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The Scarred Alpha

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The ball

Ch 3

Nick pov

Walking into my closet, I can’t help but keep thinking of everything that was told to me. My closet is large but one side is filled with all my clothes. I don’t have the heart to fill the other side because I know at some point I’ll have to have a “mate”. What would it look like with dresses and all that other girl shit they need? Would I even have them in this room? What if I decide to just stick them in another room? Then I could fill it up I guess.

My wolf Herek just scoffs at me, “No mate” when he sits with his back turned towards me.

Yeah if it was only that easy! I just shake my head, because it’s going to be easier to say I don’t want a mate then actually going through with it. I grab my black tux and slowly get dressed thinking about everything. I’m so deep in my thoughts I don’t hear Roan come in.

“Hey buddy, looking sharp! What’s the occasion?”

I look over at the right moment to see him rolling his eyes. I just stand there thinking and praying I can finally find my mate, and get the council off my ass. The Moon Goddess wouldn’t lie right? Is that even who that was?

Roan’s hands wave in front of my face trying to get my attention. Apparently I didn’t hear him talking to me.

“Hey man what’s going on? Usually you have some smart ass remark, but you’re super quiet?”

Contemplating if I should even say anything to him I hesitate. But he is my best friend.

“The moon goddess came to me, at least that’s who I assumed it was.”

“No way! Man that’s awesome, so what did she say?”

“She said I’ll find my mate.”

“That’s awesome man, so what’s the problem? That’s the goal right to find her to get the council off your back?”

“Yeah, but she’s apparently broken and I’m supposed to save and fix her.

“Wow, man that’s rough”

“Do we have enough guards in place? Is everything ready downstairs?”

“Yeah everything is set, just waiting for you big guy!”

His eyes haze over for a moment, and then he’s back.

“People are starting to arrive.”

“Well then let’s go!”

I put my hand out to give him a fist bump. Let’s get this even over with and be done with this.

Walking down the stairs I can see servants running around. I walk through the hallway to the ballroom and can see everything is in order. I see people slowly walking in from the deck, and walk over to start greeting people. We have pack members and other Alpha’s with their daughters that are local to us. Every time I see an unmated female, the scent coming off of them is nauseating. Like Goddess, keep that to yourself. The layers of makeup, the slutty dresses, and the nausiating perfume. Makes me want to say screw it, and leave. Some of these females have absolutely no pride or morals and they wonder why I walk away.

But here I am, dealing with this shit. All because tonight is supposed to be the night. I look at the Beta out of the corner of my eye, and even he is having a hard time breathing. He’s unmated also, but even he’s gagging. I let out a snicker when he elbows me.

The dj is playing soft melodies while everyone is mingling. I start walking towards where the band is to make the announcement that lunch will be served shortly, and if everyone can take seats. I look to where our seats are, and all the visiting Alpha’s have taken the spots around the table. They have their mates here with them so it should be an interesting lunch. Some can’t stand each other but get along for the sake of the packs.

We sit down and are listening to the chatter of conversations going on, but I don’t join in. I’m here to please the council and hopefully not kill anyone in the process. My Beta keeps bugging me by elbowing me. He doesn’t have to say anything because I know what he’s thinking. I haven’t smelt anything yet, but people are still arriving. Lunch is being served at eleven because it will take people time to eat. Most times people dont leave till around 2 in the afternoon. Also if mates are found there is talks between packs on where they will go.

The Alphas that are seated around me ask about random stuff but I could care less. People are walking in and I wait and see who is entering. Nothing but mated pack couples. I look at my Beta and just give up hope and ready to say screw it and leave. When the wind shifts and I smell the most intoxicating smell. Lavender and vanilla. I look at my Beta with wide eyes, and I’m in shock. He looks at me in confusion and then it hits him while wiggling his eyebrows.

I stand up politely excusing myself and slowly walk around, it’s the faintest smell but I smell it. I’m slowly making my way around the guest tables and they’re starting to notice me. I see them stare while whispering to themselves. I don’t care, I have to find where this smell is coming from. I slowly get to the last tables filling up and stop at a couple. It’s an older couple so I’m confused for a moment. I smell it faintly but wrinkle my nose because I can smell blood on them also.

I walk away to another table because I want to be 100% sure the smell is on them. When I walk away it leaves so head back to that table. My Beta is watching and has jumped up hurrying over. He can sense my distress and doesn’t need me making too big of a scene. I stop right behind them and I can sense their nervousness. The woman starts shaking when the husband smiles at her trying to ease her discomfort.

I lean over slowly and when I get closer it gets stronger, so I know I’m at the right spot.

“Where is she?”

“Where’s who? We don’t understand who your talking about Alpha”

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way Sir. I’m trying not to make a scene or disrupt this event so let’s step outside shall we... NOW!”

By this time everyone is now looking at the scene unfolding before them. Knowing that if they get involved it would be very bad. Except that they are wondering what’s going on, and I’m sure texting their friends.

The couple, my Beta, and I all step outside onto the deck. I close the doors behind us, and I stand to my full height. I stand with my arms crossed over my chest and say again.

“Where is she?”

These idiots just stare at each other and back at me and I swear I heard them gulp. I bend over slightly and still smell her scent, and get eye level with these people. Man why do they have to be from my pack.

“You have my mate’s scent on both of you and her blood.... so I will ask one last time. WHERE IS SHE?”

They both looked down and finally answered my fucking question.

“At our home, Alpha.”

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