Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Forty-Five: The Speech

When all the monitors were off, Gio turned to his Daughter. “Maybe you and the twins can send this broadcast,” he said, proud of her.

“We can do that broadcast now.” The tech said as he pressed a few buttons.

“Are you ready?” Gio asked as he watched her face.

“I am,” Gresha said with a nod.

The tech counted down on his fingers, then pointed at her. Gresha took a deep breath as she looked at the monitors.

“Hello, Earth. My name is Gresha. I am a High Princess of the planet, Sobrieh. My mother is an Earthling, and my father Sobriehton. As you all know, the Sobriehtons have been hovering over Earth for more than two thousand years. They have done many things for us. Cured us, healed us. Even brought a little of their own technology into our lives. And when I was captured by the US Government, to be dissected, along with my twins.” She paused as she looked down at the babies against her chest who were still sound asleep. “If not for some help from some Earthlings, my children and I would be dead.”

She sighed as she looked back up at the camera. “The Sobriehtons have never meant Earth any harm. And now that Earth knows we’re here, the leaders are asking us to leave. And I promise you, without the Sobriehtons, your planet will die. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but without Sobriehton help…”

She stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. “So, I say to you. Do you dare try something new? Take an adventure? Leave your home planet and explore the galaxy? That is what we are offering you. A chance to see the stars. So, if you want to come with us as we leave Earth, go to your capital. We will send a ship to each capital. It will wait for seven days.”

She paused as she looked at her father. Gio smiled as he nodded, she smiled back, then turned back to the camera. “When the seven days are up, we will return the ships to our Station and be on our way. And you won’t hear from us again. Thank you all who helped my family to bring me home. And thank you all for listening to me. I will pray you all make the right decisions for yourselves. Goodnight Earth, and may the Gods bless you.”

The tech gave her a thumbs-up as the cameras went off.

Leih moved over to her and pulled her into his arms and held her close. “Great speech, Short Stack.” He said as he kissed her forehead.

“Brilliant,” Gwyneth said as she smiled at her daughter.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself,” Gio said with a grin.

“Now we just wait and see if anyone takes us up on our offer,” Gresha said as she smiled at her family.

Six days went by so fast, Gresha couldn’t keep up with the days. Just one more day, and so far, no one has come to any of the ships.

“Maybe a week wasn’t long enough,” Gresha mumbled as she laid a towel out for her daughter as she gave the twins a bath.

“A week was more than enough time, Short Stack,” Leih said as he came into the kitchen. He moved to the sink and made faces at his kids who were each in a bath seat in the two-sided sink.

“I don’t know.” She said as she shook her head.

“I do.” He said as he kissed her cheek.

“Maybe I should have…”

“Nothing more you could have done, Gresha. A week is more than long enough to pack what you can carry and get to your capital.”

“What if you’re poor and can’t get to your capital?” Gresha asked as she looked at him.

“That’s why your father paid off all the cabs and buses in the world. If someone doesn’t have a vehicle, or can’t afford a fair or bus ticket, it’s covered.” Leih said with a smile.

“Daddy did that?” She asked shocked.

“Of course, he did,” Leih said with a smile. “Now stop worrying so much. They’ll come.”

Gwyneth looked at her husband with a sad look on her face.

“What’s wrong, Tiey Vail?” Gio asked as he watched her.

“I’m worried about Carrie. I haven’t been to Earth to return her memories to her. And I don’t want her stuck-on Earth, because I couldn’t think of what to say to her about the last twenty plus years.”

Gio laughed. “Problem solved.” He said with a grin. “We will go to Earth later today and return her memories and tell her everything.”

“I would like that very much,” Gwyneth said with a smile.

“Me too, I actually liked Carrie,” Gio said with a nod.

Later that day, the Sobriehtons from Earth returned to the Space Station. Some with Earthling friends in tow. Luckily, earlier that week, Leih had gotten with Maisey and built a nice city on the station for the Earthlings, who decide to follow them.

Gwyneth was happy to see Treiahna returned safely to the Station. The woman gave Gwyneth a quick hug as she passed her and Gio on her way to show her Earth friends where they will be staying.

When it was time to go to Earth, one last time, Gwyneth was so nervous, her hands were shaking. Gio took hold of her hands to steady them. Gresha and Leih flew in a shuttle, following them. When they got to Earth, they hid the shuttles and made their way to the Night Sky Gallery. When they got to the doors, they paused.

“You’re sure you want her memories to return?” Gresha asked as she looked at her mother.

“I am,” Gwyneth said with a nod to her daughter.

Gresha nodded, then opened the door to the Gallery. A woman came out of an office.

“Welcome to Night Sky Art Gallery,” Carrie said as she smiled at them.

