Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 11

Liz's P.O.V.

"It's been two whole months!" I say, exasperated that this dude in front of me still is single.

"So? Two month is not enough."

"Okay, let me correct my statement. It's been four damn years and even more if you people knew each other longer!"

"Look, I don't know, okay?! I just don't understand anything right now! She just broke up with Peter its been less than two months... and.... I...Just don't know and on top of that, that dumb kiss at the party."

To be honest, I kinda, do feel bad for Luke. This guy has loved Sia for so long but yet both of them have their ego in between. Sia was so sure that Luke did not like her; she basically dated someone like peter. She did not love him, but she trusted him, but that trust is nothing compared to the amount of care, trust, adoration or maybe love she has for Luke. I've seen the way they look at each other, it's disgustingly cute.

"Luke, just go for it, I am not gonna repeat myself for a millions of times, just letting you know before the last time I ever explain myself in this lifetime. The relationship peter and Sia had not been healthy, when you are in a relationship, you should spend time with each other, and all they ever did was making out twice every month, that's it." I say in a rush trying my best to ignore the way his jaw tightened at the end.

"What if she tells no."

"Well then, you're in luck cause I'm gonna shave my head bald and dance naked in front of everybody in the campus." I was that sure.

"Now now, you're probably not gonna do that. If you do, my goodness, it would be hilarious." He said doubling over in laughter and bumping into a million people as we continued making our way through the corridors. All our classes were over for the day. All of us had to go to our separate ways for rehearsing with the juniors. I don't even know why they need me, like they have a lot of people who can do the deed. Considering that Cassie has come back from the hospital, she would do a great job. Cassie remained in the hospital after two weeks of what had happened. Gladly, she's doing extremely well now. She is slightly traumatized during the night time but considering that Derek has realized that both of them suck without the other and both of them are again together, she has the right person to keep her company. I'm doing well too. The wounds on my legs are healed and the wounds in my hands were never really that serious.

"Meet you in two hours." Luke gave me knowing glance before he turned into the other curb.

"Ask her soon!" I yelled causing everybody in the corridor to look at me weirdly as Luke flipped me the bird.

I exit the building and make my way across the campus. It was a pleasant day today; we had pancakes from the café, which has all of a sudden become the place where we have our breakfast almost every day. Then we all went to our own classes and in short the day went without interruption from Peter or Jennifer or Jacob. All our schedules were filled due to the practice of our act. Practice is going great so far. Today we just have to help the juniors a bit and then we are free. I was gladly making my way through the campus towards the next building when a particular hooded figure sitting under the tree stopped me. I checked the time seeing that I have almost half an hour before I need to be there for practice. I smile to myself, as I made my way towards Winter. To be honest, this girl visits this college so many times, that I almost forget that she does not study here.

"Hey winter, how's life?" I say as I plopped down beside her.

"It sucks." She says and something in her tone tells me that she wouldn't open up to me and I don't want to force it out of her, maybe I'm not the correct person after all.

"You're here again?"

"Yeah." Winter and I have spoken quite an amount of time and always her replies are either one or two words, but you know what, I understand. Winter holds a lot within and something in me says that nobody has ever got the privilege of knowing her secrets. But maybe one day somebody will, you never know.

We sit there for awhile. She stares at the horizon and I stare at her face, the part that's visible despite of the hood that's pulled over. This girl is interesting. You know those mysterious girls or guys in college who have a hella lot more than they put up. She is like that; she basically has this mysterious aura surrounding her. It may be that I never get to know who she truly is, but I hope somebody does and I also hope that the somebody is the right person, she needs to get it out of herself. Something tells me that she was not always like that. She used to be happy, like everybody else she used to smile and laugh and this hoodie was not in the picture. But something changed it all, something....



"It's four."

"Yeah, it's four," wait "holyshit! Practice! I'm gonna be late. See you later." I smiled at her and advanced towards the room where we have the dance room. The dance room in our college is my favorite room. I sprint through the wooden staircase spiraling its way up. The room is one of the biggest rooms in the college and it is on the top most floor in our college. It is also the place where the closure dance is held every year.

