Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Forty-Two: The Wedding of the Century

Leih and Tenyar moved back to the podium as Stalson took his seat next to his wife. Claireisa grinned up at him as she cuddled against him.

Pilar went to the end of the aisle to wait for his sister, so he could walk her down the aisle. Kimberly walked up to the aisle first, a basket of flowers in one hand and Angeleiya’s hand in her other. They walked down the aisle together, Angeleiya reached into the basket of flowers and threw peddles all over the aisle.

Tenyar looked down at his beautiful daughter with a big smile on his face. If only Hah-Nah could see her.

Nahla came up to the isle next, in a pretty light blue dress, grinning from ear to ear. She walked down the aisle as her mother and sister had taught her, her eyes roaming over the platform. It was so pretty she wanted to run around in circles. But she stayed on the aisle and smiled up at Leih when she got to the end, then moved to stand in front of Kimberly, who was holding Angeleiya, who was still throwing peddles from the basket.

Gabby came up to the start of the aisle, next. She smiled at Pilar then started down the aisle. Tim smiled at his wife as she passed him. She smiled down at him and their daughter, asleep in his arms.

Geena came to the aisle next. Pilar whistled silently as she stood next to him. She smiled up at him, then started down the aisle. When she got to the end, Leih leaned in and whispered to her.

“Where are the twins?” He asked as he looked from her to Gwyneth.

“You’ll see,” Geena said with a laugh.

The music changed, and everyone got to their feet. Most of their guests took in shocked breaths as the High Princess rode into her wedding on a large Snoggle, babies strapped to her chest.

Gresha smiled at her brother as Matrios laid down to make it easier for Pilar to help her off his back. Once she was on her feet, the large Snoggle stood behind her. Pilar looked down at the babies who were sound asleep in the sling.

“Analiah wouldn’t stay with my mom, and Kenyette started screaming.” She whispered as she smiled up at her brother.

Pilar laughed softly as he touched the top of this niece and nephew’s heads, then held his arm out to her. She took hold of his arm and turned to the platform.

She sucked in a shocked breath at the beauty of it all. There were benches to either side of the aisle, where many faces she knew, and many she did not know, watched her, as she walked down the aisle on her brother’s arm.

The water fountain behind the podium sprayed water into the air in the shape of a heart. Everything was so colorful and amazing. She looked up and sucked in a breath. The stars were so close, she swore she could reach out and touch them. Earth could be seen in the distance, so blue and white.

She looked down the aisle at her husband and smiled at the shocked look on his face. She wasn’t sure if it was how she looked, or the fact that their children were strapped to her chest. And he looked so handsome in his suit. She kept her eyes on him as Pilar handed her over to him and kissed her cheek.

Matrios sat off to the side of the aisle where he could watch his princess.

“You look amazing.” Leih breathed as he looked her up and down.

“Me or the kids?” She asked with a smile.

“Both.” He said as he laughed softly. “I thought your mother was going to take the twins.”

“She tried. Analiah wouldn’t stay with her, and that made Kenyette scream.” She said as she smiled down at their sleeping babies, who were, as always, holding hands.

Leih placed one of his hands over his children’s hands, then smiled into his wife’s eyes.

“Shall we begin?” The minister asked as he watched them.

“Yes, of course,” Gresha said as she turned to face the man.

The minister looked at the twins, then at both their parents. “Is this what you really want?” He asked as he looked between them.

Leih laughed, knowing what the man was asking. “We were married once before.” He said as he smiled down at his wife and children. “We are renewing our vows.”

“With my real name,” Gresha said as she beamed up at her husband.

“Then let us begin.” The Minister said with a nod.

He started talking about love and commitment and all that gushy stuff. But Gresha heard none of it as she looked into her husband’s eyes and everything around them faded away. When he asked if she takes him to be her husband, Leih had to nudge her.

“Oh.” She said as she looked at the Minister. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

Her family and friends laughed softly from behind her. She felt her cheeks turn red and took a deep breath.

“I said, do you…”

“Stop the service!”

Someone hollered from the end of the aisle.

“Great.” Gresha whispered as she turned to look at the man. She had hoped they would at least get past this part before this man showed up.

“Good, I got here just in time.” The man said as he walked down the aisle. “These two cannot marry!” He yelled as he stopped within ten feet of the podium.

