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The Scarred Alpha

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Her beginning

Ch 2

Tara pov

Growing up was the pure definition of hell. Yeah I went to school growing up since you gotta keep up appearances, but always wore long sleeved shirts and pants. I’m 5 foot 3 inches with shoulder length hair and curves for days. My parents always made sure to tell me everyday what a piece of shit I was growing up. I was their first and their last.

My mother had complications and they made me very aware that I was the reason they couldn’t have any more children. So they treated me like dirt by rationing my food because I’m a “fat pig” and a “cow”. I’m now underweight because my clothes hang on me. They made me their personal maid, and constantly beat me for any reason they see fit.

I am confined to my room all day every day since high school graduation a couple months ago. My room which is white, well it was white. Now it has blood stains on the walls, and the carpet is beyond stained with my blood. I do have a functioning bathroom with a shower which is my one and only luxury. If at any time I hear stomping down the hallway I know what will be coming. Another beating for no fucking reason. I prayed and prayed wondering why I would be going through this. All I wanted and needed was a way to get out. But nothng ever changed because every day I would wake up here. I counted down the weeks and days till I turned 18, hoping I would find a mate somewhere to get me out of this hell.

I can’t believe that today will be my 18th birthday... finally. I just might be able to get out of this rathole of a house. It’s roughly ten in the morning and I’m sound asleep. My wolf Kira starts to panic trying to get me up whimpering and pacing back and forth. I know what that means... they are coming!

Right when I start trying to wake up I quickly try to get to my closet. Except the moment I stand up my door is unlocked and slammed open. Both my mother and father have that look in their eyes and sinister grins. Fuck me, I don’t even get a break on my birthday? My wolf goes and hides in the corner of my mind again just like every time trying to just survive. I jump up to try and run to my closet, but my mom jumps in front blocking my way. I beg and plead hoping it will save me at least for today.

“Please don’t do anything today its my birthday.”

My mother just laughed “Seriously, it’s the anniversary of you ruining our lives!”

My father punched me square in the side, and I can hear the crunch of a few ribs. I stumble trying to keep my balance when I grimace in pain. My mother walks over and pushes me square in the chest making me stumble backwards. At the same time my father then kicks the back of my knees making me fall down. I quickly try to protect myself by curling up in a fetal position. My father straddles my mid section starting to punch my stomach and head while my mother stomps on my legs. They scream such hateful words to me you would think that’s the only way they knew how to talk.

I suddenly hear a new noise that I’ve never heard before. He slowly pulls a knife out of a sheath and my eyes get big begging for him not to use it. He let’s out a psychotic laugh and slowly drags the knife down my right arm. Oh my goddess the pain! It’s unbearable but I refuse to let out any noise. He then drags it across my stomach. The burning pain is excruciating. It has to be a silver knife. I grit my teeth because I am not going to give them the satisfaction of a whimper or cry. I haven’t had tears fall in a long time.

I just lay there motionless, because I just can’t take anymore. I can’t do this right now. My head is pounding, my eye is swollen shut, busted lip, cracked ribs and who knows about my legs. I guess that this was good enough for them when they both stand up laughing at me.

My mother says “Now sweetie we will be going to the pack house for the ball. Couldn’t take a risk of you leaving the house while we are gone!”

I had wondered why they were dressed nicely, but didn’t care. Hope they got blood on them. I absolutely hate those fuckers. When they leave I hear my door shut and lock. After about twenty minutes I hear the main door open and close and finally let out a sigh of relief. I just lay there for what seems like an hour when I finally start to move. I slowly sit up and brace myself against the wall grimacing in pain while I assess my wounds. Luckily my legs seem to be ok but when I try to stand they are shaky, and won’t hold me up for long. Breathing is hard to do but at least I can. A few times I’ve been left unconcious for hours not caring if I lived or died. I guess I’m not getting breakfast again today or lunch since they will be gone.

I decided to crawl into my closet to change out of my bloody clothes. I slowly strip off my clothes, and look at my body. I think that even when I do find a mate would they really want me? I’m covered in scars after years of abuse and I feel so ugly. Punching wasn’t enough for them this time. Nope had to bring in a knife. Will I ever get out of here, probably not. I crawl into the bathroom and slowly pull myself up against the sink counter. I use the restroom and slowly clean myself in the mirror. By this point my legs are done and need to rest.

I crawl back to my room when I brace myself against the wall. I sit with my head hung thinking why would the Moon Goddess do this to me? What did I possibly do to get this kinda life? Will I ever get out of here? I sit there when I start to feel a calming presence filling the room, and my mind. I look up and around trying to see anything and focus with my one good eye. I see a white mist with a figure walking towards me. She is absolutely breathtaking. Pale skin, ice blue eyes, pale blonde hair and dressed in a snow white gown. I just stared in awe and disbelief. This must be the Moon Goddess, but if it’s not then I am surely dead.

“Tara my child” she crouches down and has tears falling down her face “I know you wondered why this has happened, and please trust me there was a reason. This will be the last time you will ever feel this kind of pain because your mate will be coming for you today.”

“But Moon Goddess what if he won’t like me and think I’m ugly, I’m covered in scars!”

“Tara, he will be your match in every way and will not care, but he is broken also and needs you to help him heal. Be patient for he will soon be on his way. Just trust me, I know you don’t want to right now but he is coming.”

I sat looking at her in disbelief when she walked back to the mist and disappeared. I am once again just sittng here in shock and slowly rest my head backwards against the wall. Trying to understand what will be happening.

My wolf Kira comes slowly forward in my mind “Tara I’m so sorry I was so scared. What if the Moon Goddess is wrong? I don’t know how much more we can handle.”

“I know Kira, I know you were scared, so was I. Let’s pray she’s right and we won’t be here tonight.”
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