Heart Wants What It Wants

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Am I Missing Something?

Liz's p.o.v.

I heard the door shut as I kept staring at the sun that the clouds were trying their best to hide.

People need to know, some people or matters are supposed to shine brighter than the others. You can do nothing about it. Maybe, apart from ignoring it? Yeah, probably.

I don't know if it's actually my fault for trying to open Sia's eyes to what's there in front of her. It's been three freaking years for gods sake, and they both like eachother, so what's the problem, yeah I know things have been hard for Sia but c'mon. We all knew that Peter was a jerk.

What's bothering me more is that how everything comes back to that winter three years ago when... everything went downhill. Life sucks.

I get up from the floor, where I had been sulking for the past one hour when I heard someone knocking like the world has come to an end. I swear to God, people need to calm the fuck down.

I opened the door and greeted the person with a groan. Not today Satan.

"yeah she's here, mom. She's fine. Really? Fine."

I stand there staring at him with a bored expression on my face. If he really wanted to talk to aunt on his phone then why did he come here? I take the phone that he thrusted towards me.

"Hey aunt Cierra. How are you? " I said forcing a cheery tone on me. Aunt Cierra is great bit I'm not really in a mood to speak to over cheery people. Over cheery? Is that even a word? Maybe? Who cares?

"Elizabeth, sweetie, I'm great how about you. You must be great to." why ask a question if you assume the answer? "I wanted to speak to you about something."

"yes? "

"Elijah, keeps on hanging out with this girl, but whenever I ask him about it, he says that they are just friends, but do you know something about it? "

This is interesting.

"Aunt, he hasn't told you yet? " I said with a smirk as the color drained from Elijah's face, I kinda pity him, aunt Cierra is that mom, who has their son's wedding suit made and the place selected.

"I knew something was up, tell me quickly! "

"oh, they've been going out for quite a while, now and are totally lovestruck. You can see the love everytime they look at each other. This is probably getting serious. "

" Aww, that's so sweet, my boy's growing up. I need to tell this to... " and then she went on jabbering about all the endless shit she has to do.

Elijah looked murderously at me and turned more red when aunt said that she wants to meet Jenifer tomorrow.

"by the way, Elizabeth, how's that boy Ri-" before she could speak I thrusted the phone back to Elijah.

"I'm so sorry aunt I need to leave right now, I'll speak to you later. B'bye. " and with that I pushed Elijah out of the door. He literally came here for no particular reason.

I rest my back against the door and sigh, the gloominess seeping back. It's funny how all my relatives know about Richie when he does not know some of them. I swear, I didn't go jabbering about him to everybody.

I went to drink water from the bottle that was kept near me. As faith would have it, I somehow managed to spill the whole bottle of water on me. A scowl appeared on my face, can I punch the bottle?

I was feeling so irritated today that I simply pulled off my shirt kept it lying on the chair and pulled on the black hoodie that was lying nearby, it was probably Richie's. Speaking about Richie, he's at Simon's shooting for some random video.

That'd be a good place to go considering that it's Simon's apartment, his girlfriend would also be there and last time I checked Cas had nothing to do so she'd probably be there due to Derek. And I'm in no mood to stay alone or to act the third wheel, I'm fine thankyou.


I stood on the staircase and knocked on the door, as expected Cas opened the door.

"hey." she said with a smile.

It was too difficult for me to return her smile. I just muttered a hey and went in with her. She looked at my attire with a crooked smirk bit knew better than to say anything. She knew I wasn't someone to easily move on from something.

The boys were shooting the video mainly in one of their rooms but every now and then they would call me out with the camera. As much as I knew they were shooting one of their casual videos. As I passed by the door that was slightly opened I caught a glance of Josh laughing at something someone else said. So he was here.

I went to the kitchen where Stella was making some hot chocolate. She looked at me and came over to give me a brief hug. I went to the chair kept nearby and rested my had on my arms that were put on the table and sighed.

"so what's up? " Stella looked at me with one of her eyebrows up.

"nothing" I muttered. "just a shitty day. "

"hot chocolate? "


Just when I thought that i could have a moment, the boys come out laughing. These people laugh too much. Derek had the camera in his hand and Richie was the first one to enter with one of his arms around Josh talking heartily. At first they don't notice me so i nuzzle into my arms hoping they would stop talking so loudly.

But somehow when they do shut up, I feel to uncomfortable as well as their eyes on me. And then I realized it wasn't me their eyes were on it was the hoodie.

I groaned as one of them whistled. My heads shot up to find Simon whistling. The way his whistling went softer and and softer and then finaly came to an end when he noticed my glare was almost comedic. The others laughed as I looked at him pointedly.

"if you weren't her boyfriend, " I say pointing at Stella, "you'd be dead." he knew I was joking but still dramatically gulped. Talking about being dead, where's Peter nowadays? Is he dead? Not that I'm complaining.

