Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Forty-One: Preparations

“Is this what you had in mind?” Maisey asked once she finished Leih’s design.

“It’s perfect,” Leih said with a grin as he looked at his creation come to life.

“You haven’t seen your bride today, have you?” Maisey asked as she looked at him.

“Nope, the women kidnapped her and the twins last night, I haven’t seen her since,” Leih said as he shook his head.

Maisey laughed as she shook her head. “I can’t believe the twins are real.”

“No one can,” Leih said as he laughed softly.

“Well, now that I’m done here, I’m going to go pick me out a dress for the wedding.” She said as she moved past him.

“You’re coming to the wedding?” He asked as he turned to watch her leave.

She turned and grinned at him. “It’s the wedding of the century, I wouldn’t miss it if the Station was on fire.”

Leih smiled as he watched her turn and walk away. The wedding of the century. He looked over to the podium where in just a few short hours he is going to marry the woman he loves, more than life itself, for the second time.


Leih turned as his cousin came up the aisle towards him and looked around smiling.

“Pilar,” Leih said with a nod to his cousin.

“This is amazing,” Pilar said as he looked around them.

“Thank you. But I feel that’s not what you came here to tell me.”

“I read something important in my father’s mind today. I think you and my sister should be warned.”

“What is it?” Leih asked as he watched his cousin’s worried face.

“The other king is on his way here, he will be here sometime today.”

“Great,” Leih said with a sigh. “There goes my perfect wedding for Gresha.”

“Don’t worry, Cousin, we won’t let it ruin anything. Maybe create some interesting memories, but you and my sister are getting married today, if not for you two, then for my niece and nephew.”

Leih grinned as he slapped his cousin on the back. “Let’s go get ready, have you seen my best man?”

“I think he’s with his mother, getting his suit fitted.”

“Good. Let’s get the guys together and have a drink, to celebrate my beautiful wife.”

Pilar laughed as he let his cousin lead him away.

“You look, amazing,” Claireisa said as she gushed over her princess.

“Thank you,” Gresha said with a smile as the women flaunted around her, fluffing and straitening.

“Can I have a few minutes to myself?” She asked as she watched them.

“Of course,” Gwyneth said as she smiled at her daughter.

“Mom, stay, please,” Gresha said as she looked at her mother.

“Okay?” Gwyneth said as she raised her eyebrow at her daughter.

When the others were gone, Gresha took hold of her mother’s arms and took a deep breath.

“Mother, don’t freak out.” She said as she watched her mother’s face.

“You’re scaring me, Gresha,” Gwyneth said as she eyed her daughter.

Gresha let go of her mother’s arms and stood perfectly still as she smiled at her mother’s confused face. When time stood still, Gresha looked at herself standing there with her mother in her wedding dress. She looked good if she did say so herself.


Gresha turned to her sister and smiled. “I thought you would like to see me on my wedding day.”

“You look amazing.” Gretta breathed as she looked at her sister’s frozen form.

“I also thought you should meet someone.”

Gretta eyed her sister as she watched her touch the woman whose back was turned to them. When the woman’s essence popped out, Gretta took in a shocked breath as tears streamed down her cheeks.

“What in the world?” Gwyneth asked as she caught herself before she fell to the floor and looked up at her daughter, then over at their bodies, frozen in time. “Gresha, you froze time.” She said as she touched herself on the shoulder.

“I thought you’d like to meet her,” Gresha said with a smile.

“Meet who?” Gwyneth asked as she turned to look where her daughter was looking. “Gretta?”

“Mama.” Gretta cried as she stared at the woman.

“Oh, my baby girl.” Gwyneth cried as she held her arms open for her daughter.

Gretta ran into her mother’s arms and held her tight.

“It’s all true,” Gwyneth said as she cried and looked at her other daughter. “I believed you, baby girl, but I thought maybe your sister was just in your mind…”

“No, she’s real,” Gresha said with a smile. “The Numblee Tree told me she was with me when I was two, remember.”

