Captivated (Night Sky - Pentalogy - Book Three)

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Chapter Forty-Six: The End of Space

“I can’t believe what the adults are telling their children, to keep them away from the aliens,” Pilar said with a shake of his head as he stood next to his sister.

“To think my children are poisonous,” Gresha said as she shook her head.

“We’re ready!” Carrie hollered as she came out of her house.

“Wow!” Her kids hollered as they looked at the small ship, that was there to take them up to a real Space Station.

“Did you get everything you need and want?” Gwyneth asked as she smiled at her friend.

“Just about,” Carrie said with a nod.

Carrie’s daughter, who looked to be about sixteen, ran up to Gresha. “Hi.” She said with a grin, her eyes glued to the babies.

“Hello,” Gresha said as she smiled at the girl.

“I’m Candace.”

“I’m Gresha.”

“Cool name,” Candace said still looking at the babies. “I can’t believe people are saying these adorable babies are poisonous. They’re just too cute.” She said as she reached out and touched one of them softly on the forehead.

They could hear shocked breaths around them as Candace touched the alien baby. Gresha smiled at the girl.

“They’re just regular babies. Except for their markings and gifts.” Gresha said with a smile.

“Markings?” Candace asked, her eyebrow raised. “Oh, you mean those?” She asked as she reached out and touching Gresha’s markings on her bicep.

Gresha sucked in a shocked breath and almost doubled over. Candace jumped back away from her. Leih moved over to his wife and held her against him as she calmed herself.

“I’m sorry.” Candace almost cried.

“It’s okay,” Leih said with a laugh as he watched the girl. “Our markings are just very sensitive. Especially for a while after having a baby.”

“Oh. I’m so sorry. Does it hurt?” Candace asked as she watched Gresha.

Leih laughed again. “No, doesn’t hurt.”

Gresha glared up at her husband. “How about you give birth to our next set of twins.”

Leih laughed as he kissed his wife on the forehead. “Yes, Tiey Vail.”

“Candace, what did you do?” Carrie asked as she walked over to her daughter.

“I touched her markings, not knowing they would hurt her,” Candace said with a frown.

“I’m sorry, Gresha,” Carrie said as she smiled at her friend’s little girl, who wasn’t so little anymore.

“It’s okay,” Gresha said with a smile as she stood away from her husband. “We will tell you all about the markings, later. For now, let’s get you and your family up to the Station. People here are starting to think that we used some kind of brain control to get you to leave your home.”

“How do you know that?” Carrie asked as she stared at the girl.

“Pilar can read minds, and I can read his,” Gresha explained.

“So, you all have gifts?” Carrie asked, remembering the broadcast their leaders had made about how the aliens had attacked one of their bases with unbelievable powers.

“Only the Highborn do,” Gresha said as she turned and headed up the platform to the ship.

“We’ll tell you all about Sobriehtons once we’re safe on the Station,” Leih assured her.

“And so, you know,” Pilar said as he came up behind them. “We told them that we came only for my sister, and we didn’t want to hurt any of them. But they fired upon us. They had already sliced my sister open and taken one of the twins out, ready to dissect them both.”

“How horrible,” Carrie said as she shook her head.

Once Carrie and her family were settled on the ship with their belongings, the ship lifted into the sky. Gresha watched as the humans on the ground stared up as the ship flew back to the stars. If only they could convince them all that they were here to help.

But it was too late now, they were all brainwashed, in Earth’s own way.


The last day of the seven days, Gresha stood in the monitor room, where over a hundred monitors sat, showing each of the large ships in the capitals of the world. Leih walked into the room and stood next to his wife.

“They’re not coming.” She said with a cry as he stopped beside her.

“They still have three hours before we bring the ships back up,” Leih said as he pulled her to his side.

“But not even one has shown.”

“You’ve gotta watch this!” Claireisa hollered as she barged into the room.

She pointed a remote to one of the blank monitors. The screen lit up to show an Earth program. Two men stood at podiums staring at the screen.

Claireisa turned up the volume. “This has been going on for the past seven days.”

“I’m telling you; their children will poison your mind.” One man said as he stared at the screen.

“So that’s where they got that idea from,” Gresha whispered.

“You’re delusional. The aliens are here to help, not to destroy.” The second man said as he looked at the other man.

The other man turned to him and laughed. “You have said that for the past seven days, but what proof do you have?”

“My own.” The man said as he turned to look at the camera. “I have been holding onto my proof for the past seven days, saving it for the final count down. After this, my family and I will be joining the aliens on their Space Station. I can’t wait to see what they have to show us.”

“You’re crazy.” The other man said as he shook his head.

