Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 17

Liz's p.o.v.

We enter through the main gates and make our way towards my room.

Cas, Sia and I, just finished with our nails, I don't even know why we are doing this, all I wanna do right now is to go to Clara's birthday, I don't know why but I just... want to be there.

Coincidentally Clara and Sophia's dad are business partners so apparently Sophia will also be going today and Hannah as her plus one, both Cas and Stella wanted to be there but Cas has practice with the dance for the play and Stella has some important shit to deal with.

“Seriously? Not today Satan.” I heard Stella say, and chuckled to myself, I will understand how many times Satan gets summoned. Don't mind me, random thoughts.

I already knew what she was referring to, maybe because I already caught a glimpse of Ms. Perfect coming towards me or maybe because nobody on earth is allowed to have a peaceful birthday, either ways, not today Satan.

“ So, who do we have here. ” Jenifer snarled, sizing me up.

“It's Spongebob, seen Patrick?” I reply in a bored tone, I don't know why, but nothing seems more interesting than meeting the girl today.

“Very funny Elizabeth, couldn't have imagined anything better.” she said boring her eyes into me. No offence but sarcasm doesn't suit on everybody.

“oh trust me, I got that cause if you could, you would surely not asking me.”

“I just come to get an ego boost from you, you seem to provide it to me without trying the least bit. ” well, that backfired.

“Glad to come to use queen of hearts”

“Funny, cause last time I checked, her middle name surely matched with yours. ” I mentally noted to ask Alexa.

“oh, how much I wish it was more than our names that were same, the death sentence sounds quite good right now.”

She smiled to herself as if she just didn't lose our vocal battle.

Did I ever mention how annoying it is? Every fucking time, it's me who gets the last word and this girl leaves the ground with a victory smirk. What the actual fuck, man...

“whatever you wish, Elizabeth. Happy Birthday, love. ”

“Same, Johnson. Now if you please, we'd like to leave. ” before you point something incorrect about my reply, hold on. It's her fucking birthday too.

“You guys are equally dramatic. I was mentally cursing myself for not getting the popcorn, wouldn't mind the Hogwarts battle right now” Stella say.

“Exactly same. ” Cas mumbled making me scowl and Stella laugh.

Ever heard about friends appreciating who you are, well these people make me want to turn the polar opposite just to not be similar to her.


I sit there, all dolled up. The dress is perfect, Sia's design, what else did I expect? She gifted me the dress for my birthday and seriously cannot expect anything more, this is just soo pretty.

Cas and Stella fuss over me with a million brushes and I sit there helpless, I mean what am I supposed to do? Everytime I try to speak they shot me the worst glare one can attempt, the only thing I won't admit is that maybe I'm slightly scared of them right now.

“Done. ” Stella says after she removed the darn brush from my lips. A round of applause for me gaining back my ability to speak.

“where are the others? ” I say, Richie, Derek and Simon are probably having their last minute discussion... So that's okay. Hannah and Sophia are getting ready too. But where are the others? I haven't seen them the whole day. I had a class with Luke but we didn't have much time to speak. And Sia... She was here when she gave me the dress but then... It's almost as if these people are.... Ignoring me.

“why are you guys ignoring me? ” I asked them, honestly, nobody wants to get a silent treatment on their birthday.

“well, what else do you expect? You could've spent today with us... But there you go.” Cas said, not even denying the fact.

“are you serious right now? You guys are acting like babies. Come on, I don't need this right now. ” I say turning towards them. both of them just shrugged.

Okay, something is seriously wrong.

“Worry about that later Liz, let the poor girl meet her dream band. Simon will probably leave you here if you don't hurry up, Cas and I need to run too. ” Stella rushed.

“fine. ” I pouted And got up.

I turned around and looked at myself and no, I didn't mistake me for somebody else that'd be way too cliché, as it is, my story's extremely cliché.

I looked good, great to be honest. These people are actual artists, literally. I loved everything. The dress was cute, but the dark red lips and winged eyes just gave the edgy look. My hair cascaded past my shoulders in beautiful waves. The boots were awesome, the tiny diamond studs that I normally wear and the chain in my neck magically matched and the rings in my fingers, which were perfect for my nails.

I want one word to describe it all but alas! It doesn't come to my head.

I quickly grabbed my purse and exited the room. Simon, Derek and Richie were standing staring at their phone screen. The drums and the guitar was in Derek's truck. The moment I exited their head shot up towards me, well, everybody apart from the devil himself.

Derek gave me a brotherly look as he proceeded to look behind me at Cas. I moved from the way, don't wanna get struck with the cupid's arrows do I? Nope. Simon smirked at me and looked over at Stella, he knew that majority of the credit went to her. As a particular guy amongst them realised the lack of the interest of the two other guys in whatever they were looking at, in the phone, he turned to face them. He followed their gaze and looked at me, as he sucked in a breath.

His eyes travelled from my head to toe and then back. When his eyes met mine, I smirked, go on, why'd you stop?

A hint of red was creeping on his neck as he knew he was caught. He tried to smirk but to no avail, his smirk looked rather like a grimace and it surely earned a low laugh from me. His cheeks flushed as he shrugged, shut up,will you?