“No one invited you,” Gio said as he got to his feet.

Nice, Daddy. Gresha thought as she watched her father come around the benches to stand between the man and his daughter.

“Sister,” Pilar whispered as he moved to her side. She read his thoughts, then looked up at Leih, a scared look on her face.

“What is it?” Leih asked as he looked at his cousin.

“Minister, can we sneak back behind the fountain and finish this?” Pilar asked as he whispered to the minister.

“What’s going on?” The Minister asked as he looked from them to the newcomer.

“Please,” Gresha begged as she looked from him to her babies.

“It’s unorthodox, but I’ll do it, for you.” He said with a bow.

“Thank you,” Gresha said, almost crying.

Pilar motioned for everyone to stay where they were, Geena reached out and slipped something into his hand. He squeezed her hand, then followed his sister and cousin behind the fountain.

Tenyar followed them as he kept his eye on the man who was talking to the High King.

Matrios got onto his belly and crawled undetected behind the fountain and joined his princess.

“Do you take this man to be your husband?” The Minister asked as he looked at Gresha.

“Of course, I do.” She said as she smiled up into her husband’s face.

“And do you, take this woman to be your wife?”

“With all my heart,” Leih said with a grin.


“Here.” Tenyar and Pilar said as they handed them their rings.

Gresha and Leih exchanged rings, then stood there looking into each other’s eyes as they held hands, both smiling so big, their faces hurt.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss your bride.”

The Minister said as he backed away from them with a smile.

Gresha smiled as Leih pulled her gently into his arms, careful to not disturb their children as he kissed her until her head started to spin.

“Papers,” Pilar said as he tapped his sister and cousin on their shoulders.

“Right,” Leih whispered as he pulled away from his wife.

They signed the papers the Minister held out to them, then sealed it with a drop of their blood.

“You are now bonded here and now for all eternity.” The Minister said as he smiled at them.

“Thank you,” Gresha said as she smiled back.

“Better keep this safe,” Pilar said as he rolled up the parchment.

“That paper can never be destroyed.” The Minister said as he pointed at the paper Pilar held in his hand.

“Brilliant,” Pilar said with a grin.

They heard yelling and looked to where their family and friends were standing up to the newcomer, as the man realized they had disappeared. They moved back to their places in front of the podium.

Pilar stood between his sister and Geena, Tenyar on the other side of Leih, and Matrios stood over them from behind, growling.

“They cannot marry!” The man bellowed.

“My daughter can marry anyone she pleases,” Gio argued with the man.

“Cousin cannot marry their cousin. Those children of theirs are mixed blood, they must be destroyed right away!” The man bellowed as he pointed at the twins.

“My children are not mixed blood!” Gresha hollered as she held her children close to her chest.

“What do you call it then, if cousins produce a child!”

Everyone stared at the man in shock. To accuse the High Royals of mixing blood, that is inexcusable. Even if it’s true. Which everyone on the station knows it is not.

“Father!” Justaine said as he moved his way out of the crowd to the aisle.

“Justaine! Why have you not been returning my calls?”

“I have not received any calls,” Justaine said truthfully.

Psyanne and Tamhas have been catching the calls before he could even see them.


“My king?” Tamhas asked as he walked out of the crowd.

“Why have you not made sure my son got my calls?”

“I did not know I was supposed to,” Tamhas said as he looked his king in the eyes.

“Damn you! I knew you were trouble the moment I laid eyes on you!”

“Yes, Sire,” Tamhas said with a bow.

“I should have left you behind on Sobrieh, then maybe my wife would still be here.”

“Tamhas?” Psyanne asked as she looked at the man who had helped raise her.

“And my so-called daughter, of course, you’re involved in this.”

“I don’t know what you’re speaking of, Father,” Psyanne said as she held her chin high.

“Everyone, the reception is in the Great Hall, please help yourselves,” Gio said as he ushered the guests away from the drama.

“Is that what it’s called?” Gresha asked as she looked up at Leih. “I always called it a stadium, or gym.”

Leih laughed as he pulled her to his side. “It has many names. But your father likes Great Hall, makes it sound more medieval.”

Gresha laughed softly as she watched their guests leave. She looked up at her husband and smiled. “This really is a beautiful platform.”

