Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Thirty-Nine: The New Royals

Once Matrios was gone, Pilar knelt beside his sister and held her hand.

“It’s too early.” She cried as she held onto his hand.

“I know.” He said with pain in his eyes.


Gresha looked across the park to where Leih was running towards her. When he got to them, Pilar moved out of the way as Leih fell beside his wife. He brushed her hair off her forehead, then kissed her lips.

“Leih.” She cried as she held onto him.

“Leih, you need to see how far dilated she is,” Pilar said as he moved to kneel beside his sister again.

Leih moved to between Gresha’s legs and pulled her shorts and panties down her legs, then reached between her legs and looked at his cousin.

“Fully.” He said with a worried look on his face.

“Any blood?” Pilar asked, concerned.

“No.” Leih said as he shook his head.

“Good,” Pilar said as he breathed with relief.

“I’m here!” Dr. Bengiene said as he jumped off the Snoggle. “Great mode of transportation you guys have here.” He said with a laugh as he patted the Snoggle on the back.

“She’s fully dilated,” Pilar said as Bengiene moved to kneel between Gresha’s legs.

“A bit early, aren’t we, princess?” He asked as he smiled at her.

“I don’t know, you tell me.” She screamed when another pain rocked her body. She would prefer visions to this.

“Okay, when you feel like pushing, I want you to push,” Bengiene said as he watched for a head.

“How about you push!” She screamed as another pain had her back arching. “I need to push!”

Leih helped her sit up as she started to push. When she was finished, she fell back against him.

“Good,” Bengiene said with a smile. “One of the little ones is crowning.”

Gresha screamed so loud their ears rang. She placed her hands to her head as she continued to scream. When she stopped, she collapsed against Leih, breathing heavily, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“That was a heavy contraction,” Leih said as he held her.

“It wasn’t a contraction.” She said as she cried against him.

“A vision?” Pilar asked as he watched her.

She nodded and screamed as a contraction came and sat up to push. Leih held her as she tried pushing their little one into the world. When she settled back against him, he looked into her eyes.

“What was the vision?”

“It told me that the twins are coming like I didn’t already know that!” She screamed as she sat up and pushed again.

“Okay, Gresha, one last push when another contraction comes,” Bengiene said as he looked up at her.

She nodded and done as he said, when another contraction had her screaming, she pushed. The wail of a baby echoed through the park. Gresha started to cry at the sound of her baby’s cry.

“A boy,” Bengiene said as he held the baby out to Pilar.

Pilar took his nephew into his arms and stared down at him in awe.

“Let me see him,” Gresha said as she tried to see her baby over her husband’s shoulders.

Pilar carried the bloody baby over to his sister and laid him in her arms. She smiled at the beautiful face of her son. A son, she has a son.

“Hello, Son,” Leih said as he took the baby’s hand in his finger and held onto it and smiled at the small face.

“Cut the cord,” Bengiene said as he handed Leih the clippers.

Leih smiled as he cut the cord and the ball fell to the ground at their feet.

“Take him!” Gresha cried out to her brother.

Pilar took the baby from his sister as she sat up screaming. Bengiene readied everything for the appearance of the boy’s twin.

“Push.” He said as he laid his hands on her legs.

“I am!” She screamed.

“Everything okay there?” Leih asked when he saw the odd look on the doctor’s face.

“Everything is fine. I can see the head, but it keeps disappearing like it’s going back up into her.” He said as he shook his head.

“Is it’s gift invisibility?” Pilar asked as he tried not to look.

“No, it would still be here if that was the case. Gresha closes up, then reopens.”

Gresha screamed and started pushing again. The baby slid out into the doctor’s arms, then was gone.

“What happened? I don’t hear a cry.” Gresha asked in a panic.

“It was in my hands, I swear. Then it was gone.”

A scream vibrated through the park as the baby appeared on Gresha’s chest. The baby laid on its stomach crying so loud its twin started screaming with it.

“Oh,” Gresha said as she looked down at the baby, kicking out its feet on her chest.

