Loving an Alpha

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Chapter 2

*Mature Content*

Tessa’s eyes shifted around the room as she mulled over Dainin’s words. ”He’s right, but if these are the wolves we have looking out for us, then I know we’ll be okay,” her wolf said proudly, making Tessa realize that while she was busy keeping her distance from the pack over the years, they hadn’t done the same. To them, she was everything because she was their Alpha. They needed her as much as she needed them, even if it took her this long to realize it.

A foreign feeling of comfort began to spread throughout Tessa’s body, and she saw a young child approach her with tears falling from his eyes. “Alpha, are you okay now,” he asked her with a shaking voice as he clung to his mother’s leg. Tessa’s heart melted as she knelt down with a kind smile. “I am more than okay, pup. I promise I’m better than ever,” she admitted, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. She truly was better than ever. Tessa always worried about what she had to lose, but now she was wondering what she missed. ”We were never alone,” she thought to her wolf, who whimpered in contentment.

She stood in hope that her following words would be enough to express her gratitude. Dainin must have sensed her newfound uncertainty because his hand found its way to the small of her back, letting her know he was there for her. “Thank you, everyone, for all the concern you’re showing me, but the doctor has given me a clean bill of health,” she announced and the room filled with rippling sighs of relief, from both White Sand and Blue Ridge members. They all seemed to blend perfectly together, and the atmosphere felt wholesome. Dainin’s large hand ran lovingly over her back before pulling her close, and together they made their way to the stairs, where everyone could see them.

From their new height, Tessa noticed Zander and Cadence were missing, causing worry to course through her body. ”We’ll find them later. The pack is waiting,” her wolf said, but Tessa knew she was also worried about their Beta. Tessa took Dainin’s hand and she could feel hope resonating off the crowd while they watched her every move. “There are a few announcements we need to make before we retire to the wonderful lunch my Grandmother has surely planned,” she chuckled, and everyone joined her. They all knew how her Gran was with party planning.

Tessa raised her hand and the laughter died down. “There is a lot Alpha Monroe has to brief me on, since I was unconscious during the end of the battle, but I know we wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for all of you. You have tirelessly dedicated yourselves to following the intensive training to ensure everyone would be protected. Blue Ridge, you have also adjusted well to White Sand’s arrival and vice versa,” she paused, watching pleasant displays of comradery between both packs. Tessa couldn’t hide her prideful smile and when she turned to Dainin, she could see he was feeling the same.

“If it weren’t for all of you working together, training harder, and being the warriors, I knew you could be, we may not have been so lucky. It is all thanks to you that Beta Turner was able to get the chance to kill the beast and save me from certain death. You all make this pack strong and I am so very proud to be your Alpha,” Tessa concluded and the room filled with cheers and applause for their success. ”I’m not ready to tell them about the baby yet, not with Cadence and Zander missing, but we should probably confirm the mating rumor,” Tessa thought to Dainin through their link. ”That’s fine with me. Alan isn’t here either,” Dainin pointed out. Tessa was no longer nervous about how they’d react to the news, and thanks to her Grandmother, most of the pack already knew they were mates anyway.

Dainin cleared his throat which brought everyone’s attention back to them. “As you all can tell, Alpha Hayes and I have been spending a lot of time together since our arrival and I’m sure you all haven’t missed her new mark,” he stated proudly, and everyone gave Tessa a knowing look, some even sounded off a flirtatious whistle which made Tessa’s cheeks heat up. “To confirm the rumors, yes, we are mated and no there won’t be any details,” Dainin beamed as the room filled with laughter once more. Dainin smiled down at her as he wrapped his strong arm around Tessa’s shoulder. She was not one to show PDA, so her embarrassment only grew. “Does that mean our packs will join together to become one,” a male in the front called, and once again everyone grew quiet. “No,” Tessa answered, but she heard Dainin say yes at the same time.

The silence grew as Tessa and Dainin both gave each other looks of confusion. “Okay everyone! These are things we’ll work out later on. In the meantime, let’s move into the ballroom for lunch,” Lori suggested, breaking through the silence as she herded everyone towards the ballroom. Tessa and Dainin remained locked in a stare-off until the crowd dispersed, and they were the only ones left. “Yes,” Tessa questioned him. “We never discussed this,” she said as she stepped away. Dainin released a low growl in response to her action, causing Tessa eyebrows to raise, challenging him to continue.

When he remained silent, Tessa’s impatience grew after she lost track of how long they were just staring at each other. “Well this isn’t solving anything,” she huffed, turning on her heels to start up the stairs, but Dainin’s hand on her wrist stopped her. “You can’t just walk away,” he said in frustration. “I’m not walking away. I’m moving this conversation to my office where we’ll have some privacy. You can either come with me or you can stay here alone,” she said continuing up the stairs, not sparing him a second glance, knowing he would follow.

