find a place for his family to get to, for their transport out of here.

“Come on, Cousin,” Pilar said as he took hold of Leih’s arm.

Leih used his body as a shield to protect his cousin as they made their way through the base, trying to find the elevator that would take them down to where they held his wife. He broke through walls and tore off doors as they ran.


Matrios looked down at the man he had shredded and blew blood from his nose, spraying it over what was left of the man’s face.

He looked over and saw the ball lying on the floor where the man had dropped it and whimpered as he walked over to it and gently lifted it in his mouth. How was he going to put it back in his princess where it belongs? He heard a noise and turned with a growl.

“Easy, boy.” The man said as he raised his hands in defense. “I’m here to help,” Eeli said as he moved closer to the woman’s body and looked down at her.

They had started the dissection, but she was still alive. The doctor had taken something large from her stomach, but what? All her organs seemed to be there. As he moved her organs aside looking for anything missing, he found the other ball.

“Oh my.” He said as he stared at the ball. He heard the beast growl again and turned to face him. “Don’t worry, I’m a doctor, I want to help her.”

The beast moved over to him and bumped his arm with his large head. whimpering. Eeli held his hands out to the beast, which seemed to be what the creature wanted. The beast opened his mouth and dropped a ball into his hands.

“I see,” Eeli said as he looked down at the woman’s open stomach than at the ball in his hands.

He gently moved organs aside and placed the ball back inside, next to the second ball. Once the ball was in place, Eeli stepped back in shock as her body healed itself. Everything went back into place and her stomach sealed itself, as though she had never been sliced open.

“Amazing.” He breathed.

The beast butted him with his head. He looked at the animal than at the woman.

“Right, she needs to get to her people. She has lost a lot of blood, would probably be best if she has her own people’s blood.” He said as he lifted the girl into his arms and turned from the table. “Let’s get them out of here.”

The animal nodded, then led the way out of the underground bunker. Any soldier who found them ran as soon as they saw the blood-soaked beast. Eeli sighed with relief when they safely made their way to the elevator. When the elevator doors opened, two large men stood inside staring at him.

“Gresha.” Leih breathed as he rushed out of the elevator and took his wife from the man’s arms then looked at the human. “You must be Eeli.”

“Dr. Eeli Smithers, at your service.” The man said with a smile.

“We thank you for your help,” Pilar said as he held the elevator doors open.

Leih looked at Matrios and shook his head. “Another bath for you, it seems.”

Matrios blew blood from his nose onto the floor and Leih chuckled as he backed into the elevator. Matrios moved past the human to join his family in the elevator. Leih looked at the human who had sacrificed so much to help the aliens.

“Want to see our Space Station?” He asked with a wide grin.

Eeli grinned as he moved to join them on the elevator. “Sounds like fun.”

“We have to get past the soldiers first. They don’t seem to know that we come in peace.” Pilar said as he let the elevator doors close and pressed the button for the top floor.

“Humans are stupid that way,” Eeli said with a shake of his head.

Pilar and Leih laughed. Matrios grumbled and sneezed on the floor of the elevator.

“We’ll get that blood washed off you as soon as we get home,” Leih promised.

He looked down at his wife’s stomach and noticed the bloodstains on her skin. “Was she dissected?” He asked, looking up at Eeli.

“She was. One of the balls was removed from her, your pet retrieved it and I replaced it. She has lost a lot of blood; she will need a blood transfusion as soon as you get her home.” Eeli said with a nod.

“Why does her skin look like it had never been touched?” Leih asked confused.

“Confounded me, too. I placed the ball back inside her, and like magic, she was healed.” Eeli said as he turned his head to look at the naked woman in the alien’s arms.

“Could it have been her mist?” Pilar asked, just as shocked.

“No,” Leih said as he shook his head. “She can’t heal unless she concentrates. And she is out cold, no way her mist could have done this on its own.”

“You said one of the eggs was outside in the air?” Pilar asked as the elevator doors opened.

“Yeah. Your beast dropped it into my hands. I gently placed it back inside her and she closed.”

“Could it be the gift of one of the babies?” Pilar asked as they stepped off the elevator.

“Possibly,” Leih said with a nod.

“Look out!”

The three of them ducked and Leih turned his back to the spray of bullets as he hovered over his wife and the two men.

Matrios ducked behind a wall with a growl.

“Thanks, Psyanne!” Leih called out as bullets bounced off his back.

“That’s amazing,” Eeli said as he watched the bullets bounce off his skin.

“They’re planning an attack from our left,” Pilar said as he covered his ears.

Leih started to move his body to his left and Pilar shook his head.

“Our left, not yours.”

Leih grumbled as he moved his body to his right just as bullets came flying at them.

“Where’s Matrios?!” Leih hollered as he looked around for the Snoggle.

“I don’t know!” Pilar hollered as he looked at the wall the animal had jumped behind and find nothing there.

“How are we going to get out of this?!” Eeli hollered, still amazed at what was going on before him.


Pilar looked around Leih as a truck came barreling into the base. Scott stood in the back of the truck a huge rifle in his hands.

“I swear, if he says, Puppy Power, I’m throwing a rock at him,” Pilar grumbled.