“You don’t look much different,” Gwyneth said as she smiled at her old friend.

“Do I know you?” Carrie asked as she stared at them.

“Probably from TV,” Gresha said with a smile.

“Right,” Carrie said with a nod. “You’re the aliens.”

“We are,” Gresha said with a nod. “But you know my mother very well,” Gresha said as she pushed her mother towards her friend.

“Do I?” Carrie asked, a confused look on her face.

“Are you going to the capital?” Gwyneth asked.

“We haven’t decided yet,” Carrie said as she shrugged her shoulders.

“We?” Gwyneth asked.

“Me and my husband. We have kids to think of.”

“You have kids?” Gwyneth asked excitedly.

“I do, three of them,” Carrie said with a smile.

“Do it Gresha,” Gwyneth said with a grin. She had missed so much of her friend’s life.

Gresha smiled as she moved closer to her mother’s friend. Carrie took a step back from the alien girl as she raised her hand towards her. When Gresha’s hand touched Carrie’s eyes, she screamed and fell to the floor as the pain seared through her brain.

“What’s going on here?!” A man demanded as he stormed into the room and fell to Carrie’s side. “What have you done to my wife?” He asked as he held her while she screamed. He glared up at them. “I thought you aliens come in peace.”

“We do,” Gwyneth said as she nodded to him. “But this had to be done.”

“Torturing my wife, is coming in peace?”

“It’s okay Kevin.” Carrie breathed as the searing pain stopped. She looked up at Gwyneth and quickly got to her feet. “Gwyneth!”

Gwyneth caught her friend as she ran into her arms. They held onto each other crying as Carrie’s husband stared at them in shock.

Carrie turned to her husband with a smile on her face. “Kevin, this is my dear friend, and employer, Gwyneth.”

“I thought you don’t know who employs you?” Kevin asked accusingly.

“I didn’t,” Carrie said as she shook her head. “I had forgotten. But now I remember it all.” She turned and hugged Gwyneth again. “You don’t look a day older.” She said as she backed away. She looked at the young girl with the babies in a sling in front of her.

“You must be Gresha. My, you got big, and little ones of your own.” She turned and stared at Gio. “So, you’re an alien?”

“I am,” Gio said with a nod.

“Have you always known?” She asked as she looked at Gwyneth.

“I have,” Gwyneth said with a nod.

“Have to catch a plane.” Carrie laughed as she smiled at her friends, she hasn’t seen then in over twenty years.

“Can you help us pack up my paintings? I want to take them with us.” Gwyneth asked as she watched her friend.

“Of course,” Carrie said with a smile.

“Carrie? What is going on?” Kevin asked as he stared at his wife, she talked to the aliens as though they were her friends.

“Oh, sorry babe. These are my friends from over twenty years ago.” Carrie said as she turned and smiled at Gwyneth.

“Over twenty years ago. Were they kids when you met them?” Kevin asked confused.

Carrie and Gwyneth laughed. “No, she just looks that young. She’s actually close to my age. And Gio here, I guess you’re really old.” She said as she grinned at him.

Gio laughed as he nodded. “That I am.”

“I can share yours and my mother’s history with him if you would like.” Gresha offered.

“You can do that?” Carrie asked shocked, barely getting over the shock of what the girl had done to her.

“If you would like,” Gresha said with a nod.

Carrie looked at her husband. “Up to you, babe.”

“What do I have to do?” He asked as he watched his wife and the aliens.

“Nothing,” Gresha said as she walked over to him. “But it will hurt, a lot.”

He stood still as she placed her hand over his eyes. He hollered as he fell to his knees and held his head. When the pain subsided, he stared at the girl.

“That’s an amazing gift.” He said as he got to his feet.

“It comes in handy,” Gwyneth said as she smiled at the man who had stolen her friend’s heart.

“Your story is interesting. So, Carrie didn’t know you were married to an actual alien?”

“Nope, they kept it hidden well,” Carrie said with a grin.

“I see,” Kevin said with a nod.

“We really should get going,” Gio said as he interrupted the twenty questions.

“Same old Gio,” Carrie said with a grin.

“It would be funny, but this is some serious stuff. Gresha had a vision of being attacked on Earth, so we haven’t set foot here. And we have been asked to leave, so many don’t want us here. We came for you and Gwyneth’s paintings.” Gio pointed out.

“I see,” Carrie said with a nod as she looked at Gresha. “Visions?”

“Yeah, I’ll have to tell you about them later,” Gresha said with a smile.

“Your twins are adorable,” Carrie said as she moved over to look at them. “I can’t believe our government almost dissected them.”

“Yeah, well, that’s another story for another day,” Gresha said with a smile.

