Loving an Alpha

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Chapter 9


The night sky cast a moonlit shadow over the pack house, illuminating Tessa’s bedroom with a calm sense of tranquility. She slept peacefully beside Dainin, but her few hours of serenity didn’t last long when a mind link from Zander woke her from a dead sleep. ”We just received an alert of a trespasser crossing our furthest border near the river. I’m taking some warriors with me to check it out. We may not return until this afternoon,” he informed her. ”Okay. Keep enough reinforcements close by, should you need them,” Tessa ordered. It was too soon to be having more Rogues breach the border. She had to think about improvements or better equipment to enhance their security. ”Lasers,” her wolf suggested with excitement, earning an eye roll from Tessa. ”Maybe in a few years,” she chuckled. She really enjoyed her wolf’s imagination and unexpected love for sci-fi.

Tessa rolled to her back and laid motionless for a while just staring at her ceiling. She was trying to go back to sleep, but her mind was racing with thoughts as her hand rested over her lower stomach. She smiled in happiness before rolling over to press her body against Dainin’s, making him stir in his sleep as she sighed into his neck. His reaction made a playful smirk play across her lips as she blew gently over his mark. Excitement coursed through her body when she heard his low growl and watched his eyes flutter open, meeting her own. “Good morning,” he said, his rough voice sending a shiver throughout her body. “Not quite, but good morning love,” she smiled sweetly and gently kissed his lips before resting her head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.

She couldn’t help but moan in contentment as Dainin began running his fingers through her hair, his gentle touch sent a hum of sparks over the bare skin of her shoulder. Yet, even with this comforting exchange Tessa couldn’t fall back to sleep. Her mind was preoccupied with the fact that this afternoon was finally the day she’d be able to interrogate the witches. She was torn with the idea of wanting to find them as innocent victims of that monster’s wrath, but another part of her was cautious to the fact they could be equally as treacherous.

Her thoughts wandered to the moments after the meeting ended. The council easily agreed Elijah and Leah were the best wolves to guard the prisoners in their weakened state. It was also dreadfully apparent that the packs needed to be informed of the situation, but once they announced the news it was met with a mix of commotion. Some pack members, mainly White Sand, were willing to give them a chance while others wanted blood. The rumors swirling through the grapevine had been busy painting a monstrous picture of the two prisoners, but Tessa couldn’t blame them since many warriors witnessed the unyielding impulse of greed the beast held. Tessa could still see the selfish fire burning in its red eyes.

Elijah tried his best to persuade everyone with the information obtained by Dainin, but they were so enthralled in their arguing that his voice was drowned out. ”Enough of this,” Tessa’s wolf growled, already thinking of training regimens as punishment for their disrespect to their Delta. Tessa began to step forward, but Cadence grabbed her arm, stepping forward in her place. “Listen up,” she ordered, catching everyone’s attention. “I understand how you’re all feeling, I too demanded death, but Alpha Hayes has convinced me. We all know Blue Ridge was built on trust and fairness and I trust that Alpha Hayes is guiding us in the right direction. Also, the Moon Goddess has blessed Elijah with a second chance mate, which is one of these witches. Surely, we can’t go against fate and the Moon Goddess’ intentions,” Cadence called out to the crowd, hoping to sway their opinion. No one dared argue against the will of the Moon Goddess.

With everyone gathered, and such a hostile atmosphere, Tessa and Dainin agreed now would be the perfect time to tell everyone their news. “In light of this difficult situation, I want to let you all know Alpha Monroe and I are expecting our first pup,” Tessa stated proudly, overlooking the shocked crowd as they soaked in the unexpected news. Tessa met everyone’s surprise filled eyes and smiled. “Maybe we should have announced that over all their bickering to shut them up,” her wolf huffed, shaking her head. Then an eruption of cheers and applause filled the ballroom as they all rushed to congratulate them. All talk and worry about the witches were forgotten. Now Tessa just had to wait for them to regain enough strength for questioning.

