Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 18

Liz's P.O.V

“Really? ” came a shrill voice before Clara could react.

Instinctively I stood up, panicked. But to my relief it wasn't the low husky voice that normally my nerves go frenzy.

Instead a smirking Hannah stood in front with her arms around Sophia's waist. By the way Hannah was looking at me, I knew that she got what I was doing but Sophie was looking extremely surprised. I quickly went and hugged Sophie as if I just didn't enter this place with her.

“please, don't tell her the truth.” I whispered in her ear. She looked confused for a while but then as she looked at Hannah, a lightbulb seemed to have lit in her head, as she nodded at me with a soft smile.

What is it with couples talking through eyes, I mean, I barely understand what someone's trying to tell me when they use their eyes.

Anyway, I sighed thankfully as she went forward to hug her cousin.

“Liz lying to please someone, and that also about a thing like this? Never thought I'll see the day” Hannah smirked.

“Shut up. She's happy” I rolled my eyes.

After Sophie finished talking to Clara she left Clara and me alone. She sat quietly beside me looking forward. I followed her gaze only for it to land on the guy who she kissed about an hour ago.

“Justin.” she said before I got the chance to ask.

“The boyfriend?” I teased her as she blushed. “ he must love you a lot you know. ” I said.

“I don't know... ” oh drama all over again.

“spill.” I turned keeping my attention on her.

“what? ” she tried to lie. Keyword: tried.

“come on tell me, drop the act I know something is up. Wait, if you don't want to tell me then it's fine. ”

“no, no, it's just... You see the girl beside him? That's Maya, our best friend... Well not really but whatever. ”

I looked at her intently, trying to understand what she's getting at.

“so, Justin and me were best friends, I had always liked him, you know... Crushing on my best friend, it was either gonna be too good or too bad. He started dating Maya, and unlike his other girl friends, she was really good and I warmed up to her. And one day they broke up... You know just like that... I've never come to know why, they just said that they weren't meant for each other and... Just... Broke up, I guess, and that's soo weird. Later Justin and me started dating after he asked me out. ” as she said this she had the most adorable smile ever.

“but lately... ” she took out her phone and showed me a picture, it was of the girl, Maya and Justin as Justin hugged her around the shoulder. It looked more like a "bro" Pic to me but the shocker was the caption, it said "looking for the one" My eyes involuntarily widened at it. I mean... Knowing the past... Who does that?

“yeah, Maya posted the picture and when I asked Justin, that where they went... Like just casually you know, I didn't wanna come out as clingy. He was just so awkward and just ignored the whole question. I just feel like a baggage at times. I don't want pitty no matter what's up with this useless heart of mine. ”

I listened to her and kept nodding, but deep inside I had this feeling that Justin wasn't a person like that. The way he looked at her... It was like Luke looks at Sia, Derek looks at Cas, Hannah looks at Sophie and how Simon looks at Stella, you got me? It was so filled with love.

“Firstly and most importantly, your heart isn't useless. Secondly, are you sure about-”

“No! I'm not telling that I'm super sure that he cheated on me! It's just wei- weird, all I want is an explanation and as I'm not getting one, I'm just doubting everything.” she sighed.

I know this feeling, we might be super sure that everything is perfect and then we might just tumble upon something and due to the loss of explanation, we start doubting everything.

Been there, done that.

“okay then, you guys are awesome, I know you'll figure it out. Now go dance with lover boy. ” she smiled and went to dance with Justin.

“what was that about? ” I jumped when I felt the low husky voice whisper in my ear.

“don't sneak up on me, idiot. ” I said playfully.

“what was that about? ” Richie repeated but I could see the hint of smile on his face.

“nothing. ” I said innocently blinking at him.

“and I believe you” is that sarcasm I hear?

“okay then, I'll leave you to continue the show then. ” I tried to escape. The others were busy listening to Derek and Simon playing their instruments, and some danced together.

However, Richie managed to grab my hips and pulled me back to him. Both my hands landed on his chests and his, on my waist. How can I like and not like this position at the same time? I hid my face on the crook of his neck, not daring to look at his eyes, what's up with me today?

“look at me. ” I felt his voice on my shoulder and resisted the urge to shiver. I looked at him.

“nothing except from playing cupid? ” he smirked.

I snapped out of whatever I was under and controlled my actions .

I got on my tiptoes and brought my mouth near his ears. My bottom lip touched his earlobe as he tensed under my palms that was placed above his chest.

“nothing. ” I said as softly as I could muster, I could literally feel him trying to control the shiver that was threatening to break through his body.

We stayed in the position for a second before I slowly backed down. Something about the way his whole body was tensed made me giggle as I step back from him looking for Maya.

“Liza! ” he groaned.


“let's get to the point, what's up with you and Justin? ” we had been talking for a while, it seemed that none of us were interested in small talks. Maya had work and we had to leave soon.

Everybody else was cutting the cake and the band was playing Happy Birthday for her.

I don't want to interfere or something, I just want to know because something seems so wrong over here. After knowing what's going on (that is, if Maya tells me) I'll just leave it to her to come clean.

“Justin? We're just great friends.” she said suspiciously

“what about the picture in Instagram? Hugging and all? ”

“oh, we just went on a date. ”

What the fuck?

“both of you? ” I whispered, scared of her reply.

“well, not really. He just set me up on a blind date and after dropping me, he came back.”

“why doesn't Clara know about this.”

“that's cause I haven't yet come out of the-” she stopped abruptly, but I wasn't dumb enough to not know what was coming next.

“wait, did Clara tell this to you? Did she think? Oh no. ” apparently this girl was quick to join the dots.

“I need to tell Clara right now. ” she said as she went to Clara, leaving me amused. Some girls actually have brains? Never knew that.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when she came back and pulled me into a tight hug.

“thankyou Liz, you're a really good person. ” she said before rushing off again.


I was standing on the side of the road, waiting for the guys to pack up. Richie asked me to wait as they come back and Hannah and Sophie had already left.

Clara had come to me and told me the same story I heard from Maya and laughed at how stupid she'd been totally oblivious of my role in the confession.

I sighed. It's never that difficult you know, you just need to be sure and be honest to your partners in a relationship.

There's no maybe when you are in a relationship. The moment there comes a maybe you just start doubting everything.

I felt something on my head. It was soft enough to not hurt me too much. And hard enough to make the world around me go dizzy.

The last thing I remember, is someone sweeping me off my feet.


A/n: sorry for the cliffhanger and also the late chapter, but the next one will be up soon. Promise.






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