She could feel Dainin brooding behind her as she opened the door to her office. Tessa couldn’t believe he would so easily say yes to joining the packs. ”How could he think two Alphas could ever run one pack,” she asked her wolf in disbelief, shocked by his audacity to stake such a claim without consulting her first. ”I’m not for it either,” her wolf answered, but Tessa could sense the uncertainty in her tone. Her wolf always wanted to make Dainin happy. It looked like Tessa had to be the one to put her foot down.

Her aggravation grew when Tessa stepped into her office. She was ready to confront him, but the sound of the door locking and the large man behind her made her freeze in place. Before she could react, Dainin had his arm wrapped possessively around her waist, pulling her body against his. His free hand came up to firmly hold her jaw as he tilted her head to the side, exposing her mark and sending a shiver of delight throughout her body. When his nose brushed along her neck, Tessa could feel her arousal pooling between her legs.

“Dainin,” she gasped, when he tightened his hold around her waist, pressing her ass against his firm erection. Dainin hummed low in her ear, teasingly rolling her earlobe between his lips before he spoke. “I was thinking. If you’re so keen on walking away from me,” he started as his hold on her jaw moved slowly down to her neck, giving a light squeeze. “Maybe I should make it so you can’t walk at all,” he contemplated while his other hand moved down into the waistband of her leggings, brushing just along the top of her panties.

Tessa could feel her core pulse with need as his hand traveled over the soft fabric of her underwear. Her ass pressed hard against his manhood when his fingers skimmed through her folds and began rubbing tantalizing patterns over her clit through the fabric. “What do you think, Tess,” he growled in her ear and Tessa knew he could feel exactly what she wanted as he continued to rub her soaked panties against her sensitive bud. “Yes, please,” she begged as she felt her climax building by just his fingers. He would be the only man she’d ever beg for and he knew it.

She could feel Dainin smirk against her neck as his hand traveled down into her shirt, unzipping the front of her sports bra. She moaned as the pace of his fingers teased her entrance while his other hand kneaded and teased her breasts, but he pulled away too soon and she instantly missed his warmth.

Before she could protest, her back was against the wall, with her arms pinned above her in his hand and his thigh pressed firmly between her legs. Tessa knew she’d lose her balance if it wasn’t for his hips holding her in place. He made short work of her shirt, tearing it from her body, leaving hot kisses down to her chest. He took his time with each breast as Tessa fought to get her hands free. She needed to feel him, but he refused to let her go.

“I know you’ve wanted this since we met,” Dainin said, bringing her back to when she found him lying in her office for the first time, but she couldn’t have him then. “You can have me now,” he answered her silent statement, and her core pulsed with need at his invitation. Tessa watched with hungry eyes as he freed himself from his pants. She yearned to take him in her mouth once more, but from the look in Dainin’s eyes, he was in control.

Tessa’s back arched as Dainin ran his fingertips along her spine until they vanished into the top of her leggings. His rough palm caressing her ass as he guided the soft fabric down to fall around her ankles. Tessa quickly kicked them off and stood completely exposed to the only man that ever left her satisfied. Tessa could tell, by Dainin’s smirk, that he could see the desperation shining in her eyes but seeing him know how much he turned her on made her all the more excited.

Dainin claimed Tessa’s lips, taking his time to taste every inch as his tongue dominated her mouth. Then he turned Tessa around to face the wall, keeping her hands above her head as he tilted her hips back toward him. Tessa could feel her heart beating out of her chest with the anticipation of what was to come and Dainin didn’t disappoint. Tessa gasped with pleasure at the feeling of him coating his tip with her essence before swiftly entering her.

Dainin finally let her free and Tessa had to brace her hands against the wall in front of her. She couldn’t contain her heated cries as he relentlessly pounded into her throbbing core, but she met his thrusts with her own. She needed to take him as deep as she could and as expected he hit just the right spot every time. Suddenly, Tessa’s body shook, with sparks dancing over her skin, as she cried out his name, and soon after he followed her with his own climax.

Tessa collapsed against the wall as the aftershock of her orgasm pulsed through her body. She could barely stand on her own two shaking legs as she fought to catch her breath with a satisfied smile. She watched Dainin right himself before pulling her to his body, brushing her stray hair out of her face with a smile of his own. “Are you okay,” he teased her, placing a soft kiss on her lips. “Oh yeah. I’m great,” she answered breathlessly. A deep chuckle resonates from his chest before he stepped away to remove his shirt.

Tessa growled in satisfaction as her eyes followed every muscle that flexed over his body and she couldn’t resist running her hand over his toned abs. “As much as I’d love to ravish you again, we should take it easy until your next checkup,” he warned, dressing her in his t-shirt with a smile. “Fine, but you do know the baby would be okay,” she stated but knew he was just being protective. Plus, her body was still coming down from the mind-blowing sex they just had. “I know, but it’s not worth the risk. Now come, let’s get changed before any males see you looking this hot,” Dainin winked. Tessa squealed in surprise when he picked her up bridal style and ran for her bedroom, but she had to admit, she loved his jealous side.

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