“That woman talks in riddles, how was I to know she meant literally,” Gwyneth said as she closed her eyes and held her daughter close.

“We can’t be here long,” Gresha said as she smiled at her mother and sister.

“It’s so good to hug you,” Gwyneth said, still holding her oldest.

“I know what you mean.” Gretta cried as she held onto her mother.

They stayed like that for longer than they should have, but Gresha couldn’t bear to separate her mother from her sister.

“Okay Mama, we need to go,” Gresha said when time started to reset itself.

Gwyneth finally let go of her daughter and brushed her hair out of her eyes. “You look just like your sister.”

“We are twins, Mama,” Gretta said with a grin.

“So, you are,” Gwyneth said with a laugh as she pulled her daughter to her for one last hug.

“Mama, Gretta,” Gresha said as she watched their bodies start to move.

“Right,” Gretta said as she moved back away from her mother. “I love you guys.” She said as she grinned at them. “I will always be with you.” She said as she blew them a kiss, then disappeared.

Gresha moved over to her body and touched her arm and time resumed itself. Gresha looked into her mother’s sad eyes.

“Was that wrong to do?” She asked as she watched her.

Gwyneth shook her head. “No, baby girl, it was the right thing to do.” She said as she pulled her daughter into a hug and held her close.

“I’m glad. I thought about it for days, before finally deciding I was going to do it.” Gresha said as she closed her eyes.

“I’m glad you did. Now I know your sister is really with you, and always will be.” Gwyneth said with a sigh.

“You guys about ready?” Claireisa asked as she knocked on the door.

Gwyneth pulled away from her daughter and wiped her eyes. “You can come back in.” She called as she forced a smile.

The women returned to the room and watched them as they wiped their eyes.

“Everything okay?” Claireisa asked as she watched her queen.

“Just fine,” Gwyneth said with a smile. “Now, let’s get the bride to her wedding.”

“Matrios is here!” One of the women still in the living room hollered as the animal came through the open front door.

“Looks like my ride is here,” Gresha said with a smile.

“We will see you at the ceremony,” Gwyneth said as she kissed her cheek.

Gresha smiled as she walked out into the living room. She almost laughed when she saw Matrios. Someone had placed a tie around his large neck.

‘Don’t even think about laughing.’

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Gresha said, having a hard time holding back the laughter.

“Who has the twins?” Kimberly asked as she watched her friend with her large beast.

“I do,” Gwyneth said as she walked into the room with the twins strapped to her front.

“They’re so adorable.” Psyanne cooed as she walked up to Gwyneth. “Look at those outfits, they’re so perfect.”

Gresha smiled at her babies. Heni had made the twins matching white outfits for the wedding. Analiah was in a dress of course, and Kenyette was in an adorable mini tux.

“Aren’t you worried about Analiah transporting?” Psyanne asked as she looked from the twins to Gresha.

“That’s why my mom has them. We find that she doesn’t transport so much when a blood relative has them. As long as my mom doesn’t separate them, or Analiah doesn’t get scared.” Gresha said as she smiled at her daughter.

‘Let’s go, Princess.’

“Hold your horses,” Gresha said as she looked at Matrios.

‘But I don’t have any horses to hold.’

Gresha rolled her eyes, then moved over to her mother. She kissed each of her babies on the head, then kissed her mother’s cheek. She hugged her family and friends then pulled herself onto Matrios’ back. They turned and started to head out the door when she heard a squeal of panic.

Gresha turned her head to see what was going on when she felt something land on her lap. Her hands automatically went to support the baby as she landed. With a sigh, she lifted her daughter into her arms.

“Silly girl,” Gresha said as she smiled down at her daughter.

“Did she go to you?” Gwyneth asked in a panic.

“She did,” Gresha said with a nod.

Gwyneth sighed with relief as she walked over to her daughter and the Snoggle. Gresha leaned down and handed her daughter back to her mother.