Leih laughed as he continued to cover them.

“Thought you could use some help!” Scott hollered with a grin.

Kimberly leaned out the driver’s side window and waved to them. “Get in!”

Pilar and Eeli moved alongside Leih out of the spray of the bullets. Leih held Gresha in his arms so no part of her body was exposed to the bullets. Scott fired at the men as his friends made their way to the truck.

They heard a scream and a growl and knew Matrios had taken down one of the gunmen. Leih stopped and turned to watch Matrios jump off his victim and land on the next shooter before he could fire his gun at him.

“Matrios!” Leih hollered as one of the other men fired at him.

Blue mist surrounded the Snoggle as bullets pelted him. Matrios jumped onto the gunman and tore him to shreds.

Leih looked down at his wife to find her awake. She smiled the weakest smile up at him, but he was so happy to see her awake.

“Hey there, Short Stack.” He said with a grin.

“Go get him.” She said so weakly he could barely hear her.

He handed her over to Pilar, then ran after her Snoggle. When he got to the beast, Matrios snapped at him.

“Whoa, boy.” He said as he held up his hands.

Matrios whimpered as he lowered his head to him. Leih rubbed his head and grinned.

“Let’s get out of here, shall we?”

More men came from around the corner shooting at them. One of the men fell over and dropped his gun as he held his crotch. They heard laughter then felt a soft breeze as Psyanne passed them, headed for the truck.

Leih looked at the truck to find Pilar sitting in the back, Gresha in his arms, her blue mist surrounding the truck. Leih and Matrios ran to the truck and jumped in as it started to pull away.

“This is amazing,” Eeli said as he touched the mist. “Damn.” He said as he pulled his stinging hand back.

“It’s great, isn’t it!” Scott said with a laugh as he touched the mist, remembering the first time it had protected them.

“Where’s the others?” Leih hollered as the truck barreled through the base.

“At the spot Gio found for us to transport from!” Kimberly hollered as she drove the truck, tires squealing.

When they got out of the base, they found more than ten trucks and cars sitting outside, facing them.

“Damn,” Leih grumbled.

Scott laughed. “Don’t worry, they’re on our side!”

When they drove past the vehicles, men and women got out and started firing at the soldiers on foot and in Jeeps as they came out of the base, chasing them.

“Yeee-haw!” Kimberly hollered as they skidded to a stop, not far from where the other vehicles sat.

“Time to go!” Scott hollered at the people still firing upon the soldiers.

The others jumped back into their vehicles and backed away from the soldiers as quickly as they could, without crashing into each other. Gresha looked out and pointed to the area between the base and the vehicles escaping. Her mist shot out in a large shield, blocking the bullets and shocking anyone who tried to move towards them.

“Time to go!” Leih hollered.

“Not yet!” Someone hollered. “It’s my turn.”

They watched as Justaine moved to stand between the truck and vehicles barreling backward, towards them. As he flung his arms into the air, the wind picked up and rain started to pour. Soon the base was flooded, which made the men seek higher ground. When the wind whipped them off their feet, Psyanne laid her hand on his shoulder.

“That’s enough, Brother.” She whispered. “Time to go.”

Justaine let the wind and rain settle as he turned to his sister. He looked up into the truck at the others and smiled. “Let’s go.”

They made it to the field without any more attacks and when the vehicles stopped, Leih pulled his shirt over his head and laid it across Gresha as he took her from Pilar. Holding her close, he carried her to where their family stood, waiting for them.

“Gresha.” Gio almost cried as he ran up to Leih.

“She lost a lot of blood,” Leih said as he watched his wife smile weakly at her father.

“Let’s get her home,” Gio said with a nod.

“What about them?” Kimberly asked as she ran up to them and pointed at the humans who had helped them.

“They’re no longer safe here,” Scott said as he joined them.

Gio pulled out his phone as he watched the humans pile out of their trucks and cars. “Forty-six for transport.” He said with a smile.

It took them four times of beaming, to get everyone onto the Station. But within less than two minutes, everyone was safely on the Station. Leih and Pilar had already taken Gresha to the blood room, Gwyneth right behind them.

Gio looked at all the Earthlings on his Space Station. “Well.” He said as he looked around the room. “For now, you all can stay on the Station. Until we can get everything on Earth straightened out, and you can return home.”

“Thank you.” One of the women said as she moved over to him and took his hand into hers. “They have been bothering us for years, ever since my nephew was saved by your people. We have been a part of the Alien Task Force, ever since. We have met many of your kind and helped them to escape our Government.”

“I thank you for all your help,” Gio said as he smiled at her, then looked around the room at the thirty-something men and women, who had come to their aid today. “We thank all of you for what you have done for us today.”

“I’ll find them places to stay,” Masorien said as he headed for the door.

“Mason?” One of the women asked as she stared at him.

“Loretta. So nice to see you again. Please follow me everyone, and I will tell you all about me.” He said with a grin.

The group of Earthlings followed Masorien from the room and down the halls and corridors as he told them who he really was.

“Matrios,” Gio said as he looked at the blood-soaked Snoggle.

Matrios looked at him with his head tilted. Gio laughed at the look on his blood-soaked face.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.”

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