Final Days

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Learning your days are numbered, inflicts feelings hard to describe to oneself and those around you. Aliza learns one fateful day that her days alive are now numbered. This story follows the main points of Aliza's story and whirlwind romace.

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Part 1

If you knew you were down to your last days what would you do?

Aliza and Farris have been friends since childhood, they’ve known one another for years. Aliza found herself at some point having a crush on her best friend but she was too scared to ever tell him, painfully watching him date others giving him advice and everything taking it all with a smile. The two 19-year-olds go to the same post-secondary school, Aliza living on her own, while Farris lived with his parents that still lived in the town. Life continued normally for the two childhood friends going to school occasionally hanging out, laughing and joking with one another.

Aliza living in an apartment complex was going to do some laundry one day listening to music humming with a usual peaceful small smile as she held the basket in one arm. She then suddenly and a major dizzy spell as she was walking down the stairs. Her vision blurred head became fuzzy, ′hun?′ her foot slipped she watched as her vision shifted to the ceiling and she began to turn and tumble down the stairs her clothing scattered along the stairs and Aliza lied at the bottom on the stairs unconscious and bleeding.

A neighbour who heard the tumble opened the door and looked around when they spot Aliza at the bottom of the stairs. “Oh god! Tracy! Call 911 someone just fell down the stairs and they aren’t moving!”

A big commotion was made at the apartment complex a few people in the complex were in the same school as Aliza and a few were able to get a glimpse at Aliza lying on the ground her blood beginning to paint the white floor red. The EMTs arrived and to their surprise found Aliza still alive who everyone thought was dead. “Get the neck back the women’s alive!” the EMT exclaimed to everyone’s surprise and watch taking pictures as the EMTs got her strapped up and into the ambulance and Aliza was eventually rushed to the hospital. While she was unconscious they checked her over finding that she lucky had not life treating injuries from the fall. She also did some tests... which then lead to even more tests.

After a few hours, Aliza woke up in the hospital in great pain. A nurse seeing that she had woken up called for a doctor. Aliza held her tongue to stop herself from screaming out from the immense pain she was in. “Miss! Miss! Please keep calm.”

“I am calm.” Aliza groaned trying to sit up but the nurse forced her to remain sitting. “I’d like to sit up.”

“You cannot at this moment. Now Miss. Since you had a head injury we need to run through a checklist.” the Nurse told her causing Aliza to sigh as this isn’t the first time she’s had to go through this checklist. By the time the two finished running through that checklist the doctor arrived.

“Miss Roth we meet again. I wish it was on lighter circumstances.”

“Dr. Forest... how come every time I’ve gone to the hospital you’ve ended up as my doctor. Someone might start to think I’m purposely getting sent to the hospital to see you.” Aliza chuckled but winched in pain.

“Your lucky that fall could have caused more serious injuries.”

“I see...”

“The fall caused an abrasion on your head, a sprained wrist, a twisted ankle, and your back is completely covered in bruises. Aside from that, you have no other injuries from the fall.” Dr. Forest told her, Aliza looked at Dr. Forest for his odd term of phrase but passed it off. “Could you tell me what you were doing before you fell?”

“... I was going to do laundry. As I was going down the stairs I had one of my normal dizzy spells but much worse than normal and I lost my footing.” Aliza replied looking down slightly.

“I see... well I don’t know how I should tell you this.”

“Give it to me straight.”

“... When we ran some tests on you to make sure this wasn’t related to a stoke or something. We noticed something of concern and ran some more tests. Since you were out for 5 hours it gave enough time to get the lab work back...”

“What is it?”

“Nurse could you leave and close the door.”

The nurse nodded and left closing the door leaving only Doctor Forest and Aliza. “When the test results came back it wasn’t good.”


“... Aliza you only have 3 weeks at most left to live.”

Aliza who forced herself to sit up and look at her doctor froze. “Pardon... did I hear that right... you said I only have 3 weeks left to live.”


“... there’s nothing to be done?”

“No... not that we are aware of.”

Aliza felt tears begin to form in her eyes as she gripped the bedsheet tight. “S-s-so I’m going to die. I-i-i’m going to die.” She sobbed before she began too full-on cry tears falling letting out a wail of agony, from both the physical pain and the pain of reality. After about 12 minutes her sobs subsided and she wiped her tears with her hands and arms. “If I truly am going to die I don’t want to be stuck in this hospital. Can you get me painkillers that will completely dull my sense of pain? If I’m going to die I want to enjoy every last moment of my last days.”