“Don’t scare me like that, little one,” Gwyneth said as she took her granddaughter into her arms. Claireisa helped her to settle the little one back into the pocket.

Matrios started to head out the door again when they heard another squeal. Gresha was ready this time, her arms laid out in her lap for her daughter to land safely.

“I think she wants to stay with you,” Claireisa said as she moved to stand beside the Snoggle.

“Maybe you should carry her to the ceremony…” Gwyneth stopped talking when Kenyette started screaming, making his sister scream with him.

“I don’t think this is going to work.” Claireisa hollered over the screams as she helped Gresha off Matrios’ back.

“Time for a makeover,” Psyanne said with a grin.

Claireisa took Kenyette out of the sling before Gwyneth pulled it over her head. She took Analiah from her daughter as Psyanne helped Gresha into the contraption. Once it was secured over Gresha’s wedding dress, Claireisa placed the wailing boy into the sling and secured him in, then helped Gwyneth secure his sister in beside him. Once they were secure and against their mother’s hearts, they both stopped screaming.

“I guess they’re part of the wedding party now,” Psyanne said with a laugh.

“Look at that.” Gwyneth breathed as she watched her grandchildren reach their hands out for each other.

“They want their mother, and don’t want to be separated,” Claireisa said as she watched the two most adorable babies she has ever seen, and that included Gresha and Nahla.

“Okay, help me onto Matrios,” Gresha said as she moved over to her Snoggle.

Matrios laid down as the others helped Gresha onto his back. Once she was settled, he stood. The babies made no sound as they laid against their mother.

“Time to go,” Gwyneth said as she shook her head.

Matrios walked out of the suite and headed to where Leih had set everything up for the wedding. Gresha was excited to see what her husband had created, she had known about his plans for a while now, but she had never been allowed to see them.


“Wow,” Stalson said with a whistle when he entered the platform for his cousin’s wedding.

“Nice, isn’t it?” Pilar said as he smiled at his cousin.

“Nice doesn’t describe it,” Claireisa said as she joined her husband on the platform.

“Is Gresha ready?” Leih asked as he watched his family.

Claireisa laughed. “Oh yeah, she’s ready.” Leih’s eyebrow rose in question and Claireisa laughed again as she shook her head. “You will see.”

“Oh, Leih.” Gretchen breathed as she stepped onto the platform.

“This is amazing,” Tim said as he looked around.

Gavin stepped onto the platform and whistled.

“Hi, Gavin,” Psyanne said as she waved from across the platform.

“Hey,” Gavin said with a grin as he waved back.

“It’s about that time for people to start showing up, you guys may want to get your seats,” Leih said as he smiled at his family.

“Leih,” Tenyar said as he walked up behind the young prince.

Leih turned and smiled at his best man. “You stand by me.” He said as he read the question on the man’s face.

Tenyar nodded as he moved over to the podium. Leih followed the man to the podium and stood next to him. The rest of the family got into their seats. Gio, Masorien, and Garrett entered the area whispering to each other.

“They got Garrett involved,” Pilar whispered to his cousin.

“Involved in what?” Stalson whispered as he walked up to them.

“Should have known you would hear us,” Pilar said as he turned to his cousin.

“Yeah, sonic hearing,” Leih whispered, almost laughing.

“What’s going on?” Tenyar asked as he leaned in towards them.

Pilar quickly told them what they know so far. The four of them looked over to where the three men stood talking. Pilar shook his head as he looked back at his cousins.

“They expect him in the middle of the ceremony. I can’t get any information from their heads as to how they got him to come here.” Pilar said as he sneaked a peek at his father and uncle’s minds.

“I can’t believe they’re using your wedding day of all things for this,” Tenyar grunted from behind Leih.

“Gresha knows about this, she won’t allow it to ruin her day,” Leih assured the man.

“It’s time,” Gwyneth said as she came up the aisle to sit next to her family.

“I will see you in a bit,” Pilar said, nodding to his cousins.

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