Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 13

Richie's P.O.V

Liza: hey there's an emergency.

Liza: can you meet me at our place real quick.

Liza: come fast.

The moment I read her text I involuntarily stopped breathing. Emergency? I'm not gonna underestimate her, she's capable enough to handle all emergencies. The fact that she needs me for solving the problem is creeping the fuck outta me. What's going on?

I swing my backpack over my shoulders still trying to figure out what this was about.

"Hey man! You leaving?" Simon says as he comes over to me.


"Should we dismiss the others?"


"Are you going somewhere?"


"Well will you fucking speak or have you lost the capability to do so."

"Piss off."

"I'm serious, what's wrong?"

"I wish I knew, Liza texted me saying that there's an emergency and in short I'm freaking out cause there are very rare emergencies where she actually needs me or anyone in that case."


"Anyway we are almost done practicing, tell them to leave and I'm going."

"Okay, man." He says hugging me in a weird way. What's wrong with people today?

He then proceeded telling the others to leave while I made my way out.

"Richie-" a girl with blonde hair and red lips came towards me. She looks like she's been sucking people's blood all this time. No judging.

"Later. I've got business to attend." I say cutting her off as she pouted and went the other way.

Normally would have apologized. I didn't want to come out as rude but what can I say? I have important matters in my hand right now.

I quickly cut through the flight of staircases scrolling through instagram. Even though I'm not really a fan of social media Liza's dance video has been gaining more likes with every passing second. Apparently Cassie recorded the whole dance and posted it on her account and tagged Nate as well as Liza, it has also been like by the official page of DFL. One of the reasons why I love her is because of how humble she is. Previously she has been dragged in social media for a lot of things but never has she ever given it a second glace which is exactly what she does to the good things written about her too.

I'll be honest, I don't like Nate. But I'm not going to make the same mistake once again. I know how they broke up. Some people literally step up their level in order to prove how much of a dick they are.

When I arrive at the parking lot I sit on my Harley, only to find out that the idiot took out my keys while he hugged me. seriously? What the fuck is wrong with everybody today?

For some stupid reason he forgot to bring his car today.

I grumpily make my way towards the lakeside. I pass the DO NOT ENTER sign and pass through the trees. It was almost getting dark and I was getting worried by every passing second.

The moment I enter I see campfire burning in the wood in front of the tree house. In no less than a seconds cheers erupted from everywhere.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" Everybody screamed on the top of their lungs. Several people were here. Even though everybody's here, I know that this whole thing was arranged by nobody but the owner of the creepy emergency messages.

I was immediately swarmed by people. All were wishing me a Happy Birthday. Of course I know that today is my birthday. But I didn't really think anybody would remember- not that I mind it- and especially not Liza.

A party by the campfire is my favorite, she knew. The first person who I notice is Simon who was grinning at me. How on earth did he reach here before me? Then my eyes drifted to Derek with his arms around Cassie's waist. Then I notice Hannah with a bottle of beer as Sophia laughs at something she just said. Luke was standing there with his chin resting on Sia's head as he hugged her from the back, reminder: they are still not dating. There were several others who were already getting wasted. My eyes stopped on a particular brunette who stood there resting her back against the tree. Even though she has smirk plastered on her face, I know that inside she's chickening out. She likes everything that she plans out perfect.

I start making my way towards her when suddenly something or rather someone else catches my eyes making it widen.

She did this for me?

Liz's P.O.V.

"Josh?" he says in voice that was barely a whisper. For a moment I regret my decision. What if he gets mad on Josh aka dumbass junior for cutting out all connections? Knowing Richie, he was a guy who acted out of emotions and he would gladly do so.

"Well, happy birthday-" he was cut off as Richie hugged him tightly.

"Cant....breathe....." Josh managed to say as I quietly laughed to myself.

"You fucking asshole! Why the fuck were you not picking up my calls?!?"

"Umm, busy... but leave that how are you Chi-Chi?"

"Don't call me that." Richie said with a frown. He was never fond of the name, and then once again, what can I say no guy would ever be fond of such a name.