“Grab it, quick,” Bengiene said as he reached for the baby.

The baby vanished again. Gresha started to cry when her baby disappeared again. Bengiene backed away from Gresha and the baby re-appeared on its’ mother’s chest.

“Grab it,” Bengiene told Leih.

Leih reached out and picked up the baby and turned it onto its back.

“A girl.” He whispered as he looked at his daughter.

“What is going on?” Gresha asked with a cry as she held onto her baby while Leih cut the cord.

“Teleportation,” Pilar said as he stared at his niece.

“Oh,” Gresha said as she looked down at her daughter.

“We should get them to the hospital,” Bengiene said as he looked at Pilar.

“Here, Daddy,” Pilar said as he held his nephew out to his cousin.

Leih took the baby from his cousin and grinned down at his son.

“One of each,” Gresha said as she looked from her daughter to her son in her husband’s arms.

“They’re beautiful.” He said as he looked at his daughter, then at his wife. “Just like their mother.”

Gresha felt her cheeks turn red and smiled. “And their father.”

“Okay, time to go to the recovery room,” Bengiene said as he tapped a foldout airbed he had brought along.

Leih laid his son in his wife’s other arm, then lifted her into his arms. He carried her to the bed and laid her down on it. She held onto her children tight as they floated her to the hospital. She looked up at her husband who was smiling down at her, then back down at her babies.

Her world is now complete.


Leih looked at his wife as she held their beautiful children in her arms. They were all fine and healthy.

Pilar had done some tests and found that she had been a bit further along than they had thought.

Gresha looked up at her husband with a happy smile. “They’re perfect.” She whispered.

“Just like their mother.” He said as he moved closer to her. “Have you thought of names for them?”

“Not really, how about you?” She asked as she looked back down at their babies.

“So much has happened, I haven’t thought about it. I figured we were having girls.” He said with a laugh as he took his son from his wife’s arm.

“I know, me too.” She said as she smiled down at her daughter.

“Her gift is special,” Pilar whispered as he watched his sister with her family.

“Oh?” Gresha asked as she looked at her brother.

“Just like her parents.” He said as he smiled at them. “There was only one other recorded in the Sobrieh Highborn History Books.” He said with a nod.

“Do you know who?” She asked as she watched him.

“I do.” He said with a nod. “Our great-great-great-grandmother Analiah.”

“The one that I have her eyes?” Gresha asked as she looked down at her sleeping daughter.

“The very same.” He said with a nod.

“I like it.” She whispered as she kissed her daughter’s forehead.

“Analiah,” Leih said as he rolled it around in his mind. “Yep, fits.”

Gresha laughed as she looked at their son in his arms. “What are we going to name him?”

“How about Kenyette,” Leih said as he smiled at his son.

“What does it mean?” She asked as she watched him.

“It’s the Sobriehton version of Kenny.” He said as he looked up at her.

Gresha felt tears slide down her cheeks. He remembered the stories she had told him. Of course, he does, photographic memory, duh.

“I love it.” She said with a cry.

“Analiah and Kenyette,” Pilar said as he rolled the names around in his mind. “Sounds like a famous couple.”

“Or a set of powerful twins,” Gresha whispered as she kissed her daughter’s forehead.

“Got that right,” Leih said with a laugh.

“You four are a gift to our race,” Pilar said, watching them. “The Royal Quartet.”



Gresha turned to the door and smiled at her mother. “Hi, Mama.”

Gwyneth moved into the room and peeked into the cribs at the end of the bed. “By the Gods, they’re beautiful.” She breathed.

“I know,” Gresha said with a smile.

Gwyneth moved over to her daughter and pulled her into a hug. “How are you feeling?”

“Exhausted,” Gresha said with a smile.

“Do they know why they came early?” Gwyneth asked as she pulled the chair closer to the bed.

“Pilar figured out that I was a little further along than we had thought. With them being twins, they were smaller than normal babies. And with the confusion that happened on the station…”

“Believe me, I understand that,” Gwyneth said with a smile.