“No, actually I was saved. By the aliens hovering over our planet. When I was ten, I was diagnosed with bone cancer, had four months to live. One day, a man came to me with a smile. He placed his hand on my shoulder and beamed me up to his ship. He kept me in the Hospital Wing, so I didn’t get to see the rest of the Station.

“But he talked to me when he came into my room. He cured me and sent me home within a week. My parents didn’t believe my story of where I was until the doctors confirmed what I already knew. I was completely cancer-free. Because of that alien doctor, I became a doctor myself. And like my doctor, I have saved many lives. But I have not been able to cure what we have all wished we could cure. So, I trust the aliens, and want to learn from them.”

The other man stared at him as he finished his story. “Do you have anything to back your story up?”

“Only my memory, and the fact that I am still alive.” He said as he looked at his watch, then backed away from the podium. “It’s time for me and my family to meet the man who saved my life. So, to the rest of you, please follow your own instincts, don’t let anyone influence your decision. This is a life-altering choice. This is Doctor Reeds saying, goodbye and God bless.” The man took the mic off his shirt, then moved off the stage.

The man still on the stage stared after him, then looked at the camera. “Well, it looks like the aliens have hypnotized the good doctor.” He said with a laugh. He looked at someone then at the camera. “I guess this is the end. I hope you all make the right decisions…” He stopped talking as he stared off-screen. “Where is everyone going?”

“To pack!” One hollered before the screen went black.

“Wow,” Gresha whispered as tears ran down her cheeks.

“See, we have touched some of their hearts,” Leih said as he kissed her on the forehead.

“That could have just been for show,” Gresha said as she shook her head.

As the last hour approached, Gresha got more and more depressed. Her children felt her mood and started to cry. Leih took them from her and held them as she continued to watch the screens. The rest of their family started to gather in the room as it got closer and closer to the final minutes.

“They’re not coming,” Gresha whispered as she started to turn from the screens.

“Look!” Claireisa hollered as she pointed to one of the screens.

Gresha turned and stared at the camera that was watching the ship in the capital of Australia. A crowd of people came into view.

“It’s happening!” Gresha cried out as she watched the other screens as people began appearing, ready to load up onto the ships.

“It is,” Leih said as he smiled down at his wife.

“Look,” Gwyneth said as she pointed to the ship in Japan.

Gresha started to cry as she watched each camera fill with people. She reached up and took her son from Leih and held him close as she kissed the top of his head.

They stood there together, watching the ships each fill with people, ready to see the stars. When the ships were filled and headed for the Space Station, everyone cheered in excitement. Their planet may be doomed, but at least they were going to save those who wanted to be saved.

“Celebration dinner!” Gio hollered as they left the room.

Everyone laughed as they headed to pick up the rest of their family, to go out for dinner, before the Earthlings started landing on the Station.

The next few days were full of preparing to leave Earth’s space and finding a new home. Maisey had done a wonderful job at building the area for the Earthlings. Having invented the language barrier, as Pilar called it, for the conference with the leaders of Earth, he tweaked it to work for the whole station, so no one was lost in language barriers.

They noticed that several Earth leaders had joined their people on the adventure of a lifetime. When everyone was settled on the station, Gio and Vicsorio devised a plan of travel. They were going to see what kind of planets were further through the galaxy. When they found the course they agreed upon, Gio sent a message to Earth and the Station.

“I know you all think we’re here for more than helping you, and I am sorry you think that way. We will do as you asked and leave your space. We are happy so many of you chose to come with us. My wife and girls couldn’t bear to think of leaving you all behind, to perish. We will send ships this way to check on you every so many years, but you will never know they’re there. It will be a quick observation, then a quick retreat. Thank you all for a wonderful two thousand years, even if you don’t think it was such. Good day and have a good life.”

The Station made a loud sound as the engines started. Vicsorio nodded to the engineer and they were gone from Earth in an instant, then slowed once they were far enough away from Earth.

Pilar looked at his father and uncle. “What now?”

“Now we find a new planet,” Gio said with a grin.

“And instead of observing, we will be helping and living together,” Vicsorio said as he smiled at his nephew.

“Sounds like a plan,” Pilar said with a nod.

Gresha watched her twins as they slept in their crib. She was having a hard time believing that she’s never going to see Earth again. So many were left behind, but so many had joined them. Maybe a quarter of Earth.

Leih came into the room and stood beside her.

“Still sad?” He asked as he pulled her to his side.

“Not really.” She said as she smiled up at him. “My speech worked, even if a small amount.”

“Right.” Leih agreed as he softly kissed her lips.

“Now what?” She asked as she looked up into his eyes.

“Now we find somewhere we can live together.” He said with a smile. “Pilar came over a while ago and told me.”