“Right,” Carrie said as she smiled back.

“Have you made up your mind on if you’re going to the capital?” Gwyneth asked as she watched her friend.

“I think we will be,” Carrie said with a grin.

“Carrie,” Kevin said as he took hold of his wife’s elbow.

“I said think. But Kevin, can’t you see they’re not the bad aliens, here to destroy us?” Carrie asked as she looked up into her husband’s face.

Kevin sighed. “Yes, I can see that.” He said as he looked at Gio. “And our planet won’t survive without you?”

“Not for long,” Gio said as he shook his head.

Kevin sighed as he pulled his wife into his arms. “Then I guess we’re going to the capital.”

Carrie cried out as she hugged her husband tight.

“Paintings,” Gwyneth said as she cleared her throat.

“Right,” Carrie said as she pulled out of her husband’s arms.

“And any money you may have from selling them in the office,” Gio said as he nodded down the hall.

“Right,” Carrie said as she headed to the office.

“Come on boy, start packing up the paintings,” Gio called out to Leih.

Leih entered the gallery and grumbled as he grabbed as many paintings as he could carry. Not that they were heavy, he just didn’t want to drop them.

“Here,” Carrie said as she returned with a sack of money. “Was going to go to the bank when I got off for the day.”

“Great,” Gio said as he took the sack of money. “Any money you have saved up, get it out of the bank. We sent that announcement the second day.”

“I heard it,” Carrie said with a nod.

“Paintings are loaded,” Leih said as he walked back in.

Carrie looked around the empty gallery in shock. “What about the back?”

“Done,” Leih said with a grin.

“Whatever you pay your nephew, you should double it,” Carrie said with a laugh.

“I don’t pay him anything,” Gio said with a laugh.

“Leih is my husband,” Gresha said with a smile. “And the father of my babies.”

“I see,” Carrie said with a grin. “He’s known you since…”

“Yeah, we’ll tell you all about it some time,” Gwyneth said with a smile.

“Go home and pack. Get your kids out of school and pull all your money out of the bank. We will come for you tonight.” Gio said as he headed for the door.

“What about the capital?” Carrie asked as she watched them leave.

“That was just to see if you were ready to leave,” Gwyneth said as she turned to smile at her friend. “You and your family are going in style.”

“Have you told Masorien to gather his friends?” Gwyneth asked as they waited outside Carrie’s house.

“I have,” Gio said with a nod as he pulled his wife to his side. “He, Scott and Kimberly have been contacting the people from the Alien Task Force, all week.”

“Good.” She said with a nod as she smiled up at her husband.

“Mama,” Gresha whispered as she walked up to her parents.

“Yes, baby girl?” Gwyneth asked as she turned to look at her daughter and smiled at the twins who were strapped to her front. She can’t get over how beautiful her grandchildren are.

“People are coming out of their houses to stare at us and the ship,” Gresha whispered as she looked around them.

“Maybe that’s a good thing?” Gwyneth asked as she noticed the stares.

“Not all,” Pilar said as he walked out of the ship. “Gresha could read their minds through me.”

“Maybe this will show them that we’re not as bad as their leaders think we are,” Gio said as he held his wife to his side.


Gresha looked down at a little boy and smiled at him. “Hi, kiddo.”

“Are you really an alien?” He asked as he stared up at her.

“I’m half-alien,” Gresha said with a smile. “But you know, you’re just as much an alien.”

“I am?” The boy asked excitedly.

“Well yeah. You are an alien to the Sobriehtons.” She said with a smile, a twinkle sparkling in her eyes at the excitement in the boy.

“Cool!” He said with a grin. “I’m an alien!”

Gresha laughed softly at the elated look on his face.

“Are they aliens too?” The boy asked as he looked at the twins.

“They are,” Gresha said with a nod. “They’re three fourths alien.”

“What’s that?” The boy asked, his eyebrows raised.

Gresha laughed, realizing the boy was too young to understand. “It means that their daddy is full alien. So, with me being half-alien, they have more alien in them then I do.” Gresha explained the best she could.

“That’s cool. Are they poisonous?”

Gresha stared at the boy then looked at Pilar when she read the boy’s thoughts through him. Pilar shook his head with a grunt. Gresha looked back at the boy.

“No Hun, they’re not poisonous. They’re just babies.” Gresha said with a smile.

“They won’t turn me into an alien if I touch them?” The boy asked as he looked up at her.

“No,” Gresha whispered as she shook her head.

“DJ! Get in here!”

Gresha looked up at the boy’s mother as he turned and ran to the porch where his mother stood glaring at them.

“Don’t talk to them,” she hissed, pushing her son into the house.

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