By the time I reach the room, several others are already there. The room is surrounded with huge windows with their curtains drawn. A few people were getting ready for the practice. The lights were switched on and the whole room was getting illuminated by the golden lights. In one end of the room Mrs. Collins was sitting unbothered by everybody else and was scrolling through her phone.

I kept my backpack on one end of the room and proceeded to draw aside the curtains. The warm sunlight poured through the windows as some of the others groaned. What? These people seriously love wasting electricity. I then switched of the lights; we did not need then at all. The room was already bright with all the sunlight pouring through the window.

"Well, aren't you little miss sunshine, doing all the work by yourself?" Nate said. Nate is one of the best dancers I have ever met. He was my dance partner in my old dance academy in Omaha. Before you ask, yes we dated. When I was seventeen, I had this random obsession with him. you know those places when you know absolutely nothing about the opposite person but judge them basing on the way they look? Yes, it was like that. He was good looking with his crystal blue eyes and sharp jaw line but his personality was trash. He was spoilt by his extremely rich mother and as well as too arrogant and stuck up. But one thing about him that was worth praising is the way he dances. It's sad how such a nice talent can be overlooked by his trash personality.

"It's better than mama feeding you with the silver spoon"

The way Nate and me broke up was epic and the reason was even better. It was my eighteenth birthday. Nate had taken me to a five star restaurant. Apparently this guy did not know that I hated celebrating my birthday in a grand way. I like small celebrations, just a cake is fine, with just a few people around and ice cream. That's it, best birthday ever. Anyway, we went to the restaurant and were having dinner when this waitress dropped a little bit of water on his shirt. It was so little that you couldn't even make it out. He could have simply avoided the fact when the girl was continuously apologizing, but no, he had to make a huge deal out of it.

He blamed the girl while all the others were staring at her as she was balling her eyes out. I stood up for the girl and told him that it was a mistake and that she did not do it purposely, he then continued to shout at me that he was doing all of this because he loves me. Sorry, but you do not need to shout at someone and make her cry, just to prove that you love me. However, after that particular situation none of us really spoke to each other in a civil way. Every time it was teasing, cursing or snapping at the other.

"Listen here miss perfect, my mom is capable of paying the head to throw you out of this damn college."

"Just like she pays him for keeping you here."

"What the fu-"

"Yeah, yeah, enough of slitting each other's throats now we need to begin practicing." Cass said as she pulled me away from Nate.

"That boy, sure as hell succeeds to get on my nerves and why the fuck is he here anyway? I thought that only the third years are gonna be here."

"Well as much as you are sure that you are capable of composing the whole dance for us, we need a guy to train the guys, Collin's words not mine." I internally groan listening to her. Why?

"how are you?"

"I'm great." She says putting that annoying smiling mask on her face. She isn't and I'm well aware of that, she still has nightmares, but considering that Derek and she are back together and he's helping her, I'm calm. I don't push her into the matter cause I know that it is not really my business and pushing her into the matter would make everything worse.

"When are we beginning the practice?" I ask.

"We'll begin the moment you are ready."

"Well, I am now" I say rubbing my palms together, "let's begin."


"Everybody, times up, you all can leave now." Ms Collins clapped her hands noisily making the sound echo throughout the whole room in a creepy way.

Some of the people sighed in relief as they started going to grab their water bottles. Even though I hate keeping people for extra time, I have to now. What? We had only two steps left. If I show them the steps today then I won't have to accompany them the next time. All these people over here were great dancers they can manage the rest on their own.

"Umm, can you guys stay back for two minutes, I'll leave you all as soon as we are over with the next two steps." I braced myself from the glares that I received from the other girls as well as Cass.

"Boys it goes the same for you, we just have the last step left." Nate's extra loud voice boomed through the room.

"Can we not do it the next day, it's already late and we have work." Cass said glaring at me pointedly.

"We'll just need two minutes, stay back please."

"You're lucky that we like you Liz." Steve said as he went back to Nate.