“I see.” She said with a nod as she looked down at her children. “What if we don’t find a new planet?”

“Then we all go insane,” Leih said with a laugh.

“Not funny,” Gresha said with a frown.

“I’m sorry, Short Stack, I don’t have anything witty to say.”

Gresha laughed as she cuddled against her husband and watched their children sleep. Life has shown her some wonderful and horrible things. But the best thing has been, Leih and the twins.

Her head started to pound and a searing pain sliced through her brain. She fell against Leih as she rode out the vision. When it was over, she wiped her cheeks as she pushed away from Leih and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” He asked, shocked at her quick recovery.

Gresha turned and smiled at him. “It was a good vision.”

“What did you see?” He asked as he watched her.

“I saw our new home. I will be back soon.” She puckered her lips at him, then ran out of their suite and down the halls, until she found where her father and father-in-law were mapping out the galaxies. She burst into the room and made both men jump and look at her.

“Gresha.” Gio breathed as he stared at his daughter.

“Stop looking there, Daddy,” Gresha said as she moved over to the map.

“What is going on?” Vicsorio asked as he looked at his daughter-in-law.

“I had a vision.” She said as she tapped the map on the table and watched it flip through the different maps until she found what she was looking for.

“Here.” She said as she pointed to a planet in a galaxy they haven’t explored yet. “This planet is our new home.” She said as she smiled at them.

“That’s amazing,” Vicsorio said as he looked at the map. “I would have never thought to look on this map.”

“That’s what you get when you have a Kryer for a daughter,” Gio said as he smiled at Gresha.

“Indeed,” Vicsorio said with a nod as he continued to look at the map.

“What else did you see?” Gio asked as he looked at his daughter’s elated face.

“We thrive.” She said with a grin as she headed for the door. “Oh, and we send each country to a different part on the planet, like on Earth, and send some of our people to help get them settled in. But there’s no longer a language barrier. We all speak one language.”

“What language is that?” Gio asked, intrigued.

“Sobriehton, of course,” Gresha said with a grin as she left the room.

Gio and Vicsorio stared at each other. Vicsorio called the captain and gave him the coordinates to the planet. When he hung up, he looked at Gio.

“That’s some girl, you have there.”

“I know,” Gio said with a grin.

“Best Kryer I’ve ever seen,” Vicsorio said as he flipped through the maps to find where they are now.

“She was born for it,” Gio said with a nod.

“More so than any before her.” Vicsorio agreed.

“How long until we get to our destination?”

“I’d say about two months, at current speed,” Vicsorio said, still looking at the map.

“How about we speed that up to about a month,” Gio said with a grin.

“Do we have enough power to?” Vicsorio asked as he looked at the High King.

“If we’re settling on a new planet, does it matter if we run out of power?” Gio asked as he laughed softly.

“Good point,” Vicsorio said with a grin as he picked up the phone and called his captain. “Full speed.”

The month in space felt like a lifetime to the Earthlings, and no time at all for the Sobriehtons. When they found the planet, they were to thrive on, as Gresha put it, three shuttles landed on the surface.

Gresha, Leih, Pilar, and Matrios climbed out of one, while Gio, Gwyneth and Masorien out another, and Vicsorio, Tenyar, Stalson, and Claireisa out the last.

They looked at the beautiful planet in awe. It was very similar to Earth, yet so different. They walked around for a while and looked at the trees and other plant life.

“If it’s this beautiful throughout the planet, I say we found our home,” Vicsorio said as he nodded his approval.

“Does it matter?” Gresha asked as she looked at her father-in-law.

“I guess not,” Vicsorio said with a laugh.

“What else did your vision tell you?” Leih asked as he turned his wife to face him. “I have seen on your face that you know something.”

“You name the planet.” She said as she watched his face.

“Me? Why me?” He asked shocked.

“Because we all like the name?” She said as she shrugged her shoulders.

Leih shook his head as he looked around at the planet, which was to be their new home with the humans. “Briehth.”

“There it is,” Gresha whispered into his ear so the others couldn’t hear her.

“I like it,” Gio said with a nod.

“Sobrieh and Earth together; sounds great,” Pilar said as he slapped his cousin on the back.

“That would make us Briehthons,” Gio said with a smile.

Everyone laughed and nodded in agreement as they looked around, at the beautiful trees on their new planet.

Gresha ran from where her family stood, to the middle of the field, not far from the trees. She sighed as she raised her arms above her head and spun in a circle. As she spun, she tilted her head back, so the suns were in her face.

When the others caught up to her, she stopped spinning and lowered her arms, then looked at them with a grin.

“Welcome to Briehth.”

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