A pleasurable sensation pulled Tessa out of her thoughts when she felt Dainin’s lips trailing over her neck. “I think I know exactly what you need to unwind,” he murmured into her ear, sending a shiver of delight to her core. “Oh, do you,” she teased, but her hips bucked at the feeling of his hand sliding between her legs. “I do,” he growled lowly. Tessa yelped in surprise when Dainin effortlessly picked her up in his arms, throwing her over his shoulder while he carried her toward the bathroom. ”Best mate ever,” her wolf sang, purring with anticipation. They were both imagining the countless ways Dainin would tire them out and they were all enjoyable.

When Tessa opened her eyes again, she was met by the welcoming rays of the late morning sun. Her body still hummed with bliss as she stretched herself in her king size bed, but she was surprised to find Dainin missing. She was about to mind link him when she noticed a covered tray sitting on her bedside table. As she lifted the lid, she saw a note waiting for her. ‘Good Morning Love, I had to head back to my pack to take care of some things. I will meet you at the prison this afternoon. DO NOT go in without me unless you want to be punished,’ the note read, earning a stifled moan from Tessa as she continued reading. ′Don’t get too excited. You’ll be begging for release which I may or may not grant you. That’s up to you though. I’ll be happy either way. Love always, Dainin,” it finished. ”I might like the torture,” Tessa’s wolf mentioned and with all her crazy hormones Tessa sinfully agreed.

After finishing her impressive well-balanced breakfast, Tessa dressed in her usual business attire and stepped out into the hall to start her day. She was beginning to regret telling everyone about her pregnancy because although both packs were overjoyed with the news that meant double the number of eyes watching her every move. In the few short days, the packs have been treating her like a delicate flower instead of their strong ruthless Alpha and now Luna. “A title I’m still not accustomed too or accepting of,” her wolf grumbled in offense. Regardless of that, if anyone even accidently bumped into her the hall would erupt in a chorus of threatening growls. This scenario played out in the perfect example when a young pup barely grazed her as she approached her office. ”This is becoming a bit suffocating and we still have eight and a half months to go,” Tessa complained to her wolf as they stepped inside.

When she approached her desk, she noticed a couple of folders the private investigator had left for her. He had already informed her of the “slim pickings” he came across about the witches’ background. Tessa wasn’t surprised. The beast was cunning and able to keep himself hidden all these years. She was sure he took every measure necessary to tie up and hide loose ends.

Opening the first folder, a knock sounded on the door. “Come in,” she called while reading over the name Ingrid Welser, but the only details that followed were an approximate age of fifty-eight. “Sorry to bother you Alpha, but Zander stumbled upon a very sick and disoriented Rogue,” Cadence informed her. Tessa raised a brow in confusion as she met her Beta’s concerned eyes. “Okay, what does he plan on doing with it,” Tessa asked her as she skimmed over the next name, Sonia Welser, age eighteen. “Well, he’s bringing the male Rogue here,” Cadence quickly announced.

Tessa dropped the folder from her hands as she narrowed her brows at the news. “Who gave him permission to make that call,” she asked, unable to hide her frustration. “Apparently, the Rogue was able to communicate to him through the mind link,” Cadence informed her, unable to make sense of it herself. ”That wouldn’t happen unless they’re part of our pack,” Tessa’s wolf confirmed her hunch as she rose from her desk. “Any idea on who this could be or how old the wolf is,” she asked Cadence, wracking her brain for any memory of a missing pack member.

“No Alpha. The Rogue is so emaciated and mangy it’s unclear how old it could be,” Cadence said sadly. Tessa sighed, running her hand over her face. “Fine, Zander can bring him to the prison. Meet him halfway to make sure he wasn’t followed by others and if all is well, have the doctor ready to examine and treat him once they arrive,” Tessa ordered Cadence, taking her seat once more. “Yes Alpha,” Cadence agreed, bowing her head as she left Tessa alone to process the news. A Rogue being able to communicate with a pack member was unheard of and she could only imagine the horrors that befell this Rogue.

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