"Sorry to intervene, you can have your bro time later, first- the cake, I'm starving." I said as I pulled Richie by the arm. Baking the cake was the worst part. We made a mess with all the baking powder and flour for sure. Luke is an artist so obviously he did the icing. Sia was the one who decided the design of the icing and Cass and I did the actual baking. The whole thing took place at Cass's kitchen which Mrs. Williams very kindly let us use even though it's obvious that she will never make the same error twice. The first time Cass dumped the whole can of flour on my head, which was.... you know completely fine, I was not at all irritated and that totally did not begin a flour fight.

The second trial was the following day. Everything was perfect until we tasted the damn cake. Apparently Sia used salt instead of sugar and the cake was a big mess.

Third day was no help either, apparently Sia and Luke had some "work" to do so Derek and Simon came to help us, soon Stella joined us cause her boyfriend was here and Hannah and Sophia came over too cause they had no classes. The boys and Hannah were just flirting with their girlfriends and I was standing amidst everything like a damn seventh fucking wheel. Leo Valdez, who? Then we put the cake in the oven and I decided to show them this place because firstly, neither Luke nor Sia nor I will be here next year and the place is a work of art especially during the sunset and secondly, Richie loves party by the campfire and this was probably the best as well as the only place that I knew where we could do the campfire Cass's house isn't too far from here so if we were quick we would come back between ten minutes and the cake will be fine. But alas! All my plans were in vain because when we reached the place we found a sleeping Luke with a sleeping Sia in his arms. I wasn't even surprised. I just filled water from the lake in my empty water bottle and dunked it on their head. Simple. By the time we came back the cake was burnt.

On the fourth trial Sia, Cass, and I were bitching about exes and how stupid boys are, no offence. Luke well asleep and Sia took advantage of it by putting concealer over his eyebrows. When he woke up he thought that Sia actually shaved off his eyebrows and he dunk the whole cake on her head. Let the scar under his lips, which is actually the end product of the worst busted lip ever, answer your further queries.

But this time the cake was perfect Cass, Sia and I baked the cake and we did not let Luke enter until and unless the baking was done then I pushed Sia out of the kitchen and called Luke he did the icing and I was satisfied with the result. We tried our best.

The crowd gathered around the huge rock on which the cake was kept. The cake looked simple. It had rich chocolate covering with thick vanilla cream on top. The cake was surprisingly neat. The cream was rich but the main attraction was in it.

Richie went forward and blew the twenty two candles around the cake. The boys did a good job in decorating the area. Josh received a smack on his back for coming late. Don't call me a hypocrite, he is Richie's brother and I am Richie's friend.

After he blew out the candle some of us sang while the others hooted. The moment he went to cut the cake everybody stopped whatever they were doing and just stared at the cake. Just after he cut the cake and removed the piece lots of M&Ms poured from the inside. The baking came out very nicely, the inside of the cake was beautiful, all seven colors showed beautifully on the inside.

"Thank you." He whispered in my ear. I don't remember how we came into this position. Josh, Sia, Luke, Richie and me were huddled on our knees in front of the rock on which the cake was kept. Everybody around us were hooting and cheering. Richie's arm was on my waist and he was cutting the cake with the other hand and josh's hands were around Richie's shoulder.

"Damn. I gotta get a girlfriend like yours." Josh said.

"She's not my girlfriend-" he said before I could react. I was not supposed to feel bad when he said that.

"-but best friend, yeah." He said. I smiled.


"Looook aaaat thaaat!" Sia sang like a kid. They're gonna have a hella headache tomorrow.

"Stay still or else I'll drop you." Luke warned. At least someone apart from me was sensible enough to not drink.

"Youuu wooouldn't daaaare." She said as she snuggled closer to Luke and he smiled. Whipped.

"Get a rooo-" unfortunately Richie did not get to complete the sentence as he pushed me more towards the other side. This boy was heavy. One of his hands was on my shoulder pulling me flush against him. however due to him being drunk he could not control where he was going.

