Melody in the Wind

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Finley Mulligan is the only publically known son of a wealthy man loved by the public. His father is a generous donor to charity, and many other things. The city they live in would be doomed without him. What the public doesn't know is what goes on in the penthouse that Finley lives in with his father, adoptive mother, and all of his father's workers. The public also doesn't know about the fact that his company is actually a gang knows at the Thunder Eagles. The Thunder Eagles have a rival gang, which is odd because this gang lives in an abandoned part of the city that was cut off from the rest of it. The Three-Headed Beagles are widely known as a vicious and merciless gang run by criminals. What happens when Finley runs into one of their leaders, Gwenyth Stone, and finds out that the Three-Headed Beagles aren't what his father makes them seem to the public? ***Warning: Abuse and alcohol***

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Chapter One - Finley Mulligan

It was an unusually boring, dull day. The sky was downcast, the rain hitting and racing down the window. There seemed to be no color in the outside world.

Finley Mulligan was inside the luxurious, twenty-eight story penthouse, staring at the full world through the window as he adjusted the tie around his neck, loosening it once he'd finished. He hated formal wear. He despised wearing a tie. How his father could wear them in his sleep was mind-boggling to him.
His father was having yet another meeting today with his advisors, suppliers, and the political organizations he formed. As if it wasn't enough to have a meeting a couple times a week, his father was forcing him to join them.

Gosh, he hated those meetings. Everyone, including his father, were such different people…
The public absolutely worshipped his father, Neil King. Don't be thrown off by the last name. They are… related, and he is the only publicly known son of Neil King. Though his mother isn't Neil's wife. That's a complicated situation, one that the public has no idea of.

Then again, the public doesn't know a lot of things. Like how his father's company, Cyber Grin Industries, is the headquarters of The Thunder Eagles, a gang known all over the city as kind and generous. Those are the exact same words the city, Laverne, uses to describe his father.

Finley let out a shaky breath, trying to calm the beating of his heart, and get rid of his chest pain. He knew it was no use, though. His hands were shaking, he felt like he couldn't breathe, his mouth was dry, and he felt nauseous.

He knew what happened after those meetings, especially if he made one simple little mistake. One single slip-up could…

He pushed the thoughts and memories out of his mind. No use worrying about the inevitable. Thinking about it would only result in a worse punishment…
So instead of thinking about what would inevitably happen after the meeting, he pulled forth another memory, one that had never failed to calm him down.

The memory was of a girl with the most beautiful green eyes and soft brown hair, dressed in a lovely red dress with her hair done up. His heart ached just thinking about her. It had been her birthday, in the memory, and he remembered being especially nervous about his present for her.

Everyone would think him as foolish, but he vividly remembered giving her a big red beanie for her birthday, as well as steal her first kiss. And a magical thing it had been, too. That day was the last normal day of his childhood, of a life seemingly perfect. That was the day before everything he had known would change.

With a sigh, he let his shaking hands drop to his sides. There wasn’t anything he could do about anything now. He needed to calm himself down so he wouldn’t mess up. At least, that’s what he told himself as he turned and left the room, trying to steady his breathing.
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