“Thanks, Short Stack.” He said as he smiled down at her.

“I see, you don’t want the others to know what kind of family your raising here.” The man said as he watched the guests leave.

“Father, please stop,” Psyanne begged.

“Shut up girl, I’m not your father.”

Psyanne sucked in a shocked breath as she took a step back. Tamhas moved to stand beside her when he noticed her start to cry.

“Don’t blubber, child!”

“It’s okay,” Tamhas whispered to her.

“Don’t coddle her!”

“Father,” Justaine said as he got his father’s attention off his sister. “Why have you come here?”

The man turned and looked at his son. “To get you, your bride.”

“She’s not my bride, Father. She and Leih are married.” Justaine said as he smiled at Gresha and Leih.

Gresha smiled at him. He has changed so much since they have kept him away from his father.

“They can’t get married! They’re cousins, it’s against the law!”

“So that’s how they got him here,” Pilar whispered to his sister.

“I see,” Gresha said with a nod as she read his thoughts.

“You see what?” Leih asked as he whispered in her ear.

“They talked about you and Pilar being cousins, and made it look like you and I are related as well.” She whispered as she shook her head.

“That’s cold,” Leih said as he shook his head.

“Has everyone had their Maloose Berry juice today?” Gio asked as he smiled at his family.

“Do we ever not drink the juice?” Gwyneth asked as she watched her husband.

“They didn’t,” Pilar grumbled.

“Oh, Lord,” Gresha whispered as she shook her head.

“What now,” Leih grumbled.

“It was in our morning juice,” Pilar mumbled.

“What was?” Tenyar asked as he leaned around Leih to look at him.

“The serum I created over twenty years ago when we knew someone was controlling people. We never used it, I put it away in my safe.” Pilar said as he shook his head.

“What does it do?” Gresha asked as she looked up at her brother.

“It prevents you from being able to be controlled for twenty-four hours.”

“Oh no,” Gresha whispered.

“What?” Leih, Pilar, and Tenyar asked at the same time.

“I didn’t drink my juice today.” She whispered.

“Don’t worry, I put it in your eggs,” Masorien said as he moved closer to them.

“So that’s why you insisted on making breakfast this morning,” Gresha whispered back.

“Indubitably,” Masorien said with a mischievous grin.

Gresha and Leih laughed as they looked back at what was going on. Justaine and his father were arguing the point of what was his.

“What is going on here? You’ve turned my own son against me!” Justaine’s father accused as he turned and hollered at Gio.

“Don’t talk to the High King in that manner,” Tamhas warned his king.

The man looked from Gio to his son’s bodyguard.

“This can be settled easy enough,” Gio said as he moved closer to the other king.

The man turned back to face Gio. “How’s that? I was promised a High Princess for my son.”

“If she wasn’t already taken,” Gio said with a nod.

“You can’t expect me to consider her taken when she’s about to marry her cousin.”

“He’s not her cousin. Leih and Pilar are cousins through their mothers. Gresha isn’t related to Leih even the slightest bit.” Gio said as he stood in front of the smaller man.

“You will turn this wedding into a celebration of accepting my son’s proposal.” The man said as he stared up at Gio.

“Not going to happen,” Gio said as he shook his head.

“It’s too late, anyways. Leih and I are married.” Gresha announced.

“What you did last year doesn’t count. You used a fake name.” The man said as he looked around Gio to look at the princess. He stared at her with wide eyes. She was very beautiful, even with those mixed blooded children hanging down her front.

“She’s talking about today,” Leih said as he brought his wife’s hand up to his lips.

“You couldn’t have.” The man said as he pushed past Gio.

“It’s done,” Pilar said as he held up the paper. “Sealed in blood, this time.”

“That can’t be.” The man said angrily. “I didn’t keep everyone under my control for this to happen, anyways!”

“You were the cause of the chaos twenty years ago?” Pilar asked as he stepped down the couple stairs from the podium. “And this past year.”

“When Neesah called me about her plans, I wasn’t going to allow her to take what was mine. So, I devised a plan of my own. Turn them all against you, then send my son here to be her hero.”

“So, you admit to the chaos that was caused here?” Gio asked as he turned to the man.

“I’m not admitting to anything.” The man said with a huff.

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