"Push me once more, I dare you." I hissed only for him to push me again.

Josh went back to where he was staying. He will be here for a week and then he will go back to Spain. Despite being in Spain, his accent has not changed a lot. The security sucks here. The housing committee is way too lazy to add cameras here. The college is the only place that has proper security cameras because of some antique paintings. Due to the lack of security we successfully reached our own rooms. Luke took Sia with him and I brought this guy with me. Somehow he wasn't tired. Aren't people mostly tired when they are drunk? Richie was continuously poking me and twirling strands of my hair in his finger. Somehow I convinced him to change and I changed and put on some sweatpants myself as well. I got into the bed and I waited for him. Oh, did I mention, after last time he sleeps here? Anyway, he does. And take your mind out of the gutter, we sleep-sleep not sleep-sleep. Go figure.

When he came back, his hair was wet from the shower. He looked at me with a cute scowl.

"You're gonna sleeeep?" he said like a child from whom you just took away the cookie.

"Umm, yeah?"

"Whyyyy?" he dropped on the edge of the bed. He was looking soo cute right now all traces of Mr. Badboy gone.

"You need to sleep its already two in the morning."


"Alright," I say getting up, " what do you want to do?"

"You'll let me do whatever I say." He says with mischief dancing in his eyes.

"Until and unless it's something insanitary, then yes."

"okay." He says as he jumps from the bed and goes to his room to get his.....guitar?

A part of me really wished this was insanitary.

Wait, did I just...... kill me.

"You're gonna sing to me?" I asked amused.

"Yesss." He gave me one of his infamous smirks.

"Oh, so which one is it?," I start saying all the names of their songs that I knew. "For You? Both of Us? Under the Fairy lights? Counting Stars? Or wait is it a ne-"

"It's written by me." Despite him being drunk his voice visibly softened.

"But I knew Josh writes for the band."

"He does."


"This is not a part of the band."

"Oh?" I press more on the matter.

"I just felt like writing it." Once again, despite him being drunk he skillfully kept his walls up.

"Alright, sing to me."

He softly strums the chords of the guitar. The moment he began to sing, I knew that this song was different from the rest of their songs. All their other songs were not this soft. This song was special. I could literally feel it.

"If I could make you mine,

Trust me I would.

But baby even if you aren't

Know that I'm forever yours.

And I know that I

Don't deserve you,

But can you blame me

When the heart makes

Its own choices.

I don't know

Whose fault it is,

But I've always loved

Things that are

Found the rarest.

So trust me baby,

My heart is heavy,

As our secrets burn through,

The nights we spent.

And all those sweet talks,

I miss them a lot,

As the feeling of you,

Tingles beside me.

They wish to call you

A lot of things

But I only wish for

You to be called mine,

Mine and only mine.

But as long as my lists of wishes go,

All of them are yet to come true, so

Would you like to be the first one?

Or would you rather leave it at none?

So trust me baby,

My heart is heavy,

As our secrets burn through,

The nights we spent.

And all those sweet talks,

I miss them a lot,

As the feeling of you,

Tingles beside me."

His played the guitar for a while before keeping it aside and falling on the bed. I fell beside him and closed my eyes.

I'm so confused right now. I really don't want to look too much into things. It's just a song.

When I open my eyes and this is when I realize how close our faces were. My nose was basically brushing with his. His eyes were almost closed, the depth of his green eyes haunted me. He could see me and not just the exterior, he looked at my soul. Guess the sleep is finally kicking in. His arms were around my waist and our legs were tangled. Both our lips were only a centimetre apart. A centimetre.

A centimetre too long for either of us to cover.


a/n: There you go. Next chapter updated!!!! Just to clear things up, no, they did not kiss. Patience tiger! and, I would love to hear someone sing the song. Message me if you have the tune and I may have not mentioned it earlier but I fucking hate plagiarism, do not copy the song. And the next chapter will be a little late due to my examinations. I hate them by the way. I'll try to update as soon as I can.

And please,





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