Stella kept a cup of hot chocolate to me and gave the others too. Derek continued filming as the others spoke about something else. I zoned out.


I woke up as someone shook my arm slowly.

"what? " I grumbled as I'm greeted with a pair of green eyes.

"it's getting late. We need to go back. " Richie said with a calm smile.

We bid goodbye to Stella and Simon and then started making our way back.

"so, what's got you in such a pleasant mood? "

" ha ha so funny. " I said rolling my eyes.

" no, seriously what happened. "

" firstly, Sia shouted at me for poking my nose in her relationship with Luke, then I had a conversation with and Cierra, Elijah's mom, that was good though, I told aunt that things were serious between Jenifer and Elijah and she's probably scheduled their wedding on the nearest available date. Then I spilt water on my shirt, and was cat called by a boy who is humanly incapable of combing his hair. "

"that's.... a lot. By the way, you look cute in my hoodie. " he smirked. Idiot.

I smacked him lightly on his hands and he dramatically jumped away rubbing the spot.

"cute- my ass. " I said but the slight redness of my cheek was the biggest traitor. He laughed noticing the obvious as I proceeded to cover my face with my hands. Asshole.

"by the way, we're going to the beach tomorrow, you coming? "



"why on earth did you come to the beach if you're not gonna swim? "

I turn my back to her enjoying the feeling of the sun on my body.

"Fine. Don't talk to me. I already apologized. " Sia said as she turned her back towards me heading towards the others. I'm still mad.

Luke's an idiot. I was gonna enter the car after Richie when he went in past me jabbering something about not letting me sit beside my boyfriend and then somehow expected me to let him sot by his girlfriend. And yes, they're dating.

"you're seriously not swimming? "

"go away. " I groaned. Soon a pair of hands wrapped around me. Why don't people just go.

"never." Richie said as he held me tighter.

"you can go take a swim you don't have to wait here for me. " I said to him.

" I don't want to go without you."

"Oh Romeo, I missed you." I rolled my eyes. The sand felt so soft under me and his arms around me made me feel safe. I internally laughed at the thought. Safe. I've never needed anybody else to make me feel safe, but he gives me all those things I've never thought I'd need bit somehow, deep inside I know I need another person. Maybe him.

"Let's make a deal." He said out of the blue.


"Yes, some other day, when you don't feel down, we'll go for a swim."

"Deal" I said as I nuzzled closer.

Suddenly there was a click that went off somewhere. My first thought was my friends being silly and wanting to commit suicide and hence they're clicking our pictures. When I pulled my head up to look at who wanted to die so bad... I was still for two minutes.

Paparazzi? What the fuck? Am I missing something?

I sprang apart from Richie even though I knew that was useless. One bleeding day, thats all i wanted to rest for. And apparently, our friends weren't enough so somebody sent a whole damn paparazzi to annoy the fuck out of me. I groaned and pasted one of my best take smiles I could manage.

" Elizabeth what are your plans for tomorrow?" One of them asked.

"I'm sorry but what's tomorrow?" For some reason Richie seemed to be ready to murder the one who asked me that. Wait, what's tomorrow?

"It's your birthday! Don't you have a plan? You'll become 22 and then you will be old enough to take part in DFL Adults what are your plans?

"Oh! Tomorrow we have some plans," my eyes immediately light up thinking of the other girl's birthday Richie said he'd take me to. " and about the Adults, yes I've planned to go to the next season by that time I'd already be out of college so...yeah."

"What about Sandra Kelly, she said that she'd be going next time two. You both are the only ones who have one the previous two." Sandra was another girl, she was quite older than me, 27 maybe. For some reason she decided to come in the next term even though she had chance earlier. I think the main reason was because she got pregnant three years earlier and she's a single mom. As a person, I admire her.

" yeah, she had valid reasons and even if she didn't, last time I checked it wasn't like we had two enter exactly when we turn 22. And it also makes the next season ten times more interesting and I'm obviously looking forward to it."

"What are your thoughts about her getting pregnant? Have you seen her child?"

"Firstly, I don't really think that I'm someone to share my thoughts in the matter but I respect her a lot, becoming a single mom isn't that easy. And her daughter! She's such a sweetheart I've seen her pictures she's absolutely gorgeous."

" What about you and Richard? How's your dating life? Heard you got back together." Another one piped up.

" no, no absolutely not. We're just friends. "

"Friends who cuddle in the beach wearing swimsuits?"

"Yes and never knew that people expect me to swim wearing a wedding dress." Richie snickered and the others laughed. I smiled. Soon Cassie joined us and the attention was directed at her. I turned towards Richie.

"You remember promising me about tomorrow?"

"I do." He signed

And just like that, my bitchie mood improved to an anticipating and exciting one.


A/N : I know I've been gone forever. I'm sorry. But yeah I'd be posting often cause my exams are over... almost. Anyway, I'm excited about the upcoming chapters.






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