“I can do that for you.”

“Thank you.”

“You’ll be able to leave by the end of the day after a few more tests.”

Aliza nodded her head in understanding looking over at the window.


That night when she got home to her apartment she found her washed clothing placed in her doorway. ‘I hope for you to get better. I did your laundry for you free of charge. -X’ Aliza smiled and chuckled slightly. “Thank you whoever you are for doing this.” Aliza exclaimed with a smile. She pulled out her phone and dialled her parent’s number. ′It probably won’t get through... they probably won’t even hear about it till it’s too late. But I should at least try.′ Aliza sighed as she called her parents.

Just like she thought there was no answer. “Hey, Mom... you and Dad. Um, I need you to come home as soon as you can. I just went to the hospital and got some bad news. Please get back soon. They say I’m... they say I’m going to die in about 3 weeks so please come to see before for that... or even get to my funeral.” Aliza muttered before hanging up the phone after the 3rd try and placed her head on the phone.

Her phone suddenly vibrated she looked up half hoping it was from her parents however it was from Farris, she felt her heart skip a beat. ′I know he has a girlfriend right now... but if I’m going to die I want to tell him my feelings before I die even if he doesn’t feel the same way. He’ll understand if I tell him what’s going on I can just play it off as a joke too like I wanted to see his reaction yeah.′ Aliza told herself as she looked at her phone to see the message from Farris

F: Hey Ali I got something important to tell you do you think you could meet up with me for dinner?

F: You haven’t eaten yet right?

F: You usually don’t eat till like 7:30

A: Something important to tell me?

A: Give me a hint

F: Nope you got to come to dinner with me.

F: It’ll be my treat.

A: ...

A: Fine

A: I got something to tell you anyway so it was good timing.

A: Where should we meet up?

A: Ah, you are also paying for my drinks!

F: Yeah yeah. I got it.

F: Well meet up at the usual restaurant.

A: Agh, srsly that’s a 10 min drive from my current place.

A: I’m not going to be a cheap date boi.

F: Lol fine if that what it takes to get you to meet me.

F: I won’t complain when you get a lot of food.

A: Yeah!

A: I’m on my why then! See you in 12 minutes.

A: ...

A: Way* not Why... sigh.

She grabbed her purse that held her wallet, IDs, along with her pain medicine. She grabbed her car keys and house keys then slowly made her way down the stairs holding the railing as she went down the stairs as she didn’t want to fall them again today. She made her way to her car before driving off the restaurant Farris would be waiting for her.

She arrived the restaurant and Farris was already waiting for her. She waved and sat down with him. Ordering herself some food after that it gave them a chance to talk with one another. “So Farris what was so important that you could wait to tell me tomorrow?” Aliza asked taking a sip of water.

“Well you know that girl I’ve been dating for the last 2 years?” he asked, Aliza just nodded. “Well, we are now engaged.”

Aliza choked on her drink and started coughing. ”Cough you two got engaged. I’m happy for you.” Aliza coughed giving him her normal almost at this point natural smile despite how she felt. “So when is your wedding?” she asked resting her head on her hand looking at him though glancing out the window since she didn’t care that much for it.

“In about a year.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I want you to be there. As my best man.”

“Idiot. I can’t be your best man, as you seem to have forgotten I’m a woman. I can’t be your best man.” Aliza sighed taking a drink of the chocolate shake that she got. “I’ll just sit on the bench as support.” she added begun to play with the straw.

‘Well, I can’t ruin the mood. Besides if he plans to marry her... he doesn’t have any feelings for me romantically. Sigh, I should have given up long ago. I’m such an idiot.’ Aliza sighed.

“You said you also had something important to tell me.”

“...! Ah, it’s not super important. I just had to go to the hospital today.”

“What?! What happened?”

“I fell down the stairs there’s nothing for you to worry about.”

I don’t want to burden him with the knowledge of me coming death. Especially since he’s so happy. I can’t do that to him. Sigh but I need to tell someone... I guess that prof I’m close with will work so that if I die someone will come to collect the body before it rots.′ Aliza sighed looking out the window solemnly. She had a little difficulty truly enjoying her conversation with Farris.

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