“How’s Nahla? She was freaking out.”

“She finally calmed down and fell asleep. It took all my will power to not run to the park.” Gwyneth said as she smiled at her daughter.

“We all had a bit of a freak out when Analiah kept transporting away from the doctor,” Gresha said with a laugh as she shook her head at the memory.

“Analiah, huh?” Gwyneth asked as she smiled at her daughter.

“Yeah. We decided to name her after my great-great-great-grandmother. After all, she has her gift.” Gresha said as she smiled at her mother.

“What did you name him?” Gwyneth asked as she looked towards the end of the bed.

“Kenyette,” Gresha said with a smile. “It’s the Sobriehton version of Kenny, after…”

“My father.” Gwyneth gasped as she stood and hugged her daughter. “Thank you.”

“Of course,” Gresha said with a cry. “I heard so many stories from you, and Aunt Gretchen, growing up. Some of them I have shared with Leih, he agrees, grandpa was a wild man.” Gresha laughed at the memories of the stories her mother and aunt had told them about the father who had made every day an adventure, for his two little girls.

Gwyneth smiled as she sat back in the chair. “That he was.” She said with a nod.

One of the babies started to cry and Gwyneth got up to look in on them. Analiah had her fists waving in the air as she screamed. Gwyneth tentatively reached into the crib and lifted her granddaughter into her arms. She rocked her as she carried her to Gresha.

“Surprised she hasn’t teleported from you,” Gresha said as she took her daughter into her arms.

“Her gift maybe like yours,” Gwyneth said with a smile.

Gwyneth watched her daughter try to get her daughter to latch, to feed, then leaned forward and showed her the trick she had learned with her two little ones. She backed away with a sigh and watched her daughter with her granddaughter.

Her baby has babies of her own.

“Everyone decent?” Pilar asked as he opened the door.

“Your niece is feeding,” Gwyneth said as she looked at her stepson.

“I will come back later then, but someone here won’t wait to see her niece and nephew.”

Gwyneth smiled as she reached her hand out for her daughter to come into the room. Nahla ran into the room and looked up at her sister, who was feeding the baby in her arms.

“She’s wrinkly.” She said as she pointed at her niece.

Gresha and Gwyneth laughed.

“So were you,” Gwyneth said as she lifted her daughter up and set her on the bed with her sister.

“She’s pretty,” Nahla said as she looked at the baby.

“Just like her mama,” Gwyneth said with a smile.

“Where’s the other one?” Nahla asked as she looked around.

Gwyneth walked to the end of the bed and Nahla crawled across the bed as she followed her mother.

She looked into the crib and giggled. “She’s in blue.”

Gwyneth and Gresha laughed. “That’s because she’s a he,” Gwyneth said as she patted her daughter on the back.

“Oh,” Nahla said as she stared at the baby. “We have a boy.”

“Yeah, we have a boy,” Gresha said with a laugh.

“He’s pretty too,” Nahla said as she smiled at her nephew.

“He is, isn’t he,” Gwyneth said as she smiled into the crib at her grandson.

“She’s finished, can you place her in her crib please, Mom?” Gresha asked as she burped her daughter.

“Of course,” Gwyneth said as she moved over to her daughter and took her granddaughter from her. “Look at you, just as beautiful as your mama was when she was born.”

Gwyneth placed the baby into the crib and watched as she closed her eyes and fell back to sleep. Once her eyes were closed, Kenyette woke screaming. Gwyneth lifted him from his crib and carried him to his mother.

Gresha smiled down at his perfect face, as she fed him. Once she was finished, Gwyneth took him and returned him to his crib. He fell asleep as soon as she settled him into the crib.

“Angels, both of them,” Gwyneth said as she cooed over her grandchildren.

“They are, aren’t they,” Gresha said as she yawned. Her eyes drifted closed and she fell asleep.

Gwyneth placed a finger to her lips as she helped her daughter quietly off the bed, then they left the room to let the new mother and her beautiful babies sleep.

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