"Thank you!" I grinned as everybody came back to their positions. Ms. Collins went after she told some girl to get some books from the library. Apparently it took us twenty minutes to get the two steps done, don't ask me why.

"Yeah, we're done, you all can leave now" Nate announced, but to both of our surprise, nobody moved from their places. Are we missing something?

"You both kept us for extra twenty minutes, you are nuts if you think that we would leave without watching a duo." Sandra said as she sat down resting her back against the wall and all the others followed her suit.

"C'mon stop being silly, we all have work right now."

"Well that's what we said." Blake said from the other side.

"You guys can't be serious right now." I say exasperated

"Just get over with it, Liz, the quicker you finish, the quicker you're dismissed." Cass was really enjoying seeing me so irritated.

"Fine just put on a fucking song." The others emptied the middle so that Nate and I could perform the duo. It's funny how mama's boy over here doesn't seem to mind going against his busy schedule for a duo.

"Ooh, dancing with the winner of Dance For Living, big deal." He mocked

"Ooh dancing with the winner of world class douchebaggery, big deal." Hah, beat that.

He was going to give another stupid comment when Cassie snapped her fingers signaling that the song was about to begin. And just like that, both of us drifted into a completely different world. Nate was surprisingly gentle when it came to dancing. Both our bodies moved to the rhythm of the song. He was one of the best male partners that I had danced with. Every move was swift and every curve was perfect.

After the song was done all the others clapped their hands and told us that the dance was great.

I made my way towards my backpack and took out my phone, four messages.


Me: Cinderella was blonde.


2) Luke: row, row, row your boat

gently down the stream

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

life is but a dream.

Me: the fuck?

Luke: oh Sia asked

Luke: me to tell

Luke: you to come

Luke: here faster but

Luke: by the look

Luke: of her face

Luke: she already did.

Me: you realize you could've said the whole sentence to me in a single text?

Luke: s

Luke: o

Luke: r

Luke: r

Luke: y

3) Richie: nice rhythm.

Me: thank you?

Richie: I've got better rhythm and moves from the boy though.

Me: you don't even know to dance.

Richie: we both know that I wasn't talking about dancing.

If my water bottle was not empty, I would've poured down the whole water on my face to stop it from turning red. This guy...... wait but how did he see me dancing? Guess I'll never know.

"Ooh so Liz is blushing. Who would've thought that it was possible on this universe?" Cass, did not know me in my first year, I used to be....... happy. "so, what did lover boy say, wait do I want to know what you guys were sexting?"

"We weren't..." wait, were we?

"Nope, I don't. I'm fine. Anyway Derek told me that he isn't there yet."

The way she told "he" I knew that "he" did not refer to Derek. I pulled out my phone from my pocket to text a particular someone.

Me: tf you at?

Dumbass junior : jeez, calm your tits woman I'm almost there.

Me: I'm reaching there in two minutes, and if I don't see you there, I swear ill kick you back from where you came.

Dumbass junior: well you're not at all violent.

I kept the phone back in my pocket rolling my ass. Call me a hypocrite for threatening someone who is late while I myself am late, I don't care. I have better things to care for.

"Simon said that they are still in the music room."

"Oh" heaven knows, if anything goes wrong today, not only will I make a fool out of myself, but I'll also be beating myself up for not keeping everything right.



"That's like the third time I called you, wait, are you nervous? C'mon, the Liz that I knew was never nervous. Look at me, its gonna be fine."

"I hope so." I said as I typed the messages that I dreaded the most. I just hope that this is not gonna take the wrong turn.

Me: hey there's an emergency.

Me: can you meet me at our place real quick.

Me: come fast.



I've been gone forever. i know.

Anyway so here's a new chap *aggressively victory dances around the room* okay, so the reason to why i was gone is because, there was something wrong in my laptop's keyboard. I literally made a fool of myself on one of my online classes for that *sigh*.

Any guesses as to what the hell is going on right here? to be honest, i am filled with ideas as to what will be going on in the next chapter and i also have a surprise for all of you, in the next chapter.

and dont be a silent reader! COMMENT! let me know how cringy it is.






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