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This is a story of two different caste boy and girl named Zafar and Aruhi respectively. This is not a past story ,this is a running,on progress love story of the above individuals living in South India . Because of the intercast love they have got many struggles and hardness in between their love. Actually, still suffering.Zafar is Islam and Aruhi is a top Hindu caste . But they are loving eachother because caste doesn't even touch a little diffraction on love. They love eachother, their souls are connected with no barriers in between. Love has nothing to do with relegion. The respectful volume contains six chapter, Their Interrelation,Introduction,Intimacy,Increment,Initial meet, and proposal. For the nonchalancing and engrossing the readers , chapters are short according to situations and some got more words to scrutinize. There are more volumes coming after. The writer, and it's me! Yeah !! It's my story... not only mine ,her own. She is the inspiration and encouragment behind this. Love you immensly.. I need all supports of bibliophiles. Next volume contains 10 chapters, will be published next week it'self.

Romance / Adventure
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First Ever!

I was watching TV "the great finale" of the IPL 2018 19 and my favourite team is the Chennai Super kings. But the team was lost I am so upset. On the next day after the particular match I just updated a status on my WhatsApp about the injured player Shane Watson. It's about evening got many message replies, wait! wait! it's Aruhi. Guess who is she? It's my only Crush she also replied: "can you please send me this video" without a second delay I said:"wait I will send you"I was so excited after sending the video I just chat with her ,we chat about some 10 minutes, she mentioned that don't messege her untill she messeges because it's her mom's cell and she said: "I have to go bye good night". Certainly it's a "goodnight" but defenitely a sleepless night.I smiled by reading the replies got by her and I had some screenshots of her picture that were updated before on her status I take a look for a while on those:Y didn't she messege me before? Asked by myself, Now she came "heeeeeee"[laughter] Thank you "watson I just murmered.

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