As he stood there in his blue band hoodie and black skinny ripped jeans a pair of silver chains dangling from his neck accompanied with his bed head he looked extremely hot. As I covered the distance between us coming and to stand infront of him.

Done checking me out? I tried to convey by putting up a single eyebrow.

Says the one who hasn't removed her eyes from me since she started looking. He smirked that absolutely matches what I think he meant.

Nice save b- whatever we were doing was interrupted by someone coughing. We both tore our eyes from each other and looked at the four others smiling at us and pointedly not looking at our direction.

Guess we had audience.

“Let's leave, shall we? ” Simon asked us, as if we were the ones making others late.... Okay....well.... Maybe?

Cas and Stella left for their work and Derek and Simon proceeded towards Derek's truck as me and Richie went to his Harley, honestly though, my own car seems so useless nowadays. Sophia and Hannah are supposed to meet us over there.

I got up behind Richie as he steadied himself on his Harley. I took the helmet from him and placed it on my head. I wrapped my arms around his waist as I whispered in his ear.

“So how hot do I actually look? ”

“You don't look hot at all, at least not as per me. ” He said, and even though from somewhere inside me a string of confidence seemed to have been torn apart, I just smiled.

“You look beautiful. ” he said as he sped through the road, a gush of wind directly hit my face.

I guess I got my one word to describe it all.


When we got to the place, I was welcomed by Sophia who came towards me and gave me a hug wishing me a happy birthday for the hundredth time that day. Hannah followed her, giving me a side hug.

“You look so pretty. ” Sophia gushed, honestly she's such a soft person, it's adorable.

“Thanks. Proceed, shall we? ”

“Sure. We were waiting for you guys. ”

As we entered the door that was decorated with flowers, I had to take a sharp breadth in. Everything was so beautiful. There were tiny tables covered with white table cloths all around the garden. In between stood a single table a little larger than the others, covered with a red table cloth. It had a small white cake on it. All over the table there were small pieces of paper with, what I presume messages on them. It was too far and hence I couldn't read them probably but one stood out from the others.

“Dear girlfriend,

No matter what, your heart will always beat in mine.

With love,
The best boyfriend ever.”

As my heart internally awwed, I became aware of all the eyes on me, most of them were shocked, after all, I wasnt the one they were expecting.

But one thing really amazed me, everyone just stopped on their tracks, nobody uttering a single word. Nobody advanced at us either. My eyes fell on that one girl in the middle beside whom a guy quite a bit taller than her, stood with his hands wrapped around her shoulders tugging her closer to him.

She looked at me, with her bright blue eyes a few shades lighter than mine. She looked the one who was shocked the most, first she was looking at the band members, but when her eyes fell on me, they seemed as if they were about to fall out.

She is Clara I guess. She was wearing jeans with a long and light sweater with its buttons open showing a sweatshirt written “18! Woo-hoo! ” with sequins. As lame as it sounds, the sweatshirt suited her. All in all, she looked really pretty. Her hair was tied in a high ponytail with strands of hair falling, framing her face beautifully.

“hey.” I said directly to her. I knew what all the others here were doing. It was her day. They were letting it be about her and only her. She was the showstopper tonight, infront of everyone, famous or not, rich or not, old or young, it was her day they were letting her react. Trust me, I could never appreciate all these people more.

“Hi, I'm Clara. ” she said and I smiled.

After everyone was finished introducing themselves, the boys went to prepare themselves for their first song. Clara went to hug her boyfriend and softly kissed him on the lips.

I sat on the stairs infront of a door. This was apparently someone's backyard. The fairy lights just added the perfect glint to it all. There were flowers from the bushes that were nearby, and their smell surrounded us. The place wasn't crowded much. There were only a few friends and family members.

“why are you sitting here? There are so many chairs” I looked up to find Clara staring at me.

“I like it here. Join me, would you?” I smiled.

“Sure. ”

“you look really pretty, you know that? ” I watched amused as her cheeks turned red.

“Thank you. You're way prettier than why they show you online. You're one of my biggest role models. I saw both the seasons of DFL and you slayed throughout the show. I used to learn dancing before, I thought that the main thing was dance, and hence I tried but soon I realized that it wasn't dance, it was you dancing. And-”

“I get it. You think I'm awesome right. I got it ” I said sarcasm dripping, I hope, she doesn't get all of it but only a part, and she did exactly that.

“I'm sorry, I was rambling. But you really are awesome you know. Even apart from your dance, you're a great person, you believe it or not. Thank-you so much for coming here, despite it being your Birthday. Oh! How stupid of me! Happy Birthday to you. ” this girl surely was a sweetheart.

“By the way, did you and Richie get back together? ”

Before I begin, do not shout at me. She just said it with so much hope and it was as if her birthday... improving, depends on my answer. But.. h-how.. could.. I lie ab-bout this?


But somewhere inside me, improving her birthday, mattered ten time more than her problems right now.

A/N I know, I've been gone forever, I know, I know. Anyway back with the chap 💃💃
Sooo, lemme know your thoughts and also, I know that Liz's birthday was exactly a month ago (today's 21st October in my place 😅) I would've posted it on the exact date but due to specific reasons as well as my exams starting from that day, and exams are shit, we all know that.



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