Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 2

Richie's P. O. V.

No he didn't. No one dares to mess with Liza forget about touching her. She was no less than a firecracker, yes, my favorite firecracker. I know I've hurt her but there were reasons, reasons that she doesn't know. Seeing her this close makes my heart ache.

Believe me, it turns out to be mental torture. Everytime I'd see her in the hallways or outside I wanted to rush back to her, hug her, kiss her and beg her to come back to me. But I can't, cause she won't t let me back cause I broke her heart, cause I broke her trust, cause I pushed her away. This is what she knows.

But what she doesn't know is the fact that there was a tremendous reason for which I had to do all those shit. And as much as I hate what I did, I know that whatever I did weren't wrong cause there is a reason. But now we can be together we can go back to being in love with each other.

But guess what is the worst? She won't let me and I don't expect her to, at least not after the way I pushed her away from myself.

She was probably having some argument with Peter. And that fucking man whore he was gonna hit her! I had a good plan of killing him but I didn't, cause I know that Liza was gonna hate me more than she does currently if she knew that I killed him.

Anyways, Liza had fainted. It seems that I'm gonna be her roommate this year and believe me I'm gonna try my best to win her back.

Now she laid on the couch before me. I had carried her back after she had fainted. I had also called the school doctor. He said that she had been stressed and she required rest. Peter had hit her quite hard and I still want to strangle him to death for even laying his hand on her.

I had also made a call to Mr. Washerman he said that she can take two days off and so can I.

I looked at her. She laid there looking vulnerable. She had stirred quite a few times but I had stroked my fingers through her hair causing her to drift back to sleep.

She laid there, her hair being a mess cause they were opened. She wore her favorite black shorts and crop top and my favorite denim jacket belonging to her. Even while she slept, she looked as the most beautiful creature on Earth, which she obviously was.

I had to wake her up cause she had to eat. But how? She seemed to be sleeping so peacefully. I can't shake her cause her body her body is still probably sore.

There is only one other way of which I can think of it'll probably wake her up, but I'll just keep my fingers crossed so that she does not freak out. God!

I kissed her cheek. It was soft. Just as I had remembered. It was the most heavenly feeling. And she stirred.

God please don't let her freak ou-

Too late. She opened her eyes and as soon as she registered me she scooted far away on the couch by the speed of lightening.

I could understand that she immediately regretted it cause she squinted her eyes and her hand went to her head.

I moved closer to her to comfort her.

“No!” she squealed

“Liza you're hurt!”

“I'm fine”

“No, you're not now please don't move that much”

“Why do you care? I thought that you made it damn clear that you did not care ages ago!” she screamed


“Stop fucking calling me that!”

And with that she stormed back to her room. Tears running furiously across her face.

I was the only one who called her that. Everyone else called her Liz. After I left her, she made it damn clear that she wanted no one to call her Liza.

I went to her door knowing that she has slid against it on the other side. I sighed.

“Liza I'm sorry for whatever I did but please open the door you've gotta eat and considering the fact that I'm your roommate, I can't even leave you alone. So Liza please open the door. ”

The door clicked open I gaped at my good fortune. Liza stood infront of her door, in her room. Her eyes were bloodshot, her hair was a mess

“Do not fucking call me that!! ”

And with that she shut the door on my face.

This is gonna be a hard year.

There guys you've got the second chapter. Hope you all are enjoying quarantine (note the sarcasm). Once again suggestions are welcomed. The next chapter will be up soon. Please follow and vote😊

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