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Just basically what the title says. Poems. If any of these poems seem familiar it’s probably because you read my poem book on Wattpad, or something. Also the cover for this book is just what i’d imagine what Elvira’s eyes from my other book would look like. Is it an important detail to the story? Nope, I just thought it looked cool.

Romance / Poetry
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Love is life

I only ever wanted to hear you say you loved me,

Was I asking too much?

Was everything I was wanting and asking us to be,

Too soon or too abrupt?

Are you not ready for commitment?

Are you not ready for me to stay?

I get it, you're tired of mistreatment,

Tired of being pushed away.

Tired of being misjudged and hurt,

Tired of being told to move on,

You don't want to face the world,

But tell me please, for how long?

I get it, you need time my dear,

I get it you say you're fine,

but every time you shed a tear,

I offer help but you run from me each time.

And when I talk to you, or get real close,

I notice how you shrink.

Is it because of fear?

I know you need time.

but when you flinch away from my touch it makes me think,

do you really want me here?

Do you think that love is a crime?

I'm not like them, i'll never rip you apart,

Please don't be scared of me.

I only want to open your heart,

but you're the only one who can turn the key,

So please, let me inside.

I'd never push you away,

I'll be here every step of the way.

I don't care what all the others say,

Your perfect, at least for today.

Your worth every moment of my time,

Yet you act like loving is a crime.

I will stay by your side,

I Promise there's nothing you need to hide,

for me, don't push your feelings aside,

I'll give you all the time you need.

I don't care how much you cry,

I'll still stand right by your side.

I'll kiss you're tears away every time,

I'll hug you tight and help convince you it'll be fine.

Shouldn't this be enough for you,

I know it's tough and hard to chose.

But when life throws you to the deep end of the pool,

It's a choice of when how why and who.

Will you let me be a part of this story?

Because each time you say my name, my heart bursts into flames and flurries.

I hope that as the future nears,

You could open up just a little more.

We can get rid of your traumatized tears,

I can help you turn the key, and unlock the door.

But for now i'll stand right here, aside,

For now I'll give you space,

I'll still wipe away your tears each time,

I'll help you not be too shy to show your face,

But this could take a while,

But for now i'll just look up and smile,

I'll give you time,

Show you love isn't a crime,

Show you that holding hands is fine.

Because everyday it's like i'm flipping a dime,

Love is life.

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